Slow & Steady

Benedikt remains in crunch mode. Benedicte and her pirate family are back to streaming. 

Still working on their visual workflow builder, Benedikt and the Userlist team are still in crunch mode. The velocity has been crazy as they were shipping stuff super fast like adding new node types in just a couple of hours.

Benedicte, together with her pirate family and AK, just finished their first stream on charting the course for MixPod. And as part of their marketing strategy, they’ll be releasing clips from the streams on various channels. She also has an upcoming mini-project which she calls SemanticAdvent, where she’ll select 24 Semantic HTML tags in 24 days.

Benedikt and Benedicte talk about gamification (Polar Habits was mentioned), Lillian’s first marching band concert, how to get customer feedback, and more.

Creators & Guests

Benedicte Raae 👑
Queen Raae - Let's get the most out of @GatsbyJS | Creator of POW! — the privacy-first menstrual cycle journal ( | Co-host of the @SlowSteadyPod
Benedikt Deicke
Software Engineer & Co-founder of @userlist. Co-host at @SlowSteadyPod. Running @femtoconf. Creator of @stagecms. Loves music, food, and cooking.
Krista Melgarejo
Marketing & Podcasts at @userlist | Writer and digital marketer by trade | Still trying to get that science degree 🎓

What is Slow & Steady?

Join us as we share what it's like to build and launch a bootstrapped startup while working for yourself full-time. Benedikt is working on Userlist, and Benedicte is establishing herself as a Gatsby expert and developer advocate for hire.