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Melinda French Gates, an abortion-obsessed single billionaire, opens up about her divorce with humanitarian, virologist Bill Gates. She talks about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein made her "uncomfortable", but she didn't divorce him until years later.

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Melinda French Gates, an abortion-obsessed single billionaire, opens up about her divorce with humanitarian, virologist Bill Gates. She talks about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein made her "uncomfortable", but she didn't divorce him until years later. She exposes how great of a man Bill Gates and how he loves all of our children because he probably wants to get in their pants on Epstein Island.

We also cover Hall-of-Fame point guard, John Stockton, recent interview with Michele Tafoya, which gets super spicy to say the least! Lastly, we look into Tedros potential "Freudian Slip", which he just announced in a speech on behalf of the World Health Organization (W.H.O).

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One and we're alive on all channels broadcasting world wide one dude and a microphone reaching over fifty countries from a tupid fucking attic with terrible internet you never know how one can help and save humanity welcome to The Jonathan Kogan Show everybody I'm your host Jonathan Kogan we might have to cut the second half on you tube because we get into other people's opinions that must be censored must be must be censored because you're a peasant ve always been a peasant and you cannot you can not handle certain information so therefore i need to gate i need to be the gate for what you can receive what transmissions you can see you can watch you can hear i must control that because i know what's true and not true and i know what you can handle and cannot handle so therefore i will censor in your best interest because i love you and i do not want to have more power and make you believe as certain narrative is because i love you i just can't tell you that directly so i will just filter the information you get so therefore you can make the best decisions possible based on forced information down your fucking throat okay sorry choose my language i'm back jonathan coke and he everybody we're starting off with your favorite hero true christian a patriot a um a philanthropic philanthropic capitalist as he said a monopolist um loves little girls on islands and most likely putting his penis in them bill gates your favorite humanitarian okay i'm sorry i have to see i have to say this on so many podcasts is so rough that i keep me even do this but there might be some new listeners so i'm enlightening you this podcast shares the truth no matter how dark how light i'm just very direct with it okay so when i say things like yes bill gates flew to epstein petafelia island like forty eight times and probably had sex with his penis in little girls that are under age against their will perhaps in some countries called rape i just go out and tell you that i don't filter it i just tell you that it's very hard to here it's very sad it's not something i want to tell you but it's something you deserve to know because this guy is ordering you to do certain things and to put things in your body and therefore i think you should know his background so that's great he's great he's america's doctor he's the world's doctor he loves children in fact he loves your children so much you'd probably take them in a back shack and probably you know who knows especially if it's a young girl who knows maybe he's a young boy who i don't know but when that man talks and his hands his fingers outstretch so far where his palms are like like pushing out too strongly it's like kind it's just when i watch him speak i do my heart doesn't get warm and i don't feel like i'm being told the truth i feel like there's n a gen at play he was just on he's just on the anderson cooper maybe will play it later in the episode but seems a bit sticky okay if you just go with your human emotional gut instinct and you watch that man just look at the most recent anderson cooper brought to you by fier interview with bill gates and you watch him he's when anderson s even ask him the question and he he's sitting there you're watching this with his face he's like he's like he's thinking up a concoction you know like he's coming up with a story in real time and you tell me if your gut feels like that dude is telling you the truth and if your gut says yeah god bless you you could still listen to john the ogun show because we accept all people no matter what your races are sexes genders whatever you identify with whatever you don't identify with whoever you hate doesn't matter we love you here because we're starting a community because just like black rock yes black rock who has ten trillion dollars which is double the g d p of the fourth largest economy in the world which is the country of germany very powerful they said the time the past you forty fifty years is over o't gonna ave topic but we're in a new regime there's gonna be a new regime okay you're goin t have less freedom of choice go watch mark mosses most recent video freedom of choice less goods you better get your apple products now because those are going away baby they're going away all right melinda melinda gates melinda french gate who you know how like i say this all the time how yea yea was like i love hitler and it's weird right well melinda french or french gates she loves abortion she loves abortion she loves abortion she is all about abortion in fact a lot of white women who don't have baby they love borton i love it if you said hey melinda french gates i can get you an ice cream birthday cake with your favorite flavor or i can i can bring a black a young black girl from africa and get abortion right in front of he's like i don't want that abortion i want to see that you little black african get in a portion listen if you're pro choice pro it is not about that's just a weird thing to be obsessed about it's a weird thing to go out of your way to be like i love abortion it's just weird like you might be okay i get it like pro coy it's fantastic whatever but like to go out of you and and be like oh my god instead of watching lialia jim carry i'd rather see an african girl getting a portion that's a little strange okay but melinda gates is the number one fan of abortions worldwide obsessed upset she dreams about it she probably does a lot of things to it okay when thinking about it she came out and wanted to talk about the divorce with the humanitarian great hero true christian patriot lover of humans pro population bill gates and i just figured i play this in for you cause she could ask some intresting questions and about how you know after jeffrey epstein who by the way you cannot know anything about definitely do not read the book one nation under blackmail do not do that do not do that you're not supposed to do not do that he after jeffrey eson was convicted of penafilia with little girls sex trafficking bill gates went on his plane like another forty two times but but he didn't go on it fifty two times so is he a bad person no does love you yes just like she loves abortions bill gates does the same thing with a scenes he loves the back oh he loves it he loves needles he likes a genetically modified his quote on the video genetically modified organs and we just shoot him in the vein of young african girls they love african girl abortions and they love injecting genetically modified stuff into they love it they love it they love it all right here's melinda gates talking about being married to uh let's just all lizard man whatever he is i don't even know what he is he's not definitely not a normal dude by the way i don't mean i mean this is totally off topic this has nothing to do with anything at is my personal opinion when you look at melinda french gates doesn't look like a dude not like a dude she just looks like a dude or not a very attractive woman but like a dude and that's nothing wrong with not like a dude like if you look at michellobama and you say oh that's michael mamma because barachobama literally calls michell michael boma and there's like certain characteristics where like a men's shoulders like are wider than women like you could do like a whole head next to your head and then like a half head for men if you look just look deeply at michellobama just look at her just look tell me if you could see michael obaa i think you might be able to see it you might be able to see it and that's not melinda french gates i don't think she's a true dude but she just looks like a dude but not in that way not like michael baba okay here we go let's play some of this interview she just came out recently and wanted to talk about how she's moving on baby yeah m oh yes yeah m yeah m ye oh yeah yeah yes so bill gates b f f forever jeffrey upson who was probably a great man and loved children also he probably his philanthropy is amazing i mean he donated to schools to chill dran women's rights which means abortions the just god millindicates love a borton can't get over that she rules over it she do love abortions it's so interesting it's interesting you can love whatever you want i just find it fascinating how one can be so obsessed with abortions like out of nowhere it's like what do you love oh i love the cleveland browns what do you love i love african girls getting abortions just weird dude so yeah bill gates knew that jeffrey was a convicted pedifile and bill gate said you know i don't care i'll still go on the lowly to express and i'll still go to your island because therefore i can go have sex with little girls who are under the ten against their will because i found it or co founded microsoft and i love vaccines he probably didn't say that part maybe he did maybe he did maybe he does that when he comes and goes now and then she goes basin who knows anyways i'm gettin on topic here so his b f f convicted pedifile jeffrey ebstin he hangs out with jeffrey ebston all the time and on this other side we go through a horrible pan demi totally beating the algorithm every day baby the the air born virus fiasco will call it that guy was the voice of reason and science well not science science was anthony fouche but of what choices to make with scientific information and by the way on that topic experts and scientists are freaking out now that science has retired science is officially retired now that it's twenty twenty three and experts and scientists do not know what to do i saw that that was pretty funny because anthony fouche referred to himself as the science so therefore he retires the science goes with him okay so yeah melinda gates talks he haw with a convicted pedifile and what does bill gates do he doesn't say i don't want to hang out with you because you no i want t hang out with you more because i want to do the same thing because i love children maybe he loves abortions because he doesn't like to use condemns i'm sorry that's a very ou don't want to hear this stuff but you can handle real information you can handle that it's very dark i understand it's very very dark but you can handle it okay bill gates doesn't wrap the tool okay he just puts it in and turns it into a pool whatever that means okay next topic we got a lot of stuff going on here okay a lot of stuff i got i got to keep up with it so well this is where i'm going to cut it off from you tube i think so i'm gonna cut up it from youtube so if you want to watch this if you're aching on you tube go to my rumble page or jump down the jonathan cocon show wherever you get your podcast we are exiting youtube for the time being in stream and okay we ended it thank you very much okay so what do we got here we got japan launches official investigation into millions of c o v d va vaccine deaths okay news punch dot com according to reports japanese researches have been instructed to investigate the mechanisms by which experimental mnrmnanjebs could be causing adver serious adversary actions and debts hero shema university school of medicine professor masataki a high lighted how the bodies of persons he performed all tubes on were abnormally warm with upwards of one hundred degree fair and height body temperatures and he says quote the first concern was that the body temperatures of the corpses were very high when the pole performed the autopsy go declared the bitems were unusually high such as thirty three or thirty four degrees celsius which ninety one and ninety three ninety three degrees fairanheit so that's a big deal that's going on so lot of mentem to investigate and just look into if there was any foul play you see i have people tell me like things that are very dark like like people are taking about the football player okay that collapse do i know happened no do i care i mean i hope he's okay but i'm not going to be here to speculate oh it was it was it was you know it was the inoculation it wasn't it's not what this is about having been healthy okay but i have people that say to me very dark things like so someone went like like okay can we contribute this to the inoculation to the job an and this person reply is something like no don't say that to get jonathan like excited and that's very dark like i don't want people i'm not i'm about pro population and pro human i am anti d population agenda i hate that i hate it i'm the opposite it's not i don't want to be proving right i want o be proven wrong i want to be i loved just like yeah loves hitler and melinda gates loves abortions and mill gates loves vaccines i love to be proven wrong i love to be proven wrong but like i was wrong i learned something new from you so no i don't want to be proven right with this because because if i'm proven right it's very dark it's very dark that means people are hurt people are injured it's a bad thing i don't like that but the people on the other side for some rea then have this huge like eagle were like they must be right and that's why they were so radical let's have you know vacine passports and this crazy ship for a while and now they realize how they were loney toney that they're like well i don't know can we i just embarrass myself on you know all these occasions can i have the courage and humility o be like maybe i over react during the time we didn't know what was going on and i take back what i said you know i wish i didn't say or whatever i said it and you know what now i think differently and therefore i changed my mind and i'm sorry if i discrimited against you or you say i just changed my mind i look at things differently because i have more information but these people can't do that they can't re evaluate situations even when more information comes in i re evaluate every day now the thing is is that i have the courage to be straight forward with you does that even work straight forth to be straight forward with you and to tell you information that i believe to be true at the time and then i keep investigating and i keep investigating and i iterate it's over and over it's non stop investigative journalism okay and i share so far this podcast has been ninety nine percent right okay perhaps there's an air and they've been corrected the airs have been corrected but the people on this other side are very dull wow you know don't say that you know it was the job that this guy had a card arrest on on the field because then john they'll get excited no jonathan doesn't get excited when people get card rested jonathan isn't happy when people have eart attack jonathan isn't happy when humans get hurt okay that is sick that is twisted and that is not my cup of tea you understand good i'm glad we're good i had to get that out of the way so john stockton okay i didn't know this but john stocked in the point gard of utah jas all time a sist leader i guess it's been pretty spoken in this area and michel de foy remember the span reporter michel de foe well she's kind of in this game to everyone's in the game of like let's get sanity back into the world but he michel de foy interviewed on her sideline sanity show ken rogers who played in the f and john stockton who was one of the best point guys of all time about the insanity going on in the world i figure i would play some of this interview for you because it's very very interesting because what we saw with the buffalo bills i'm not saying what it is and what it isn't just what we saw was crazy and you know it's very sad let's hope it's speedy recovery but john stockton two weeks before before yesterday talked about how athletes were yah dropping debtor you know having heart issues and stuff and i'm not again i want to be very clear i am not saying anything about the bufalo bills player because what we do on this podcast is we wait for more information before declaring stands on we don't have nearly enough information on that we just hope he has a speedy recovery and that he gets to play again some day and at the very least becomes fully healthy that's a period end of story done moving on is a totally separate subject john to interview this is a very interesting interview he's putting a lot on the line so i'm thinking that if he's willing to put his his reputation like this on the line that he must have some data and must have uh you know some information so i figure i play some of this for you it's very interesting and i like to play other reputable people on the podcast to help bring you or loved one back to sand and you be like it's okay to question things and in fact it's required to question things and the things that are most important to question are those things that are being told you by people in places of power and authority those must be questioned even more but question everything and even if you question and you get the answer you expected or you get this answer that they were telling you great you just verified it fantastic but questioning is key everything and people lost sight of that and very very important so here's ome of this interview it micheltafoya and john stockton and ken rockers yeah m ye yeah oh oh let's skip ahead and hold on yeah yeah so i do want to say real quick she talks about the courage well she's kind of representing the jonathan cogan show too not to you know not to pat myself on the back but we're fantastic okay we're fantastic this is one of he best podcast on the internet definitely the top a political podcast in the world no question about it because every other podcast is political so obviously were number one beaus none else in the funking category but i started this because the truth wasn't getting out but the information was out there but people were filtering it for you for whatever reason because you can't handle the truth you can't handle the truth you can and you definitely can and listen if you've been along for a ride i just want to say thank you i appreciate it let's play little bit more of this and then we'll get back and we'll wrap it up m a yeah oh ye yeah shout out j banacharia my friend did tell me i was like he's like okay then just die if you want to if you want to get sick and die well i'm doing incredible and i hope he's doing incredible because we like love on this podcast and i want to get to the end here where michele talks about her own experience with people is pretty touching at the end let's do good point yeah so what he talks about is he brings up the pandemic treaty that the w h world health organization is trying to get signed by sovereign nations which will basically undermine i believe the tenth amendment of at least for the united states but basically when there's another pandemic the w h o with this pandemic treatise it's signed by all the sovereign nation that next time the pandemic the orders of what to do comes directly from tedros from the w h okay and there's no longer sovereign nations so you can i've covered that on the previe podcast may be like twenty twenty five ago of the pandemic treaty from one of the best international lawyers who found like george bush guilty of crimes against humanity and like the international courts like one of the top guys so they're trying to get this pandemic treaty signed by all sovereign nations to consolidate power into just the w h o and who is mostly funded by the bill mallindigates tfoundation to tie this back to the beginning and then the c p the chinese communist party or the c p c um and you know i wasn't going to say there's two more things i want to do but since we talked about the w joh tdros was just giving a little speech and he said something really weird they say like froidian slips you know frida slips like you say something that you mean by accident um m no see if i can find it real quick he deleted it so all right for he i wonder if we could pull this up let's see ah the sea i think this will let's see if this works sorry hold on so he okay all right here we go let me play this for you real quick dr dr teches we on't no if he's a medical we don't kno what the deal is but he's basically the head of a in his country uganda i think maybe it is but he's part of like the crime one so he inverts reality but listen to what he just said this was this was like live on nat you could look this up this is real this is what he said don't know if it's a frida slip or what and i haven't played this specific video through so i'm hoping this is the right one but it looks like this was like two days ago but listen to what he says or watch okay ready here we go yeah he really did say that that's real look that up the w how the head of the host dross he did say that and that just happened i figured i wasn't gonna i forgot i wasn't going to play that but yeah he said some countries are using it to the boosters to kill children well i'm listening i'm not giving you my opinion i'm just giving you what he said that's just what he said that's literally what he said you heard it like twice that's just information for you that's all see now you some people are pushing back oh my god john the blue i didn't give you an opinion right there i just played for you something that the head of the who said why do you hae an opinion on me it makes no sense i'm political and i love you okay this has nothing to do with i'm sharing information that's being filtered against you or not not getting through the filters for you letting it get to you and be like wow there's crazy information out there here you go so yeah that's true or that was real i'm sorry i meant that was real bill gates loves you and he loves little girls and rape and who knows don't take your kids around them and last but not least we will end with this some twitter files dropped again today and it's matt tibi dropping some fire what do you know here we get thread the twitter files twitter and the f b i quote belly button by twenty twenty twitter was struggling with the problem of public and private agencies by passing them and going straight to the media with lists of suspect accounts in february twenty twenty as covid broke out the global engagement center a fledging analytic intelligence arms of the state department went to the media with a report called quote russ russian dis information apparatus taking advantage of corona virus concerns by the way you realize every time they use russia it's never russia it's always it's always us but whatever the g c flag accounts as russian persona and proxies based on criteria like describing the corona virus as an engineered bio weapon blaming res search conducted at the han institute and attributing the appearance of the virus to the c i a state also flagged accounts that retweeted news that twitter band popular us news outlet zero hedge claiming the episode quote led to another flurry of dis information narratives zero hedge had done reports speculating the virus had a lab origin which we now know is basically true the g c still led directly to new stories like the a f p headlined russia linked dis information campaign led to corona virus alarm us says and a political story about how russian chinese and irene ranny and dis information narratives echo one another you haven't made a russia attribution in some time when clemson's media forensic hub explained complained twitter hadn't made a russia attribution sometime trust and safety chief ol roth said it was revelatory of their motives for their motives of their motive sorry he says quote we're happy to work directly with you on this instead of n b c roth tried in vain to convince outside researchers like the clemson lab to check with them be we're pushing stories about foreign interference to the media twitter was also trying to reduce the number of agencies with access to wrath quote if these folks are like house homeland committee and d h once we give them a direct contact with you they will want to come back to him again and again said policy director carlos monge when the state department in the g c remember this was twenty twenty during the administration wanted to publicize a list of five thousand five hundred accounts that claimed would quote amplify chinese propaganda and dis information about covid twitter analysts were beside themselves the g c report appeared based on d h s data circulated earlier that week and included accounts that followed quote two or more chinese diplomatic accounts they reportedly ended up with a list of nearly two hundred and fifty thousand names long including canadian officials and a c n n account roth saw that ces move as an attempt by the g c to use intil from other agencies to insert themselves into the content moderation club that included twitter facebook the f b i d a s and other s the g e c was soon agreeing to loop and twitter before going public but they were using a technique that had boxed and twitter before quote the delta between when they share material and when they go to press continues to be problematic wrote one comes official the episode led to a rare public disagreement between twitter and state officials there's a lot more here but basically the the department homeland security the f b i are censoring canadian public officials and media journalists from the c n n the crisis news network they were censuring them too they're censuring everybody this is nuts this is all against the people this is anti peasant type of action while i think of that this is anti peasant warfare okay this is against the peasants we need to come together we need to unite we need to spread love we need to open our community to others we need to people who made errors over the last three years open and be asked be forgiving lead with kindness and let's grow together and become bigger than the state we are big in the state and by the ay the state works for us okay the government works for the people he people don't work for the government oka that's an illusion they were for us is of the people the people the people the people you forget that sometimes i forget to all right i hope you got a lot from today's podcast the biggest take away is melinda french gates loves organs but besides that i love you you're amazing please subscribe to the jonathan coganshel share it watching on twitter at k g c donate patron dot com ford slash ownership economy thank you thank you for being a part of this journey if you're new welcome aboard welcome to the community we're happy to have you hope you share with somebody else or hope you go back and listen to some older episodes or you just continue listen to episodes every episode from here so far we've done an episode every single day in twenty twenty three this might not last another day but so far we are proud of it and to show our appreciation i just want to say thank you i have nothing else i could do so that's it oh yeah and if a thousand people subscribe to the rumble channel we will do one for every day for the entire year no hold bar whatever that means i love you you're amazing have an amazing dat amazing night amazing afternoon god bless please share the jonathan coan show by