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We talk about and get real about social media during one of the hardest times of your life. Not going into your separation and divorce with a plan for social media can really bite you in the butt.

Show Notes

Social media. We love to hate it. On average people are spending hours every day on social media. 

Some of the ways social media can change our lives:
  • Social media is distracting us from actually spending time with one another.
  • The ability to stalk each other.
  • We are oversharing.
  • We are more likely to become addicted to attention.
  • Focusing on strangers' lives rather than our own.
  • Jumping to conclusions.
We put our best lives on social media but nobody knows what's behind those pictures.

Dating apps and social media have made it easier to immediately connect with someone. This could lead to us looking for something new and better instead of working on existing relationships. 

After the demise of a relationship, what should you know about your social media accounts? Simply put, don't be dumb. Use common sense when posting about old and new relationships because it is likely that information could be used against you in your divorce and separation.

Judges don't like people blasting their ex on social media. Not to mention your child or your child's friends' parents can find your dirty laundry you air on social media.

We talk about how this generation was given the advice to not post a picture of yourself having a beer on social media and now a bunch of people from the previous generation was posting selfies in the nation's capital during the siege. Facebook is the number one source for online divorce evidence. 

Here is a simple list of DON'Ts for your social media during your separation and divorce:
  • Don't forget to change your passwords
  • Don't take selfie's at the courthouse
  • Don't badmouth your former spouse
  • Don't badmouth the judge
  • Don't allow yourself to be tagged inappropriate photos
  • Don't post anything you wouldn't want to be read on the stand
  • Don't use your friends as a social media spy
  • Don't forget to disconnect clouded services so your texts and photos don't show up on your ex's device.
  • Don't lie to your attorney about what's out there
1 in 3 divorces starts as an online affair. 25% of couples fight about Facebook at least once per week. 30% of Tinder users are married. Less than half of people confront their spouses about what they discover online. 

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