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Come on.

My Tina with my Tina grown.

Somebody is sharing their screen.

I know someone sharing their screen.

I'm sharing my screen.



Live intro.


I want to do one thing at a time here.


Ha ha ha!

Go go


Man, you have all the St.

Pat's swag going on, eh?

Well my son's name is Patrick so...

I mean, yeah, it makes sense.

I get it.

I guess the first question I'll ask you
is, which one do you like more?

Do you like that St.

Pat's one or this new shamrock?

Unlock your shamrock St.

Pat's Jersey.

Personally I like the original one, the
one I have on better.

It's probably not going to stop me from
buying one of those ones, but I do like

this one better because it's more accurate
to the ones that were worn by the actual



Fair enough, sticking true to the history

Sudley, what do you think of these new

I kind of like the new ones more because
the clover is protruding over the flat

green line, which I think they should just
do without because if they just had the

clover, it kind of resembles the Maple
Leafs logo in the middle.

And I think that would look so much better
than the stupid green stripe right down

the middle.

Yeah, I have to agree.

I know they're trying to incorporate some
more green into it, but it just seems I

don't know.

It's not the worst placement for it.

Like if you were to put that stripe
anywhere else I would think it's very Out

of place, but I don't know if you're gonna
put it there.

I guess that's the only place I don't mind
the shamrock like i'm normally very eh on

On st pat's jerseys part of that is
because the leafs seem to be absolutely

garbage every time they wear them but that
aside I haven't normally been a fan of

The jerseys, these ones I like.

It's kind of in line with the new all-star
jerseys, where it's kind of that gen Z,

how do I put this?

Like bubbly, bigger, loud, kind of old.

It's almost like going back to 60s, 70s
kind of styles, like almost like flower

power type deco.

Yeah, I don't know.

I like it.

I wouldn't mind if they went back to an
actual green one.

We've had the white iteration now for,
this is like eight years, right?


maybe, uh, maybe green's hard.

early thousands, they had a dark green one
that was just awesome.

And the Leafs wore it with brown pants.

And it was awesome.

That's pretty old school.

Yeah, I think this is definitely like a
new modern take on the St.

Pat's and I think that's like if you're
going to go that go all in on that and

maybe next time go for like a historic
look with the brown pants and everything.

But for what they're going for, I think
this works.

I hate that they have to throw the milk
thing on there for this, even for this ad.

Cause like, look, the ones you're buying
don't have that on it.

So why can't they model the ones that
you're buying?

Like is it a rule that if these guys are
wearing the jersey, it has to have milk on


It's probably somewhere in the contract
with the sponsorship, right?

Like the whole reason you're paying that
money to put your name on that jersey is

because Austin Matthews and Mitch Marner
are going to be wearing it.

Ho, they want $300 for these?

That's pretty much going rate anymore for
a jersey with numbers.

Holy moly a youth one is $200.

Yeah, here's the hats

currently in the process of trying to win
tickets for the game on Saturday because

Patrick's been bugging me to go to a game.

And considering it's a St.

Patrick's Day game, it would kind of be
fitting for it to be his first game.

I have a lot of stuff here.

Yeah, that would be really cool for his
first one.

This is pretty sick, the Marley's St.

Pat's Jersey.


Nope, he's seven, he'll be eight in

So we have a nephew too, like we're
considering taking him to the 67th game.

He's just turning six and like, we think
that's a great first experience for him.

It's not too much with like 18,000 for a
sense or maybe no 14,000, whatever.

But yeah, looking forward to taking him to
his first game.

Yeah, I took Patrick to his first live
game, when was it?

End of September, early October to a
London Nights game and he just absolutely

loved it.

Yeah, just had a riot and then we've been
to a couple Brantford Bulldogs games since


So he's definitely getting a lot more into
hockey and wanting to actually watch it,

not just asking to stay up so he can play
video games.

Our move too is a take him to an afternoon
game, so if we have to leave in the second

or third period, it's not so big a deal.

No, exactly.


Yeah, and the good thing about being in
Ottawa is we get a lot of those afternoon

games, eh?


Second tier, baby.


Okay, so moving on to the Leafs.

Leafs late night where it's never too late
for the Leafs, presented by Inside the


So, you know, how do I put this?

I had a whole thing I wanted to, I had a
whole smart anecdote to like start this


Here, we say a lot of the time with this
team, Two Periods does not win a hockey


But tonight they proved the Two Periods
sometimes does win a hockey game.

as long as you make them two really good
ones and you try to make the middle one

not that bad.

So that's my takeaway from tonight.

Sometimes 40 minutes is enough.

Well, you like to see what they did
because historically the Leafs have been

one of those teams that if they get a
break or anything like that, they'll throw

a stinker or they'll not show up on time.

Like how many times has that been an
accusation of the Leafs that they didn't

show up on time, they didn't show up ready
to play and they're fighting, you know,

from behind all night.

That wasn't the case tonight.

They came out ready to play, they attacked
it, they carried the pace pretty much the

entire game.

Yeah, I mean, even in the second where
they weren't playing so hot, they were

still at least playing well defensively.

They just kind of thought they could get
away with turtling for the rest of the

game and kind of, oh, well, I mean, we
basically scored four in the first period.

These guys suck with that much better than

Let's just go for a skate for the rest of
the night.

We've earned it.

And, you know, come on, guys, 20 minutes
is definitely not enough to win a game.

That's just kind of what it seemed like is
they did at least a good enough job not to

completely blow the lead.

But it was it was definitely I think a
little more than it should have let off

the gas.

Is that the vibe you got from it?

I mean, what do you think?

I mean, I feel, especially with Mitch
Marner out, the cascading effect that they

have on the offensive line right now is a
lot to get used to, and I thought there

was a lot of guys who were going pretty
good, they had their chances.

I don't feel like they really led up too
much in this game, to be quite honest with


Not to mention that Philly is a team who's
just on the wildcard cusp right now, like

they're playing for their playoff lines
right now.


I mean, I did like Domi and Bertuzzi.

I think they had a great game again.

I mean, these guys I've been asking

Like, I didn't think again, we're halfway
through March.

I was saying, you know, unless Bertuzzi is
going to turn it on for March, April, May.

We'll see, I guess.

And here we are.

He turned it on for March, at least.

So see how long that.


Matthews bank goals off him.

Oh my god, even though that one that
didn't count, that tip was disgusting.

I was just gonna say that tip that wasn't
allowed, like, oh my god.

Like, so good.

And what about like the fact that Matthews
chose pass there and with the absolutely

disgusting feat on that first one to

Like you know the goal is always going to
be ready.

He knows he's got the hands to actually do
that, despite what he's shown us this

year, like in tight, but in the air, he
can really tip a puck.


you see the flex on that stick blade when
they slowed it down with the above head

angle on the tip in for Brattusi's first

Like if that was all his strength just to
keep that straight with how much that

blade flexed, maybe he should tape it a
little bit.

Just gonna say that comes down to the tape

He's got like two inches of tape on his

One little piece on the top.

But no, I think, look, they played a
really great first period.

I just think they got a little comfortable
in the second.

And then they decided, fuck it, let's just
ram these guys in for the third.

And it's nice to see, I think, every now
and then you gotta take advantage of the

fact that you're, you know, feeling it

And just instead of sitting on a three,
one lead, run away with it when you can,

because you don't get to that often.

You know who you can also thank for that
is Samsonov.

He made some really big saves at really
key opportunities for the Flyers.

Since coming back, he's about 12 and 2, 13
and 2.

This guy has been completely unreal.

His confidence is through the roof.

He's everything that he wasn't before he
got sent down.

And it's what you want to see, right?

Like we talked about when he was first
waived, because he didn't really get sent


He didn't actually go down to the Marlies.

He just stayed with the Leafs and worked
with the staff.

But we talked about it, that this is, it's
a weird situation and a weird scenario

that many teams, aside from the Leafs,
probably couldn't do.

because they wouldn't be able to afford to
pay to keep him around to be able to find


And good on the team for being able to do
that and for wanting to do that and

actually trying to get him to better
himself and to salvage his season.

Yeah, and like all the more credit go...

Sorry, go ahead.

no, sorry.

I definitely made it seem like I was done

Like for the team going through that with
the guy who was your, like your de facto

number one last year, like that's just
another thing to add to the list of

something that can galvanize you going
into the playoffs as a team, right?


A hundred percent.

And like not to mention he's been hearing
that Joseph Wall is the next coming all

year for how long it's been.

And he's just been up playing him and
he's, I don't know if he's not paying

attention to it or he's just rising above

Like that hasn't affected him whatsoever.

And that's, I find all the more

It's great.

I just I wish that they'd taken the same
care in trying to rehab wall when he came

back instead of what seems like a rush to
get him back out there.

And then as soon as he wasn't great, they
went, okay, nevermind.

And they put Sammy back in.

Like I'm, I'm glad Sammy's playing well.

But now we're at a point where we don't

We don't have any confidence in our

Like Jones wasn't playing great last time
we played him wall wasn't playing great

last time we played him.


good hockey, but no one's played
consecutive games until Tammy just did

tonight, so they've been giving each guy a

And I feel like in practice, they've been
talking to them like both guys, I think

confidence are pretty high right now.

I'm not sure if I agree with that.

Fair enough.

I just, I feel like a lot of the chatter
online was that, you know, walls cooked.

Okay, I'm done with this.

He's letting in bad goals.

Like we rushed him back too early.

Like I just

That's what everybody always says with the

Anytime anything just looks remotely

Oh, that's it.

Everything's done.

The team's trash.

They get rid of everybody.


You get whiplash being a Leafs fan online.


But it is still, everybody was putting
faith in, once Wal comes back, we're gonna

be set with Sammy and Wal, it's gonna be
fantastic, we're gonna get the tandem

together, finally healthy.

And then he came back and everybody just
kind of felt like, oh, maybe it's not as

hype as we have been talking about it
while he's been hurt.

Like I think people will just get their
expectations up.

Sammy's playing unreal.

Like, Wall's been playing pretty good too.

Like, granted he hasn't had that many
opportunities, but given his chance, I

think he's gonna play great.

I think we're in a great position right
now, goaltending wise.

Better than we have been in a very long

I would agree.

Okay, so there's just a few little things
that need to be worked out, which is some

injuries, unfortunately.

We've still got Marner down, and oh my
god, Yarncroak's shoulder obliterated



yeah, dudes played what, like five games,

I hate this.

I hate this.

Me too.

He's a good playoff guy too.

Like he's someone you want in the lineup
at that point.

He was somebody I almost forgot about.

He'd been missing so much time this year.

And, you know, finally he's back and he
was looking great.

Damn it.

This sucks.

He went down so hard.

Like that, it's not often that when they
show a replay, I actually like have to

look away because I can't watch somebody's
like, like for me, it's knowing the months

of rehab or at least weeks of how long and
like, you know, years that this is going

to hurt afterwards.

Like, I just can't watch that happen.

Like his body motion, like it looked like
he was doing the hula hoop or something,

like he was just writhing a little bit.

So, you know, he was definitely in some
pain because that guy is pretty tough.

Yeah, shit.

So he's definitely done for an extended
period of time, hopefully back for


But who knows at this point?

for a guy like Robertson to come back in,

Yep, that's what I was going to get to it.

It definitely opens up the spot, but you
know, we're switching out for somebody

with less time this year and less
experience in the playoffs, but hey.

dynamic too, like he doesn't play a hard
game like Kelly can.


But at the same time.

hasn't been a single game that I've seen
Robertson play this year that I've been

like, okay, you know, he needs to get off
the ice.

Like the amount of time that he gets
played because Keefe never wants to play


He actually plays great and he's
noticeable and he drives.

He is effective at driving the play.

And to your point, like if he's playing
hard, sorry, if he's playing hard minutes

too, like he's not getting pushed off the
puck either.

Like he's not exceptionally soft on the
puck or anything.

This might be a good thing, who knows.

And I think there's a lot less pressure on
him now that a lot of the other depth

pieces and new pickups are doing better.

Like in the beginning of the season when
nobody was scoring there was a lot of

focus on, OK, well Robertson, you've been
around the longest.

You need to put it together or bust.

Now that, you know, Domi, Bertuzzi and
even Holmberg, McMahon, like all these

guys are playing well.

It kind of takes some pressure off of just
him to perform.

So maybe it'd be good for him.

Holmberg was playing great tonight too.

Yeah, I did.


Oh, man, that release weird bounce.

Like this was one of those nights.

The Leafs a lot of the time are not lucky
with puck bounces.

This seemed like one of those times where
like anything they threw in the right spot

was going in.

And it very rarely feels like that with
the Leafs.

And like this one where it went off of, I
think it was a rebound that went up

through somebody's skates and right to
Holmberg and he buries it like that's nine

out of ten times this year, they've they'd
hit the post on that or something.

But maybe six out of 10 times they try to
make a fancy pastor.

Instead, they're just putting pucks
towards the net and they're getting

traffic in front and good things have been
happening because of it.

Fair enough.

Oh, to that, we never talked about the
fact that Marner basically injured himself

from missing a wide open net.

And then completing a ridiculous
wraparound that turned into a barrel roll

and landing on his own leg.

Like, I'm sorry, there are ways that you
can hurt yourself in hockey.

I have never seen that.

Like somebody.

Having literally a full wide open net and

Actually, no, I should oh I thought too

I don't know what I should do.

I'm just gonna go for a wrap-around Oh
wait, I'm not gonna do that.

I'm gonna pull back and go for the shot.

Oh, I don't have that either I don't have
my footing and down like I this dude is

famous for like holding the puck too long
and making decisions like 0.5 seconds too

late like we talked about he's able to
recover it a lot of the time This one holy

shit to be able to blow your own leg out
like this

Oooooooh, most leaf thing ever.


Well, thankfully he did it when he did,
and should have plenty of time to get back


I hope so, it's just so annoying

but yeah, don't rush him back.

Like there's no point.

We're not, we're probably not going to get
second place and we're not going to get

fourth place.

So we're right where we are right now.

Give them time.

Third place Leafs, as always, yay.

Yeah, I think just let them sit, let them
get better.

Let's pull some, I don't know, if this had
happened a week earlier, pull some caption

anagons, but, c'est la vie.

Oh no, Marner's out till the playoffs,
what are we gonna do?


frees up a lot of money, just saying.

Other thing that came up tonight that a
lot of people wanted us to talk about is

the hand pass.

Hand pass.

So this has been a strange leaf topic
going all the way back to that Morgan

Riley incident with Clayton Keller, I
think it was.

Anyway, hand passes are silly and they
always make people go, why is this a rule?

I mean, this one was pretty cut and dry.

Like Matthews poked it out with his hand
to Bertuzzi, which led to the play that

set up the goal.

But it wasn't like within the, you know,
the half a second or two seconds before

the goal.

Like it was enough before it that it makes
people go, okay, like, is this really

where we want this implemented?

And I think that's what it comes down to.

It's not like what the rule is.

It's the spirit of it, you know?

Like, what are we actually trying to


And is this it?

Well, basically it is because the whole...

and you gotta think of the wording, right?

Hang on a sec, sorry.


Um, the wording of a missed stoppage of
play, right?

And a hand pass anywhere, but the
defensive zone is a stoppage of play.

Same as a high stick, same as offside,

And they wanted to get to a point where
you couldn't look at a play.

And even if it's not directly preceding

You couldn't look at a plane and be like,
oh no, there should have been a blown

whistle there.

And that should have stopped the place.

This goal shouldn't have counted.

That being said, with what you're saying,
there has been times where it's been like

two, three, four minutes after the fact.

And there's

the point.

Like, is it, if the whole spirit of it is
you don't want a hand pass to create, like

somebody passes the puck with their hand
to the guy who shoots it in like a very

obvious, like a la Matt Duchesne's
offside, like it's gotta be so obvious

that it's like, how did we miss that?

Like, I feel like that's what most of
these rules are in place for.

And so you can go back and say, you know,
those times when everybody's up in arms,

like this needs to be changed, you have
the ability to.

This seems a little crazy to me because
like, yeah, it's a missed stoppage and

play, but you missed it.

Keyword missed.

Like it wasn't blown down.

The play continued on.

Everybody in the game went on as though it
didn't happen.

If it has to be flagged down by a video
coach after the goal is scored, like

literally no one playing cares that this

Why is this an overturned goal?

We have an offside challenge.

I don't know if there's a high, like a
hand pass challenge, right?

Like if we're starting to do this, are we
gonna challenge every little play?

Like you said, but I think in the spirit
of the rule, I like to what Peter said, if

it's going off your hand, if it's a last
contact from the puck until the stick,

then that's the rule, but yeah, like I
agree with Johnny.

Like we can't be challenging every little
thing like this.

Yeah, like there's so many things where,
you know, if a penalty is missed, we don't

go back and say, oh, well, the penalty
should have been called there.

So we're going to go back and change.

going back for trippings or like hookings
or anything like that?

Because that's a slippery slope.

Like it just seems like we're going back
in time because there was a mistake made

by somebody by officials that absolutely
cannot make any mistakes unless it's they

like exactly.


Thank you.

So I understand that like it was called as
per the rules and this is how it is always


But that's kind of beside the point.

It's like Elliott Friedman made a comment.

I couldn't find it.

I want to pull the actual quote up.

But I remember on 32 Thoughts before.

I think it was either before this season
or last season, but he said that the NHL

was looking to have less goals called

They want more goals to happen and less
things to interfere with goals being


And I have yet to see that happen.

There's been way too many things called
back for reasons that are not in this...


one, if that's what you want to do, then
keep it at that.

The rest?

Tough shit.

If it's called on the ice, that's what it

Goal tender interference aside.

Was this a coach's challenge or did the
refs go back and.

coaches challenge.

Yeah, that's their lines of the problem,

See, that's what I have a problem with.

It's like, if we're just challenging the
fact that a whistle should have been blown

at some point that would have changed when
this goal had been scored, like, what are

we doing?


you want to do like what the NBA does in
the last two minutes, it's an automatic

review for stuff like this.

But other than that, it shouldn't be up
for debate.

Yeah, like first period of a game for a
team that's already down like that.

I don't know.

I get that it's kind of the difference
between them being, you know, writing off

the rest of the game essentially or not.

But come on, I don't know.

That's my piece on that.

And that's because Scott in our discord
asked about it.

And it took me a while to come up with how
I felt about it, because like you guys

said, it is it is how it's called.

I just.

I don't know.

I don't like it.

called it on the ice, it would have been

It's just the review, like the coaches
review, that's where it gets a little


Yeah, exactly.

If it had been called in the moment, it's
the call as the rule is.

But if it's a missed stoppage, like, come
on, we're not...

don't talk to me about that.

We have a lot of questions tonight.

Do we want to go to those and see if we
get anywhere from that?


Misadventures classic aisles opinion on
the new st.

Pat's Jersey.

Well, we gave it to you.

Thanks for asking Ken 27 kill akanda at
Kilgore can does Willie have two giveaways

for each goal It seems worse to me.

Is there a stat?

Yeah, I was praising his penalty killing
maybe not as public killing but just the

ability to have him as a little offensive
weapon tonight was not that on the

penalty kill for him.

He wasn't great there, gave up that one.

Yeah, look, he's better defensively this
season than he was.

He's been scoring more this season than he

I think he earned most of the contract he
was signed to.

So look, I think this guy is only going to
get better defensively like we've seen

with Matthews.

The more he works on it, the more he's
comfortable with, the more he settles


of games, where are you gonna use them?

This is where it's gonna get better.

Exactly, when you lose Marner, like who's
the next up?

He has to be able to take those spots.

So, yeah.

Candidlorean, who's playing with Matthews
and Marner game one?

Beaner, I'll let you take this one first.

Well, at this point you're probably
looking at Mitch and Burt.

Yeah, I was gonna say it's probably for
Tuesday, but sadly, what do you think?

I mean, yeah, if you're betting, Bertuzzi
is probably your odds on favorite.


It's got to be second right there, right?

Because you can put Bertuzzi in so many
other spots.

You're very right about that.

You, you know what would have been

If we had a little more faith in a guy
named Robertson this year, put him in off

on that lineup, I would have loved to see
what he could have done on first line.

In another timeline, he's there, you know,
like in another world where a couple

things don't happen and a couple things
happen differently.

He's right there, but it's just wasn't in
the cards for this kid.

Yeah, yeah.

And for the record, Nylander's at 37
giveaways this year.

Okay, so...

I mean, almost as many goals.

What is he at?

35 goals?

He's at 35 goals, yeah.



Not every giveaway is a goal.

So let's remember that.

37 giveaways.

How many giveaways does Matthews have
versus goals?

How many giveaways have led to a goal?

Let's be real here for a second too.

I don't know if Edge would show that, I
might have to dig into that a little


I'm just trying to...

NHL.com apparently doesn't show giveaways,
I had to go to a money puck.


What a surprise NHL.com doesn't show
something negative.

But yeah, you gotta think, I guess, Bird's
gonna play on that top line, right?

Yeah, I assume so.

I mean, it's crazy that if you'd asked me
two months ago, I'd probably say nice, but

now it's kind of almost no question it's
gonna be Brutusia with how he's been


If he parks himself in front and like
Martin, it was digging pucks out to

Matthews and Matthews is shooting pucks at
the net and he uses it right in front,

that's a perfect trio.

Yeah, we have a question here from a very
special birthday boy, Mikey D.

Happy birthday, Mikey.

If the core five was candies, chocolates,
chewies, sour, anything, which candies

would they be?

So chocolate, gummies, sour.

what else we saying like pretzels and
chips and then like

Um, what's another thing?



So who's what's what are we giving

I know, um, knee lander is the uh, the
sour candy for sure

Yeah, because at first it's going to hit
you a little bit hard, but eventually it's


Yeah, I would say Marner is probably the
chewy, like Swedish berry kind of candy.

Sweet but really good.

Matthew's is chocolate because he's sexy
and everything he does is just so elegant.

has to be like a reescup or something,
something that's guaranteed to like be


hits every time, right?

Crowd pleaser, yeah.


Domi's like what were those old ones like
Gobstoppers or something that was crazy

tough and hard on the outside and then
super sweet on the inside?

That's like Domi just it's filled with
cocaine instead of sugar because as soon

as you get to it you're just gone

Instead of one dollar, they're a hundred,

Tavares, I would say is like chips and
pretzels, you know, just...



Can't go wrong with him.

Yeah, you can put them out at any party.

It's like, ah, you know what, this works.

Yeah, they've been working for a long

They're going to keep working.

Bertuzzi's a couple M&M's that you found
in the back seat of your car when you were

cleaning it out.

An M&M, a Skittle here and there, you
never know where you're going to get when

you put them in your M.O.S.


One of them's an unmarked pill.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

There might be an ecstasy film there too,

And then Morgan Reilly, what are we giving

He's like a Twizzler.

It's not amazing, not horrible, but

Yeah, you can go to it.


every now and then you're like oh yeah you
know what I'm gonna go for the nibs

are pretty good.


Ha ha.

I had some nibs when I saw Dune 2 the
other day.

Some nibs are bangin'.

Did you get one of the popcorn buckets?

I wanted one so bad and they weren't they
didn't have them and I was like, what is

all this for?

What are we doing here?

If I can't if I can't get the worm popcorn

What has all of this been about?

if you can't order popcorn with a sex toy
on top.

Why did I watch five and a half hours of
this dumb space opera today?

Because I hadn't seen the first one until
that morning.

I watched doing a

that much time if I'd watched Star Wars.

Oh, dude, I felt like I watched six hours
of Phantom Menace.

I swear to God.

Anyway, was this Leafs when or was this
the Leafs birthday present for Mikey D

from Ryan Willey?

Hell, yeah.

They they knew they heard all of us just
praying into the blue ethos for.

He never really had to worry about it.

He was just enjoying it the whole time.

Like how often does that happen with Leaf


Matthew's getting a 40 even strength goals
for the second season in a row.

Or for the second season in his career,

Labushkin got hurt but came back And then
got hurt again

This guy's a warrior.


Let's talk about this for a split second.

Everyone's shitting on this pickup, but I
feel this guy's skill set is a little bit

better than what he was here the first

And he proved on that last play, like he's
willing to take the hit to sacrifice to

make a play.

This is game what?

There's like 16 games left.

This is not the playoffs.

He's still making this type of play.

That's sending a clear message to
everybody in this room that this is what

it takes to win.

And I'm so glad we have on our team right

Yeah, it's funny.

He feels like one of those players that,
you know, when the Leafs turned somebody

into a more serviceable NHL player than
they were when they got them, and then we

just let them run off into the league
somewhere else.

This is one of the only times where we've
gotten one back within, like, they're

still being in that upswing.

So like the Leafs gave him a higher,
what's the word, an increased role with

playing with Morgan Reilly the first time
he was here.

And then they ship him out.

And so he's used to playing those bigger
minutes, gets known for that.

He plays more and more, gets more

And now he's back here again.

Like you said, he's better than he was
last time.

I'm just hoping that he's not leaving
every game every time he gets hit because

he's so banged up.

Save it a little bit for the playoffs, but
like you can tell when he goes to the

bench like he's hanging down He's just you
know recouping a little bit But like every

guy goes he gives him a pat like it what
he is doing means a lot to this team

Yeah, and he's had a couple of nice plays
offensively too.

I mean, there was the one last game I
mentioned where he was diving to save one

at the line to keep a play alive that
ended up in a goal.

So yeah, he's making it work.

Like he's not, he's not like, he's not the
partner for Riley that we need long term,

but he's at least a experienced defenseman
that's familiar with the team that's

playing well that can throw hits.

Yeah, exactly responsible.

So don't hate it.

No, and you guys really said it all there.

Like, we didn't have to give up a ton for

He's not like the all-star that everybody
wanted, but at the same time, he's not

Justin Hall, so we can plug him into the
lineup and not be afraid every time he's

out on the ice.

How is Halsey doing?

Yeah, I don't care.

He's not on the Leafs.

Yeah, I could care less really about that
guy, man.

Of all the Leafs players who's traveled
on, I really don't give two shits about

the guy whatsoever.

I'm just interested, you know, for him
because just because people were defending

him so much I just want to see like, okay,
prove it to me like what has he been


When was his last game even?

Because it looks like he's only played
he's only played 37 games this year.

Is he hurt or benched?

at the end of the year and no one took

No, Detroit had a whole whack of healthy
defenders to start the season, so they

were healthy scratching guys, just

They could play one, sit one, play one,
sit one, play two, sit two type thing.

See what you got.

He didn't play through all of February.

So he might have picked up an injury.

Anyway, he's only got five assists on the

And is a, what is that, a minus?

He's just a frustrating player.

Like he'll have a great penalty kill and
then he'll just make this bonehead

decision that will inevitably lead to a

So if he's doing almost one of those per
game, you can't have that on your back


Yeah, anyway, just checking in on where
are they now.

Question from TriL TML fan and van Marty
asks, what's your favorite color?

Saturday it's going to be green.

I, to over overthink the question, I mean,
it's been, yeah, purple.

What shade?

Like a nice dark purple.

Like a royal.

Like a Lakers purple?

Yeah, I like his purple.

Whatever Jimi Hendrix is fucking singing

Purple haze.



I like blue, I like dark blue before, I
don't know, I guess I just grew up around

my dad having to leave stuff around, just
got lots of blue.

But lately I've been getting into green as
for my own wardrobe.

I like greens lately.

It's been nice.


Dude, it's hard to pull off.

Not when you're a redhead, baby.


This is true.

You're constantly Christmas colors with

One of the few things I can do.

I can't wear red or yellow or orange, but
I can wear green.

A nice brown's not too bad either.

like a dark blue, like a leaf blue.

As a kid I hated orange for some reason, I
don't know why, like I could despise


I'm over that now.

Lately I love lime green, everything.

Like the brighter more in your face green
the better.

like green screen color.

even more vibrant.

Like I found a shirt when we were up at
the cottage last year that it almost hurts

your eyes to wear it and I loved it and it
actually looked great but anything I have

that's a lighter color typically ends up
getting some sort of stain.

I am a mechanic so oil and grease oozes
out of my skin.

As you let us know in our group chat,
Peter made the big decision of making a

tan hat.

He was quite concerned about it.

I saw it at lids and I liked it and I
didn't get it because of the color and

then I kicked myself in the ass for three
months so I had to go find one online


I need to get a new Leafs hat and I need
you guys to help me pick one because I dug

one out and it is so gross and yellow from
all the years I've worn it and my other

one is too small so...

I've watched this one several times and it
still has a unique stink that is hard to

describe, but my girlfriend absolutely
hates it and I don't want to disappoint

her anymore.

So if yeah, same with Johnny, if you could
pinpoint us to a nice new hat, let's do


Cause I was, was it Lids?

No, it was like some sports like
memorabilia store that's in them all

across the street from me.

I was looking around and they only had two

They always only have two and I know
there's so many out there but there's so

many shitty ones too.

So this can get into a bigger
conversation, and I love how we get into

some of the most random shit on our

For at least 10 years, I've complained
that the Leafs never have any good hats.

Like, they really don't.

They don't, like if all like the major
sports teams especially, their hats are

very much lagging.

Like, my previous go-to, hang on a sec

effect people who can't see this.

Yeah, this is great for people that are
just listening.

The depth of error and visual display.

Winter Classic one from 14.

Oh, nice.

a great one, because that looks like it's
from the early 1900s, right?

Again, that was like the best hat I had
one was wearing it on our honeymoon, lost

it down in Mexico and had to source out
another one.

Yeah, absolutely sick hat.

Great hat.

But yeah, I've never been happy with
Toronto hats.

So then that's why I was kicking myself
that I didn't buy the one I've got on when

I first saw it.

Cause you don't see something like that
too often with the Leafs, how it's like a

fancy, nice, like letters for the name,

No, because like Charles is a pretty long
name to put on the front of a hat, but if

you haven't done tastefully, just the
right font and size, it really works.

Here's a quick look see like I don't mind
this for the same reason.

It's kind of that.


Like I think all their logo hats are not
too bad because you can't go too wrong

with them, but

What the hell is this?

What is this?

That's what Matthews is wearing postgame.

I don't hate it.

I kinda like it actually.

I They have it in this too authentic pro
training camp hat oh, so it's They're on

sale, it's their Actual like they got
these for training camp


They typically do that every year.

They'll have a hat they come out with for
training camp, a hat they come out with

for playoffs.

This is so ugly, this is a retinas one,
the color.

What is this shade of blue?

This is the other thing is they can't
decide on what shade of blue they use.

If they just stuck with it, like, if you
look at any New York Yankees hat, it's

always the same shade, like it's always
the same.

I'm looking at like this is different from
this is different from all of these.

All of them.

What's that blackened signature in one?

That's terrible.

Yeah, this is some Mitchell and Ness one.

I don't know.

It's horrible.

I don't mind this like loud toke one, but
I'm not looking for it to.

Yeah, I don't.

And what is this with the splash?

What are we doing?

These are in this stripe is horrible.

What is this placement of the logo?

Oh, my Lord.

And look at this.

This looks like it was made at like your
local print shop.

You just asked.

time, first day employee.

Yeah, you asked them to just type Toronto
Maple Leafs on the front of a hat you

bought from Giant Tiger.

Like what?

I'm not spending 26—

Yeah, we can do that.

No, they can't.

What are- Dude, you've opened a can of

I didn't realize this looks like it's out
of a beer case that says Molson on it.


Bro, these hats are terrible!

Oh, the tuque is great.

This thing's sick, the All-Star.

the one on the down left to get drunk in
that one.

till you get to the tropical one.

I don't mind this...

Oh my god, it's Roscoe washed.

That's so funny.

I want this.

It's got the string on it.

I'm actually I want this one.

I don't like it, but it's got my name on

This is hideous.

The palm leaves?

That's the tropical one I was talking


Tropicalia trucker.

right on the beak is terrible.

What the f- Oh my god, this looks like
they're trying to do the Raptors...

like, font?

I don't- who designs these?

you're snow burning in like Florida or
Hawaii you wear that one.

Oh, I don't mind the corduroy one.


These are so strange.

black one there is brutal.

Yeah, this is horrible.

It looks like it's music notes on like a
And what's this like?

It looks like a shoelace Guys

on the top of the beak is so terrible.

Does this say Leafy?

Yeah, it does.

Maple leafy.

I think it's supposed to be a curse of S.

that says

Are you?

I think it is, but it looks like Leafy and
no, but that someone printed that and they

let that go into production.

This is crazy.

And if you're just listening to this, go
to fanatics like and just go to the Maple

Leafs hat section like these.

It is absolutely appalling how bad some

like a commentary on FNAX who are
absolutely the worst fucking company in

the whole world, but yeah.

What is this shark tooth?

I'm sorry, Mitchell and Ness, you've got
some really nice and really ugly designs

on some of these.

These are crazy.

Come on.

What is this white girl?

Yeah, OK, I'm done.

This is this is insane.

But but this is this is the point.

This is why we're asking for your help.

Friends don't let friends buy ugly leaf

Uh, that's.

minutes on like crowdsourcing the hat for
me and you.

Nah, it was like three.



Please give us a good option.

We'll show you in the comments later.

okay, so I guess let's make let's give a
point to this whole discussion.

The, the whole, like, we've been waiting
for the P.P.P.W.H.L.

launch, you know, the jerseys and the
logos and everything, because everyone

wants branding, everyone wants to spend
money and support the team.

This needs to be tightened up like there
needs to be more oversight by somebody on

gear that is being put out under this
Leafs brand on Fanatics website which is

now the official where you get all your
shit like they gotta have some sort of

cohesive style and not just throw out like
Walmart level stuff that like literally I

can go to Walmart for $5.99 oh man yeah at
least we can't see a

rabbit hole, but like at least the NHL
stuff is not nearly like not even half as

bad as the MLB.

you're not...

When there's a fight on the ice, you don't
see the guy's dick and balls swinging back

and forth in his fucking pants.



read his name on the back of the jersey.

Yeah, it's just I wish I wish there was
more oversight and like management to this


Speaking of jerseys, go ahead.

Speaking of names on jerseys, good on

You see what they did for the PWHR?

Hell yes.

Names on the bottom.

Yeah, so the whole part of the whole
campaign is that for years, the players'

names have been hidden by their hair if
they have long hair and their ponytail.

So the advertising will hide our name so
you can see theirs, right?

Good on them.

It's such a clever marketing campaign and
it works.

It works for both the league and the
company too, right?

Like a little furthermore, every time I go
to a bar or a restaurant, they're always

playing PWHL games.

It's all that's going on.

They're having such a good inaugural year.

It's insane.

Did you hear about Debbie Harrison, the
super fan who was asking for, she said

that Crayola needs a new colour, PWHL
purple, and Crayola Canada put out

Powerplay purple?


like, it's our unofficial PWHL color.

So we didn't ask them.

Do they come up all with new logos and
everything for next year, or is this going

to continue on into year two?

on that, yeah.

with how rushed everything was because
realistically they said they were doing

this in like June and July.

So the fact that they started the league
in January is mind-boggling.

Yeah, that they pulled this together in
itself is unreal.

The fact that they're announcing rules

Ha ha.

Yeah, like that being said though, I
really think they should have paid some

respect and homage to some of the teams
that were successful.

Like the Boston Pride for instance, that
area of Boston, the black and gold colors,

like everybody that's not like that is
hockey in the Boston area.

And the Pride had the best attendance

They were a great team.

Like you could have kept with that.

The Toronto six.

People seemed to love that name in the

The jerseys were in the good, you know,
they were a successful team.

You could have kept that.

So I don't think you had to completely
start new with everybody, but who knows?

Maybe we'll be surprised.

starting this whole new league, you want
to give everybody the same chance, give

them one year to figure out what they're
going to do for this and just uniformly

come out as the same.

I think if you had a couple of teams with
logos and some with not, that would have

been a bigger issue than what we're
dealing with right now.

One, and not to diminish the other leagues
that have come before this one, but like

the talk of the PWHL has been like,
finally we have a cohesive women's

professional league.

Like, I feel like if you were carrying
over the names from those other leagues,

it would almost, like people would easier
brush it off as still something that they

knew existed that they weren't already
paying attention to, and they feel like

they're behind on.

I feel like when you start from scratch,
everybody feels like they're starting from

square one together.

fans and players alike.

So you get to, you know, start cheering
for something from the from ground zero

instead of like having, you know, maybe
fans coming over from a team from the past

or like, you know, like you said, the
Boston Pride or Toronto six, like if all

of their fans come over, it might be a
little hard for people in Toronto already

to feel like they can get involved with
the team because it's kind of gatekeepy

like, oh, you weren't here from the

Like we're here from the old time.

Like the

too, they don't have that much history
compared to all the other original 16, so

what are they gonna do really?

Yeah, I think just even the playing field
and make everybody feel like it's their

league now from the start.

But yeah, I I'm interested to see how the
branding and everything goes because

they've done a better job than the NHL of
being current with everything and taking

risks and, you know, not being tied down
by, you know, the hundred years of history

and rules and stuff.

So I'm hoping that means that we see some
jerseys closer to like

those fun ones that you shared from some
of the junior leagues where, you know,

there's less strict rules on what the
jerseys can look like.

I don't know.

this is their chance to set the precedence
and have their history to be made from

what this decision comes from.

So it's a pretty big decision.

Right, like how much can you do the Leafs
or the Philadelphia Flyers, Jerseys versus

like, you know, starting from square one
with PWHL Toronto?


Yeah, I'm looking forward to it.

I'm going to buy some stuff.

I again would love like here's the just to
bring it back to what I was talking about

before with the gear.

We've seen so many artists like, you know,
Joey Ferg puts out fantastic Leaves gear.

Shout out like every time something
happens in like the fact that every time

something happens meme wise, I guess you
could say like anytime there's a current

going on with the team.

He's quick to put something out.

And I think that's important.

And the team should be doing something
like that.

He's filling a hole that the team is
lacking on, right?

Like if, you know, they were jumping on
everything that happened with the team as

it happens, that the fans are tuned into
and putting out merch that coincides with

it, they would make a killing, but they

They just put out this, you know, copy and
paste garbage like this.

This Buds jersey I have with the Matthew
stuff from Casey Bannerman, like when the.

Vancouver Canucks do their indigenous and
pride and all their

different jerseys, they have different
artists design them.

Like, I feel like there's so many people
out there that are doing better work than

the people that these teams are actually,
not even the teams are employing, but that

the NHL is doing.

Exactly, like who is doing this?

Like who is okaying all of these and
sending it out on the Fanatics website?

Like how much oversight does the NHL
actually have over this?

Like, are they just signing it off to
these guys?

Did they realize how much it was gonna
diminish their brand value by, you know,

having Fanatics just put all, like,

There's like 60 different hats from the
leafs on their site.

Like this is insane.



And not a single, like, you know, thing
about Boreasalming that you can buy, and

not a single, you know, fun William
Nylander shirt you can get.

Like, there's, it's just...

Jay Beiner shirt, like, where is this?

I know.

But yeah, I just, I think it's crazy that
they don't have any fun with it.

It's just all lame designs.

When I see that, I think that's the key
word there, is they don't really have fun

with it.

Like there's been too much of the old
white man running everything, and they're

so afraid of kids or the younger
generations, you don't even have to really

say kids, getting involved and ruining
their idea of the sport.

And it's like, the game's not around for
the 50, 60 year olds anymore.

Like that's not where it's going.

It's not.

I love the history of the sport and I
respect it as much if not more than

anybody I've ever met.

But there's a reason those happen in the
past and players don't play like that

anymore because we're evolving.

Like we don't still live in caves.

Like you can respect what happened before
and still look forward to what's gonna

happen and like be a part of that

Yeah, look, next gen night is a good
sentiment, but it has to be more than like

one night every four months.

You know, like they gotta try to
incorporate more things to bring in a

younger crowd.

They gotta pay more attention to the
branding and the advertisements.

And I know, look, if you've been a fan of
the show for a while, I probably care more

and am more interested in the business of
the sport and the broadcasting and

everything than I am of the actual product
on the ice.

And I apologize, I get really into these
kinds of things, but...

each other out.

That's exactly it, you know?

So that's my two cents and what I wanted
to get in there.

like great on their hands.

They have this unique original branding
opportunity that they can all do for

themselves right now.

So yeah, it's super interesting to see
what they're gonna do.

Yep, 100p.

Anything else?

We're just under an hour here.

What are we thinking for the Leafs on the
rest of the way out of the season?

What is the schedule like?


Um, health.

That's, that's.

we're probably not going to get second
place and we're not going to get fourth



Jesus Christ, everyone stay healthy,

Yeah, that's pretty much all you can
really ask for right now.

Two games against the canes, two games
against the caps.

It's pretty nasty.

You've got a couple of games to get the
Panthers, a couple of games against the

Lightning, the Red Wings Devils.

Yeah, it's not easy.

Three games against the Devils.

Our scheduling is very weird this year.

Last two games are Lightning and Panthers,
which I do kind of like because it means

that they're gonna finish the year in
playoff mode instead of getting.

sooner play the Marlies.

Like, yeah, you'd rather take like the
coyotes in the last game of the season

than the lightning.

Oh, I'd rather not play like any of my
fucking top tier players and just go into

the playoffs.

aren't either, right?

But I think it gives you a chance.

I don't know.

I guess if they don't, then it doesn't

But if both teams play, they're top guys.

Boston, right?

So let's just not get anybody hurt.

Last two games are going to, if you're not
ready by then, you're not going to be



What sucks is it's all East.

It's all East teams and they've been shit
against the East this year.

That's what worries me.

Realistically, we're not dropping into a
wild card, and we're not getting first.

So there is a possibility you could get
second, but the chances of that are slim

to friggin' none.

And at this point, we don't even really
know who we're playing.

Florida and the Bruins are only separated
by a point.


So realistically, we could play either of

And I mentioned on the last episode, at
this point, I don't even really care who

we play.

I'm still gonna obviously be cheering and
think the Leafs have a chance because you

do have a chance against anybody.

I'm just, I'm kind of interested to see
what happens with the wild card races.

The fact that Tampa is this close to
potentially not making it.

Like that's something that's a little

That's...shocking to me.

tied with Philly for third in the metro,
well, I mean third in the metro and third


too, like heavily to Buffalo.

So they're like their spots not secure
whatsoever either.

Well Tampa's in the Atlantic Roscoe so
they would have to bump the Leafs out.


That's what I mean.

Is like they're tied with like the 76
points with the flyers.

So I mean, as long as they can stay above
the Islanders and red wings, like I don't

see them falling behind either of those
teams unless they absolutely fall apart.

But it's close, man.

race is going to be so, so close.

What's the west look like?

West is pretty close too.

yeah Vegas has a 4 point lead over
Minnesota for the last wild card spot.

I so hope Vegas doesn't make the playoffs,

Yeah, but like Minnesota's four points
behind them.


Louis is six points behind them.

Like they have a pretty good gap.


Calgary shit, they're not gonna make it.

Fucking Calgary.

Calgary is sold.

They're done.

Yeah, Vegas is pretty safe in there.

It's less like Minnesota goes on a heater.

I don't think St.

Louis can do it.

What I really wish we had was the one to
eight playoff format, but that's probably

for another podcast.

I mean last time we checked it, it didn't
change either, leave it like that.

Yeah, no, we have checked it.

I do agree, I like that better.

To be honest, I think it would be fun to
do a one to 16, but there's a lot of

travel complaints about that one.


game or something for like the lower

How about the KHR?

I mentioned in the group chat, the first
round is over, so the second round you

cross conferences.

That's interesting.

That's a lot of travel.

Uh, KHL does a ton of travel regardless.

games in the regular season though,
doesn't it?

Yes, and no I like the fact like yet again
with the history of the game I think

there's something to be said for the fact
that despite where the teams are Like

right now and what you think of the teams
at this point with the current format You

will never ever again see a Toronto
Montreal Stanley Cup final

No, but do you need to?

That's not, but I don't think that's in
the spirit of what like any professional

sports championship is.

It's like, who is the best like out of
each conference, if we've split each of

these sports into two, it's who's the best
out of each one.

Like, I don't think it, it goes against.

geography alone, like you're never going
to have a Toronto Montreal final.

But a conference final would be just as
good, I think.

The last time there was a possibility for
Toronto-Montreal final was 1993.

The year Betman took over because of the
way the divisions and everything were.

Now that being said, if you look at it at
the other point, what are sports?

Sports entertainment.

What would be more entertaining?

Having a final that could be
Toronto-Montreal or...

I guess Detroit, Colorado doesn't work
anymore because Detroit's back in the

East, but, or you could even say Detroit,
Boston, or New York, New York.

Like the possibility to have...

in both of us agree that would be amazing,
but maybe the present audience wouldn't

agree as much.

Maybe it doesn't mean as much right now.

ratings for Toronto-Montreal Final would
be a million times better than Toronto-St.

Louis Final, or Toronto-Seattle.

that's the conference final though.

That's the whole point is like you're
battling between like Toronto Montreal

conference final is to go to the Stanley

Like that's what the battle is.

Like that would be the highest.

then everything's spent at that point.

You get to that high of that hardcore

fan groups in the whole NHL.

So if you go to the NHL and if Montreal is
in there or Toronto is in there, your

numbers are going to be astronomically
bigger than they have been in the last 30


I just think it's...

it kind of is...

final probably.

I think the only reason that it skews this
way is because it's just a fact that the

Eastern Conference teams have more of a
fan base by number, I think, than the

Western Conference teams do, like on

So like any, it's more likely that a
matchup between two Eastern Conference

teams is going to be more of a historic,
bigger fan base matchup than, unless

you're like Toronto and Edmonton.

And even then it's like...


I don't know, there's Toronto, Vancouver

Like there's a couple of matchups there
that would still be.

nevermind the crossover, like NBA goes
7-10, they have a play-in tournament.

How would you feel about that, the NHL
doing that?

Hockey is such a different game for
one-off games though.

is it a two or three or is it a one off?

Um, I think it's a two or three.

I think it is.

I play in stuff I've never been able to
get behind it personally.

Um, cause then you're diminishing all the
work you did in the regular season.


yeah, that's...

that's hard to ignore.

can do is 7th place, then that's on you.


Because then you go from seven to ten,

So that is, that can be a pretty big gap
too, depending on the season.

And I think it adds more excitement and
more opportunity for fans to stay engaged

longer, because I think the problem with
the format of the NHL playoffs is fans

start to check out like pretty early.

I mean, look, the Chicago Blackhawks are
already mathematically out of the


Like, yes, they're shit, but.

three games possibly for a couple teams

Yeah, I think in hockey, the question of
injuries comes up by adding extra games

like that.

Also, it's games that players aren't paid
for because it's postseason.

You have to negotiate it with them again.

But I think as far as fans and
entertainment and selling the sport goes,

it's adding games at an important time and
it's adding games for teams that would

otherwise just be waiting for next season.

Beard, beard strongly disagrees.

I still don't like the whole plan idea.

The season's-

it more.

I kind of find it's interesting what the
NBA is doing with this right now,

especially with leagues that have 32 teams
and you're talking about, maybe you have

34 teams or something like that.

So maybe more than half the teams are not
making the playoffs.

Do you have your regular seats and winners
move on and everyone plays around it to

get to them?

It's a very, very interesting thing.

Like we're going through right now.

Yeah, I think the next CBA needs to
include an overhaul of the playoff format

because I think there's been a lot of
complaints about this current one.

I mean, look, if we're going Eastern
Conference one through eight, the Leafs

would play the Carolina Hurricanes.


It's now pretty different last time we
checked it would have been exactly the

same but Closer we got

doing with this league for playoff

Well, oh, for playoff formats?

Oh, okay.

Honestly, I would love to do one to 16.

Give it a shot just for the pure chaos
factor of it.

Madness type of thing, right?

Like anything can happen.

So your first round would be the Florida
Panthers versus Minnesota Wild.

Boston Bruins versus the Philadelphia

That would be a tough series.

Vancouver Tampa.

Like these would be great series.

New York Golden Knights.

Kings and Avalanche.

it'd be...

I don't disagree, it'd be crazy.

Oh yeah, 1 to 16.

Oh my god, you're a madman, a madman!

the funny part is Toronto would play


You can't have a great juggernaut in the
regular season play fucking Tampa Bay 16


You can't have that.

Tampa's in 14th right now.

You said was it Vancouver versus Tampa?

Is that what you just said?


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no

from that, what are you gaining for being
a good regular season team?

Like, really?

You look at it right now?

But yeah, in the format right now, it is,
it's in the visual format too, especially

like, yeah.

Like right now you're saying that Boston's
reward for being the second best team in

the conference is to play the Leafs.

No, you're-

I get what you mean mathematically.

It does bump your opponent down a whole
eight spots when you're in first place,


But why not go 1-8 for confidence?

Like it always has been.

That would that's probably the only way
they would ever change it away from the


closer than what we're doing right now.

And without being as wild as your
proposal, which is like hell of a lot of

fun, Vegas would make a shitload of money
off it.

I'm sure Bebba would be super thrilled.


Like the underdog stories, everything, the
pure chaos, the random rivalries that you



And then you would have the fact that you
could legitimately face any team in any


So there's not gonna be an absolute of,
no, you'll never play this team unless you

make the cup final, or you'll never play
this team in the cup final, right?

It could literally be anyone.

is very, very interesting.

Because if you're talking like travel,
it's really not big of a deal.

Like these guys are taking private birds.

It's going to take a couple hours.

They're flying in comfort.

It's not that big of a deal really.

cause it was a couple of seasons ago, we
knew we were playing, or was it last year?

We knew we were playing Tampa by like


We're almost in the same boat right now,
like we're playing Florida or Boston.

We're locked in.


So if you have that greater discrepancy in
points when you're talking one to 16

instead of, you know, the top three in the
division, it can change day to day who

you're going to play.

My counter-argument is just the same one
that I had before that if the regular

season isn't gonna be that much
cross-conference play, then it's hard to

justify making the playoffs so heavily
based on the Leafs played Colorado twice

through the regular season, and now we're
gonna play them for a seven series

immediately in the playoffs round one.

I think that kind of goes against.

divisional rivalries, which is what this
format actually promotes.

So yeah, that is for sure an argument.

Yeah, like I don't want to play, say we
the Sens or Montreal are back in the

playoff running again.

I don't want to play them like eight times
or at the season to not face them at all

through a playoff run just because of the
way that the randomizer shook out.

But we don't play them eight times
throughout the season anymore.

I think we're playing the Habs like three
times this freaking year.

times this year.

Is that it?


Like it, it's.

Yeah, we don't see the teams seven, eight
times a season anymore.

Well, then I guess if I'm commissioner,
that's the difference that I make is more

inter more plays within divisions and like
make the playoffs more about the best of

each of those.

Like if you're going to if the playoff
format is you come out of your groupings

and it's the best of those groupings, then
make it that if it's not that then abandon

that it seems that we're somewhere in the
middle where like the visions and

conferences throughout the season don't
matter that much.

And then as soon as we hit the playoffs,
it's like, OK, everybody get in your


I forget what group I'm in.

We haven't talked about this in a while.

Are I with you guys like?

I feel like Atlantic and even Eastern
Conference rivalries, they still mean


And to your point, if you're battling all
season long, even for a playoff position,

you want to meet these guys in the
playoffs, whether it's first, second, or

third round, to get to where you want to

So I do kind of agree with that style

Yeah, I mean, if it's about storylines
and, you know, finishing rivalries and

finishing the story that's been going on
all season with like, OK, we've both been

fighting to get to the playoffs and, you
know, like the Leafs and Sens in the first


Like, if that happens again, like, that's
going to be crazy.

So I just I don't want to throw that away
for, oh, you know, the Leafs came in


So we're playing Calgary in the first

Like, I don't know, we don't have that
much of a beef with them.

because we don't play them because they're
in the West.

did, like the, the his, see, and I'm
looking at it from a history standpoint as


You can pretty much look at any team in
the Western Conference, especially the

Canadian teams, and there has been some
form of historical beef with the Leafs.

Historical, sure, but like the people
watching it right now that remember and

care about it and are, you know, It's
currently living in their memory.

Like I'm talking besides Nazem Kadri Like
I don't think there's anything on that

team that really would get the Leafs fired
up about a first round matchup

Many people don't remember the leafs being
in the Western Conference.

Yeah, I mean, it's, I don't know.

You got to sell the game.

And I think there's a way to do a better
job of that than having these matchups so

set in stone so early.

Like, I don't know.

I like what the PWHL did about gaining
points once you're eliminated towards

getting the first overall pick, but as was
brought up to me, yeah, well, not, not

picking your opponent, but once you're
mathematically out, you're competing.

Like you accumulate points towards getting
the first overall pick.

I like that because then at least once
you're out, you're still trying for


But I don't know.

It does leave bad teams still bad.

Yeah, because they've been talking about
that for a long time and a couple of

different people have brought it up that
that's a potential for the NHL to do,


And then it was brought up, okay, well, if
you're eliminated in March, then you can

accumulate more points than if you're
eliminated, or if you're eliminated in

January, you can accumulate more points
than if you're eliminated in March.

But I think it was going to be based on
like everything would be weighted.

So a

a win after you're eliminated in March
would be worth more than a win after

you're eliminated in January or something
like that.

There was a whole math metal equation for
it, but...

Yeah, because it's just it's silly on both
sides like for the teams that are in the

playoffs to be like, okay, well We know
who we're playing and the teams that are

out to be like well What are these games
for the next two months matter like?


Yeah, let's take and draft for like, go
for number one.

not good for fans.

It's not good for broadcasters because you
want people watching games.

And if the last month and a half of the
season literally doesn't matter, nobody's

going to watch it and your advertising
revenue goes down.


Yeah, look at NBA, like they had players
sitting out for those types of games, and

now they actually have a rule against
that, so...


for last weekend that the Clippers
complained that they played 22 hours after

their previous game because of the time

So a bunch of the stars sat.

Oh my god.


James Harden to have enough time at the
teaser club.

I am glad that the NBA implemented that
they had to play a certain amount of games

to be eligible for trophies at the end of
the year, because I think that's the thing

that kept a lot of them playing.

Because those trophies really, really
matter when it comes to contract


If you're on the first, the second or
third All-Star team, or if you make all

defensive or all forward team, you make
way more money than if you don't.

Like it has a significant value.

Just imagine like we're in the last week
of the season and Matthews wants to sit

and they're like you don't get the rocket
if you don't play these three games.

They're like what?

It will go to the next person on the list
if you don't play these games.

million on your contract for a couple

It really makes a huge difference.


Well, that's all I got.

You guys got anything?

Ah, nothing that can't wait.

We got oh, sound.


let the people find us a new good hat or

Yes, please, please.

And watch on YouTube if you wanna see all
the things we talk about, appreciate it.

Have a good night everybody, and we'll
catch you on the flippity flop.

Catch ya on the flip, there we go.


on it.

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Hat on a hat on a hat.

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