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Daily Boost - 4 Tishrei

4 Tishrei: We're All In This Together

The Daily Boost is a podcast, created by Tut Altz, to help inspire your day with a daily Moshiach-related Torah thought.

Show Notes

Topic for Tishrei: Essence of Moshiach.

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Moshiach will repair the entire world, motivating all the nations to serve G-d together, as Zephaniah states (3:9): “I will transform the peoples to a purer language, that they all will call upon the name of G-d and serve Him with one purpose.” (Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Melachim U’Milchamos 11:4)

In addition to redeeming the Jewish People, Moshiach will redeem all nations and all of creation as well. Furthermore, Moshiach will help every individual find his or her proper place. At that point, humanity will function optimally. This will be a permanent state of coexistence. Moshiach will help the world attain a permanent state of interdependence.
This is reflected in the evolution of the human body: Life begins as a single cell that quickly divides, exhibits different attributes and characteristics, and eventually grows into many specialized organs. Each organ is very different. However, they all work together and depend on each other as one united organism.
So, too, mankind began with a single human: Adam. Eventually, Adam’s descendants formed many nations, each with its own nature and role in the world. Ultimately, however, these nations (with all their differences) will unite in serving G-d in a permanent condition of harmony and peace.

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