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Amber discusses non copyrighted music. Are they all the same? The answer might surprise you.

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What makes a good song? Where do you go to find good songs? There's many places out there, from Premium Beat, to Audio Jungle. Also, what about licensing? Are they all the same?

Amber goes into this and talks about using non-copyrighted songs.

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Amber Beels
Podcast Manager, Creative Director and Online Course Creator for Online Coaches, Speakers & Trainers

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Amber Beels 0:02
I really want a good song for my podcast, but I just don't know where to find Non copyrighted music. Let's talk about it. You're listening to Practical Podcast Tips. My name is Amber Beels. And today I'm going to cover tip number 12 music to my ears. I want a song that goes along with the vibe of my podcast, but I just don't know where to look. Alright, well, let's talk about it. So some of you may be thinking that, you know, you're super excited, you're starting your podcasts, and you want to create a trailer or you're creating your intro and your call to action at the end and you want a little, you know, a good song to go with it. And you're just thinking, I don't know where to find the right song. You know, it has to be Non copyrighted, and it can't be a popular song, but you just don't know where to look for good. That's the word good, Non copyrighted music. And maybe you find some, but they're so expensive. The songs are so expensive. Well, okay, let's get into it. So there are lots of places that you can go to find Non copyrighted music. One of the ones the most popular ones is called premium And that one's a really good one. I mean, it's used all around the world, I'm sure if you go on there, and you start listening to some of the songs, especially on the top pages, you're gonna recognize some of that music on a commercial, or maybe even a podcast that you've listened to in the past, you're gonna recognize them, because they are really good. They're world renowned. Everyone knows about them. It's premium But what's great about Premium Beat is that you can buy one song, it's, I believe, right now, it's $49. A song, but which sounds expensive and images. But what's nice about it is that you get the licensing for that song, and it's unlimited licensing. So you can use that song as much as you want, you own the rights to it. And you won't get dinged for using it. They have a really good search function that you can find a song or the type of mood that you're looking for, it's really easy to find, well, I know some of you are gonna say, you know, I did a Google search online, and I found audio jungle and it's way cheaper than Premium Beat. Now, I know audio jungle is very appealing because it is so much cheaper. It's like 12 or 10 bucks a song. However, the licensing for that song is only good for one project. So what does that mean? That means you use it on one episode on your podcast. And that's it. That's what the licensing is good for one episode of your podcast, and you would have to pay that 10 or 12 or $15, however much it is, per episode, or every time you use that song. Now, I don't know how well they track how many times you use your song. But you know, it's one of those things that you just don't want to get dinged for you don't want to have that looming over your head as a possibility. Say you get really good and you get just really popular and you have a big audience, if they find out that you're using that song multiple times, even though you only paid for one licensing, you might get dinged for that and you just you don't want to deal with that you have enough to deal with, you have a popular podcast and you're a busy person. So do yourself a favor and don't go to Audio Jungle, if you're just doing a trailer and you're not going to use that song again, then you know, that might be a good option for you. However, I wouldn't really suggest it if you want to use it again. So Premium Beat is a really good option if you want to keep using it for your intro and your call to action pins. Now, say you have a special podcast and you want to switch it up. You want to have a new song every episode or maybe you want to have a new song every season. So you don't want to be like stuck to one song for very long. And you don't want to pay $49 per song every time you switch. Another good option would be art List dot i o now our list is a little different in that it's an annual subscription. Now you pay I think it's like 250 or $300 a year. But that gives you access to an unlimited amount of songs. Now have you think about premium be it's $49 for one song with art list, you pay to $300 and you have access to 1000s of songs. We use it for all of our clients. So

Amber Beels 4:41
if you come on with us, we give you that library and you have access to all the songs like whatever song you want. Literally, there's 1000s Now their search function could be a little better. I'll admit it. However, you're going to find some really high quality songs on here. You just might have to look a little harder but they are really good. They have songs with lyrics in them. And then they have songs that don't have lyrics on them. They have corporate sounding songs and they have like cinematic and, you know, like nary, carefree, happy, they have all the songs that you could ever dream of, on our list I own and I love them, we use them. We've used it on this podcast, we've used it for all of our clients, again, we really love artless, but that might not be for everyone because it is an annual subscription. And it is two $300. But if you have just one subscription, you could download a bunch of songs, and then you'll be done for the year and say you don't want to renew, you're still good to have that license for all the songs that you downloaded within that year. And their license is unlimited, just like premium beats. So you don't have to worry about being dinged later on, if they find out that you use it more than once or whatever. The only time that they might ding you is if you subscribe and you cancel your subscription. But you've downloaded like 50 songs, it within that time, your licenses void at that point. So if you subscribe, and then you download like 50 songs, you cancel your subscription, your license is now void, you're not allowed to use those songs. It's only when you've had it for a full year that you can continue to use that licensing and have those songs and have the rights to those songs. And I just want to talk for a moment about how important music is on your podcast. Because it really needs to represent the feel and the vibe of your podcasts. If you notice on this podcast, Eric has his own music for the intro and the call to action. And I have my own because he picked a song and I was like, you know that works really well for you. But it doesn't really vibe with me. So I chose my own song. And that is okay. I want you guys when you tune into our episodes, when you first hear that music, you know, oh hammer is going on today, or Oh, Eric's gonna go on today. And you know, it's kind of like that audible cue of to be excited to pump someone up to listen to your show. Or to maybe if you have kind of a narrative podcast that kind of gets them ready and gets them in the mood. It's so important that you love the music to your podcast. So even if it takes a little bit of time. I think it's definitely worth it to spend some time to find the perfect music for your podcast that really represents you and what your podcast is about. So Happy hunting, find that song that really resonates with you and your podcast and start recording and have fun with it. You know, have fun listening to your own podcast and having others listen to it. Alright, well, I hope you found that valuable and useful. And that's it for me. Hey, thanks for listening. If you liked this episode, please feel free to leave us a review. It really helps out the show. And I'd love to hear how it helps. Also, if you know someone else that could benefit from it, go ahead and share it with them. Thanks again and I'll see you in the next episode.

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