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Ruben Gamez is one of the most thoughtful and wise entrepreneurs I've met. Learn how he built Bidsketch.

Show Notes

Ruben has some great advice on outsourcing, staying focused, getting work done, and building a profitable business that’s not based on your personality.


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Notable quotes

“When you’re browsing Odesk, I always filter by 4 stars or better.”

“In the early days, I spent from $6-$10 an hour on programmers from Odesk. Nowadays, when I hire developers I pay in the $20’s. It’s ways easier to find someone of better quality, when you pay them in the $20-$30 range. Now both of the developers I have are in Argentina.”

“The developers I’m hiring now, from Odesk, are better than the developers I worked with the USA that were making 6 figures.”

Show notes

What is Product People?

A podcast focused on great products and the people who make them