My Family Thinks I'm Crazy

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Neil Gaur, Founder of Portal To Ascension, Philosopher, and Spoken Word Artist, returns to the show to continue our last discussion, we open with a debriefing on the latest in the disclosure movement, Neil shared the details surrounding whistleblower David Grusch. Neil discloses his opinions on these UFO's and why they are here, which brings us to the question did these UFO's emerge alongside of the Atom bomb? Neil says The Ark of The Covenant and Moses' true role shows history repeats itself. Neil then expands our minds pushing the envelope further comparing these old testament tales with the stories he grew up with in India from the Mahabharata and how Man has already learned once from nuclear war at the dawn of known civilization, hopefully humanity won't have to face this grave lesson again. Neil then invites us all to join him as the Keepers of The Crystal Skulls gather for the first time in over 10 years, that's happening this November don't miss out: and

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