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Join Zandra Polard and Nikita as they kick off your morning with a burst of health and wellness insights. In this episode, they explore their energizing start at Greens and Proteins, a place that caters to all, from health enthusiasts to those just starting their wellness journey. From refreshing juice concoctions to bison wraps and unique sides like hikma fries, the hosts share their experiences, emphasizing the diverse and flavorful options available. Whether you're a seasoned health advocate or dipping your toe into wellness, this podcast episode offers a taste of nutritious choices to invigorate your day. Tune in and discover how Greens and Proteins becomes a go-to spot for those seeking a satisfying blend of taste and nutrition.

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Every 5th Sunday of the Month, Zandra Polard sits down to discuss the food and lifestyle that keeps her happy and healthy in Las Vegas!

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Zandra Polard 0:42
Good morning, Las Vegas Zondra. And Nikita, were over here, starting your day with health food and wellness, wellness services. So it's early in the morning. Thank you for tuning in. It is early, isn't it? It is but we have had some food to start our day. And we want to share this information with you. So that you will have an energized successful day.

Unknown Speaker 1:08
Like us. I really enjoyed it.

Zandra Polard 1:10
So what did we start out with? We started out with a juice which is really important to juice in the morning to get your your day going. Right? Yeah. So I had a wellness drink. And the wellness drink had our greens, greens and grapes in it and it was really refreshing. And what type of juice did you have?

Unknown Speaker 1:35
I had something called a green limeade. And it's very similar to the wellness drink. Okay, there's great Senate, there's apples, but there's also a lot of there's ginger and there's a lot of lime in it. And they put like the actual pulp into the drink. So it's really, really refreshing.

Zandra Polard 1:55
So you get some of that fiber. Yeah, right. I

Unknown Speaker 1:58
know. Yeah. going on in the morning. You know? Yeah, right. Okay, so

Zandra Polard 2:03
if you don't make your juice yourself, you can go to greens and proteins like we did. Right? Get your juice in the morning, right?

Unknown Speaker 2:10
Greens and proteins. That's if you're into healthy food that tastes pretty good. It's a good place to go. Yeah.

Zandra Polard 2:17
So get your juice at greens and proteins. And if you're looking for a lunch later in the day, you can revisit them they have quite a few locations here in Las Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 2:30
They do actually. Yeah, I think they have like four or five locations. Oh

Zandra Polard 2:34
my gosh, I think it was more like seven. I'll really locations. Yes. Okay. Yes. And what I do like about greens and proteins is that it's for like a person like me. That's like, just putting their baby toe in there with changing their diet to healthier options. Yeah, right, you can kind

Unknown Speaker 2:53
of dip your toe in the water because the food to me is very flavorful. And it's an easy option to kind of just start out if you're just beginning your wellness journey, right your health, you can still get beef, you still get beef, they actually have all kinds of beef, they have bison. So if you're a carnivore, you won't have a right you won't have any problems at grains and protein. Right.

Zandra Polard 3:19
Usually you can get your bison you mentioned the bison. So bison has less fat, right? Yeah. 3% fat. Yeah, it's really

Unknown Speaker 3:26
super, super lean. But to me, you're not really missing out on any of the flavor.

Zandra Polard 3:31
True, because I had their bison patty. Now the bison Patty was very similar to a dish that I make at home. I make like a burger patty with and I'm really bad. I use mashed potatoes, gravy, all that good stuff. Yeah, so it was healthier because it was 3% fat. really lean meat very lean. And they had a sweet potato mash. But they didn't add any sugar. Do you normally add sugar to your Oh yeah, put a lot of sugar in mind. A lot, a lot. A lot of sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, all that.

Unknown Speaker 4:11
Okay, love and all that hung

Zandra Polard 4:15
with this dish, I had the sweet potato and it was still very sweet without the added sugar. And I asked them I said did you guys add sugar or some kind of sweetener in here? What they say? They said no, really? They said it was just a natural sweet potato.

Unknown Speaker 4:31
Did they now were there any seasonings that were added to it? Or was it just sweet potato? Okay,

Zandra Polard 4:35
so it was just the sweet potato. And this option was like a it was like a protein option balls so you got to pick like a protein like a build your own or build your build your own plate kind of thing. So it was the bison Patty was which was like a hamburger patty. And then there was the sweet potato no sugar, but super sweet and delicious, creamy smooth. So You were seeing little lumps. You were

Unknown Speaker 5:01
tearing that stuff. You really were. And then

Zandra Polard 5:06
I had to bring it down home and I had the greens with it. I had some kale. You had kale. I had some Fried's, or they called it sauteed. Kale. Right. And it was delicious. It had, you know, I think there was some garlic in there. It was some flavor in there.

Unknown Speaker 5:20
Now, how did you feel after you ate it? Did you feel weighed down?

Zandra Polard 5:22
I didn't finish it because I had to pack up half of it for

Unknown Speaker 5:26
dinner. Right. But

Zandra Polard 5:30
I did not feel weighed down. No, because it wasn't super heavy. I didn't have like the heavy mashed potato. I didn't have the greens with fat bag or smoked turkey in it. You know. Fat bag green. I don't use the fed back. But you know, something like they still do. Yeah. I use them. But yeah, they were flavorful. You know, definitely used there was still like a little crunch there. They weren't, you know, super soft, not overly cooked, not overly cooked. But it didn't taste like a tree. You know, there was a

Unknown Speaker 6:08
great point. Yeah. Because that's something that you can kind of encounter when you're just starting out on like your health food journey, or if you're trying to transition into that is you often can have dishes that do taste like grass, or a

Zandra Polard 6:21
tree. Yeah, yeah. And especially when you're used to eating greens the way I eat right with that, right? Hey, buddy? Yes, my read. So, yeah, so it was a great option to go to this place grains and proteins because no matter where you are in your health food journey and your health food journey, wellness journey, you can still get some beef. You can get some bison because they did have a selection of was it the sirloin? I think it was around certainly. Yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 6:57
think bison sirloin and Angus, is that right? They

Zandra Polard 7:01
know you're confused. Me? It was okay. Angus? At the bison and the two okay. Yeah. And then they have chicken turkey. You know, they have of course,

Unknown Speaker 7:11
like soy? Tofu. Yeah. Yeah.

Zandra Polard 7:14
And then I don't know all of the sides for the, on the on the next item below,

Unknown Speaker 7:19
right. So it's you pick your protein, then you pick your greens, and then you had quinoa, right, or is it canola? Well, maybe maybe it's both. Depending on who you ask, right?

Zandra Polard 7:30
Because if you asked me about seven years ago, I would have told you it was canola. No. No. I was saying quinoa. So we know

Unknown Speaker 7:43
quinoa is right. Quinoa. No, yeah, you were I was saying you know what? I never said quinoa, but I always said it in my head that way. And I'd have to translate it. I would read it canola. And then I'd have to translate it to myself. No, it's quinoa say quinoa. But it looks you you are right is key. Right. Not cool, right? No.

Zandra Polard 8:07
And then for the veggies, I do remember an asparagus selection.

Unknown Speaker 8:12
Yeah, they actually have quite a few different vegetables that you can choose from there was asparagus they had kale. Yes, there might have been cabbage

Zandra Polard 8:22
there was no cabbage on there. If it was I don't remember the cabbage but the thing is, is that you have options right right. And that's the important part when you are you know hungry you know, how do you want to feed your body how do you want to feed it?

Unknown Speaker 8:38
Yeah, that's such a good point. Yeah, and because the food tastes flavorful you're gonna get full and you're but you're not going to leave there feeling like you have to roll out of there right you're not going to feel heavy and weighed down but you will I felt pretty satisfied and satiated every time I go there so it's a good option. I was surprised honestly that you liked it. Really? Girl Yes. Because it's not first of all one time we were going to breakfast to a place that was near there. I was like Yeah, I know this place and you were like it better not be this place. Greens and proteins you want to take me to grace because it's just not traditionally your thing right so I was shocked that you actually really enjoyed it.

Zandra Polard 9:25
I did enjoy it. Yeah, because again, for those who are listening who maybe eat like I do, you know and are trying to transition into a better you know, healthier selections yeah healthier diet then I think reason proteins is a good start Yeah, it's a good place to start for sure. Yeah, cuz you can't just like jump me into vegan you don't I mean, I'm right pissed off right like five minutes you put some tofu

Unknown Speaker 9:50
in my face right?

Zandra Polard 9:54
I need more than this juice,

Unknown Speaker 9:56
right? Yeah, is Bakey come lit it

Zandra Polard 9:58
is bacon in the juice. So anyhow, tell us about what you had Nikita.

Unknown Speaker 10:05
I had a bison wrap. Okay. And bison is a lean meat lean beef, as we've said, right? And you have two different options. You can have it wrapped in a spinach wrap or a wheat wrap. I did spinach, and I really enjoyed it. Okay, Philly Cheesesteak? Yes, yes, it was bison Philly cheesesteak, so it was not the name. I think so. Okay. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. Yes, that's what it was. Okay,

Zandra Polard 10:34
so what is in it other than the bison? Is

Unknown Speaker 10:36
there cheese and there's cheese in it? I don't remember what kind of cheese but it was a white cheese. So it might be cheddar. I'm not positive.

Zandra Polard 10:46
I don't. Okay, so this place uses real cheese. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 10:50
everything. And that's, that's another thing. Everything is there's no artificial stuff. So it's the real deal. They're also not adding sugar to their drinks. Okay, which is surprising because the drinks that we had are really were really sweet. I thought and refreshing. Yeah, I thought they were very sweet. So I was surprised that they don't add any sugar. But apparently, Greg, the owner was telling us that he was a very nice guy. Or he was

Zandra Polard 11:20
nice. And he's

Unknown Speaker 11:22
cute. He was nice to look at too. Right. But he was saying that the sweetness comes from the green grapes. Oh, yeah. Okay, yeah. But anyway, back to the bison wrap. It was very filling. I could only eat half of it. And for the side, I got hikma fries.

Zandra Polard 11:41
Oh, yes. So they have ops. Okay, so I have to say this. I asked the employees who were very nice. Why did you guys choose to use sweet potato instead of yam? Oh, I grew up on yams. Well,

Unknown Speaker 11:55
can you explain the difference? Because most people always think that yams or sweet potatoes.

Zandra Polard 12:00
Oh, right. Okay, so the sweet potato is like the the lighter colored one and the Yam is the orange colored, right. And this yam has more nutritional value than the sweet potato. Oh, yes. But the sweet potato because I I didn't grow up eating sweet potatoes. Oh, okay. So I want to say that was probably my first time having a real sweet potato. Really? I think so. Oh, wow. Because I can't recall having sweet potatoes before. So that

Unknown Speaker 12:34
were yellow. Because people when they think of like sweet potato pie, they're actually made with yams. Right? It's again, it's not sweet. Pie. Yeah, exactly. But most people think that they're the same thing. Right? And they're not. They're not one. pale yellow.

Zandra Polard 12:50
Right? Well, yellow white. I don't know. Sweet potato, right? It's like orange. It's a sweet, sweet potato. When I asked them why, you know, that choice of the sweet potato instead of the yam. They explained to me that they have sweet potato fries. And

Unknown Speaker 13:08
people love but they're actually yams, because they're

Zandra Polard 13:11
there yet, but Right, right. Y'all know the sweet potato fry going on is going to be them. Okay, right. So they said that people love their sweet potato fries. So that's why they chose the lighter colored sweet potato

Unknown Speaker 13:27
mash? Yes. Oh, okay.

Zandra Polard 13:31
So it makes sense. I said all that because you mentioned the hikma. Right, and they have an option of hikma sweet potato fries. Or what's the other tofu fry tofu fries,

Unknown Speaker 13:46
which I enjoyed. Okay, and today we didn't have those

Zandra Polard 13:49
today. You had the hiccup I had the hiccups. So tell us about the hiccup the

Unknown Speaker 13:53
heck am I is it's a cold stick because the other ones are hot, you know sweet potato fries.

Zandra Polard 14:03
Well, they squeezed lime on. Oh, that's what it is. Yes. And then they have that crunch, right? Like a french fry. But

Unknown Speaker 14:11
they're cold. Because I think most of the time when people want fries or when I want fries. It is to have kind of that crunch.

Zandra Polard 14:17
Yeah. And some people are like that, but I like the soggy fries. Do you? I do. Oh, I

Unknown Speaker 14:22
didn't know that. Oh, wow. Ketchup. Yeah, that's really drown him and ketchup. Little hot sauce. I always bow sauce to but I didn't know that. See? I like crunchy stuff. Okay, so the hikma that really satisfies that need for a crunch without doing something that's deep fried.

Zandra Polard 14:38
You know what I was thinking? I wonder if HCA mistakes would help satisfy a smoking habit.

Unknown Speaker 14:51
I just thought about I don't I mean, I don't know I don't think mo right. And but I don't know be Goldberg.

Zandra Polard 14:59
I was chewing carrots to help her with her craving

Unknown Speaker 15:03
really? Yeah. Huh. I wonder what that's about?

Zandra Polard 15:07
So I don't know. I just it just popped in my brain. I thought I'd throw it out there.

Unknown Speaker 15:10
Right. Could you use that to do that kind of thing, but I have no idea my brain or know the hikma, you know, could you use hikma to do the same kind of thing? That will be gold? Who was it? What people won't be Goldberg was doing she was chewing carrot. Yeah, she was eating carrots. Wow. That's interesting. Yeah, I don't know. I'm not sure what that is. Well, so

Zandra Polard 15:30
you had your bison wrap right with the spinach. HCA mistakes. Yep. And you did not have the wellness drink like I had you had

Unknown Speaker 15:40
I had the green ginger. linemate Okay, so I think they actually blend limy it's very lively. Okay,

Zandra Polard 15:46
that's like a word. Made it up today. Today.

Unknown Speaker 15:53
It has because they put I think they put not this the peel of the lime in it, but they put the whole lime so the pulp is in there. So when you as you're drinking it, you get like

Zandra Polard 16:03
way, way, way, way. Way. They don't put the You mean they put the entire lime including the skin.

Unknown Speaker 16:07
I don't think they put the skin. Oh, I think they're skinning the I'm not positive but the pulp is in there. So they're not just squeezing the lime juice in there. Oh, okay. It's actually all blended in there so you can taste the pulp. Gotcha. Okay, so it's very, very Lamy.

Zandra Polard 16:25
And it has a ginger, it has ginger. I

Unknown Speaker 16:27
think there's there's definitely green grapes in it. And I think Apple, I'm gonna say yeah,

Zandra Polard 16:32
because the wellness in the ginger linemate are pretty similar. It's just that yours has the lime and ginger. Right.

Unknown Speaker 16:39
Okay. And the wellness, I think also has lime in it, but it doesn't have ginger. And it has a lot more.

Zandra Polard 16:45
You know, there has like the pulp in it and everything. But it's not a smoothie. It's

Unknown Speaker 16:50
a juice. Exactly. Yeah,

Zandra Polard 16:51
that's what I'm trying to say. Right.

Unknown Speaker 16:52
So there's the pulp in there, but it's still a juice.

Zandra Polard 16:54
So in terms of grains and proteins, I think they have some of everything for everyone, no matter where you are on, let's say the scale of nutrition. I feel like you know, you would be satisfied.

Unknown Speaker 17:09
There's an option there could there's possibly an option for you, I would imagine they have so much stuff. And you know, they have the fries, they have the sweet potato fries, they have the tofu fries, but they're not like deep fried in bad fat. You know what I mean? So you're still getting that kind of heavy carb. You know, any without the heavy car without the heavy carb, you know, without the extra fat added on to it. Okay, because they're not deep frying it in. I think they bake them actually. Yeah, like the airfryer. Right. Yeah. airfryer that's what they're doing. Yeah, they're air frying it so. And when we sat down and spoke to Greg, the owner or one of the owners a couple weeks ago, or maybe it's maybe it's been a month now, he really was took the time to really explain each dish. And you can tell there was a lot of thought put into their menu. Well, not

Zandra Polard 18:02
only did was Greg knowledgeable his staff was and that's what I appreciate it and going back, that his staff was able to explain things to me. Yeah, so that's really good. Like,

Unknown Speaker 18:13
that's true. That's a good point. Yeah,

Zandra Polard 18:14
like if you go in and you're not quite sure what you should be eating. I was pretty comfortable. You know, telling the staff, this is how I eat. What do you suggest? What sauce, you know, goes with this or that right?

Unknown Speaker 18:27
Yeah. And they had some recommendations for you. They did and you liked them. So I

Zandra Polard 18:32
think that's part of like, you know, educating your staff hiring good employees. I think that's pretty cool. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 18:37
I do too. And there. Greg was explaining like their ingredients selection. And how Greg C and Greg hit me one time he was explaining that they use micro greens, which I'm so into my okay, I really am because they're so cute. They're just like little minis and packed with flavor and they're packed with nutrients and flavor. Okay, so it's like a triple whammy. Cute, flavorful, nutrient dense. Okay. But they're also more expensive. Oh, really? Typically, it's more where

Zandra Polard 19:15
do you find microgreens? Like, can you go to sprouts or if you want

Unknown Speaker 19:19
to do a foods if you want to buy your own? I'm sure that those types of health food places could they have that option to buy that? Yeah, you can also grow your own. Oh, yeah. Which I'm thinking about doing okay. You can grow them in mason jars, actually. Oh, yeah. And they're really good for you. Anyway, they use microgreens they add it to one of the pizzas that they have their their Margarita Pizza, okay. And you can tell the difference there is that you can just put two little sprigs of like basil or whatever. I think it was basil. Yeah, and it's just like a pop of flavor. So yeah, my point is, is that there's you can tell that there's just a lot A lot of thought that's been put into the ingredients and to the menu. Okay, and I appreciated that.

Zandra Polard 20:05
So what do you plan to do for the rest of your day?

Unknown Speaker 20:09
Today? Yeah,

Zandra Polard 20:09
now that you're energized, it's time to get going. I'm going to go for a walk, we're gonna do some yoga. I'm

Unknown Speaker 20:14
gonna do some yoga. Actually, yes, I think I'm going to take probably a five o'clock class or something. Some hot yoga. Okay. Yeah. And you know, actually, I liked that you brought that up. Because typically, if you're going to do yoga, you don't want to eat a heavy meal, like, at least four hours before you take a class. Especially if it's hot yoga, because you'll jump serious because you'll just get so sick. You'll get really seriously you could

Zandra Polard 20:40
like people throw up sometimes in that hot yoga,

Unknown Speaker 20:43
or, you know, I've heard horror stories. I've never seen that. Okay. You've seen people pass out. I've never seen that either. But I mean, what before I started taking hot yoga. Somebody was telling me a story like that. And one of my friends was like, Oh, I'm gonna go take a hot yoga class. And I was like, No, don't do that. People be passing out.

Zandra Polard 21:05
That's a bad idea. But I found that it's something that works well for you.

Unknown Speaker 21:09
I think so. Yeah. Well, yes, absolutely. I love it. But with having had a little light lunch, and actually, it wasn't like I had a bison wrap. But because I add greens and proteins, because I it's not like super heavy. I can go and take a class and not have to worry about feeling like crampy. Okay, so that's probably when I'm

Zandra Polard 21:31
gonna die only experienced with hot yoga is when we went together, right? And I made the bad mistake of wearing a pressing curl, right? You had just gotten your hair done. And if you don't know what a pressing curl is, just think maybe a fresh blow dry or a flat iron. So I went in, and I thought, you know, oh, I can just wrap it up in a towel and I'll be fine. Right? And I was in there and I was moving my muscles were doing things I never did before. And I loved it. And then I took that towel off. And my hair was just gone. I know. I mean, not gone like sweat.

Unknown Speaker 22:10
I was just grown was bald. It was good. That was bald. When I looked at it.

Zandra Polard 22:18
Though, like all my girls, like everything was gone. You sweat

Unknown Speaker 22:20
your press out? Yeah. Well, I mean, it's hot yoga. It's gonna happen. And honestly, that class that we took was not that hot. It gets way hotter. Like way hotter. Oh, yeah. Like, I'll walk out of there. Like I jumped in a pool. Oh, seriously. That's how much you sweat. Yeah. I enjoy it, though. But I'm not going to press my hair before I go. Okay.

Zandra Polard 22:45
Well, I hope you enjoy your yoga today for me. I'll be going on a nice walk this morning before it gets too hot. And

Unknown Speaker 22:56
Nikita. Oh, are you worried? Oh, okay. Do you usually do that in the mornings? No, I

Zandra Polard 23:01
don't. This wellness journey. I'm making some changes in my life. So

Unknown Speaker 23:08
Oh, good. I'm happy to hear that that'll go well with your greens and proteins.

Zandra Polard 23:14
So I want to thank you, Nikita, if you don't know Nikita is my cousin. And she'll be here with us every fifth Sunday of the month. Now, I told him I said there are not five Sundays in every month and every week. We'll get you some more information about that next show. But there are for this month, five Sundays of the month, every year. Oh, okay. There are four months with five Sunday right in the year in the year. Okay, so the next one will be July. Okay. Yeah, this next month will be on the social media. Okay. So you could find more information about that on our Instagram which is Zondra and Nikita. And you could also find out more information about greens and proteins at

Unknown Speaker 24:04
our binder and Nikita

Zandra Polard 24:05
also see pictures of the food that we sampled at Zondra and Nikita on Instagram. So we'll see you next month.

Unknown Speaker 24:15
Thanks for tuning in.

Zandra Polard 24:15
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 24:17
Bye have a great morning guys.

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