Build Your SaaS

Three French Canadians built a profitable indie SaaS

Show Notes

Philippe Lehoux and his two co-founders started working on Missive around 2015, and just passed $2 million in annual recurring revenue.
  • 0:00 – Getting to know Philippe, and what it's like living in Quebec
  • 3:09 – How Missive got started: "how can we quickly collaborate on an email as a team?"
  • 8:15 – How they get most of their customers
  • 10:30 – How their first product (Conference Badge), funded the development of Missive
  • 13:55 – How the market dictates most of your success
  • 16:30 – How they deal with competitors
  • 28:00 – Another example: Crisp is competing head-to-head with Intercom
  • 30:25 – Why indie startups should compete on price

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