Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2020

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Follow-up on "what's the best metric for a new web app?"

Show Notes

After one failed attempt, we're back with a new episode. Sorry it's late!

"We, as the customer, are paying people who make apps so that their good work continues."

Responses from last week's episode: "What should are one main metric be for our SaaS?"

  • Adam: “Don’t focus on MRR. That’s copout. Focus on increasing downloads.”
  • Daniel: “Justin should get out and sell like crazy.”
  • Colin and others said: “Re-examine your pricing.”

What do you think?

Show notes:

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What is Build Your SaaS – bootstrap in 2020?

Can you bootstrap a profitable startup in 2020? Thousands of entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and product people have tried to launch their own web apps. But with so many venture-backed startups now, is it still possible? Follow Jon and Justin as they build their podcasting SaaS,