What is Charted?

Like a master surveyor, Jesus gives us clear directions to find a fulfilling, purpose-filled relationship with Himself - a map to the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Charted is a daily devotional written by the junior class at Fountainview Academy (Class of 2019). Based on the book Steps to Christ, this book explores the path to the Originator and Provider of Genuine Joy. We don't have to be confused about the way. The certainty is in the journey: divinely Charted.

While He ever bore Himself with divine dignity, He bowed with the
tenderest regard to every member of the family of God. In all men He
saw fallen souls whom it was His mission to save. – Steps to Christ,
pg. 12
Grumpily plodding down the rows of squash, I tried to avoid
inhaling another mouthful of the disgusting gnat clouds hovering over
the tangled rows. This is terrible, I fumed silently. I don’t even care
about these dumb, half-frozen squash!
Fighting scratchy weeds as tall as I am, I waded down the
row, unwillingly searching for more of the detested vegetables.
Suddenly, I noticed the outline of a small, pale squash hopelessly
caught in the jungle of spiky vines and withered leaves. For a moment,
I contemplated just leaving it there, but the little voice in my head
wouldn’t let me. Reluctantly stooping down, I fought the prickly tangles
intent on choking out the life of the little squash.
“Fine, I’ll free you,” I addressed the vegetable, “even though
you’re not worth it.”
Wait a second! A startling thought flashed through my mind. I
am just like that stinkin’ squash!
Hopelessly caught in the busyness and stress of life, I am
slowly choking to death. But God doesn’t leave me there. He stoops
down, braving the prickles and swarming gnats, gently cuts away the
restraining vines, and lifts me up into the light. I do not deserve to be
rescued time and again, but in God’s eyes, no one is worthless; to
Him, I am worth all the trouble.