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What is Leafs Late Night?

WELCOME to Leafs Late Night, Where It's Never Too Late For The Leafs!

Presented by Inside The Rink

Join us after EVERY GAME for a breakdown of each period, Leafs and NHL news, wild stories, and hot take games. Hosted by Roscoe with The Fanalyst, Suthy, Biehner, and Darty Brodeur
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Opinions are our own!

[roscoe]: I don't know what happened. I'm in
a hotel. The internet is a little inconsistent

[roscoe]: and I seem to have lost it there.
It made it through a whole hour before it went

[roscoe]: out. So thank you all for joining
me. If you didn't catch my note at the end

[roscoe]: there, it seems like the leaves could,
their last stretch could go one of two ways.

[roscoe]: Either none of these teams care or
it's playoff preview. So I really don't know

[roscoe]: what those last five games are going
to look like, but I think it's going to be

[roscoe]: really interesting to find out.

[roscoe]: Okay.

[steph]: Yeah, and I really think we will not
see a line blender stop. You know, it's going

[steph]: to stop after we're comfortable with
Ryan O'Reilly coming back into the lineup

[roscoe]: Yeah.

[steph]: and then keep finally making those
decisions. Until then, when everything, everyone

[steph]: is healthy, that's when things will
get settled, in my opinion.

[roscoe]: Yeah. Yeah, I agree.

[steph]: now.

[roscoe]: Okay, we out of here, we'll be back.
I hope Thursday I'm going to be working late.

[steph]: Thursday.

[roscoe]: I might jump on

[steph]: Okay.

[roscoe]: late with you guys, but we'll see.
Cool, cool. Night.

[steph]: Coco Coco Good night

[roscoe]: වවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවවව

[steph]: Thank you. Thank you.

[roscoe]: Bye.

[steph]: Hey, Madi.