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Daily Boost - 26 Shvat

26 Shvat: A Rose Amongst the Thorns

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Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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Rivkah in her father’s house was like a rose amongst the thorns. (Bereishit Rabba 63:4)

The Jewish People are compared to a rose amongst the thorns. Just as a rose garden is planted for its fragrance, so too, the righteous are created for the Redemption of the Jewish People.
(Shir HaShirim Rabbah 2:2)

In her father’s house, Rivkah was compared to a rose amongst the thorns. She was surrounded by wickedness. Yet, not only did she remain pure, but she actually flourished and became the ultimate in spiritual beauty. Exile is compared to thorns; it is ugly and can be quite painful. Yet, when we are in touch with our essence, we are proud of who we are and find beauty and meaning in every experience. Like a rose, we can bring beauty amongst the thorns.
Furthermore, once the rose is fully developed, the thorns are cut away and only the beautiful rose remains. By doing what we can to experience a taste of Moshiach even while in exile, we will merit the complete Redemption, when all evil and hardships will cease to exist

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