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Today, I’m talking to Hassan Osman— he’s the host of Writer on the Side, and himself a prolific writer. We talk about crafting books that sell (and keep selling), self-publishing on Amazon, and how to write while having a full-time job. Here’s Hassan!

00:00:00 Introduction to Hassan Osman
00:05:59 Slowly shifting your perspective
00:10:48 Do you update your books that you have written?
00:17:24 How short-sighted publishers can be
00:24:29 The importance of the time component in your book
00:29:12 The ROI if a diverse range of topics
00:34:47 Pick topics that are intersectional, not generic
00:41:43 You don’t need to write a big book to be successful
00:47:03 Using a marketplace vs doing it on your own
00:52:15 Investing in yourself and your public brand
00:56:22 Selling on Amazon and Udemy

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Hassan O.
Published 17 books on Amazon and 11 courses on Udemy (270K stdnts) while employed. I talk about how busy employees can turn knowledge into income. Views my own.

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