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Daily Boost - 6 Shvat

6 Shvat: Sincerity and Faith

The Daily Boost is a podcast, created by Tut Altz, to help inspire your day with a daily Moshiach-related Torah thought.

Show Notes

Topic for Shvat: Women and Moshiach

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When Moshiach comes, we will realize the greatness of simple acceptance and sincerity, the pure faith in G-d and His Torah and mitzvos. Human comprehension, even on its highest level, is limited. But the ability to accept truth is a feeling that is boundless. Moshiach will explain the magnificent achievement of sincere service flowing from the heart.
(Hayom Yom 5 Teves)

Reality is too great for us to fully comprehend. We simply can’t wrap our minds around it. We cannot grasp the immense universe around us. We cannot even understand ourselves. And we certainly can’t capture the Infinite G-d in our mortal minds. Limiting ourselves to what we can explain simply shuts our minds to the full depth and richness of reality. Even our own self-image limits us.

Now, in exile, our emphasis is on training ourselves to act properly and to develop a healthy self-image and world view to guide us in life. Moshiach requires that we open our minds to accept reality as it is and accept that it is much greater than anything we can understand. This simple recognition allows us to experience G-d’s simple Essence.

Kodesh 5719 Seif 10
Sichos Kodesh 19 Kislev 5741 Seif 2