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In this episode, Leo goes over some of the apps for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone which are used to create, organize or manage for businesses. These include apps for creating video and audio work, managing your social media on the go, dealing with accounting and financials, scheduling meetings and managing communication.

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Database Collaboration Tool

Managing Devices

Managing Software and Disk

  • DaisyDisk - Manage and Visualize Disk Space
  • Homebrew - Command Line Application Package Installer

Creative Apps

Marketing Apps 

Communication and Todo Apps

  • FullContact - Manage Multiple Different Address Books
  • Slack - Chat Application
  • Doodle - Setup Polls, especially for Meetings
  • Todoist - Todo app, pro version includes sharing of tasks

Finances Apps

Music by Bimbotronic from Fugue

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What is Empower Apps?

An exploration of Apple business news and technology. We talk about how businesses can use new technology to empower their business and employees, from Leo Dion, founder of BrightDigit.