Unsure? Insure!

In this episode Chris, a multidisciplinary designer, shares his experience of pursuing a late payment through small claims court. The information in this podcast is for general guidance and is not legal advice.

Show Notes

  • With Jack
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  • The legal expenses product includes a debt recovery service and legal advice helpline to assist you with late payments
  • Chris now starts all projects with a contract and makes sure the scope of work is clear. He takes 50% payment upfront and has milestones in place for client sign-off. He also has professional indemnity insurance
  • Circumstances in business can change so Chris recommends getting everything in writing—no matter how small the project is! If the scope changes midway through the project have written confirmation of this
  • Episode #48: Having a law firm on retainer

What is Unsure? Insure!?

After so many years helping freelancers stay in business, I’m no stranger to the kinds of problems you face. But freelancing doesn’t mean having to face these problems alone. A lot of the time there is help available. I’d like to share these stories with you so you can be a confident freelancer.