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Abigail Ali 0:00
Hello guys, this is Eye on the Triangle. I am Abigail Ali. I am the news editor at technician and today I am joined with.

Heidi Reid 0:09
I'm Heidi. I'm the assistant news editor at technician.

Emily Vespa 0:12
I'm Emily. I'm the other assistant news editor at technician.

Abigail 0:15
Yeah, so how we usually do this is we bring a few tidbits of news every week and present them to each other and react to them. So yeah, let's get started. So for my first tidbit, this week, I will be talking about the live in the district music series. From April 21 to May 29. Park West Village and Mooresville is hosting live in the district music series, and according to the Park West Village website each Thursday at 6:30 to 9pm there will be local beach music, food trucks and beer. These events are also free. Some of the bands lined up to play include the Entertainers, North Tower and the Band of Awes. Some of the food trucks include Cherba Cherba Dumpling, Getting Sauced in the City, and Bulk Hoagie. And some of the feature breweries include Cotton House, Vicious Taste and Fortnight Brewing. I found the series interesting because it goes on for like a month and includes kind of a lot of bands and local businesses being that it is for like a whole month. And it's so unique and such an amazing way to start summer. Like how fun is it to be able to go to listen to a bunch of beach music and hanging out with friends every Thursday night. I'm kind of obsessed.

Emily Vespa 1:34
That's like so fun. And I'm I like love those type of outdoor concert type things with food trucks, because there's always so many dogs there like I went to one recently and there was like so many puppies and that's my favorite part.

Heidi Reid 1:45
And the fact that it's like free too like live music that's free I love it.

Emily Vespa 1:49
Yeah, it's like perfect weather and everything too.

Abigail Ali 1:52
Yeah I thought it was very cool. And they've already started a couple weeks. And like, the pictures look so much fun. Like, honestly, it's so amazing. And their website, there's just so much like there's so many bands, so many different food trucks and so many like breweries involved like it's such a big thing. I don't know. It's so cool.

Emily Vespa 2:10
That's awesome. Cool.

Heidi Reid 2:12
Okay, so my first tidbit is on the NC Alcohol Crackdown that they are at this past week. So I didn't realize how wide it was. But more than 250 people have been arrested by ALE starting Friday night and they are now facing charges dealing with alcohol, firearms and driving offenses. And according to the public, the Department of Public Safety an illegal distillery that made moonshine was also busted.

Abigail Ali 2:35

Heidi Reid 2:35
I like that part. Because the picture is really funny because like when you think of a moonshine distillery, like that's exactly what the picture looks like. Like it was a bunch of tin cans yeah, so I thought that was kind of interesting. And then some firearms were seized as well as well as 77 fake IDs and also effects of this bust could be seen in Raleigh on Glenwood because I know of numerous tickets were given out past Friday night.

Abigail Ali 2:55

Heidi Reid 2:56
They never said why they decided to crack down now or like what prompted this.

Emily Vespa 3:00
Yeah, that's interesting. I know that I saw they had were doing more like driving, they were going to crack down on driving and like, in like more traffic tickets for speeding for the past like week I think that just ended so it's interesting that they're like focusing on that now.

Heidi Reid 3:16
Yeah, they were cracking down on driving. Like, I know, so many people who've got tickets like a lot of people pulled over all over the place. So that's interesting. Maybe they're out of money, and there's needed taxes or something.

Abigail Ali 3:25
I hope they're doing this in my hometown, because drinking and driving there is so bad. So I've always not just like triangle areas cracking down. I hope everybody's doing it.

Heidi Reid 3:35
Yeah. Honestly, drinking driving is so bad. So it's good for that part. But I don't know what prompted the rest of it. Yeah,

Abigail Ali 3:40
I agree. Because I feel like Glenwood was already pretty strict.

Heidi Reid 3:44
Yeah, Glenwood was already pretty strict. So yeah, I don't know.

Abigail Ali 3:48
The more you know.

Emily Vespa 3:50
Okay, so my first tidbit is about outdoor films at the North Carolina Museum of Art this summer. So there'll be putting on outdoor screenings of popular recent movies in the park by the museum, and tickets are free for members and for children six and under, and for non members tickets are $7. So even if you are a member, you should definitely try and get a ticket because the website says many movies do sell out. And if a movie isn't sold out, you can buy the ticket at the gate. But the tickets go on sale for members on May 18, and for non members on May 20. They haven't announced what the film's will be but you can stay updated just by like going on the NCMA website. And I thought it was cool because they're going to sell food and drinks there. And then people just bring like a blanket or chair to sit on the line. And I saw a picture on the website and it looks really nice and they had a really big screen setup and it just looked like a fun time.

Heidi Reid 4:41
That sounds so nice because they have such like a nice big outdoor space there that's so pretty. And then also so many good movies have been released recently. So that's exciting.

Emily Vespa 4:48
Yeah. And then they said that they were going to do some like Oscar nominated movie so that should be cool.

Abigail Ali 4:53
That's very exciting because a lot of the nice ones are on like HBO Max and stuff and I do not have HBO Max like Amazon.

Abigail Ali 5:01
Not paying for that.

Emily Vespa 5:02
Yeah. It's honestly, I think like $7 is like kind of cheaper than some movie tickets.

Abigail Ali 5:06
Yeah, it really is.

Heidi Reid 5:07
Yeah, most movie theaters charge like 10 or 11. So yeah, it's a steal and you get to watch it outside. That's even better.

Emily Vespa 5:11
Yeah sounds so fun.

Abigail Ali 5:13
NCMA is always winning. It's true. So for my second tidbit, I'm going to be talking about Smoky Hollow, which sounds like my favorite Halloween movie Sleepy Hollow, but it is not the same thing. It is haunting me right now though, because it is all over my social media. As a girlie who loves pop up events and hidden fun spots in Raleigh, the new Smoky Hollow area in downtown Raleigh has literally been calling my name because it is literally everywhere. At least for me. Smokey Hollow is an urban industrial designed area comprised of apartments restaurants and stores. Smokey Hollow is in close proximity to anything any would would need. It's like a block away from Glenwood it has a Publix downstairs, and it's pretty much right downtown. So like, it's in a great location. I've actually walked past Smoky Hollow recently with a group of friends and I didn't realize what it was, and my favorite thing ever to do like while walking downtown is to figure out what all the different buildings are like, what companies are what and just being nosy because like, it's fun, and I'm curious. And so when I was walking by and I saw these beautiful buildings and didn't know what they were I was like, What is this? And it turns out it was smoky hollow. And yeah, now that it's been all over my Instagram and I know that they have like little pop up shops and stuff I really want to go and yeah, so their next event I'm definitely going.

Emily Vespa 6:43
That's interesting.

Heidi Reid 6:43
Yeah. Where do you say it was?

Abigail Ali 6:45
It's like a street over from Glenwood.

Heidi Reid 6:48
Oh, wait, that's close. That's nice. It's like walking.

Abigail Ali 6:50
Yeah, it's like in a great location because it's not right on Glenwood, but it's you can literally just walk to Glenwood it's so yeah, right.

Emily Vespa 6:58
It's kind of perfect. That's funny, because I had just seen something about Smokey Hollow and I was like, like, so confused. I was like, what is that? And like the name just kind of threw me out because I was like Smokey Hollow. Like, sounds like yeah, we're in sort of like, spooky movie.

Abigail Ali 7:12
I have no clue.

Emily Vespa 7:13
But that's cool. I'll have to check it out.

Abigail 7:15
I don't know if you've been to like Moore square like where in the little nook where there's like, Cobblestone and like a bunch of shops. I think it's kind of that vibe, just more modern, cool, like with apartment buildings.

Heidi Reid 7:27
All right. So my next tip is on a rescue warning against giving animals as gifts around the springtime. And this one stuck out to me because I've have an obsession with baby dogs. And every time like spring rolls around, I'm like, should I invest in a baby dog? Like, is that a pet I can take care of, even though it's probably not. But during the spring, especially Easter it's covered to give ducks bunnies and chickens especially in children's Easter baskets. And the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, they rescued around 7000 animals last year, and the majority of them were taken in the springtime and a lot of them are ducks and chickens. So they like strongly discouraged that.

Abigail Ali 8:00
Poor babies.

Heidi Reid 8:01
Yes. According to the rescue, the only lucky ones are rescued as owners usually don't receive proper care and instructions for the animals. And another common mistake is the assumption that these animals can be released into the wild which apparently happens a lot. Yeah, that's terrifying. That's common knowledge. Domestic Animals just can't be released and fend for themselves.

Abigail Ali 8:18
They're babies!

Heidi Reid 8:19
Yeah, you know, so the rescue stress that the animals should never be given as gifts and the only person who who should decide if they want animal is the person caring for it.

Abigail Ali 8:28
Yeah, facts, honestly. Yeah.

Emily Vespa 8:31
Yeah, that's so sad like tha what happens to them because I always see people getting like little bunnies or something. And it's so cute when they're little but then they grow up and it's like, okay, now you have to like have a cage them and like.

Abigail Ali 8:41
Now you have a whole chicken.

Emily Vespa 8:43
And you're putting that on like someone who really didn't, like always ask for it. It's just like you're giving that so they might not really know how to take care of them.

Heidi Reid 8:50
Yeah and like ducks and chickens are like cute when they're babies but like once they get older, no one who just wants a chicken.

Emily Vespa 8:56
Especially a little kid who might get it on their Easter basket or like whoever is getting like...

Heidi Reid 9:01
Yeah, these who are not qualified to be doing. So yeah, everyone should stop giving animals as gifts.

Emily Vespa 9:05

Abigail Ali 9:06
It's also just such a weird thing like, opening your Easter basket just to see like, a live animal.

Emily Vespa 9:11

Abigail Ali 9:11
In the middle of like candy and stuff. Just like what?

Emily Vespa 9:14
Yeah, I feel like that's it's a cute idea. But maybe you just like go to like a petting zoo or something where they actually take care of the animals or snacks.

Heidi Reid 9:22
Yeah, no way that sanitary either like with their candy.

Emily Vespa 9:27
Oh, god. Okay, so I'm bringing you guys another free yoga event. This time it's on NC State campus. So on Wednesday, April 27 at 10am The Gregg Museum is hosting outdoor yoga and the garden. So make sure you register in advance and bring a towel or a mat. And you can go on the Gregg Museum website to find it under the program's tab and register. Um the coolest part about it is they're open to the public. So even if you aren't an NC State student you can still join or you can bring a friend who's not an NC State student and if you can't make it to this one they'll probably have more in the future, because I've seen them in the past, but they haven't announced any future dates so just keep looking out. But yeah, I'm excited. I think I'm going to try and go to this one because like, I love outdoor yoga classes, and I think they're just such a great way to release stress and be outdoors. I'm excited.

Heidi Reid 10:15
I didn't realize Raleigh had this many outdoor yoga classes. Where have I been?

Emily Vespa 10:19
I'm like stumbling on them.

Abigail Ali 10:22
It's true they're everywhere right now.

Emily Vespa 10:23
Yeah. It's nice, though. Especially like it's beautiful weather and finals week for some of us. Like, it's nice to relieve some stress.

Abigail 10:30
Yeah, I forgot the Gregg museum did that because I remember seeing it a lot freshman year when I was on campus I guess I had their email or whatever. And they used to post about it all the time but I forgot that was the thing.

Emily Vespa 10:41
Yeah, I had been like looking out because the last one I couldn't make it. And I was really excited about this one. So I don't know if they'll keep doing it over the summer, but they probably will start back up in the fall.

Heidi Reid 10:50
Okay, so my final tidbit is on the Black Restaurant Week that is underway in the triangle. So this event aims to support black owned restaurants. And it started this past Friday and runs through May 1. And the triangle has taken part in this nationwide campaign twice now and originally began in Houston, Texas, which I thought was really cool.

Abigail Ali 11:07
That is cool.

Heidi Reid 11:08
Yeah it spread this far. And many restaurants say they are really grateful for the exposure and a lot of customers are super satisfied too and say that we'll be back soon. Some restaurants participating are including the Burger Factory, The Chicken Hut and Gate City Tavern. And this isn't actually just in the triangle. There was restaurants everywhere like I saw them in Greensboro.

Abigail Ali 11:25
Oh, yeah.

Heidi Reid 11:26
Carsboro, I think that's how you say it. But yeah, so it's really cool.

Emily Vespa 11:30
That's really cool. I have to look at some of the restaurants. I'm always like, looking out the chicken hut. Sounds interesting. Like,

Heidi Reid 11:36
I think they serve waffles too.

Abigail Ali 11:39
Yeah, that does sound good. I'm glad if you guys didn't know I don't have a third tidbit this week because I ran out of time. And I'm glad I didn't do a third one because I was going to do that one too.

Heidi Reid 11:50
I was nervous someone else was gonna do it.

Abigail Ali 11:51
I love a good food week.

Emily Vespa 11:56
Okay, so my last tidbit is on the Raleigh Night Market. So I went to the Night Market on Thursday the 21st, and it was super cool. So basically, if you don't know what it is a bunch of local businesses come and set up tables outside and there's live music, food trucks and other fun activities. So the Raleigh night market was in Moore Square in Downtown Raleigh, which I know we were just talking about. And it was really cool to walk around and look at all the local vendors. So like there were shops with homemade candles, and like vintage jewelry, and cotton candy and like so many dogs, which was awesome.

Heidi Reid 12:26

Emily Vespa 12:26
And it was from 5pm to 9pm, and it was really great to just walk around and listen to music. But what I thought was cool is they're having night markets all over the triangle area. So the Raleigh ones are the third Thursday of every month until November and more square. But there's also night markets in Durham on the last Thursday of every month until December. And then also in Apex, Garner, Smokey Hollow and Cary. So if you want to know more about the dates and times for individual ones, you can look at the website at Raleighnightmarket.com. But I really suggest you check it out because they're really fun.

Abigail 12:57
I love the night markets we went so much last year or like before they stopped in November. Like we would go all the time to the night markets and there's so much fun. So yeah, you definitely should do that.

Emily Vespa 13:10
Yeah, I was so excited to go because it was like the first kind of event that I've gotten to go to in Raleigh since like the beginning of the year. So it was really fun and like it was so beautiful, wow it was perfect.

Heidi Reid 13:21
How have I never heard of this before am I living under a rock? Oh, that sounds so exciting.

Emily Vespa 13:26
Yeah, you should definitely go they had like macarons? Macarons? I don't know how to say it, but they were like homemade and they were so good. And they had really cool flavors like fruity pebbles and stuff. Like really cool.

Heidi Reid 13:35
That's really cool.

Abigail Ali 13:36
And the vibes are always so good. Okay guys, so that is all we have for you this week. Thank you so much for joining us and we will see you next time. Bye!