The WP Minute+

To honor WordPress’s 20th anniversary David Bisset has invited four charming and entertinaing community members to talk about some highlights in it’s history. Primary topics include: how WordPress has made an open source for the general community, what proposal or feature of WordPress over the years didn’t get attention or appreciation it deserved, and what WordPRess event has been the most noteworthy?

Just like other conversations - there is quite a few memory of about the community and forgotten WordPress features. Join us and you may recognize some of the things shared!


Guests w/ Shared links
  • Francesca Marano
    • Helen Hou Sandí appearance at WCEU2016 (“not 2017 as I mentioned”)
    • “Multisite Roadmap that, I believe, was not given a fair chance”
    • [Feature project] “Updates on updating the updaters with Outcome 2 committed yesterday”
    • The Women of WordPress. “It's hard to mention just a few, because luckily there are many and hopefully many more to come. But if I had to pick only 3, Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Underrepresented in tech (gaming the system here :grimacing: ) and myself”.
    • Twitter: @FrancescaMarano
  • Maitreyie Chavan
    • Introduction of REST API Endpoints in WP 4.7 -
    • An all-women and non-binary release WordPress 5.6 -
    • Launch of Learn WordPress -
    • WordCamp Asia 2023 -
  • Jason Cosper
  • Joshua Wold
    • ttps://
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