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Daily Boost - 21 Teves

21 Teves: The Reason for Physical Blessings

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Topic for Teves: Celebrating Miracles

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If you will follow my statues…, I will give your rains in their times, and the land will yield its produce… (Vayikra 26:3-4)

“The tree of the field” refers to [shade] trees that do not bear fruit but are destined to bear fruit in the future. (Rashi, ibid.)

Why are so many physical blessings and miracles associated with Moshiach? The physical blessings of Moshiach are the greatest signs of the complete Redemption because such physical changes can only occur by revealing the Divine Essence. This is comparable to a person experiencing true joy; he can’t contain his excitement and it affects his entire body, from his smiling eyes to his dancing feet. This is because something that touches the essence affects everything equally.

When we serve Hashem with deep joy and pleasure from the depths of our being, we will merit blessings in all areas, spiritual and physical.

Toras Kohanim 26:5
Likkutei Sichos, vol. 37, pp. 79-84