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Michele Hansen (co-founder of Geocodio) is raising the alarm about Section 174. This legislation could dramatically increase your tax bill this year if you're a small software company in the USA. Michele is organizing a response through the Small Software Business Alliance.

  1. Sign up for Michele's list
  2. US citizens: tweet and call your Senators today. They need to know that this is a small business issue and that small businesses in their state are hurt by Section 174.
  3. Share the URL with your founder friends.
In this episode:
  • (01:37) - What is section 174?
  • (04:48) - What's the benefit to the government for this change?
  • (09:09) - Section 174 is bad for every company that builds software
  • (11:34) - Disclaimer: We're not tax accountants
  • (12:27) - What is the SSB Alliance?
  • (14:11) - Small businesses are the cute puppies of the policy world
  • (22:11) - A practical example
  • (25:36) - This is going to impact small software businesses
  • (28:42) - What can we do?
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