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Are you wondering if it’s a good idea to give your kid the COVID shot? I know there’s an ocean of "misinformation" and "disinformation" out there, so I’ve compiled this handy list of reasons you’ll want to rush your child to the nearest injection site stat.

Show Notes

The credit for this episode goes to Margaret Anna Alice for her incredible Substack article that recently went viral. She covers "50 reasons to give you give your child the COVID shot" and it's amazing. We believe it's important to here all sides to an argument (or intense discussion) and then come to your own conclusion using critical-thinking skills. I know, it's a radical idea in today's world, but on this podcast we like to push the boundaries.

We believe it's in everyone's best interest to make a decision based on their own personal health issues and experiences rather than take the "one-size-fits-all" approach from the CDC, NIH, and Government in general. I personally believe everyone is different. People react to certain medication differently because our bodies are different. This is super counterintuitive since all you hear from the State Media is "safe and effective", "everyone should get it", and "make sure to get your kids boosted".

However, before you rush your child to the injection site, I suggest you listen to this first...just give it a try. Then, make your own decision at the end!

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Jonathan Kogan: we live we live yet I think
we're almost live are we live and we

Jonathan Kogan: are live what's up every other and
welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show

Jonathan Kogan: I am your host Billy Bob Thornton and I'm
just kidding Jonathan Scott Kogan going to

Jonathan Kogan: be with you day it's great to
be with you today it's great to be

Jonathan Kogan: with you every single day I'm able
to spend time with you I appreciate it

Jonathan Kogan: and we are going to jump right
into a lot of news we got a

Jonathan Kogan: lot to cover because there are still
humans on this earth that watch what we

Jonathan Kogan: still call and I just wet his
why do we still call mainstream media mainstream

Jonathan Kogan: media it is now longer main stream
the four and a half people that trust

Jonathan Kogan: mainstream media are ninety eight years old
in a home and are blind and can

Jonathan Kogan: only hear out of one or I
believe that because if you are thirty three

Jonathan Kogan: like myself a normal human that wants
to be left alone wants the children to

Jonathan Kogan: be safe and healthy and thrive and
humanity to go to the next level now

Jonathan Kogan: they're fucking line the full ship and
so that brings us to the first topic

Jonathan Kogan: and we got a lot to get
into but i want to get right into

Jonathan Kogan: the first one because when you talk
all right this is really important and today's

Jonathan Kogan: world people have forgotten this like it's
a discussion freedom freedom of speech is a

Jonathan Kogan: discussion some people are like very pro
censorship its wild its wild if you're one

Jonathan Kogan: of the sick and a half people
that like censorship and people who you disagree

Jonathan Kogan: with you want them silenced and taken
out of the arena i got bad news

Jonathan Kogan: for you eventually you will also be
taken out of the arena that's the truth

Jonathan Kogan: because the system does not like you
either you might think they like you because

Jonathan Kogan: things are going your way right now
but just wait but just wait till you

Jonathan Kogan: disagree with something and then you are
out the matrix will take you out all

Jonathan Kogan: right so it's very important to understand
all sides of a discussion of an artiguement

Jonathan Kogan: of a debate remember those things debates
right when you have a difficult topic talk

Jonathan Kogan: about and you get two people that
take different sides and then someone talks about

Jonathan Kogan: it for two minutes the other person
talks about for two minutes nd there's a

Jonathan Kogan: oman in response and on debates we
forgot about debates because we somehow got to

Jonathan Kogan: this place where if it isn't in
line with the corporate media elite narrative you're

Jonathan Kogan: going out you're taking out of you're
taking out of the public discourse it's bennienas

Jonathan Kogan: but i do feel like the ties
have shifted for about a good five weeks

Jonathan Kogan: now when i woke up i never
forget that day i woke up i was

Jonathan Kogan: on a sortivacation thing and i was
like who the earth feels different today i

Jonathan Kogan: know this is kind of out there
bear with me you know look at all

Jonathan Kogan: the previous episodes okay you know I'm
not bananas okay we've been spot on every

Jonathan Kogan: time unfortunately but i was like wow
i think things are shifting and my stepmom

Jonathan Kogan: was there and she is oh my
god i feel like it's better to it

Jonathan Kogan: didn't feel like evil headed grip but
that's not here or there it's important to

Jonathan Kogan: hear all sides of a debate so
i came across this phenomenal piece this sub

Jonathan Kogan: stack from margaret and a sorry margaret
anna alice at least alice through the looking

Jonathan Kogan: glass please go to her substack subscribe
i saw she has hundreds of paid subscriber

Jonathan Kogan: subscribers let's get her to thousands of
paid subscribers but she came up with an

Jonathan Kogan: incredible article i believe it's gone viral
i believe that's the word and after i

Jonathan Kogan: came across across it bomb shell steve
steve kirsch friend of the Show came out

Jonathan Kogan: with recommending this article and I'm gonna
actually read what he sent out in his

Jonathan Kogan: substact to reference this article because it's
everything i want to say but he sums

Jonathan Kogan: it up perfectly so here we go
fifty legit reason s to vaccinate your child

Jonathan Kogan: on this podcast we love all people
we do i really do but if adults

Jonathan Kogan: make dumb decisions i feel for you
i'll be here for you we're still friends

Jonathan Kogan: are on the same team were both
humans whatever but that's okay you can make

Jonathan Kogan: bad decisions do not touch or try
and coherse the children leave the children the

Jonathan Kogan: funk alone that's all i ask i've
asked that on literally fifty podcast but people

Jonathan Kogan: aren't getting the message leave the children
out of it okay you want to make

Jonathan Kogan: a decisions god bless your soul do
your thing it do not touch the children

Jonathan Kogan: now let me get back on topic
I'm sorry i get a little hypedup about

Jonathan Kogan: that so fifty legit reasons to vacinate
your child because we're skeptical of things we

Jonathan Kogan: question authority unlike the mainstream media we
believe it's safe for the peasants to question

Jonathan Kogan: the people who are impowered we believe
that's best for the peasants but you might

Jonathan Kogan: disagree there are always two sides to
every story in order to be fair and

Jonathan Kogan: balanced like fox news i want i
give air time to fifty legit reasons that

Jonathan Kogan: some people have for vaccinating their kids
is from steve carshasubstac i recently came across

Jonathan Kogan: an article that lays fifty legitimate reasons
for vacinating your kids again margaret anna alice

Jonathan Kogan: through the looking glass that is her
substect through the looking glass look it up

Jonathan Kogan: proud great article now normally I'm quoting
i would never be promoting articles such as

Jonathan Kogan: this because i don't believe that the
vaccines are safe for anyone but since i

Jonathan Kogan: don't believe in censorship and in the
interest of being and balance it's the right

Jonathan Kogan: to do it's the right thing to
do to expose my readers to the arguments

Jonathan Kogan: that the pro factors are using to
promote vaccination of children it is with some

Jonathan Kogan: trepidation that i encourage you to have
a and see if you are persuaded by

Jonathan Kogan: any of the arguments if you are
persuaded by the list feel free to forward

Jonathan Kogan: it to your friends and you are
my friends and so you're my friend and

Jonathan Kogan: I'm forwarding it to you with my
voice no that this article is safe to

Jonathan Kogan: promote to your blue pill friends now
listen when you hear red pilled and blue

Jonathan Kogan: pill that is not republican and democrat
that is referring to the matrix which just

Jonathan Kogan: recently watched red pilled means you take
the red pill and there's no turning back

Jonathan Kogan: you are going to know how things
really work how the matrix really worked the

Jonathan Kogan: system the blue pill as you say
asleep and you just keep living your life

Jonathan Kogan: pretending like everything is fine and have
no idea you're under the mass formation hypnosis

Jonathan Kogan: basically so promote the safety blue pill
friends and people are still asleep sine it

Jonathan Kogan: supports their point of view it will
also not be censored or shadow band on

Jonathan Kogan: twitter since it supports the mainstream medical
community who advise people to be vaccinated so

Jonathan Kogan: it shouldn't violate any community standards right
very well said i love it it's kind

Jonathan Kogan: of what i want to say obviously
he writes better than i speak so now

Jonathan Kogan: on to the sub stack through the
looking glass margaret here we go fifty reasons

Jonathan Kogan: to give your child the covid shot
now we're going to be censored so please

Jonathan Kogan: subscribe to the podcast share it with
one person to people ten people because this

Jonathan Kogan: won't get natural reach because we talk
about the truth of this podcast when you

Jonathan Kogan: talk about the you get censored like
when i said that word you get censored

Jonathan Kogan: so i'd appreciate if you help the
truth go far and wide i really would

Jonathan Kogan: but if yo don't want to all
good i believe in freedom of choice are

Jonathan Kogan: you wondering and I'm quoting now are
you wondering if it's a good idea to

Jonathan Kogan: give your kid the covid shot i
know there's an ocean of miss this mal

Jonathan Kogan: information out there to navigate so i've
compiled this handy list of reasons you want

Jonathan Kogan: to rush your child to the nearest
injection site stat let's get into it fifty

Jonathan Kogan: reasons to give your child the covid
shot number one this is a good lesson

Jonathan Kogan: get ready you pay attention okay i'll
stop wasting your time here we go number

Jonathan Kogan: one your child wants to play a
real life guinea pig this is true right

Jonathan Kogan: we're in the trials were in an
experiment that is true number two you're too

Jonathan Kogan: busy to research the potential risks of
a novel gene therapy that lacks long term

Jonathan Kogan: safety data obviously we don't have long
trips safety data there has never been an

Jonathan Kogan: m r n a vaccine that has
been in a human for long term i

Jonathan Kogan: love that argument back in the day
when i was like it's okay it's even

Jonathan Kogan: effective but again when they say a
hundred percent safe and effective that means that

Jonathan Kogan: in the in the in the experiment
in the vaccinated group one person died in

Jonathan Kogan: the unvaccinated group two people died so
that means that is it is one hundred

Jonathan Kogan: percent more effective it is a relative
percentage but when they tell it to you

Jonathan Kogan: without that context you believe it to
be an absolute percentage meaning it's a hundred

Jonathan Kogan: sending nothing to go wrong and meanwhile
there's people dying and tons of hurt people

Jonathan Kogan: but whatever near or there let's stick
to the list you weighed the zero mortality

Jonathan Kogan: rate and microscopic risks of serious complications
from covid to children and thought why not

Jonathan Kogan: increase the likelihood of being hospitalized by
seventy four per cent being injured by twenty

Jonathan Kogan: five times and dying by twenty times
the way this is all linked to the

Jonathan Kogan: Show notes so please check it out
please check out all the citations for you'd

Jonathan Kogan: like to boost your child's chances of
catching covid multiple times you five you want

Jonathan Kogan: to downgrade your child's natural immunity too
anti body anti body dependent enhancement something you

Jonathan Kogan: should read a lot about by the
way a big concern about these well or

Jonathan Kogan: in fact six you think keeping your
child vaxport to date with the latest injection

Jonathan Kogan: germany is encouraging every ninety days as
is canada will circumvent the need for masking

Jonathan Kogan: seven you believe in form you believe
in form can is passe you can repair

Jonathan Kogan: cory's medical musings a sub stack on
that which he links to number eight this

Jonathan Kogan: is one of my favorite ones you
trust the experts not science and when i

Jonathan Kogan: say not science i know you're confused
you're very confused that when i said that

Jonathan Kogan: i can also say you trust the
experts not anthony fouche because when i say

Jonathan Kogan: science since he is science you automatically
I'm saying anthony about you but in this

Jonathan Kogan: context I'm actually talking about science like
the subject matter the entire thing whatever you

Jonathan Kogan: call it the entire macro idea of
science not anthony fouche who declares himself as

Jonathan Kogan: science number nine you think life is
boring and want to spice it up with

Jonathan Kogan: some tragedy number ten you'd like to
add to the fifty four thousand six hundred

Jonathan Kogan: and ninety seven adverse event ports received
for our children out of one million three

Jonathan Kogan: hundred ninety four thousand seven hundred and
three reports through august twenty six twenty twenty

Jonathan Kogan: two for conditions such as and i
will pronounce something is wrong but ensaphelitis bells

Jonathan Kogan: palsy aneurism cerebral hemorage mi carditis thrombospinia
gulian bersyndrum pendacitis heart diseas and death and

Jonathan Kogan: she actually has the picture of the
covid vaccine reports and children ages six months

Jonathan Kogan: though seventeen years and this is a
this is the government bears report which we

Jonathan Kogan: know is it's it's under reported by
a factor of it could be anything from

Jonathan Kogan: one time to it could even be
up to a thousand times but to a

Jonathan Kogan: hundred times for sure i think the
number that steve uses is forty nine times

Jonathan Kogan: death says deaths one forty nine permanently
disabled five o seven mile carditis one thousand

Jonathan Kogan: nine hundred and two total reports the
fifty four thousand life threatening six fifty eight

Jonathan Kogan: hospitalized forty three hundred it's not go
not recovered nine thousand seven hundred and seventy

Jonathan Kogan: six and this is vastly unreported probably
by a factor of a hundred maybe more

Jonathan Kogan: because they are actively covering this up
like never before in history number eleven you

Jonathan Kogan: wish your child could enjoy a life
of chronic illness from a progressively damaged immune

Jonathan Kogan: system number two you think your toddler
would benefit from periodic seizures that's a big

Jonathan Kogan: thing happening by the way a lot
of children now have permanent seizures i've seen

Jonathan Kogan: a grandmother and a mother who is
one grand daughter in a separate issue her

Jonathan Kogan: daughter now has these seizures every like
few seconds or like fifteen seconds it's really

Jonathan Kogan: sad thirteen you believe less than a
month of efficacy after the second dose is

Jonathan Kogan: worth giving your ten mile carditis which
is an inflamed heart and usually permanent and

Jonathan Kogan: very severe permanently ending their chances of
life engaging in athletics like working out like

Jonathan Kogan: stress on the body from exercising that's
why you're in a lot of athletes i

Jonathan Kogan: don't know dropping dead which they're trying
to normalize like in the articles they go

Jonathan Kogan: being single and sad could leave to
heart attacks cold Showers leads to heart attacks

Jonathan Kogan: that is propaganda people it's propaganda i
know you believe your government is doing everything

Jonathan Kogan: to keep you safe because they love
you if you really want me if you

Jonathan Kogan: want to hear the truth i will
tell you right now you can turn this

Jonathan Kogan: off but this is the truth they
fucking hate you i can't tell you why

Jonathan Kogan: i don't know but all their actions
map to hating you okay so i would

Jonathan Kogan: take matters in your own hands and
your loved one's hands just an opinion fourteen

Jonathan Kogan: you would like to go bankrupt covering
the medical bills the government is shielding farm

Jonathan Kogan: farmsutco companies from they're immune you can't
see them they're good albert bola i wish

Jonathan Kogan: i was a little bit taller made
billions of dollars i can just walk away

Jonathan Kogan: and i believe like another five people
became billionaires from maduna they're suing each other

Jonathan Kogan: because they didn't get enough of the
fifty hundred billion dollars whatever it is it's

Jonathan Kogan: crazy fifteen you want to keep protecting
man facturers from liability once their emergency use

Jonathan Kogan: authorization expires thanks to regan's nineteen eighty
six national childhood vaccine act which gives them

Jonathan Kogan: a pass as long as the product
is administered to kids and i highly employ

Jonathan Kogan: you to go researches and learn about
the nineteen eighty six excuse me national childhood

Jonathan Kogan: vaccine act because if you remember that
time the vaccines were not being willingly taken

Jonathan Kogan: by people because they weren't working people
are geting hurt they were they were chitty

Jonathan Kogan: products okay and so if big farmers
like we're just not going to make these

Jonathan Kogan: any more they're not going to make
money off it no one wants so then

Jonathan Kogan: ragon side in the nineteen eghtysix national
childhood vaccine act you can't suit them they

Jonathan Kogan: have no reason to innovate and make
a good product because they just want to

Jonathan Kogan: actually every single baby for more money
and you can't do anything so just trust

Jonathan Kogan: us and don't ask questions take this
injection and then go pray that for is

Jonathan Kogan: the hero and if you get hurt
don't worry fier has the remedy for that

Jonathan Kogan: two how ironic sixteen you think it
would be fun if your child developed turbo

Jonathan Kogan: cancer has a graphic hair Showing the
tubers seventeen this is heart breaking there's also

Jonathan Kogan: a documentary on this on rumble it's
very very good i forget what the h

Jonathan Kogan: i think it's called you just search
vaccine njured and i think you ll come

Jonathan Kogan: across the story you believe becoming paralyzed
from the waist down and relying on a

Jonathan Kogan: feeding tube like mattie de gore would
be a good life lesson for your kid

Jonathan Kogan: and she has a link to that
video i believe it is heart breaking they

Jonathan Kogan: dismissed her they've totally gas lighted her
whole life's ruined she has a feeding tube

Jonathan Kogan: now eighteen you'd like your child to
go from looking like this and it's a

Jonathan Kogan: picture of a happy african american child
wearing a minnesota shirt to this oh my

Jonathan Kogan: god and how he's hooked up to
i don't know three hundred wires and different

Jonathan Kogan: areas of his body just like life
support looks like heart breaking nine team you

Jonathan Kogan: wish you could feel like this father
did after his son got vaxinduced mile car

Jonathan Kogan: dits which comes with a five year
life expectancy and you heard that if you

Jonathan Kogan: listen to the previous od cast where
i shared the phone call between a father

Jonathan Kogan: who's seven year old son got miecarditis
from the vaccine and called the pharmacist and

Jonathan Kogan: had this his store conversation that where
he said do you know what the prognosis

Jonathan Kogan: is that that twenty per cent only
lived like five years or something like that

Jonathan Kogan: you can go listen that's amazing twenty
you want your child to experience the adventure

Jonathan Kogan: of a heart attack we don't want
that of course we don't want that leave

Jonathan Kogan: the kids alone leave the damn kids
alone for real sick of it twenty one

Jonathan Kogan: you think russian roulette with your child's
life is exciting and are already planning the

Jonathan Kogan: funeral now these are these are fifty
reasons these are legitimate reasons they're all fact

Jonathan Kogan: based they're all provable they all have
citations to give your child the covid vaccine

Jonathan Kogan: very important you should know this before
you rush to the ejection site now if

Jonathan Kogan: you listen to this and you want
to go there god bless you you have

Jonathan Kogan: that choice put in yourself not your
kid this one's heart breaking were this father

Jonathan Kogan: this father he is a single father
and he lives in texas i forget his

Jonathan Kogan: name and a picture of him is
that he didn't know if the vaccines were

Jonathan Kogan: safe or not so he took it
first and nothing hap into him and so

Jonathan Kogan: then his kid got it then this
kid died i believe while playing basketball and

Jonathan Kogan: that's all he had that was his
life and now this guy is speaking out

Jonathan Kogan: like a truth teller a warrior like
like this podcast like margaret like steve like

Jonathan Kogan: doc makola like many other heroes out
here fighting for everybody's freedoms when anyone wants

Jonathan Kogan: to join the fightyou're more than welcome
because we're not giving up we're just getting

Jonathan Kogan: started we haven't even started twenty two
you want casket manufacturers to sell even more

Jonathan Kogan: bulk orders of child size coffin so
they can surpass the four hundred percent increase

Jonathan Kogan: since december twenty twenty one reported by
one north american company and we've covered that

Jonathan Kogan: before there's a tweet a lot of
tweets about this one so let me just

Jonathan Kogan: read a couple of l t I'm
currently at a funeral been chatting with the

Jonathan Kogan: funeral directors who will remain nameless about
the recent surgeon deaths they made me away

Jonathan Kogan: or the large number of kiddies they're
bearing within a few months of the kiddy

Jonathan Kogan: jab they've been told they can't talk
about it another one from sonava beach my

Jonathan Kogan: family business is casket manufacturing in north
america we have received two bulk orders for

Jonathan Kogan: sub five foot units children's size in
less than six months never in thirty plus

Jonathan Kogan: years of business have we ever old
child size coffins in book july fourth twenty

Jonathan Kogan: twenty two

Jonathan Kogan: yeah twenty three you want your child
to wind up like three year old amber

Jonathan Kogan: suarez thirteen year old jacob clinic nineteen
year old simon Scott seventeen year old shawn

Jonathan Kogan: hardman and sixteen year old or nestorameris
junior so you don't have to worry about

Jonathan Kogan: paying for college or any other expenses
associated with being alive why because they're dead

Jonathan Kogan: i know that's hard to hear that's
why I'm asking to leave the kids alone

Jonathan Kogan: but you need to know the truth
you're being lied to you're being probably you

Jonathan Kogan: have a there is a bought biological
well that too but there is a psychological

Jonathan Kogan: warfare going going on you are being
distracted you are being you are you are

Jonathan Kogan: being forced or tricked to believing false
narratives and you deserve the truth i know

Jonathan Kogan: it's hard to hear trust me i
would much rather not be doing this podcastsharing

Jonathan Kogan: this kind of news and instead sharing
about how someone climbed or i don't know

Jonathan Kogan: got out of the grand canon faster
than anybody else in history and cool things

Jonathan Kogan: like that or jumping into a big
tub of jella all cool things i can't

Jonathan Kogan: because i need to tell you the
truth because very few people are someone has

Jonathan Kogan: to i'll do it i'll do it
i'll do as long as i can and

Jonathan Kogan: sometimes I'm wrong but unfortunately we're not
a lot twenty four you think you could

Jonathan Kogan: use a good lifelong cry like this
trinidad mom who lost her son this is

Jonathan Kogan: a remarkable video a remarkable remarkable video
it's on in fact i play real quick

Jonathan Kogan: let's see if i could play it
see if i could play it hold on

Jonathan Kogan: here it is so this is I'm
gonna play this for you right now this

Jonathan Kogan: is really heart break this is this
is tough but you got to see it

Jonathan Kogan: because the truth i've seen this before
i haven't shared his on the pod um

Jonathan Kogan: m so here we go it's called
they're killing us morns pastor marva pricure of

Jonathan Kogan: trinidad after our son dies from the
covid shot take a listen

Jonathan Kogan: oh

Jonathan Kogan: oh

Jonathan Kogan: a but

Jonathan Kogan: yeah

Jonathan Kogan: that when i honestly i try to
keep on her cool this is fucking ridiculous

Jonathan Kogan: this is ridiculous and they're still pushing
it they're pushing mandates they are pushing this

Jonathan Kogan: on kids i don't care what your
views are go look at the data and

Jonathan Kogan: look at the fun in truth this
is absurd and it's really phissing me off

Jonathan Kogan: and it should really piss you off
and that should not only make you sadder

Jonathan Kogan: than ship it should make you really
upset because guess what if it was your

Jonathan Kogan: kid do you want people to speak
up you want people to talk if it

Jonathan Kogan: was your child or is it okay
if it's not your child people are losing

Jonathan Kogan: their children their children are being permanently
disabled yeah trying not to get all crazy

Jonathan Kogan: oh sorry i try not to swear
to i guess this will be up tough

Jonathan Kogan: one already failed on this one but
it's okay we make mistakes as humans but

Jonathan Kogan: we could try and do the right
thing now stop trying to force it now

Jonathan Kogan: that we know for certain it doesn't
stop the spread we know it has a

Jonathan Kogan: net negative is with malice if you
keep doing it twenty five you feel the

Jonathan Kogan: government has the right to sacrifice your
child for the quote greater good love that

Jonathan Kogan: one right just like safe and effective
for build back etter you like those three

Jonathan Kogan: words slogans you're catching on twenty six
you think denmark's decision to stop injecting children

Jonathan Kogan: based on the data is recklessly sciet
like twenty seven you're cool with medical tyranny

Jonathan Kogan: twenty eight you've decided it's easier to
believe the big lie than to acknowledge it's

Jonathan Kogan: occurring and do something about it twenty
nine you're terrified of being branded the enemy

Jonathan Kogan: thirty you'd rather endanger your child than
be called an anti factor science denier conspiracy

Jonathan Kogan: theorist or right wing extremist all things
we've been called on this Show for doing

Jonathan Kogan: what for telling the truth are you
realizing the fucking game yet excuse my language

Jonathan Kogan: thirty one you feel it more important
for your child to fit in at school

Jonathan Kogan: than to be healthy or alive by
the way these points are incredible margaret this

Jonathan Kogan: is incredible i mean this is all
time all time sub stack all time this

Jonathan Kogan: is awesome please share this guy's gals
everybody frogs whatever you are share it thirty

Jonathan Kogan: two year positive farmasuitical corporations would never
lie commit fraud manipulate research findings skew clinical

Jonathan Kogan: trials keep deadly products on the market
blackmail governments or bribe bully a pressure others

Jonathan Kogan: into covering up their crimes we know
that the biggest fine paid for crime activities

Jonathan Kogan: was definitely not vizor that is miss
and dis and piss and piss let that

Jonathan Kogan: information just go look at polite effect
funded by bill gate you'll see it's false

Jonathan Kogan: thirty three you believe everything the media
tells you even though three quarters of their

Jonathan Kogan: advertising budget comes from the farm circle
ustry and it's probably more now and another

Jonathan Kogan: fun fact we are only the united
states is one of two countries that allows

Jonathan Kogan: big farm to advertise directly to the
consumer which is an awful idea us in

Jonathan Kogan: new zealand and our regulations are way
less strict so we are the most extreme

Jonathan Kogan: with that it's not good you shouldn't
talk to the doctor you shouldn't go to

Jonathan Kogan: your door but yeah you think i
should take this what do you think oh

Jonathan Kogan: i never thought that's sure no that
shouldn't be the way the market works way

Jonathan Kogan: the government is what screws up the
free market in the first place we'll get

Jonathan Kogan: into all that later with the how
this is early close to the great depression

Jonathan Kogan: but whatever thirty four you also believe
their later retracted smears about it no bell

Jonathan Kogan: prize winning medication that would have negated
the demand for the billion dollar injectibles because

Jonathan Kogan: it reduces covid mortality by ninety two
per cent thirty five you think big bird

Jonathan Kogan: yes big bird is a more reliable
source than the scientist who holds nine patents

Jonathan Kogan: on m r and a technology that's
dr robert w malone who's fantastic and i

Jonathan Kogan: believe my brother just saw him very
very good i might play video with him

Jonathan Kogan: that she has linked her in a
bit thirty six you don't you know what

Jonathan Kogan: we're going to pay the video re
gonna we just audible let's see how long

Jonathan Kogan: this one is because we do in
real time when we get new information real

Jonathan Kogan: time we share that with you because
you need to know the truth oh this

Jonathan Kogan: is good this is good you need
to hear this big time so it's a

Jonathan Kogan: it's a see robert malone responsible for
inventing this technology you might want to hear

Jonathan Kogan: him out take a listen

Jonathan Kogan: a

Jonathan Kogan: oh yeah oh

Jonathan Kogan: and right

Jonathan Kogan: m m

Jonathan Kogan: m

Jonathan Kogan: a

Jonathan Kogan: no

Jonathan Kogan: i

Jonathan Kogan: oh

Jonathan Kogan: you see i know what you're thinking
he's doing this to be to get rich

Jonathan Kogan: to get a beautiful view of himself
in the main stream media where people just

Jonathan Kogan: say oh he's a conspiracy the he's
doing it's so incentive to give that speech

Jonathan Kogan: he's going to become rich he's going
to become wealthy he's going to be seen

Jonathan Kogan: in such a good light it's so
positive it's definitely not big farman manstremedia racking

Jonathan Kogan: and all the money emma it's him
you idiot vizors a reincarnated profit in fact

Jonathan Kogan: i heard they took it out of
the bible now theyre puting it back in

Jonathan Kogan: the bible he's just trying to get
money from you even though he didn't ask

Jonathan Kogan: for it or anything but yeah you
know you should believe c n n trust

Jonathan Kogan: me they love you they don't thirty
six you don't care if it turns out

Jonathan Kogan: your child can't cannot produce grandchildren thirty
seven your you are sure big tech has

Jonathan Kogan: your best interests at heart when they
threaten silence and censor counter narrative voices at

Jonathan Kogan: the behest of the government meg corporations
which obviously were very excited new news coming

Jonathan Kogan: out fouche and all those corrupt people
have to release their internal emails if they

Jonathan Kogan: don't wash them clean like which has
been done before with some people in the

Jonathan Kogan: next twenty one days i believe i
hope they really do get their hands on

Jonathan Kogan: that and they make it public very
curio to see what goes on there thirty

Jonathan Kogan: eight you trust the government more than
the million or so scientists physic ans researchers

Jonathan Kogan: whistle blowers data analyst stataticians cats and
other knowledgeable individuals risking their careers grant monies

Jonathan Kogan: grant moneys reputations and quiet lives to
expose corruption harm and the lethal consequence of

Jonathan Kogan: the experimental injections this podcast makes nothing
i only get ridiculed by everybody lost friendships

Jonathan Kogan: lost a whole bunch of stuff for
this tell the truth think about why people

Jonathan Kogan: are doing this we have major consequences
on the battle field of truth it's the

Jonathan Kogan: right thing to do though it has
to be done because ultimately they're goin to

Jonathan Kogan: come for everybody so you got to
stop it as soon as possible but really

Jonathan Kogan: think about that before someone goes you're
the right in conspiracy there is we're not

Jonathan Kogan: paul work we're not even political on
this Show i've said many times we're a

Jonathan Kogan: political we're a hundred percent a political
we're not public and we're not democrats we're

Jonathan Kogan: not independent we don't even believe in
politics we don't believe in politics we believe

Jonathan Kogan: human beings and being left alone and
healthy and prosperous and all this stuff we

Jonathan Kogan: don't do politics we do humans at
sounds weird but you know what i mean

Jonathan Kogan: thirty nine you are certain the agencies
that make billions from reviewing approving and recommending

Jonathan Kogan: these injections would never prioritize their profits
over your child's life number forty you don't

Jonathan Kogan: think there's anything sinister about the the
world health organization attempting to seize one world

Jonathan Kogan: dictatorial powers for it's un elected almost
certainly a war criminal rector general and we've

Jonathan Kogan: talked abut on a previous podcast about
your boy pedros who's also not vaccinated because

Jonathan Kogan: he's waiting he's boycotting such a good
man he's actually part of a terris group

Jonathan Kogan: forty one you don't care that five
are manipulated its clinical trial data for children

Jonathan Kogan: to secure f d a proval or
that the f d a tried to prevent

Jonathan Kogan: the public from viewing fizer's clinical data
for seventy five years don't worry there is

Jonathan Kogan: nothing to see here I'm gonna play
what that that this point has some data

Jonathan Kogan: that goes with it i haven't played
this but you might have seen this video

Jonathan Kogan: before but about this topic about the
manipulating data you need to see this video

Jonathan Kogan: super import super important bomb shell we
like bombshell dr claire crag exposes how fives

Jonathan Kogan: are twisted their clinical trial data for
young children take a listen

Jonathan Kogan: yeah

Jonathan Kogan: oh

Jonathan Kogan: a

Jonathan Kogan: at ah we

Jonathan Kogan: a

Jonathan Kogan: oh

Jonathan Kogan: no

Jonathan Kogan: the

Jonathan Kogan: yes

Jonathan Kogan: yeah parents should be demanding a lot
more and people who are losing loved ones

Jonathan Kogan: should be a lot more outraged and
we should be protesting and letting our voices

Jonathan Kogan: be heard far and wide it's not
just common that someone get something injected and

Jonathan Kogan: that's going to save your life and
be a hndrprcent ave effect an they're dead

Jonathan Kogan: and we don't make a big deal
out of it it's important to make a

Jonathan Kogan: big deal out of that hopefully it's
not happening children but it is and if

Jonathan Kogan: you know someone where a child has
permnaly a sesures is debilitated it can't function

Jonathan Kogan: like a child which cray studies are
coming out from robert malone saying it can

Jonathan Kogan: be anywhere from twenty to forty percent
of child after the second jab cannot function

Jonathan Kogan: normally in place play like you know
children games sports and stuff we need to

Jonathan Kogan: stop this leave your hands off damn
children why why do they have to touch

Jonathan Kogan: the children why what's the obsession of
touching the children leave him out okay you

Jonathan Kogan: want to depopulate then volunteer yourself first
and then after you do that have it

Jonathan Kogan: be your friends and your family not
the innocent children depopulate yourself okay new study

Jonathan Kogan: i forgot to mention this before but
new study zero percent of people who are

Jonathan Kogan: prone to depopulation have volunteered to depopulate
what's up with that bill gates what's up

Jonathan Kogan: what's up what's up back to the
list back to the list number forty l

Jonathan Kogan: come up to the end her number
forty two you can never be fooled too

Jonathan Kogan: many times forty three you succumb to
the greatest psychological fear campaign in human history

Jonathan Kogan: forty four you would rather gain the
acceptance of your peers than avoid dramatizing your

Jonathan Kogan: child there's a video there of them
scared to death to get the the jab

Jonathan Kogan: it's on tik tok of course it
stays up but if it was someone saying

Jonathan Kogan: don't do this they would be censored
and kicked off forever forty five you believe

Jonathan Kogan: intellectual curiosity critical thinking and the willingness
to question are dangerous qualities that should be

Jonathan Kogan: stigmatized and discouraged forty six you think
your child is ex and able and can

Jonathan Kogan: be replaced if something goes wrong forty
seven you prefer to remain bamboozled then admit

Jonathan Kogan: you failed your child number forty eight
you reject the evident of your eyes and

Jonathan Kogan: ears which we have said many times
in this podcast before do not trust your

Jonathan Kogan: eyes and ears only trust the government
and government media anyways you reject the evidence

Jonathan Kogan: of your eyes and ears because you
are a faithful corecovidian forty nine you want

Jonathan Kogan: to help the colluters fulfill the philanthropy
philanthropy paths tyrants dreams and fifty you don't

Jonathan Kogan: think your child is worth fighting for
well i say funk that the children are

Jonathan Kogan: absolutely worth fighting for and we ain't
stop fighting until they leave the damn children

Jonathan Kogan: and every human but most especially the
children alone so you have a voice you

Jonathan Kogan: can spread this you can share this
you can share her article you could share

Jonathan Kogan: something the data the studies anything to
someone who needs to hear this to wake

Jonathan Kogan: everyone up but i do believe i
really do on september nine twenty twenty two

Jonathan Kogan: that we are in the second great
awakening and it is the biggest great awakening

Jonathan Kogan: of all time and i believe over
fifty percent of the world is awake you

Jonathan Kogan: got massive protests in western europe in
many different countries in south america in canada

Jonathan Kogan: i believe this is the great awakening
i believe people are really wake that they've

Jonathan Kogan: been lied to they've been cohersed the
noremburgh code has been violated we've been treated

Jonathan Kogan: like guinea pigs and we are taking
our world back and bill gates and his

Jonathan Kogan: farm and can go to hell and
we'll take that farm land back actually and

Jonathan Kogan: ten he'll go to hell but we'll
take the farm lane back becase we're on

Jonathan Kogan: have food shorge and we need that
farm line okay don't worry nothing to see

Jonathan Kogan: here all he is obsessed with covid
vaccine and taking stuff and forcing you to

Jonathan Kogan: do things but don't worry he's buying
thousands of acres in north dakota of farmland

Jonathan Kogan: because oh because he loves artificial intelligence
creating fake meat that you'll eat you will

Jonathan Kogan: eat zib bugs he is an oligarch
he's a bad human we're good on this

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Jonathan Kogan: to give your child the covid jam
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Jonathan Kogan: suggest that you share that article with
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Jonathan Kogan: going to get into what's going on
the economy and the western europe literally on

Jonathan Kogan: the brink of collapse the military is
already they announce in three weeks on october

Jonathan Kogan: first the military in germany in the
u k but specificly germany is going to

Jonathan Kogan: be on their own streets to control
the riots not normal people that's not normal

Jonathan Kogan: because they're o ble to heat their
homes theyregongna die this is all real it

Jonathan Kogan: sucks to hear but this is real
so we'll get into all that one more

Jonathan Kogan: thing i do want to play actually
since we have some time here some door

Jonathan Kogan: drew this is from the high wire
and this is important this is why this

Jonathan Kogan: is saying why people need to get
involved that it's going too far and we

Jonathan Kogan: need more people in this fight and
de big tree is a truth warrior he's

Jonathan Kogan: in this fight with us and this
is one of the introds to his recent

Jonathan Kogan: episodes is really short I'm gonna play
it right now high wire should check out

Jonathan Kogan: his Show we pay real quick about
dr drew getting involved if you haven't been

Jonathan Kogan: stay to day with dr he's been
doing some some pretty good work comely but

Jonathan Kogan: take a listen this is why you
need to get in the fight too

Jonathan Kogan: yeah

Jonathan Kogan: oh ye

Jonathan Kogan: oh

Jonathan Kogan: m

Jonathan Kogan: never

Jonathan Kogan: i

Jonathan Kogan: i'll stop that there but let's add
fifty one let's add one more point to

Jonathan Kogan: our list which is you believe that
the c d c has your best maybe

Jonathan Kogan: this already was one but has your
best interest at heart and thinks that testing

Jonathan Kogan: an eight mice is representative of a
billion people this is crazy i'll stop there

Jonathan Kogan: and get into the next stuff share
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