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Poor little Moses had it rough from day 1. He was born into a family of slaves, the king wanted to get of all the baby boys, and his mom left him floating in a river with no one to watch him except his big sister! Find out what happens in this amazing story!

Show Notes

“God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. So God looked on the Israelites and was concerned about them.” Exodus 2:24-25

Exodus 1-2

We all want to know how our lives are going to turn out. We want to know where to go to school, what career we’re supposed to pursue, who we’re supposed to marry, how many kids we should have… the list goes on and on. The thought of the future can be overwhelming and terrifying, because it is unknown and out of our control. This causes lots of anxiety in us because we like control. Not only do we like it, but we crave it. It makes us feel powerful and safe.

We feel like if we only knew what we were supposed to do, if we only knew what God wanted for us, we would be less anxious and more ready and willing to trust that He really does have our best interest at heart. Trusting God is already hard enough, so why does He seem to be so silent on the big life decisions we have to make? 

In Exodus 1-2 Moses’ future was at risk from the very beginning of his life. From being born an Israelite and put into a basket to save his life from Pharaoh to growing up in an Egyptian household, Moses’ life was largely unknown and out of his control; but God protected him because He had great plans for him. At the same time that Moses was growing up in scary and uncomfortable circumstances, God was working within Moses to raise Him to rescue the Israelites from their slavery. 

To the Israelites in slavery, it probably felt like God wasn’t listening to them. Nothing about their circumstances changed to show that God was even listening to their cries, and they were less in control of their future than they had ever been before, but God was in control and working for their good so that they could be freed. The same is true about our lives and current circumstances. Our futures may seem out of our hands and far from God, but the God that protected Moses and had a great future in store for him is the same God that can be trusted with our future as well. 


Questions to think about:

  1. When you think about your future, do you tend to feel more anxious or at peace?
  2. How do you typically respond when things in your life feel out of control?
  3. Where in your life can you choose to let go and trust God more?

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the faithful hall-of-fame Moses

this is Moses Moses was a descendant of

Joseph's brother Levi hey Joseph and his

brothers had many children and

grandchildren who live happily in Egypt

eventually a new Pharaoh came to power

who knew nothing of Joseph or wedding

had level.this Sparrow feared the

Israelites because there was a great

number of them living in Egypt so he

wanted to put a stop to their prosperity

Pharaoh made the Israelite slaves he

made them work long hard hours of

building up Egyptian cities but his plan

didn't work and the Israelites grew more

in number and in strength

so Pharaoh made a rule that no history

like boy would be allowed to live in

Egypt this is where Moses his story


you see when Moses was born his mother

saw that he was a special baby and she

kept him hidden for three months

but when she could no longer keep him a


she made a basket and put him in the

Nile River among the reeds Moses a

sister stayed to watch what would happen

to her baby brother

and soon the Pharaoh's daughter came to

the edge of the river when she saw the

basket Hey she sent her servant to get

it when she saw the baby she felt sorry

for him thinking he must be an Israelite

baby who wasn't supposed to live then

Moses his sister asked the princess if

she would like her to find a niche

réalité woman to take care of the baby

so Moses his sister went and got her

mother Moses his own mother took care of

him until he was old enough to live in

the Pharaoh's house where the princess

adopted him as her son and so Moses a

Israelite boy who wasn't supposed to

live became the adopted grandson of the

Pharaoh and lived in the palace as God

prepared him for a great destiny that

was only just starting to unfold