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Daily Boost - 2 Adar

Topic for Adar: Destroying Amalek

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Just as when Av begins we decrease in joy, so too, when Adar begins we increase in joy.
(Talmud, Taanis 29a)

The Talmud connects the joy of Adar to the sorrow of Av. This emphasizes the unique joy of Adar. While we must be joyful throughout the entire year, especially in our service of G-d, the joy of Adar is special. It is the joy of transforming darkness to light and sorrow to happiness, as the Book of Esther (9:1) states, “The very day turned [from destruction to salvation].”
The joy of Adar is unlimited specifically because it comes from transforming darkness and sorrow, so there is no longer any opposition to limit the joy. Ultimately, this joy will completely transform the sorrow of Av, of exile, into the joy of Redemption.

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