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When it comes to building an "owned audience," nothing beats an email list. Louis Nicholls is a newsletter expert, and he shared with me how to monetize a list, how to grow it reliably, and why cold emails are often done spectacularly wrong.
Louis will show you how to do email right.

00:00:00 Why did you choose to build SparkLoop?
00:05:23 Grow an audience, monetize a list
00:09:07 How do you maintain customer quality in a network?
00:14:55 Advice on how to cross-link your knowledge with other channels.
00:18:48 How much is too much in terms of "buying" subscribers?
00:21:59 What makes a newsletter word of mouth-worthy?
00:27:48 Struggling with self-promotion
00:31:51 What makes a good or a really bad cold email?
00:36:44 Why all cold emails look the same
00:42:57 Why a good message is never cold
00:48:57 Borrowed audiences always have risk

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