Morning Motivation for Educators

Using your unique strengths, you can make a major difference in the lives of those you serve.

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What can you do today?


Uniquely, wonderfully you. 

As I’ve navigated my career, I’ve developed a rule of thumb for the types of opportunities that I find motivating. The way I say it: “It has to matter that it’s me.”

In other words, it’s something I would do differently than anyone else. A role in which I can bring my own perspective, creativity, and approach to drive meaningful outcomes. 

Not necessarily better — objectively measured anyway — but unique. 

Another way of saying this: it allows me to use my unique genius. The things that make me, me. That tap into my passion for purpose-driven work, problem-solving, and impact. 

Speaking specifically to the educator audience, author and presenter Baruti Kafele, known as Principal Kafele, says it another way. In his words, educators should have the perspective “My students are at an advantage because I’m their teacher;” “my teachers are at an advantage because I’m their leader;” and so on. 

The point? I am bringing all of myself to the role to ensure that I am making a difference. It matters that it’s me.

So, what is your unique genius that you’ll bring to work today? What do your students or staff need most? How will you make sure they get it?

Be attentive and reflective. 

Attend to the personalities, progress, and needs around you. What are the needs to serve and the gaps to fill?

Reflect on your own strengths and motivations. What is your unique approach to making a difference?

If you can tap into your unique genius, you can be as great as you want to be. Be great today. 

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