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The final event of the CrossFit OffSeason has completed and we are talking about it.  Sydney Michalyshen and William Leahy IV are the winners.  What does that mean for them going into the season.  We talked with Boz this week and dive into that conversation.  What did we learn, what is to come and any other nuggets we found interesting.

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what is going on everybody

welcome to thursday night

crossfit talk my name is

scott switch on the

collides dale she is jamie

latimer we got lots to talk

about tonight a lot

happened this week a lot of

personal stuff a lot of

other stuff so before we

get into kind of some

personal stuff I changed

the thumbnail real quick

Within the last hour,

CrossFit has issued a

statement about the waiver

exemption denial for Ellie Turner.

And the statement speaks

specifically to her case.

And what I'm going to do is

I'm just going to go ahead

and share my screen and go

ahead and read it out loud.

And it's been the talk all week.

So before I do that, let's set this up.

All right.

the rule book states that if

you live in another region

and you don't wish to

compete in the region of your citizenship,

but where you live,

you can file for an exemption.

And there are reasons why

that exemption can be granted and reason.

And if it's not in those reasons,

it can be denied.

So I'm going to go ahead and

share my screen here.

It's going to be small

because it's very wide.

But again,

Here is the statement from

CrossFit came again within the last hour.

Santa Cruz, California, February 1st.

CrossFit has issued the

following statement on the

recent competition

exemption decisions ahead

of the 2024 CrossFit Games.

If an athlete resides in a

region outside their

country of citizenship and

they believe they may advance to semis,

they can petition CrossFit

for an exemption to be

placed in a different competition region.

Sorry, my mic is blocking my view.

So I'm going to have to back

up a little bit.

On January 23rd, 2024,

Ellie Turner submitted her

request for a regional exemption.

which was denied due to

being unable to establish

proof of residency

beginning on or before

February 1st of 2021.

The timeline Ellie provided

to the CrossFit Games

states that she arrived in

North America in June of

2021 prior to competing at

the 2021 CrossFit Games.

She then returned to

Australia before arriving

in Canada in December of 2021.

Ellie has sustained

residency in North America

since December 2021.

but does not meet the

required date of residency

on or before February 1st of 2021.

For reference,

and then they point out the

point in the thing in the

rule book that says proof

of sustained residency in a

single country outside the

athlete's country of

citizenship beginning on or

before February 1st, 2021, three years.

They go on to say 30

athletes have submitted

competition exemption

applications ahead of the

February 1st deadline.

We have reviewed 19 of those

applications and notified

those athletes of the

decision of those 19 applications.

Five have been denied.

The final 11 applications

are currently under review

and those athletes will be

notified of approval or

denial on or before

February 28th of 2024.

Exemption requests are filed after,

requests that are filed

after today february 1st

will not be considered in

early march the crossfit

games will publish a list

of all athletes who are

granted exemption along

with their new region so

that is the statement

thoughts miss latimer I wish in this

post of we we received 30

here's the 19 we've set out

these 19 were approved

these five were denied um

and like pretty clear

reasonings why like I think

I mean everyone just keeps

bringing up roman and

catrina as your comparisons

and I think everyone is

pretty much in agreement on

roman like there's really

no question there he really

shouldn't even be brought

into the conversation um

But I mean,

I'd be very curious who the

other four denials were.

And so that maybe we can

have some more talking points there.

Katrin would be my one

question of why when it's

sustained residency and was

there sustained residency

when she was back home for

like all of 2022 training team,

training with Yami over there and Annie.

So that'd be my question.


did she truly have sustained

residency if she was home

for the better part of a

year in 2022 then I think

that that is not being by

the book and you maybe are

playing favorites a little

bit so here's my argument

to you and we we kind of

stopped our argument before

we went on the air so we

could have it live on the

air and that is that

sustained residency does not state living

there the entire time right

it and the proof that

they're asking for in the

rule book are like utility

bills phone bills stuff I'm

sure nobody has a landline

anymore so that was stupid

but um if she sustained a

residence here in the

united states during that

whole time the rule that

she was training with yami

and an alternate on the

team she only had to be

there 50 of the time

So if she was 50-50 and

sustaining a residence in

the United States,

then I think she meets the requirements.

I don't disagree there.

I feel like if they're going

to take Ellie's stuff and

say she showed residency

and so her residency is from December,

they should probably back

up their decision on Katrin

and show that she had

sustained residency here in the U.S.

Because if

brooks is paying the

mortgage and the utilities

here when she's there then

that is playing favorites

they're just taking her

word for it if she had if

she's paying utility bills

here I totally agree like

yes you can have two houses

and sure but are they going

to back that up probably

not and they're probably

never going to know and

it's going to be assumed

that they play favorites

So I think it's apples to

oranges because Katrin has

lived in the United States

off and on from 2015 till now.

And in addition to that, Ellie,

like we know, like,

Like I know I was following

her story because I

interviewed her at those 21 games.

She came from Australia.

She got stranded here

because of COVID and the

Olympics and couldn't get

back to Australia.

And so she was not a

resident of North America at all.

Now she did come back to

Canada to train with

Michelle Laton and Deca camp and

I don't know why that

wouldn't count as North America.

Or does it,

does it mean because North

America region and the,

so Canada and us are in the same region,


It doesn't matter.

She definitely wasn't here

before February for

whatever they're kind of next year.

She should be fine.



I guess, no,

we don't know if Katrin had to apply,

but again, that just goes back to,

if everyone's having to speculate,

that goes back to playing

these guessing games that

we maybe shouldn't have to do.

Like if they're saying they

already put out 19 state decisions,

put them out there.


I don't think that,

and I agree with clock.

And I'm going to pull that up.

I don't think that CrossFit

is making this easier on themselves.

I think they're using

semantics that can be used as loopholes.

And instead of coming up

with a rule that's just black and white,

you either meet it or you don't.

And this would be a whole lot easier.

But I think that's where the

distrust comes from, right?

Is that there are these

rules that are very

ambiguous that some people

can figure out the loophole

and some can't.

So everybody's like, well,

they're playing favorites with X, Y,

and Z and not with A, B, and C. Yep.

And I think it's just some

people have a better

support system who knows

how to play the game.


Or they're really playing favorites.


And we won't know because

they're not going to be very clear.

I mean,

I almost feel like three years is like,

I mean, it's too late.

That was what they put in

the real rule book, but I,

I don't know why they're

choosing three years.

I think at the end of the day,

they didn't want,

they didn't want like what

was happening in the mid

teens where people were

moving to get to the easiest region.

Um, and it had, and like,

I was huge CrossFit nut back then.

Like everybody was moving to

get the better,

like Margo Alvarez lover to death.

She competed in three

different regions in like

three straight years.


It was insane back then.

Yeah, I agree.

So through this all,

in this whole week of debate, I mean,

at the end of the day,

the rule as it's written,

Ellie does not meet.

I totally agree with that.


Now all the noise around it,

like who the hell knows?


I just think the frustration is you

can't be certain on

probably Catherine's role

and really anyone else's.

We don't really know who

else was chosen or denied and why.

And so she's just probably

feeling attacked.

We know Roman got approved.

Yeah, right.


and I think we know Katrin got approved.

I guess we just don't know.

I mean, she had to have gotten approved.

But Roman going to South

Korea this offseason throws

a big wrinkle in that, too,

because that's where the semifinals are.

If you can travel there,

why do you need a waiver?

Yeah, that's true.

and I understand what he

went through for years and

there could be other issues

associated with that that

we don't know about because

of everything he's gone

through and that's probably

the most complicated

situation and one I don't

even want to guess at why

it's given because we'll

probably never know that yeah

Again, I think Katrin would be fine.

And again, apples and oranges.

She's been here off and on for so long.

It's just showing a

consistent utility bill

through those years.

And where I grew up,

kids did that in high

school sports all the time.

I'm living with my aunt Judy.

Here's my, my phone bill, you know?


So that's the breaking news.

That's the statement from CrossFit.

I'm glad they cleared that up.

Did they go?

I mean, that's what everyone knew,

that she wasn't here before.

They cleared up her case.

Everything else that we're

doing is speculating on the

decisions of other people.

Her case is she did not meet the rule.

She was denied.

Yeah, I don't I mean,

I don't think people had a

question about that.

I think everyone was on the same page.

She wasn't here before the February.

I think they're just arguing

like other people weren't also.


And we start comparing

ourselves to others.

That's when we get in

trouble because everybody's

situation is different.


and we don't know the facts behind it



and I'll be honest with you with the

Catherine thing.

I'm betting she wasn't in

Iceland as much as she said

she was back then.

Because the teams do that

and fake it to be a team

anyway back then.

So I'm glad they got rid of

that hundred mile radius

rule and all of that crap.


So wouldn't it be funny that

the reason she got accepted

is because she lied to be

an alternate on the team that year.

And now they don't want to admit that.


Because that other team got totally hosed.

Well, she didn't compete.

No, she didn't.

I agree.

Yeah, she was.


She just was an alternate.

And Lauren Fisher went ahead and competed.


But it would be really funny

to say for her to come out going, well,

the reason is I did sustain

residency because I lied in

2022 just so I could be an alternate.

Well, in that year,

Katrin did compete in that semifinal.

yeah I think that's where

people are like I mean she

was there she competed in

that why can't she did then

why can't she now it's the

it's the being able to go

back and forth thing that I

think is I don't know just

a little fuzzy yeah the

inconsistencies get frustrating

Yeah, so that's that.

I think that horse has been

beaten to death this week,

but I did want to bring up

the breaking news so that

everybody knew that

CrossFit had made a

statement and really just

clarified Ellie's situation.

And that we'll get a list at

the end of the month with

everybody who's approved and denied.

That would be great.

I think that would be a step

in the right direction as well.


So we've been binge watching stuff.

Have you found anything new?


Well, I watched Love on the Spectrum.

Have you seen that?


It's just a little eight,

I think it's eight episodes in a season,

two seasons.

People on the autism

spectrum trying to find love.

It was cute.

It was like a little docuseries.

It was cute.

Yeah, my daughter.

My daughter watches it, I think.

And we're back to... Curious

if the others are smaller

athletes who were denied.

Maybe I just don't follow them.

I've only heard Ellie's.

I think what would be great

is if Tia was one of those

and then they announced she was denied.

And then I think if that's announced,

then all this is better.

I agree.

You think that will happen though?

I would assume she's one of

the 11 that were approved or the eight,


She competed a Torian two years ago,



So did Catherine.

Like, I don't,

I think they'll both be

given their exemption back

to the U S and it's just

like a long time.


She probably can prove

sustained for three years.


so thank you judy she's only

in year eight I'm on year

12. where's your badge did

you post it I haven't

signed up yet then you

don't get a congrats yet

you better sign up make it official

Peter Otero says,

I feel like people miss the

on or before part of the rule.

Katrin has been here for years.

We didn't miss that, Peter.


Yeah, we didn't miss that.

I personally,

it's the consistent residency

since the on or before for me.

I think it just makes a fuzzy...

I don't like how they worded

that and then they can

choose who really was here

for all three years or wasn't.

I think she can prove with

the proof in the rule book

that she had a residence in the U.S.

during that time.



maybe Brooks was paying for stuff

here and she can't.

She's just giving a pass.

She can pay her own bills.

But did she?

Prove it.

As long as the paper says she did.


You're 12, Andrew.


Come on, Judy.

Yeah, Judy.

Get them.

I'll sign up.


Don't even get us started on the East,

West, and the U.S.

Because that's just wild, wild West again.



So the one thing I'm watching is Bookie.


Sebastian Manuscala.

Oh, yeah.

I like him.

On HBO Max.

This is before legalized gambling,

like right before.

And he's a bookie.

And it kind of like talks about...

It's about his life as a

bookie collecting money from people.

And some of them are famous.

Like he had to collect from Charlie Sheen.

He had to collect from different.

He was a legit bookie.

No, no, no, no, no.

It's fictional.


But like Charlie Sheen plays

himself in the show and has to, they have,

they like break into a

rehab facility to collect

money from them.

wow it's really funny yeah

he's funny very satirical

um but very funny and I'm

about I think I'm six

episodes in probably a

couple to go yeah I need

some I need some more

recommendations so if

anyone's got anything good

I should start let me know

before we jump any into any rabbit holes,

Sarah Cooper, um,

is that my cohost was doing

some pullovers this week.

And what had happened was

nobody even knows what happened.

I just,

it's a dumb movement and I

shouldn't even be messing

around with them in my opinion.

I'm totally capable of doing

them and stringing them and

doing plenty of them.

It's just silly, I think.

So anyway,

I felt like my shoulder came out

of socket twice.

And yes, so funny, Scott.

Coach is saying, I agree, they're dumb.

And the reason they're

saying they're dumb is why?

Quit beating around the bush.

Well, I hurt my shoulder.

I said it like, well,

this is funny because I had

my call with Tristan today

and you got my Snapchat of

me in the x-ray room.

You immediately messaged me.

Tristan still hadn't even

seen my Snapchat.

And I was like,

this is like an hour before I call.

I was like, hey, check your Snapchat.

And then he's like, what the heck?

And I was like,

I just didn't want you to

be blindsided when we started talking.

So, yeah, I don't know.

have an mri tomorrow we'll

see I'm I'm hopeful it's

just a strain but who knows

either way it'll be fine

I'm I can I can still do

things okay your doctor said

that he believes let's, let's, you know,

you're in the media.

Now you gotta be honest.

Your doctor said that he

believes that there is a tear.


He didn't seem, he did not seem hopeful.

I, I got the impression that he was like,

I think something might be torn.

Either my rotator cuff or my

X-ray and you're having an

MRI tomorrow and a follow-up next week.


this media is honest.


the original Thursday night show

is all about honesty.

So I asked you, what does that mean?

And you told me that it means nothing.

You're going to compete.

You've hurt your shoulder

before and it doesn't

matter if it's torn.

You're doing the 24 season regardless.



And that you hurt your other

shoulder like six years ago

and now it's all evened out

and you're going to even be better.


I'll be okay.

I just need to know,

like I always put things

off and just try to deal with it.

And this way I feel like if

I know right now I can like

interest in knows we can like kind of,

you know, game plans, um,

And, like, if it is, like, a strain,

I can actually, like, rest it.

I feel like if it's torn,

I just need to stay doing

what I'm doing and, like,

maybe occasionally cherry

pick some things and, like,

work around it.

But I'd like to rest it if I

need to just rest it.

I'd like to keep working and

work around it if it's torn.



if they keep taking forever to

announce when and where

Legends the games are,

you could probably have surgery, recover,

and train, and still make Legends.

That's just sarcasm.



you still got to do the whole season.

So that is what's going on with Jamie.



We need you to cross your fingers,

say your prayers.

Yes, guys.

And healing vibes, whatever it is.

Not a year for an injury.

I'm trying to remain optimistic.

Um, Tristan says we shall, and this,

for those of you who don't know,

this is coach Krispy Kreme.


we shall adapt and overcome also the

approach to any,

an injury like that for an

athlete like Jamie versus

another athlete is a whole topic.

That's true.

I'm not strong anyway.

So if it affects the lift,

it is what it is.

But you were getting stronger.

Yeah, that's questionable.

And that gap was shrinking.

Oh, my God.


Tristan lost his Krispy Kreme shirt,

for those of you not.

He's kicked out of the club now.

Can you even get another?

I guess there's still Krispy Kreme around,


Because he forgot the P. Clock wants no.

I missed that.

Chrissy Cream, is that a new porn star?

Oh, gosh.

You guys kill me.


we'll have to find one on eBay or


We got to get you a new one.

How do you lose that?

Well, when it was like from his gym,


Like, like Einhorn cross.


So hopefully they have it.




the next thing I wanted to talk about

is not Chrissy cream.


but I hope wish her well in all her


Um, so TFX happened.

We had Sydney McElishan and William Leahy,

the fourth win.

And I'm not going to get

into a lot of details, but what,

what does it mean for both of them?

I have opinions,

but I want to know if that,

because like Kelly Baker

won last year and then

ended up making the games.


So what does that mean for these two?

Well, I mean,

Well, William's been on everyone's radar,

I feel like,

so I think that's got to give

him a little more confidence.

For Sydney, I mean,

I think she needs more of

these wins in her competitive atmosphere.

Where's she at now?


same coach same coke jared

smith moved to proven is

still coaching her but they

both moved to nashville

okay yeah I mean same with

all the wins that we talked

about like doesn't like

when gives somebody

confidence going in and if

if just in your mind you're

a winner like that can be

dangerous well here here

are my initial thoughts

william leahy won a live competition

being judged.

That is huge.

He was so young to the sport

and so oblivious to the

rules that he was breaking all of them.


And the fact that he got a

win at a legit mid-major

competition with judging is

a huge step forward for him.

Because the dude is fit.

It's just,

can he get through the obstacles

that keep tripping him up?

I think this is a good first step.

For Sydney,

who is a dear friend of the show,

we followed her all last year.

She took fourth on Chop Wood Carry Water,

which had a two-mile run in it.

I think that alone...

a fourth place finish in a

decent competition is a

huge sign for her.

Because everybody knows she can lift.

Everybody knows she can take

care of the heavy stuff,

the power output on machines,

all of that stuff.

The fact that she took

fourth in a row and run

event was impressive.

And it's two miles, not just a 400.

Like, I think that is...

A legit,

a legit confidence builder for her

going into the season.

How did it,

was it 2K row into two mile run?

What was it?

It was 2K row,

250 meter dumbbell farmer carry.


Two mile run.

40 pound dumbbells.

So 50 pound dumbbells for women.

I'd be curious what her run

split was or like how far

ahead she was or did she

just hold people off what it was.

I didn't get any TFX coverage,

so I have no idea.


If you've never been,

it's in the middle of nowhere.

I have been.

Yes, we ran through a field, Veronica.

It was interesting.


yeah it's I call it the

three ring circus they have

three pads um that they run

events continuously through

and uh yeah trent tools

yeah footing's not not good

there um tristan said it

was slow they were in the

mud and there was a good spread

So, yeah.

But anyway, those are my thoughts.

Yeah, that's awesome.

I mean, yeah,

they just got to take the win

and just keep trucking.

And she beat Abby Domet.


That's huge.

Who 15 points beat her by 15 ish,

a little bit more.

So that's,

that's huge for her because

that's a games athlete.

That's where she wants to be.

I think that was, was awesome for her.



I don't want to make it

sound like I don't like TFX.

I think it's a really cool

competition for what it is.


and it is a mid-major and embraces it.

And it's, it's got fun events, man.

But to get out there every day,

we covered it two years ago.

It just was a lot.

And that like out by it,

there was only one hotel at the time.

So it just made it horrible.


We did it in 21 and it was,

It was rough and cold.

I did it 22.

You'd have to come on

Tristan and give us the, cause we didn't,

I didn't see any coverage.

So I honestly don't have a

whole lot of opinions on it.

I don't know what happened.

I got a little,

some stories here and there, but I've,

I didn't know the events to tell you.

I've heard some complaints, but I don't,


I didn't pay that much attention,

I'll be honest,

with everything going on this week.


So next topic,

Hiller gets pulled from the open.


For PED use.

Thoughts on that?

I know you were a strong

advocate against PED use.

He admitted it several times on air.


I think it's a huge slippery

slope to just...

I mean, I guess he openly admitted it.

So that's different than like people, like,

I mean, I suppose if you accuse people,

like they can randomly drug test,

but I just, I think,

I think the problem is

going to be if he's able to

procure a negative test and

then it just shows that probably it's,

it's rampant.

Well, he said it would take.

It would,

it would take like 14 days for

him to get a negative test.

So if I'm CrossFit, I test him like now,

right now, I totally agree.

Just test.

They should not just

arbitrarily remove him.

They need to follow their

protocol and test them and

they should test them.

Can money for the PR?


Because it will get views

because of Hiller.


If they test me, nobody gives a shit.



Well, maybe a few people,

but... But I like that

Hiller came out and said

they did what they should have done.

This is what he was testing

them on to see if they would pull him.

And they ended up doing that.


Maybe he won't push the appeal.

He's got what,

four other profiles in there?

Who knows?

That is a very good point.

They're following the water rules.

Admissions are sanctionable

without any positive test results.

I think it's a good rule.


And thank you, Kenneth.

I'm glad someone gives two shits.

Tickets were on sale this

week for the CrossFit Games.

Super early,

so you don't even know who's

going to be there this year.

And they're sold out.

Already sold out.

And a whole group of us have

no idea when or where we're

even competing.

How do we make decisions?


Yes, they should refund his open fee.

That's ridiculous.

I mean,

I don't know why you don't just let

him compete with like an ass.

Do they care about the open?


Or they just care about advancing?

Like, let him compete.

Make us have a score with an

asterisk or whatever.

So you're going to let Anna

Frackow compete with an asterisk?


Put your score in.

People might want to see

where they stack up against these people.

I disagree.

It's a rule.

You're out.

They can't compete at the CrossFit Games.

A CrossFit sanctioned event.

That's what the drug policy covers.

All CrossFit sanctioned events.

All of the season is CrossFit sanctioned.


I'm going Sizzler.

Coach Krispy Kreme with,

if we can compete with an asterisk,

I'm going Sizzler.

So, yeah.

In all the sports I follow,

you pot for drugs, you're out.

No asterisk.


I feel like the open is a

little bit different than other.

I just do.

Like, I don't know.

It's still as, as a schlep athlete,

I still don't want to

compete against drug juiced up guys.

But are you?

Oh, I'm sure.

Well, I mean,

but are you if it's like an

asterisk of some sort or

they're not like they're not.


if he wants to do the workouts and

post a score on his YouTube,

it'll get more views than

if we go look at the leaderboard.

He can still do that.

It's all public.

He can do the workouts.

He doesn't need to be on the leaderboard.

It's 20 bucks for CrossFit.

we'll be okay without 20 bucks.

I don't know anything about

the medical use exemptions, Andrew.

We talked to Tony Tursky

about it in TRT with the Masters athletes,

and there are rules in

place of what your testosterone can be.

It can't go over a certain level.

It's a bunch of stuff.

but I am not an expert in

that and don't want to say

anything that would be, uh, wrong.


But I am sure there are

several masters athletes

taking their tea to the,

to the line of whatever

it's supposed to be.

So we had Boz on this week.

You did.

Got some answers from him.


I just put a reel out where

I asked him about the

balance between moving the

sport forward and everybody

wanting to hold on to the past.

And his answer was so eloquent.

It was just like,

I think a lot of us have

the problem where we

romanticize the past to a

point where it's not what

really happened.

And those of us who went

through it remember the,

the stuff they went through.


So I just thought that was cool.


I thought he did good on

speaking on like several fronts of that.

And like,

getting stuck in a routine

or like once you know

Madison and this is how you

run things like change is hard,

but like you, you know,

the best growth is made out of change.

So maybe we'll find

something great out of the move to,

to Dickies.

Like, you know, I mean,

we like to complain, but he's right.

You get stuck in a rut or

you just do things.

Cause that's the way it's been done.

It might not be the best way to do it.



uh, like no layouts in the open this year.

I, I mean,

I think that's the way to do it.

Like it's hard on the gyms

to set up floors and stuff like just,

they just said like safety guidelines,

like don't put the walk rig under the,

yeah, perfect.

Like, yeah.

Like if there's a rower and a pull up bar,

maybe six feet just to make

sure people don't kill

themselves or let a bar

roll under them while

they're on the pull up bar.


Things like that.

but no like big time layouts

like in the past.

Which leads me to believe

there's no lunging or shuttling.

Well, I think you can have shuttling.

We did that before layouts.

We did handstand walks.

We did bear crawls.

We did lunges.

It's just like a tape line

at the end and beginning

instead of like a whole box

measured out six feet from

the edge line to this.

You know what I mean?




I asked him about the

masters and why in the age group,

why we don't have dates and times.

And he said, trying to find the right fit.

So everybody has a great

experience and they're

struggling with that.

And I asked him,

do you have systems in

place that this will not

happen again after what

you've learned this year?

And he said, yes.

Well, I would assume that,

Like, with Dickies, they got, what,

a two-year, at least?

I don't know.

I mean,

I assume whatever they finally lock

in for Masters,

they're going to lock in for two years.

Or if they don't get what they want,

if they have to end up

settling on something soon,

they're probably going to

continue to push whatever

they want and continue to

work on it for the next

several months until they

can lock it in for the following year.

I would assume.

I really wish, though, he would have...

been more open with that and

I don't know if it has to

do with whatever city

they're working with has

asked for like no I like I

just wish he would have

been like listen like we're

trying to go over to the

east coast and we're

struggling but like these

are our three options we

hope to have a date have a

place for you within the

next month you know we're

still working on some

things I just just some

like can't they be more

forthcoming they have to know something

You'd have to think they, right.

They have like three they're

working on trying to figure it out.

I would hope they're down to

two or one at this point

and just negotiating details.

But my gosh, like we, I mean,

why can't you put that out

there in Michigan?


We just don't know when.

Well, I think it's pretty clear.

There's is going to be the

exact same weekend.

It's always been.


that's the thing is I feel like

everyone knows everything

except for the wheel wads set.

Time, place.

Pit, place for sure.

Time, I think,

is pretty certain amongst everybody.

Zero for Masters.

Like, give us something.

Just be like,

it's down to these two cities.

We're still working on it.

I don't know.

I couldn't agree more.

You should have asked that.

I would have.

I think the interesting

thing is consistent

programming this year for the semis.


Even though the facilities

are going to be very

different and I'm going to

be anxious to see how that turns out.

And especially with the

tennis stadium compared to

indoor basketball arenas,

that is a completely different floor.

Well, if they put down the mats,

it all works out to be the same floor.

Different shape, though.


I mean,

do you think they'll take that into

consideration when they're

trying to program things to

make sure it can be as

uniform as possible?

Like, sure,

one might be one might have a

little bit of extra space,

which would suck because then you can't

You can't really compare

times if they aren't the same,

but it's not a global leaderboard,

so it doesn't really matter

if it's hotter outside in

California than the indoor.

It doesn't really matter.

The people there are a redo

of the sled drag debacle.

Different floor material.


Someone on a podcast I was

watching brought up the,

I think it was with

something chase was on and

he'd lost his shit, but like,

can't we do a global

leaderboard in the top 40?

Just go to the games.

There are too many.

You look at these venues.

There's no way you can make

a consistent flooring to compare.

It sucks.

That's what I would like to see.

Or some outdoor.

You know,

Tori and we learned last year

their floor was way faster than the U.S.


It just... You just have to.

Yep, it sucks.

He also announced the

quarterfinals will be done

in a way where everybody

can kind of put their toe

on the start line and start the event,

but not everybody's going to finish.


So we're having all...

all the like gated workouts

or ascending weight or interesting.

And then I asked him about working with,

Dave and Dawn.


I was really curious about the Dave one

because it's,

it's like he got this gig

and then the guy who had

the gig before shows back up.

How does that work?

And, you know,

he's like him and Dave been

through some shit and that

because of that,

they're very open and

honest with each other and

have a great working

relationship together.


and he was very complimentary of

working for Dawn.

which was really cool.

My overall impressions,

I'm always impressed with Boz.

That man is so level.

He never gets emotional

about anything you ask him.

It's just straight across the board.

It's just really cool to see

how well he handles himself.

Yeah, I agree.

So then we have,

This week,

something happened where my

worlds collided.

Cause like I'm a huge sports fan.

I watch a lot of sports

stuff and I've been diving

a lot into football because

of the playoffs and my love

for the bears.

And what are they doing with

Justin Fields?

But I'm watching Pat McAfee

and on comes Tom Brady

talking about his merger with noble.

On the Pat McAfee show.

Noble never got that kind of

media coverage ever.


So what are your initial

thoughts about Tom Brady

and Noble merging?

I don't know.

I mean,

they seem to be going that route

with into the football space.

So like, isn't the biggest shock.

I not a fan of noble, so it is what it is.

Like they're out of pretty

much out of the crosses space and okay.


What I found interesting and

pretty fascinating is Tom

Brady's looking at it as a

way to market his pliability programs.


that it gets him closer to

average Joe American.


So I don't think it's,

it's about the shoes that

he's merging with them for.

It's probably apparel and

it's probably equipment for

his pliability program.

And probably like developing

an app or something like

that to make it more

accessible for everyday people.

So I think it's going to be

a shift in focus for Noble.


And maybe not the shoes that suck anyway.


So I just thought that was interesting.


He'll probably turn the company around.


the next thing I had was got an email

from CrossFit this week.

Got a lot of them, um,

that they are going to be

reducing the media

footprint at the CrossFit games.

And so

They were warning us that

just because you got media

credentials last year,

doesn't mean you're going

to get them this year.


Because with it being all indoors,

they don't have this

massive soccer field to

have 100 photographers taking pictures.

Andrew, there is no media pits.

The press release said that.

It is,

we get the front row of the one side

will all be media.

but it's not a place where

you can stand and move.

You know what I mean?

When you're in a row of seats,

you can't move up and down

the floor to get pictures or whatever.

So I want to just put it out there.


I think I don't need to take pictures

at the CrossFit Games.

That's not my, it's not my specialty.

It's not what I do best.

I'd rather have someone do it for me.

Like we did with Jess and Teddy last year.

I'd rather like,

why don't they have a press box?

A brand new facility for

people like me who are just

covering the sport.

And I don't need to be that

close to the action.

I just need to be able to

see what's going on so I

can cover it as an analyst

and a media company.


So yeah,

I would think with a brand new arena,

they probably have a press box.

Like why not use that for the press?

And then like the

videographers and

photographers can have that front row.

Doesn't that make sense?


You should have asked Bob this.

I'm actually thinking about

putting it in an email and

sending it back to Chris.

I think that's great idea.


because I think there's quite a few

people in that camp that

don't necessarily need the still shots.

That's gonna be I feel like

that's a little bit more of

like your couple photographers, but like,

that'll be more of your

camps that want to have a

media person being able to

get photos or videos of

their athletes on the floor.

That's completely different

than what you do.

I feel like the media and

the photography need to be

like separate somehow.

And even like...

have a press pool of media like that,

like still shots of every,

of every athlete that we

can go grab to do or whatever.


I look at it like when I'm, again,

I've been diving deep in the NFL.

I'm a big Chicago Bears fan.

Their sports writers,

their beat writers are in the press box.

They're writing the story so

that they can do like a

wrap-up show afterwards on their podcast,

just like we would be doing.

They're not taking the pictures, right?

Like the Chicago Tribune has

photographers that don't write.

They just shoot pictures.

So I think that we need to

advance the way we look at

coverage at events like that.

Back in the day,

everybody was doing

everything because that's all we could,

we didn't have anybody else, right?


My first year at the games,

I'm taking the pictures,

I'm taking the video,

I'm doing the podcast,

I'm doing all that myself.

But you got to develop into

an area where that's not

the case anymore.


And then throughout the week

they're on different shows.

They've talked about alternative media to,

to be different and not

just do the same old, same old.

And I think I said it on here,

either on the round table or last week,

watching the behind the scenes,

you see so many cameras,

like so many people in the

underbelly of the,

the arena doing buttery bros doing theirs,

Craig Ritchie doing theirs,

Savan doing his,

and then you have mayhem down there.

You have Lauren Khalil down there.

You have Wikey down there.

You have coffee pods and wads down there.

You have all these people

walking around doing the same damn thing.

So like, so then my, my brain's rolling.

Like, what can we do?

That's different than that.

And I think the mic'd up is

a really cool concept.

I love that coverage, yeah.

You mic up an athlete,

you get kind of the behind

the scenes stuff.

And I know that that comes with...

rebuttal from another side

that thinks that you're not

getting the real person or

it's going to be too much

pressure for the athlete.

They're going to feel forced

to do it to stay competitive.

But I just,

I think like when I watched my

football mic'd ups,

the football player forgets

they're mic'd up at some point.


And it becomes real.

Dallin Pepper said,

why not have still cameras

in the warmup area?

Like nobody manning them,

just still cameras of them

like warming up and chatting.

And that's great B-roll.


You know,

stuff that we don't get to see normally.

And then you look at Rogue.

Like why the hell aren't

other competitions doing

that alternate broadcast

that Rogue did with the

four camera angles and the

alternate broadcast?

Because I would pay for that

every freaking comp.

It was so much better than

the regular one.


I mean,

if you can't get to the camp and

that's your cheaper ticket,

That's, I mean, that's reasonable.



Great point.

Live feed from the warmup

area comes with the premium

game game stream.


Tristan makes a great point.

Michael, Mike McDaniel, the dolphins,

like that guy mic'd up is

pure gold every week.

yeah so then it comes to

like other other events uh

open announcements that's a

way to uh hopefully not

anymore andrew andrew says

can't do that uh then we'd

see ricky get past

something fishy oh I'd love

to see you mic'd up tristan

He'd probably blow out the

mic after a minute.

Open announcements.

This was talked about on, I think,

Coffee Pods and Wads around

the whiteboard.

Like, how can we make them more exciting?

And basically, they all said,

we need to stop having the

friendly competition.


it should be Roman versus Adler in

the first open announcement.

Let's get it on.

Love it.

Let's settle this once and for all.

And look at the matchups.


how interesting of a matchup can you

make instead of... And like,

I think it was O'Keefe said,

Dallin and Hopper.

Like, those two talk smack all the time.


And they're just good personalities.

Of course,

like Laura and Tia would be

awesome from just a

competitive standpoint.

But I thought like Ariel and Alex,

when they did that

head-to-head burpee box over event,

like burpee for burpee,

it was almost a virtual tie.

Let's settle this like once and for all.

I like Justin versus Lazar, Ken.

That's a good one.

That's a great one.

That is a good one.

That's a great one.

In a bike race.


Emma Carey versus the wall.

I just think like they need

to be more thoughtful of

instead of it being like two friends,

like what makes the best matchup.


And you got to know the workout.

Like let's get our two

gymnastics athletes

together for a gymnastic

open announcement.

Tristan says,

Burtons versus literally anyone.


since Waterpalooza called them all

bitches, probably.

He was having some serious

trash talking that weekend.

He was.

He's really become kind of

like one of the biggest

trash talkers in the sport.


But I just think like, I think it was...

I can't remember who said,

it might've been Will

Branstetter said that, you know, the NFL,

it was O'Keefe.

And then Branstetter kind of jumped on it.

O'Keefe said that the NFL

for a couple of years has

been trying to push

alternative media like TikTok and,

and allowing that like on

the field access to them to

be able to do like cool

TikToks to promote the league.


And you have a big, um,

and if like the NFL is the

biggest sport in the world

doing that and yet CrossFit

like restricts that.


Right there.

The NFL is still trying to

grow and they're the

biggest in the world.

CrossFit's rejecting those,

those thoughts and those ideas.


Which is crazy.

It is.

I don't know why they want to.


they're trying to be so in control

of the narrative, yet.

They're so not like they, you know,

it's so strange.

I don't think we'd turn into WWE.

The NFL has not come close to that.

Um, scripting just for drama.

It's an open announcement.

It's not an official piece of the games.

Like let those stories play

out naturally at the games,

but an open announcement,

you only have three of them.

It's at the very start of the season.

You're just trying to get

people excited and people

to sign up and they're just

add a little drama.

Are they going to actually

do open announcements this year?

Did they say they are?

I do believe they are.

And I do believe they've

talked about locations maybe.


But nothing's been announced.

I feel, I mean,

I feel like Savan's just

trying to take that over

with Taylor versus the

world or whoever he's pairing up.

You know,

I actually thought that'd be

something cool we could do

with you if you weren't

hurt all the time.

That'd be fun.


I can try to do some open

announcements for you.

So I thought, you know,

because you have a female perspective.



And who knows,

maybe we can get some of the

people who have agreed to

kind of hang out with us

for the season to jump on,

do it from their location

and your location at the same time.

A little friendly.

That would be fun.


Bring it on.

Let's go.

One Rip Mac Snatch, you and Hannah Black.



That would not be super fun to watch,

but... Yeah.

Oh, Tristan's going to go against me.

I'd film it.

That'd be fun.

But we could even talk to

Kelly or anybody like that.

Work with Ascend to get some athletes on.

Get them some exposure.

Be a fun time.


I wanted to finish it up

with this question that was on death by.


And it is of all the

athletes that didn't make

the games last year.

Who do you think has the

best chance to make the games this year?

Now I'm going to put a

caveat on this because I

want this to be interesting because

I think there are four

obvious choices that I'm

taking out of the,

the picks and that is Tina,

Ricky Saxon and Brooke.


Oh, boy.

Tia pregnancy,

the other three because of injury.

I think that they are

obvious choices to make it back.

I want a more deep dive who

you think will make it to

the games this year who did not last.

And do you want me to go

first or do you have

something written down?

I'll let you go first.

Kenneth just took mine.

That's what I was going to say.

on a career.


I think this is the year she

gets over the hump.

Yeah, I do too.

Um, for some reason,

I just have a feeling like

programming wise is gonna

go in her favor.

Um, man.

Yeah, that's, that's a super tough one.

Because I

As much as I would want to

say like Rebecca,

it's so programming

dependent that maybe after

I saw the open workouts and

could maybe have like an

idea of where they're trying to head,

you could say, but that's,

she's too programming dependent,

I feel like to say her.

And then we got a bunch that

are going team.


I just don't know.

Like, I don't know either.

I don't know what Haley

Adams are getting back.


Like her on the leaderboard.

Like, I don't know.

I would give Rebecca a better shot.

I think Rebecca has a great shot.

What she did at Wadapalooza

with her strength numbers.

She is getting stronger.

she just has to shrink that

gap a little bit.

And then hopefully that

translates to moving

moderate weight faster.

But I think, but I think that that is,

I think she has a great

shot on the men's side.

I think my horse is William Leahy.

Now Hatfield.

I think Hatfield is very much like Colton.

He has home runs and then he has singles.

And until Colton minimized the gap, like,

and even now that he's minimized the gap,

he's a on the cut line.

He's on the cut line athlete

to get to the games.

Man, Tyler Crisfo,

I kind of think he might be done, though.

Or as John Young would put it,

he's on the cliff.



I'd have to talk to Tetlo.

It's all dependent for me on

how much he can commit.

family is his number one

priority and has always been.

And it all depends on where they're at.

And I know his wife just

opened a tattoo shop.

So how much time does he get

to actually train?


Cause I think that's the

only thing that's ever held Tetlo back.

I'd say it'd be somebody like Hoffer,

Victor Hoffer.

That was one of the picks.


The tough thing was they

were all picking their own people.




I think Kotler picked Sarah.


Victor is HWPO.

So O'Keefe picked him.

And Chase Ingram picked Maddie Sturt.


That's a tough region for

her to get out of.

That Australian super team, holy cow.

Is it Emily DeRoy?

Is she the fourth?

Yep, Cara, Emily, and Sean and Newberry.


Yeah, that super team.

We were actually,

I was texting the

roundtable crew tonight.

That team is jacked.

And it's going to be interesting.

And then you,

I kind of wish Royce was on the team.

Then you'd have like, like Royce and Cara.

I feel it'd be your two,

like super strong athletes.

Although Emily's super strong,

but I don't know.

I love James.

Like, I just love that dude.


He's a good guy.


I feel like his high-end

CrossFit games appearances

are just kind of over.

I'm sure he'll be... I know.

And with this team behind him,

maybe he will.

I just... I don't know.

I'll be curious what he puts forth.

So, as it stands today,

you have the Australian Super Team.


and you have noah tola

mathilde and uh are they

are they going with that

with kelly baker's teammate

no uh oslo oslo uh shoot

She was on Oslo Blue.

Lena Richter.

Oh, yes.


So Lena Richter, Mathilde Garnes,

Noah Olsen, and Tola Maracanão.

And then you have Newberry Khan, Cara,

and Emily DeRoy.

Who do you got right now?

Tola steam.

I think Tola is more well-rounded.

Tola's team.

Like Noah's going to get all

the gymnastic stuff.

I was going to hit all the big weights.

Matilde is very versatile

and really strong for her size.

And Lena has been on a team

that has done so well for so long.


Like she just knows how to

play the team game.



that was where my head went when the

question was announced.

Who made it?

Who isn't going to?

But that just seems mean.

Well, let's do it.

I don't think it's that mean.

But I think they're like, again,

there's so many obvious answers.


I mean, yeah, you get your bottom.

Anne Haines isn't coming back.


Well, that was a

Fill in anyway.


But of the bigger names...

If Yella doesn't make it back,

I will be very frustrated

with the system.

I wouldn't say him.

I think he's... I don't know.

On the female side,

I think Shelby Neal is going to struggle.

And I only say that from

like watching from a distance,

she's withdrawn from

competitions to take care of herself.

And I think like she got a

lot in a short amount of

time and a lot of attention.

And I think that it's just

going to be a struggle for

her going back next year on

the men's side.

I'll say hot and hot blinded.

I think Will Morad.

Yeah, that's a good one.

And I love Will.

But dude was at the first

regional I ever worked.

And that's a long time ago.

Yeah, I mean,

I kind of thought he was like

retiring anyway.

Will never retires.

And he'll probably still

make it because he's Will Morad.


Ellie Turner's a great pick.


I think Australia is getting stronger,

but she may luck out

depending on what's determined with Tia.


And with the girls going

team and the underdogs

athlete who is a mother.

She had got the hernia.

So she's been out for a little bit.

Oh, um, Van Zyl.

Van Zyl.



Van Zyl.


So he's out.

Emily DeRoy is on team.

Tia doesn't compete there.

Then you're like Grace Walton,

Maddie Sturt, Ellie.


Sarah, if you're Justin picking.



toddler picking sarah well

she won't be in australia

oh that won't be the yeah

that'll be the she'll be in

europe yep yeah they're

both I feel like those are

both the tough europe's

getting totally screwed

yeah when I said to boss I

hated that 40 60 or 40 80 I

know that's just dumb


I just, Sarah, I just, I,

as much as I want her to make it back,

I think it's over.

I do too.

I hope she proves me wrong,

but I think it's over.



So, well,

I think we covered all the topics

for the night.


Kenneth, that's just mean.

Andrew said she should go team.

Not a good idea.

That's really probably where

she should have been focused.

Just to get healthy.


Well, with that,

that's a wrap for tonight.

And we'll be back next week.

And we may have... We

probably will have...

a big announcement about the

show and where we may be

appearing live somewhere.

So super stoked for that.

Just started the details today.

Hopefully we'll have a full

announcement for you guys

next week because I want

some input on this announcement.

So make sure you tune back

in to us next Thursday

night for the big

announcement about the show.

And we will see everybody

next time on Thursday night.

CrossFit talk.

I do that slow so I can get

to the end piece and now I'm there.

So bye guys.