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In this episode, we explore the meteoric rise of Jamie Dimon and the web of connections he has established with some of the most powerful and influential people in the world. From his early days at Citigroup to his current position as CEO of JPMorgan Chase, we delve into the tactics and strategies that have made him one of the most successful bankers of our time. But as we dig deeper, we uncover a dark side to his success, one that involves his ties to the same people who were behind the notorious Jeffrey Epstein. Join us as we unravel the intricate web of power, money, and influence that surrounds Jamie Dimon, and discover the shocking truth about how the elite operate behind closed doors. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of finance, politics, and the shadowy world of the global elite.

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The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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Four, three, two, one. Yeah, we here today. I'm your host, Mr. Johnny K. Here we go and let's start the show. What's up everybody? Welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show. I'm your host, Johnny K. Few housekeeping items to get into before. At the top of the hour, we got breaking news at this moment in time. We got two things. One thing, the human turtle, Mitch McConnell. A Senator is retiring, reportedly retiring. I mean, every politician is pretty much like 100 years old. So he's retiring, just wanted you to know that. And then also in a twist, Bob Lee, who was stabbed to death recently in San Francisco, a fellow tech worker arrested for murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee. A fellow tech worker has been arrested in the murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee in San Francisco, according to multiple reports. The owner of a company called Expand IT was detained early Thursday morning in the Bay Area. News outlet Mission Local reported Lee, 43, was stabbed fatally, was fatally stabbed in downtown San Francisco around 2 a.m. on April 4th. Supposedly these two knew each other. They were riding together in a car when they got into a passionate argument. Police sources told Mission Local they said the killing was not a robbery or a random attack. Lee was stabbed either in the car or shortly after he stepped outside. Cops told Mission Local. I watched the video of him stumbling around, passing out, trying to get up, asking for help, the car driving away. Truly a terrible, terrible thing to watch. Very sad. He has two daughters and let's take a moment of silence and give prayers to his family. Ready? Go. Okay. Yeah. Very sad, very sad video. Not going to play it here. You can go look it up yourself. Daily mail reported it. Uh, just very sad, very sad. You shouldn't be stabbed to death when you're 43 and you created the greatest invention of all time, cash app. No, it's not the greatest. Come on. It's pretty cool though. Used by a lot of people, very successful, but just as a person, you don't deserve to be stabbed because... The only people that get stabbed seem to be involved in politics. That's why we're apolitical. And that's why we bring you the truth and nothing but the truth. So let's get started today. Topic du jour, the rise of Jamie Dimon. Who's Jamie Dimon? He is the CEO of JP Morgan Chase Bank. Too big to fail. Taking your money on via loan, even though you think you deposit your money into the checking account, that's your money, but you didn't read the fine print. Because the fine print says when you give the money to the bank, They it's their money and you loaned it to them and they could do whatever they want Okay, so that is your fault for not reading the fine print. So we know Silicon Valley Bank collapsed We got signature operation choke point 2.0. You can go listen to that podcast did that a few podcast episodes ago We got a banking system Malfunction glitch in the matrix things or is it is it a planned demolition of the economy or what? But let's get into Who are these people that make it to the top? Is it based on merit? Or are there some powerful forces behind people who strategically place people in certain areas that are to their benefit? So I recommend very few books, but every book I recommend is absolute gold. One I recommend by Whitney Webb is One Nation Under Blackmail, there's two volumes. It's now on Audible. One Nation Under Blackmail, volume one. It will talk to you, it will tell you how All of these powerful people are interconnected. It's unbelievable. And today we're going to focus on Jamie Dimon, perhaps the most powerful banker in the world, perhaps literally in the world. So here's her article. If you're watching on unlimited hangout dot com, Whitney Webb, the rise of Jamie Dimon as JP Morgan's ties to Jeffrey Epstein are being scrutinized in court. Whitney Webb reveals how the same powerful players who brought Epstein to prominence, were largely responsible for the rise of JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon. So the people behind, your boy, not my boy, but your boy, Jeffrey Epstein, the human child predator pedophile person, your boy, not mine, is what had powerful behind him, right? to get blackmail on people, powerful politicians, the Clintons, all those people, so they can get this dirt on people so then they can control the strings. Well, those same people that love you and they hate you and your family, for whatever reason, very powerful people, deep intelligence ties, they're also behind Jamie Dimon. And you thought the bankers, you were tricked. You thought the bankers loved you more than they loved life itself, but they don't. They're greedy. So here we go, let me read a little bit and then we're gonna get into some videos. Earlier this month, a judge ruled that two different lawsuits against JP Morgan Chase over the bank's ties to deceased financier and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein would be allowed to advance in the U.S. courts. One of these cases brought against the bank by the U.S. Virgin Islands, also known as USVI, has been a particular focus of independent media since the new year began, in part because the attorney general of the USVI Denise George was fired from her post just days after she filed that case. Probably just a coincidence. Of course it's not. If you've learned anything on this podcast, there are no coincidences anymore. We have proved that time and time again. Wake up. In a hearing in the USVI case against JP Morgan earlier this month, USVI lawyer argued that the CEO of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, your favorite banker, quote, knew in 2008. that his billionaire client, Jeffrey Epstein, was a sex trafficker." The lawyer, Mimi Liu, also stated that former JP Morgan, Jess Staley, also knew this about Epstein at the time, but noted, quote, this case was not just Jess Staley. There will be numerous documents that go far beyond his office to the executive suite. about Epstein's criminal activities against minors. While the bank has disputed that Diamond knew anything about Epstein's accounts at the bank or what he was really up to at the time, this Unlimited Hangout investigation, a multi-part series will reveal that Diamond's rise to the top post at JP Morgan was intimately linked to the very same people who enabled Jeffrey Epstein's sex trafficking activities as well as his extensive financial crimes. In this article and soon videos of which I'm going to play, which is between Natalie Brunel and her coin stories podcast with Whitney Webb about this article. So we'll do some, but let me read a couple more paragraphs. In this article or videos, we will examine how diamonds rise to become one of the most powerful men on Wall Street was largely reliant on top executives and directors of bank one, which boasts incredibly close ties to the limiteds Leslie Wexner, who is the most powerful man in Ohio that behind limited brands based in Columbus. Don't it's a lot to Ohio State and his right hand man for many decades, Columbus area real estate developer, John W. Kessler, Kessler and other individuals tied to Wexner were the dominant forces that saw Diamond installed as bank one CEO in the year 2000 bank. One was then acquired by JP Morgan in 2003 and shortly thereafter, Jamie Diamond became the CEO of the combined entity that acquisition as well as the role of the crown. family in Chicago and Diamond's selection as Bank One CEO will be discussed in the second part of this series. Yet, Diamond's ties to the same networks as Wexner, particularly those characterized by their connections to organized crime and intelligence, preceded his time as Bank One CEO by many years. As this article will show, Diamond's construction of what is now Citigroup alongside his mentor Sandy Well began with their takeover of a company called Commercial Credit Corporation. That company, as well as its parent company, controlled Data Corporation, had a troubling history of ties to intelligence networks that were extensively involved in criminal activity, including the so-called, quote, private CIA, formed by CIA veteran Ted Shackley in the 1970s, as well as individuals crucial to the Epstein story, like Robert Maxwell. Last paragraph. Given these connections, JP Morgan's claim that Diamond never knew what Jeffrey Epstein was up to during his time with the bank becomes much harder to believe. Furthermore, as future installments of this series will show, the players discussed here, Diamond and Epstein among them, were instrumental in the creation of what would manifest as the 2008 economic crisis, the Great Recession, not unlike some of the events that sparked today's banking crisis, which is underway. Diamonds mentor Sandy Well and the former treasury secretaries with close associations with both men, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, appeared to have engaged in actions that would intentionally provoke the collapse of certain banks to further consolidate the banking sector for their benefit. The goal, both then and now, seems to have been a move towards the logical conclusion of the quote, too big to fail banking model. the eventual creation of a centralized cartel of mega banks that dominate not only commercial banking but also central banking. And then we're going to get into a brief history here. So this is phenomenal. This is called journalism. This is investigative journalism. The only people that are left telling the truth are independent media creators, decentralized media from the people, by the people, of the people, the people, the people, the people. never forget who brought you the truth. Never forget the people who lied to your face and shove propaganda down your throat the last three years and to even think you can trust them is beyond me. Thanks for joining me today on The Jonathan Kogan Show. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe to the YouTube channel, and please subscribe to the Rumble channel before it's too late. What do I mean by that? We're gonna have too many subscribers and you will be left out if you don't subscribe. Okay, first part. First part, Jeffrey Epstein, Jamie Dimon connections. Again, this is Whitney Webb, who's also the author of the article on Natalie Brunel's podcast, Coin Stories. And here is part one, take a listen. I mean, just unbelievable. You would think this is like science fiction, but the ties are to Anthony Blinken, who currently is running it. So basically, the elites just cycle through their generations of family members and friends into these powerful positions, these baking cartels. They're all interconnected to one another, and it's a big party of elites, and you weren't invited. You are not invited. My friends, the table is tilted. And it ain't going in your direction. You understand? I think you do. If you're new, now you understand. All right. So control the money, control the world. We've talked about this many times. We've talked about central bank, digital currencies, more times that I can count. We were way ahead of the curve, just like we were about every single thing that we've ever reported. Please go look at the history of episodes we've done. I mean, just the documented success rate of The Jonathan Kogan show. There's very few, if any outlets that can even compete. And that's why I asked that you subscribe. I appreciate it. So yeah. These elites, just all their friends, their family members, you know, the Rockefellers, you know, the good old Gates Foundation, the Rothschilds, they're all interconnected. They're trying to do a controlled demolition of the economy, ushering central bank digital currencies, full surveillance, full control of the peasants, and they will have control forever. Like, think about it. They still are placing people in powerful positions, like Anthony Blinken. He's the current person right now. They've been doing this for 100 years. But their time has come and gone. The last three years has woken up so many peasants, you, me, us, everyone who's awake, and we will not accept tyranny. We will not accept control of a corporatocracy who has captured our institutions, captured the FDA, captured the CDC, captured our entire country with this dangerous notion that you should always trust the corporations, whether it's big pharma, big tech. Are you kidding me? They care about bottom line. They care about control. They care about getting their agenda across. They could care less about the peasants. They hate you, but I love you. And that's why we're in this together. Okay. They believe in one world government. We believe in one love, one love. Okay. So next clip here of this fantastic interview, Natalie Brunel with Whitney Webb. Uh, this one is about Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan, Chasen, Citigroup and that story. Take a listen. You see how this works? Can you tell me, can you give me one reason why 8 billion people are allowing like 12 families to run the world? Why? Why? Why can't we band together brothers and sisters, peasants and peasants alike and realize that we can take our world back? Okay. Jamie Dimon does not care about the depositors. He doesn't care about your thousand dollars in his bank. He cares about the people who put him there. He cares about the powerful elite who own him. He is fully owned by the military industrial complex, by the mob, by the merger, which is Operation Underworld. Go learn about it. He is owned by the elites. Does not care about the peasants. It's not about your money. It's about ushering central bank digital currency on behalf of the elites and get full control for many generations to come. This is our one chance. We have opened up our one chance in generations. to free ourselves from the elites. Like this is it. This is a moment in time that we can band together and say no and reject it and work outside the system, parallel systems, Bitcoin, gold, silver, whatever. We can finally escape the matrix for the first time ever. It is our choice what we wanna do, but I got many more clips to go into. All right, so what is it to these people? Why don't they care? Because they think that it's all a big game. These people. Think your life is a game. This whole thing is a game. That's their words, not mine. Take a listen. because the people who are supposed to report on it are in the book. The media executives, the politicians, they're in the book. They can't report on something that will get them in trouble legally. They can't report something that says that they had sex with minors. They can't do that. It's a bad look. They won't win re-election if you found out that there's videos of Joe Biden sleeping with, having a foursome with seven-year-olds. It's not gonna work out well. They can't report on it. That's why. So now I want to get into CBDCs. And that seems to be where this is all going. And I have many episodes on CBDCs. You can go listen to them. How compounding solutions, how compounding problems will force a solution. This is a really interesting one. Take a listen. So, I mean, I've been telling you this, I do this podcast to warn you, to educate you, to share the plans of the powerful elite, which they tell you is misinformation, disinformation, ignore, oh my God, he's a wacko, but we've been right about everything. Okay, you could just look at the data, look at the previous episodes. It's all in the pudding, as they say, whoever says that. So how are they going to usher this in? How are they going to usher it in? Well, I've said before that the way things have gone the last three years, they're going to say central bank digital currency, because it's going to protect you against terrorism and evil crimes, all this stuff. So we accept it. And the people who went along with everything the last three years. And if I say no to CBC, they're going to be like, what do you hate money? What do you what do you hate the poor? What do you what do you a bigot? What are you a racist? Like what's going to happen? Something like that is going to happen. They're going to be able to propagandize these people who have been propagandized for three years now, people who are still trapped by the lies of the regime. It won't stop until they have full control over you and they're getting close. So here's a prediction of how they're going to usher it in the World Economic Forum, cybercrime. I've covered a whole episode on their plan with cybercrime, where they said, according to their study, 89% of executives, the World Economic Forum did this. 89% of executives expect a catastrophic cybercrime in the next two years. Well, you know, they're very good at predicting the future. They're fantastic at it because they cause the problem and then they usher in the solution also. So it's going to happen. It's inevitable. It'll be Russia's fault, obviously, okay? But they're going to take down the banking system, the grid, the whole shebang. Not conspiracy, not conspiracy. All right, here we go. because they're part of the regime. SPF. So that's the restrict act. And I think I talked about it a bit, but the restrict act is a power play, Patriot Act 2.0 to survey you on the internet. Use a VPN, you're in jail for 20 years, peasant, okay? We need to control your thought. We need to control everything you consume because we're the surveillance state and we know better. Okay, you can't discern truth from fiction. So we need a disinformation board, okay? We need to use 1984 as a blueprint to how to run this country because the peasants cannot take the information. They're too weak, they're too soft, and they can't handle it. Okay? Now pick a gender. Listen, I don't care what gender you are. It don't matter to me. But they just want you to be caught up in things that are just a distraction. They are going to, there's going to be peak chaos. I've been telling you more and more chaos. Things are going, they're going to make things so bad for you that you will cry for a central bank, digital currency. You will beg for essential bank, digital currency. You will say, please give me a central bank, digital currency, because otherwise you're not going to get food. All right. Go check out, check out, uh, if you go book a flight, do you see the CO2 emissions, you see your carbon footprint? They're already doing with banks in Brazil, which by the way, the head of Brazil, Lula, the president of Brazil. was just in Beijing yesterday or today talking about how he wants to see the end of the dollar, which is so interesting because this is the regime that was helped by the current administration of the United States with Biden. They really wanted this regime in there. And now this regime doesn't want to use US dollars, wants to de-dollarize, wants it not to be a world reserve currency. Why would our regime in the United States want a foreign government to be against the US dollar? It's almost like they're bringing the big powers down, just like with climate change, like we can't use emissions, but China can open up more coal plants and everyone else could pollute the world, but in the US, you must use electric. They're trying to bring down the richest and rise up a little bit of the poor so we can be equals. Everyone is equally poor, own nothing, and everyone's happy. That's how it works. They need to bring us down. We're too wealthy. It's not good. Okay? It makes no sense that if for climate change, you don't want emissions, then you... Allow other countries to emit more you can't just move the plants that are emitting in the same earth that we are Polluting instead of polluting from the United States of America. They're recruiting. They're they're polluting from China It's still the same amount overall doesn't make any sense doesn't matter which way the wind blows if you're polluting you're polluting But people are asleep at the wheel Like it's unbelievable. Okay, like if I take a dump in Idaho, all right, and don't flush the toilet or I go to Beijing and take a dump on the floor, well, my dump is still on Earth. Okay, you understand what I mean? The dump is still on planet Earth. There is the same amount of odor, just a different location. You understand? It doesn't matter where you dump, it matters how you dump. I'm just kidding, it doesn't matter how you dump. But you understand, I take a dump over here, take a dump over there, there's the same amount of net dump on the Earth. All right? Flush the toilet next time you go, okay? Trust me, it's worth it. But some people don't have indoor plumbing, okay? You have to understand, you gotta bring the people who have plumbing down. Instead of bringing the poor people up so that everybody's wealthy using fossil fuel, whatever it is, bring everybody up. Make everybody wealthy, make everybody better off. No, bring the rich down. Bring the rich down, okay? We want everyone to own nothing, have no privacy, and they've never been happier. World Economic Forum 2016. It's in the making, okay? And not only are people asleep at the wheel, We have people cheering this on. We have people so propagandized. The difference between people who watch the news in Russia is that when they turn on the news, they know that it's BS and propaganda. The people in the U S turn on the news and they think it's the news. They think it's real. They think it's the news. We are the most propagandized nation that doesn't know they're propagandized. And until everybody wakes up to that, we're in trouble. We're in trouble. That's just the truth. So. Point is people who are in powerful positions were put there by very powerful people who've been running this country and the world For a long period of time. I want to go through the article a little bit Make sure we've covered everything for today and then i'll let you go Um, it's a very good article unlimited Whitney web very detailed. There's a whole series coming out. It describes all of it in detail Uh, who's associated with it's in her book as well one nation one nation under blackmail You would never believe all of these people interconnected. Anybody who be anybody who is obviously a shill in today's world, wherever the talking point is, like take the people's guns. Like, you know, something like that. I'm not even a gun guy, but the reason you have the gun is to protect against tyranny. That's just what it is. And the people who are like, I take the guns and everybody's on that. They are either blackmailed and they're very famous. They're blackmailed. There's dirt on them. You could just tell who the shills are. They're either paid by the administration. Or there's a blackmail on them and they have to do as they're told. Okay. You can tell who's a shill. If one thing was, turns out to be great the past few years, you could just divide society in half, people who are willing to speak the truth and be brave and love freedom and liberty and free market capitalism and other people who are shills for the regime, cause they did something wrong and there's blackmail on them or something and they have to continue whatever the talking point is. Oh my God. You know, it'll stop the spread. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Oh, we never said that. Take the guns. Oh my God, yes. Children can, we should castrate all babies before they're born. Oh, but they're not really babies. You know, whatever the talking point, I don't care what belief you're in. All I'm saying is it's obvious to tell who's a shill and who's not. And that is the best thing. That's one of the best things that came out of the last three years. It's obvious who you should listen to and who you shouldn't listen to. That's it. Okay, everybody, please subscribe to the John and the Cogan show wherever you get your podcasts. Rumble channel, YouTube channel, both are in the description of this podcast. If you're listening and if you can please give it a five star rating with a little, little, little spiel of what you think of the pod, five star rating, little spiel Apple podcasts, Spotify. It helps more than you know. It's the only thing I'll ask of you for now. Please give it a five star review, write something up. I'll read it on the next episode. As many five stars as we can get, and we can make this podcast go to the moon and back. Have we been to the moon? Probably. not. But with this podcast, we will go to the moon and it will be an apolitical journey with you, myself, our loved ones, our family, and we are going to bring everybody together. This is a movement of humanity, of peasants, of love, of freedom, free market capitalism, the people, of the people, by the people, for the people. Like I say, the people, the people, the people. It's time we join hands. It's time we come together. This is the Pro Human, Pro Peasant podcast, The Jonathan Kogan Show. Thank you for being here. Please subscribe. Please share with only one friend. before the next episode and I'll see you on the other side. I love you, I genuinely love you. And one piece of advice, give someone a text that you haven't texted in over two weeks that you care about and say, hey, just checking in, hope everything's well. That's it, do that. If it doesn't work, never listen to this podcast again. If it rekindles the relationship, fantastic. If it makes you feel better, fantastic. If it makes the other person feel better, fantastic. It's time we band together. Community, baby. I love you. Bye.