Praise and critique for audio dramas, AudioBoom goes boom (maybe), and banter about Banter.

Show Notes

Praise and critique for audio dramas, AudioBoom goes boom (maybe), and banter about Banter.

In the continuing saga to find Mark a new favorite podcast, he reveals he has subscribed to one recommendation, and completed a whole season of another. Progress!

This week Brendan suggested The Phenomenon, an audio drama based on a book by the same name about aliens and the secret society humans devised as humanity’s safegaurd.

Mark elaborates on how a patent troll has failed and the history of AudioBoom, the latter of which is facing severe financial troubles at the moment after a failed merger.

In response to last week’s discussion with Bradley about social podcast apps, Twitter user @LonelyBob suggested Banter! We are enjoying the app and we discuss the features that seem to be working well. On Banter, 🙈 is @ThePodPlaylist and 🧔🏻 is @iamsteadman, as any reasonable person would expect. Join us!

🙈 Brendan hopes you’ll support the IndieGoGo for season 2 of Unplaced, the audio drama he edits and writes the music for.

The call to action!

Podchaser is running a contest to raise awareness of their review sharing feature. If you review an episode or podcast, say… BitRate for example, and share that review on social media (tagging in @podchaser and using the hashtag #chasingpods), you’re entered to win a pair of CAD Audio headphones!

For every episode you review of BitRate, we are entered to win a new microphone, so we can sound better for you! (or really just 🙈, ‘cause he’s in the US and needs the mic more.)

It would not only be an ego boost, but it’s an oppertunity for us both to get free audio gear! So happy reviewing!


What is Bitrate?

Join Brendan Hutchins 🙈 and Mark Steadman 🧔🏻 as they digest the very latest in podcast culture.

[00:00:00] Brendan: Now I'm recording a new file. I am recording as well. And let's just not assume that I completely forgot about recording until you mentioned it. Let's just gloss over that.

[00:00:19] Mark: Yeah.

[00:00:23] Hello, Brendan Hutchins of the podcast advocate network. Hey

[00:00:27] Brendan: Mark. Steadman of Podiant podcast hosting service. Yeah.

[00:00:32] Mark: Well, are you this, uh, this fine morning for you afternoon? Doing great

[00:00:37] Brendan: Reddits. Hotpots yes. Yeah. Did you listen to the, uh, the two recommendations that Bradley and I gave you last

[00:00:43] Mark: week? Um, I'm I was behind on one, so I've listened to more of Doug loves movies.

[00:00:51] Nice. And that is now, uh, I hit the button and I am now a subscriber. Nice.

[00:00:57] Brendan: Yes, we got one. Yep. You got, we, we got one. Um, do you remember any of the specific episodes that you, that you listened to in, or. And to get

[00:01:06] Mark: started with the Dan Harmon. So basically the hard and tough one. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and I've not recognized any names.

[00:01:18] Since that makes sense, sort of new episodes, but I've been enjoying them. Um, and I like now I've got the format of the show. I kind of feel secure and comfortable and, uh, yeah, that's nice. Cause I know what to expect. I like that. I really liked the last man Stanton game. I don't understand the reference of the name, but I liked the game a lot.

[00:01:37] Um, Yesterday's one that I was listening to was Cameron Diaz. And I only could think of maybe two films. Um, but yeah, no, it's really good. Really enjoying that one. It was really fun to play along. Yeah, absolutely. I have not listened to, um, Brad's uh, suggestion.

[00:01:53] Brendan: Hmm. I actually, I did, um, I, uh, it was kind of funny.

[00:01:58] I, I, it wasn't. It wasn't something that was jumping out at me. Like, um, I have a lot of business podcasts and stuff I already listened to and I wanted to listen to it for homework. And, uh, so I looked at it and then I realized that that the most recent episode is him debating Malcolm Gladwell. And I was like, I was just listening.

[00:02:20] To the N the teaser or whatever for revisionist history and Malcolm Gladwell, uh, did a debate with somebody and that's weird. And so I'm like I checked the, the, um, revisionist history of feed and it's the same episode. They just still crossover. I don't remember them talking about. Uh, the like another person has podcasts.

[00:02:41] Like I wish they kind of would have mentioned that, or maybe I just missed it. I don't know. Very possible. Uh, so I'm like, oh no, now I'm really excited. And then I looked and it's also a kind of like a co-sponsor branded podcast by Ted work-life is, and so, um, that made me even more excited because I really like the.

[00:02:59] So I listened to the first episode of worklife and I liked it. It was a, a nice format. It reminded me a lot. The tone reminded me a lot of, um, I don't think you'll know this one, but, um, Gimlet's branded podcast with eBay called open for business. Feel to it. Um, which is cool. It, you know, it's, it's polished and it has a kind of a playful monologue tone to it.

[00:03:25] So, uh, with a bunch of interviews. So yeah, it was, it was good. I'm going to listen to, I'm going to catch up on the rest of the episodes. So, so

[00:03:33] Mark: the fall of the house of sunshine

[00:03:38] Brendan: previously on the fall of

[00:03:39] Mark: the house up, so I listened to the first series will fit this season. I. I liked it. I didn't love it. Um, I appreciated the work that's gone in to this, uh, especially the music work. Um, as you said, the music. The work that's gone into producing the music is fantastic. Um, yeah, oddly, I found the songs are almost universally too fast.

[00:04:12] Um, I was listening at one speed because it's a musical, so I wanted to, to get the full experience. So I listened to one X, uh, but the. A lot of them are too fast and I think they could have stretched them out a bit and they would have actually worked as well. If not actually a bit better. I think that the thing that I didn't know.

[00:04:33] Th that made it something that I liked, but didn't really love was, um, the, the writing, um, the, the book as they call it in musical terms. So the stuff that, isn't the singing, trying to think about what it was exactly. I think part of the problem is they, in my opinion, didn't spend enough time establishing the world and the character before it was disrupted.

[00:04:57] Um, and so in standard sort of story wheel or story circle, Sure and moments you actually, you like, you really need to spend a good bit of time in that, um, in, in the, the equilibrium stage before you can then have the, have the problem and the disruption and the ordinary world. Yeah. So th th there wasn't enough time in the ordinary world.

[00:05:18] And so you've got the murder of this character by someone, um, someone, someone, I mean, like, I, you know, I'm not gonna not gonna spoil anything, but I'm just. You want to start not knowing who, who committed the murder cause that's the whole point. Um, yes. Yeah. And that was a fun

[00:05:33] Brendan: twist. I

[00:05:34] Mark: enjoyed that. So a comparison I would make is with thrilling adventure hour.

[00:05:38] And I think that's a fair comparison. Um, such as there's a, there's a, you know, a great lightness to it. And it's, it's more like something like the sparks Nevada, uh, um, Stripe or line of the, of, of that, of that series. And what, as I was trying to analyze it, I think what I figured out is that what makes those shows so enjoyable?

[00:06:01] The thrilling adventure hour is that the, the jokes aren't jokes. And there are lots of quote unquote jokes in, um, central. There are lots of actual jokes. Um, and there aren't that many, there really aren't very many in, in, in thrilling. And so what they do is they rely on the richness of the characters and the performance of the actors to really bring out the, the humor.

[00:06:29] And when they do songs, they, they're not funny songs, but the premise is often funny and there might be the. A bit and, and a lot of that is in performance or in, like I said, the richness of the characters. Um, yeah. And I think that's possibly what was, what was lacking. So I look at something like mission to XIX and I didn't love it.

[00:06:50] The first episode. But from sort of 2, 3, 4 onwards, I quickly became something that I really enjoyed because you learn more about the characters and there's a small amount of core characters. Yeah. The

[00:07:03] Brendan: character, um, mesh the characters, interacting together. For XIX was absolutely the driving force for that podcast.

[00:07:12] Um, yeah. And also greet with, uh, sunshine that there's so many characters. It was really hard to keep track. Yeah. Uh, so do you want another recommendation to try out for this week? If you've got one hit me? Yes, I actually do. I have, I've been compiling a little list so I can call them out over. Um, yeah, so, okay.

[00:07:31] Uh, you get a Peck. Do you want a drama or a comedy? And the comedy is not fiction. Um, drama, drama, the phenomenon. Okay. Have you heard of the phenomenon? No. Okay. This is a podcast based on a book. I believe I don't, I don't know how far along in the book that they are. They only have the first season out now.

[00:07:50] I think they're working on the second season now. It's um, let's see. The basic premise is, um, alien seven faded and there is a, there was a. Uh, human society that, um, created a fail, safe protocol type, um, underground government agency network thing where a bunch of luminaries around the world all knew, and they got the signal to hide in a bunker and, um, preserve, uh, mankind.

[00:08:24] Um, I don't know if you've, if you've heard about the, the seed vault, where the like actually exists in our world where they. They keep a seed of every type of plant for, um, for future humans. It's up in like,

[00:08:39] Mark: um, Norway, uh, according to, uh, Wikipedia

[00:08:42] Brendan: next next, no. Right. Okay. Um, and they're like drilled into a mountain to make this vault and, and hide it untainted from the rest of the world.

[00:08:51] And it's like one of the big. Um, collaborations of all countries that contribute to this and keep it, keep it safe from our pollution and global warming and all that kind of stuff. So the phenomenon reminds me a lot of that, where, um, all around the world, a bunch of people got the signal, went down into bunkers and, and waited out, um, this big alien invasion, uh, I think I'm going to stop there.

[00:09:16] And my description, if that

[00:09:19] Mark: it does, um, in link is in the show notes. I will subscribe. I will check out. I think I will always try and commit to, to listening to one episode. And then if I like it, I will always continue. So we'll see how far. So,

[00:09:33] Brendan: uh, the trolls dad. Yeah. I heard about that.

[00:09:36] Mark: This is that back when this happened, this was, it just made me so angry because people taking credit for things that they haven't done, kind of makes me angry.

[00:09:43] But, um, this is the story of, um, Of the, uh, personal audio LLC, uh, who are putting trolls, um, they, uh, made up a reason for why they, um, entered podcasts, invented podcasts and who didn't, they know serial did that. Yeah, exactly. We all know that. Um, and before that it was mark Marin. Oh yeah, of course. And, uh, so they, they, uh, tried to Sue a bunch of, um, people, uh, And they have ultimately now been defeated in the Supreme court, um, with, uh, the, the basically lost to the electronic, um, freedom foundation.

[00:10:27] I think it is the eff. Anyway, I know it more as the eff and as soon as I tried to figure out what the actual acronym was, I broke down and electronic frontier foundation. Sorry. Um, and, uh, yeah, so they, they lost, they lost this case as they should. And, uh, a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief because this was eating into their time and their budget, the likes of Twitter, I think SquadCast, and so a bunch of, a bunch of people have had this to worry about and hanging over their heads.

[00:10:55] And it's been the case for a long while, quite a, quite a number of years. Um, yeah. And, and so I'm, um, I'm delighted, uh, the idea that, uh, an organization can. Create nothing. And then try and make money from something they didn't create, just because of a loophole that is exploiting an open, um, ecosystem and open-world market, um, is such an anathema to me.

[00:11:24] And it just. So on grant, you know, that's not a controversial

[00:11:28] Brendan: stance. No, no. I'm feel exactly the same. I believe this is the same company that I think they, they created like books on tape or not created, but they, they made books on tape or taped, um, pieces of audio of some sort. And that's kind of how they have their start.

[00:11:44] Okay. I'm not too familiar with, uh, exactly where they came from and it did. I think they tried and failed. Actual products, uh, and then became, you know, hold their lives. Patents. I don't, I, the patent trolls and that, that whole scene is. Th the whole aspect of holding onto patents. I mean, it's kind of goes into my, um, my almost rant from last episode about capitalism.

[00:12:11] Like I, I hate the fight about everybody trying to just get their own, you know, trying to take from others so that they can better themselves. And that's just how patents feel to me. I mean, I get, I get it. And like, uh, on one hand, you like, you, you create something like that. You know, if, uh, you know, another podcast come on and they call themselves a bit, right.

[00:12:30] And they try to talk about podcasts and, and became way more popular than us, you know, like that would, that would hurt my feelings, but it's also, you know, it's, it's an idea. It's like, I do this for free and anybody can and should be able to do whatever they want and hopefully their, their morals keep them in check.

[00:12:46] I think

[00:12:47] Mark: there's a, there's a difference between. Patent trolling and sitting on patents, uh, for, for technology you didn't create, especially, um, after the fact and intellectual property theft. And I think what you're talking about is more theft of IP. And, and so, you know, this is why people like Marco trademark, the name overcast, um, because it could be a very real threat that someone in the Google play store might want to create overcast on Android and.

[00:13:16] Uh, aligned himself with Marco's brand in a way that could damage the work that he's doing. Um, you know, the same could be true of the podcast hosting company that I run. If someone wanted to create an app or do, or, or something else, or even, I don't know, like if someone wants to sell t-shirts with the, with the robot on, like, I wouldn't be.

[00:13:37] That's sad about that. I wouldn't send them a cease and desist probably, but if someone were to make something and pass it off as a podium product, um, then you know, that would be, that would be a different matter. Um, I think, you know, copyright exists to help creators and ensure that their stuff doesn't get stolen.

[00:13:57] And I support that. The the, the, the, the thing that allows patent trolls to function is basically a loophole in a forgiving patent system. Yeah. That's, that's the thing that they're exploiting and that's the thing that needs to be worked out. And hopefully a case like this sets a precedent that, uh, other courts can now site, how much

[00:14:19] Brendan: does the rest of the world look at?

[00:14:22] Uh, the U S Supreme court's decisions, as, I mean, obviously like in, you know, the U S is, um, a big hub in terms of, of the business world. Um, and so, you know, if a company is set in, in the U S they're going to follow very well, they're supposed to follow the U S laws. Um, but does do it any other countries that you know of look at.

[00:14:50] The court say here or only apply their own

[00:14:53] Mark: courts. I would think they probably only apply their own court system, but when it would, when it comes to these kind of specialty cases, I think it's fairly common. Uh, if both companies have a presence in the U S it would or. They don't even need to, or maybe they can form a, a small, uh, company, um, in, in the states, in order for them to fight, to have their case heard in a specific court.

[00:15:21] I think Texas tends to be a friendly court for these kinds of patents discussions, um, is, is my understanding. And so it would be. I think a thing that you might find two companies would have, their court hurts, have their case heard in the Texas courts because that's where those kinds of decisions get made.

[00:15:43] And we have the same thing in the, in the UK. Um, if, uh, companies from the U S or elsewhere, once a fight, a liable, um, label, not liable, but a libel lawsuit, um, then they will fight it in the UK because we have. Strong and strict laws against label. And so if one company wants to say, you, you know, you, you slandered us, you defamed us, uh, you labeled us, then they will fight that in London attrition.

[00:16:11] And so I think so w whether one court in one country can have an effect on another, apart from Europe where they, they have an overarching European court, uh, I don't know if you can cite cases from another court and other countries call. My guess would be not, but I

[00:16:28] Brendan: don't know. Yeah. I don't know either. I think I know it's not exactly the same thing, but I have been fascinated with seeing how far the GDPR is reach is in that it's like a worldwide effect and not just any you

[00:16:42] Mark: effect.

[00:16:43] Yeah. And, and by nature of the nature of the web, it has to be. Yeah. Because at any, any country outside of the EU, uh, if they're a global business or they, you know, uh, they deal with people who might be from Europe, then they have to implement this. And so you may as well implement it for everyone because it would probably be harder work to only implement it for some, right.

[00:17:04] Yeah. Nine years ago, a company I think possibly Irish, but I think possibly more likely, um, British, um, one, a fund from one of our broadcasters, which is, uh, partly, um, state supported called channel four. And they had a program called for. And, uh, they were giving out, um, large sums of money to, uh, new tech companies who wanted to do something interesting in, um, in the world of tech and media.

[00:17:40] And out of that, uh, the, one of, if not the winner, um, was in 2009, I believe was a company called audio bow. And. What they were is basically what anchor is now, except not as full featured. Um, so they were sort of a Twitter for audio. Oh. And it was, it was quite a nice little app. And, uh, it, it got a little bit of use among a few people.

[00:18:09] And those who were interested in the, in the space at the time were sort of. Where, you know, made, made aware of this because they kind of followed, followed that area. And so, uh, it was a, it was a nice little product that existed for quite, uh, quite well. And then I don't know, three, four years ago, uh, they had a big pivot and became audio, boom.

[00:18:32] Um, and they now do, uh, that they're much, much larger, larger organization. And, uh, they now have. Podcasts that you've probably heard of, um, no such thing as a fish, as an example. And a lot of them tend to be more British, I think. Hmm. But then again, a little bit like a cast, I think, uh, but probably more social.

[00:18:56] Um, and, uh, it's, it came out yesterday that they are now, um, in trouble. They've had to pull out of an acquisition that they were supposed to, um, go through with Trek and digital that's right. 'cause uh, there, their money's dried up and they're now worried that they might not see themselves through the next four weeks.

[00:19:18] Um, so it's a real

[00:19:20] Brendan: shame. Yeah, they ha they now, oh, Trenton digital, like a million dollars for breaking out of the

[00:19:25] Mark: acquisition attempts. That's a real. Um, so if they've, if they've got to pay that after, after what they've got, then, then yeah, that, that really

[00:19:33] Brendan: screws I've also heard store. I've also heard that, um, because they like a cast, they do, um, ad placements for the podcasts on their service.

[00:19:42] They've actually. I'm behind on paying many, um, podcasts, like thousands of dollars. Not, not good to hear. No.

[00:19:51] Mark: Yeah. The vault, the vultures are out, um, all the, the, the podcast. Well, I've, I've certainly seen one, um, uh, with, with the, uh, watching over the, the, the twitching body. Um, but all I will say is that like, I, I, I, I wish them, I wish them the best.

[00:20:08] Um, Dave, I think it would be. It would be a shame to see them go. I think as much as I don't really follow them or, or whatever, having seen where they came from. And, you know, I think I may have even been involved in a project that put a bid in for four IP back in 2009. Um, and so to see. This be the case.

[00:20:31] Now I think it's a, it's a real shame. And so I like, I, I wish I wish everyone the best and hope that the next four weeks isn't too tumultuous for them. And, and, you know, someone comes in and, uh, and saves them and, and they, they pull a SoundCloud.

[00:20:47] Brendan: Yeah, yeah. Right. Yeah. That would, that'd be nice. I'm actually not a big fan of audio.

[00:20:52] Boom. I don't like that. The way that they do. Um, there, there are, and we're very few audio, boom podcasts. I've listened to. Uh, one of them for a long time was, um, undisclosed, which was the, um, the lawyer who brought the. Uh, Robbia, Choudhry the lawyer who brought the add onsite case to Sarah Canuck to start cereal.

[00:21:20] She had a follow-up podcast called undisclosed with two other lawyer, friends about all the details you actually should know about the, I add an onsite case. And then they went on to do further seasons after that they were on audio, boom, and they loved it. They, they felt very supported and helped by it, but eventually once they started having ads on there, a lot of ads.

[00:21:42] We're radio ads and they felt very inappropriate. Like they had a, a Trump ad on one of the episodes and they are definitely a liberal leaning. I, I talked to them about it and they're like, we were disgusted that this happened. So, um, It was a much different little things like that, that, you know, don't really matter in the long-term and I don't wish ill on them at all.

[00:22:05] I just don't really particularly care for their, um,

[00:22:09] Mark: yeah, absolutely. Um, as much as you know, um, I think, yeah, I'm speaking probably slightly more personal, I think. Yeah. As much as I, I w I'm with you, um, there are professional differences, um, that I have with, with companies like, like them and a cast and, you know, one or two others, um, That doing what they think.

[00:22:31] Best, um, you know, they're also doing what is currently fashionable and what is, um, obviously for the most part of money-making enterprise. Um, yeah, but yeah. Um, yeah, I think, I think that was more to the people of audioboo, uh, or audio let's pull one out for them. Um, but yeah, th the, the business practice or the, the, the business model.

[00:22:54] Yeah. Not, not so much.

[00:23:01] Brendan: so last week when we had Bradley on, we were talking about social podcasting apps. So when we talked about, um, Braker and chorus and how they didn't quite meet, um, any of the three of our, uh, expectations or, or desires for. What we want in a social network for podcasts. Um, after that show aired, I got a wonderful message on Twitter from at lonely Bob who is working really hard.

[00:23:29] I see at being less lonely and he recommended an app to me called banter. It apparently is in, um, an open beta. Um, I I've been talking with the developers and they just kind of did a soft launch without trying to, um, make it too popular. So. Yeah, of course now I'm going to make it more public, but, um, I've been using it for the past week or so, and I really enjoy it.

[00:23:52] I'd like the interface. Um, kind of the way they've designed to share episodes and, and talk about it. So, um, you, you can have your list of, of podcasts that you follow and they'll just come up on your main page as a feed. And so you can like it, if you want to, which I don't really know what that does. I haven't asked besides just let you know to yourself that you're like it.

[00:24:18] Um, but then you can also recast it. And so that just. Publishes it out to everybody else's feed that follows you. Oh, lovely. Kind of like Twitter. Yeah. And so, um, since it's a, since it's really small right now, there's only about 170 users or so, um, everybody follows everybody, so it's, it's not a big, um, Uh, fire hose of, of recommendations or anything, but it is a, it's a nice steady flow.

[00:24:46] You know, everybody does like one or two a week or something like that. And it's nice. So they can, when they recast it, they can just, just do it as a recast or they can add a comment and then. People can reply to that recast. They can listen to it. They can, they can make a comment and then they can make a reply to somebody else's comment.

[00:25:05] And there's of course there's little hearts for, you know, um, showing that you'd like somebody to comment. And so far I'm finding that. It's pretty engaging. Um, and the back and forth, the, the comment thread from each episode is easily visible from the main page, which is something that I didn't like about the way, because actually went back to chorus to take out and take a look at.

[00:25:30] Their interface. Didn't resonate with me and it's harder to see that there's a conversation going in chorus. And it just, there's a lot of blank space that, that doesn't really feel like has any purpose to it. It doesn't even look minimal or anything like that. It just seems empty. Um, whereas for banter, for me, Clean, but dense.

[00:25:51] Oh, also the people on there that just seem to be just really happy to talk about podcasts, which is just such an important part of a podcast, community or community space of any, um, of any sort. Have you had a chance to, uh, to check out banter at all? No, I'm,

[00:26:08] Mark: I'm on it now. Um, and uh, already I like the interface.

[00:26:13] Um, I think I. I'm very picky with, with interfaces. Um, yes. And, um, chorus, I just couldn't quite get on with it, whereas I kind of mean either. I think I like, I like the look of this. Uh, it seems nicely, nicely. Swipable I've just connected my account. So, uh, I'll go and follow some people and find some friends, um, and, uh, and look forward to, uh, to give.

[00:26:40] To give us a go. Um, yeah, it it's, it sounds, it sounds

[00:26:44] Brendan: exciting. Yeah. So I don't, um, one of the, one of the, probably the easiest ways, and, and we talked about this last episode for a social network, like this to take off, um, specifically for podcasts is that you're able to listen to the podcast. In the same app that you're also socializing in.

[00:27:03] And I think that's going to be a main key for this and for any other type of service for, to actually go forward. And I might just, I mean, I might might as not the wrong right word. Um, I, I definitely am a different listener than most, um, But the amount of podcasts I listened to and the speed that I, I do.

[00:27:22] Um, I, right now I have to stay with overcast. Um, I tried listening in banter and the speed quality is not there. I actually talked with the developer and he's he's, he appreciated my feedback and he's going to implement something to make the sped up audio sound better. But between. Overcasts ability to, to speed up without really harming the audio too much.

[00:27:47] And the Smartspeed feature. I, um, I'm sticking with overcast for now for listening, but I'm checking banter, you know, a couple of times a day to see what the conversations like and to contribute my own recasts and stuff like that. So I'm enjoying it. I hope that, um, you know, some listening to sign up and we can get a little bit right.

[00:28:06] Community

[00:28:06] Mark: going on in there. That'd be wonderful actually. Um, I'm struggling to find, I, I it's, it's a shame. I don't seem to see if this is an option. I'd like to be able to just get my own PML. Um, oh, I don't

[00:28:19] Brendan: see that either. No. Um, yeah, it's, it's pretty feature light. Yeah. And, uh, it's kinda funny actually, when Ben, when, um, when breaker first came out, I was pretty curious because from what I could notice, that was the first kind of one on the scene that tried to be a social network.

[00:28:36] And I, um, I broke it with my own PML import multiple times, like it, cause I don't know, I. 150 200 feeds or something like that. And it was so confused and so laggy and I was really dismayed by that. So I moved on and, and deleted it. I came back to it. Three months later and see if they'd up. Cause I'd heard that there were updates and stuff and I broke it again and I'm just like, okay, I give up.

[00:29:04] Um, but this one, like it didn't even have the open mail import. Yeah. And I still found it charming anyway. So it was, I felt, it was kind of funny that I had it. I felt like I had a different standard for the two, but, um, I definitely liked the interface of, of banter way more than breaking. Chorus for sure.

[00:29:19] Mark: Yeah. I'm a, I'm going to subscribe to a few shows, get them in my, in my list. Um, and I've already having scroll through the feed. I don't know if it's because we follow each other. I don't think so. I think this was a general feed, but you, you popped up a couple of times. So it does, it does show that, um, we're, we're in that lovely stage here.

[00:29:37] If this is something that continues on we're at that lovely stage where a network feels new. When Twitter was, uh, when I first started using Twitter, which was about a year after it went mental. Um, so I started using it halfway through 2007, I think. Uh, so it had already gone huge at south by Southwest the previous year, I think.

[00:29:58] Um, but that it was still small enough that it was only the, the real, real early adopters. Um, and you know, this was at a time when. You would actually get text messages, get, you know, it was the original text message based system. So every time it was a new text message. Um, and then I got to the point where I was starting to follow too many people to get a new text all the time.

[00:30:23] So I, I texted back the, the mute command, uh, or whatever, and then you change it to only texts only tweets. Mention you or something like that? Um, I think, yeah, I think that was, that was the next thing. So I did that and, and you, you were always having these constant conversations with people and you plan a little up and you do exciting things and play hashtag games.

[00:30:45] And, and it, it really felt lovely and small and, and cozy, and everyone was fun. And obviously there were disagreements and humps, but. All in all. It was a, it was a very, non-toxic really cozy, nice environment. And I like the idea that we might be, um, at the, the threshold of that with something like the podcast community, which is yeah.

[00:31:10] Tends to be in and of itself a much warmer community than social networks. Um, and so having a social network that tends to be populated by people who are certainly the makers of podcasts, tend to be a little bit warmer in personality. Um, this is, uh, yeah, this, this is really promising. So I'm, I'm excited to, um, to get my hands on it properly.

[00:31:33] There'll be a link in

[00:31:33] Brendan: the show notes for anybody to download the app.

[00:31:45] What, uh, what, what do you got going on for your podcasts?

[00:31:48] Mark: I'm a couple of episodes ahead of, um, my Hitchhiker's guide show and that feels really, really good. Um, my bet. Yeah, I recorded one last night, but I don't have to edit it until next week. Um, so, uh, cause tomorrow's episode is, or sorry, yesterday's episode is, uh, is all ready and done and yeah, that feels great.

[00:32:09] It's um, I misbehaved in the recording yesterday because I was, I was, I was setting traps for future mark because present mark was drunk and he didn't care. Oh no. Yeah. So future market is going to hate me when he comes to the edit, but Hey, that's his problem? What about yours? What's what's coming. What's coming up.

[00:32:26] Well, I'm happy

[00:32:26] Brendan: to say that unplaced the, um, eerie audio drama that I helped produce and brought the music for has just launched their Indiegogo for season two. So there's a bunch of other cool rewards, um, to make, to make funding the next season possible, including, um, audio book versions of both seasons.

[00:32:49] So there's takes out the interstitial. Uh, intros and outros and puts it all together. Um, also a remastered version of the season one, which I'm excited to work on. And, uh, you know, you can also get the soundtracks as a, as a level. I would appreciate if anybody's interested. Uh, well, first check out on play season one, and if you liked it, um, go to the Indiegogo link in the show notes and, um, consider, uh, sponsoring, you know, um, contributing to the next season.

[00:33:20] That would be amazing. And also, um, there is a. Contest going on from punching, sir. Uh, so they have a few different things that are going on with their, with their contests. They're trying to, they just released a new feature where you can share reviews and they're trying to get more people to know about it and to use it.

[00:33:39] So if you read a review for a podcast, say bet, rate for one, you can read a review of the whole podcast and you can also read a view of individual episodes. And if you share that on, on Twitter or Facebook or Instagram, and you use the tag a purchaser and you use the tag at pod chaser and the hashtag, uh, chasing pods, you'll be entered to win, uh, a pair of headphones just for sharing their, their view.

[00:34:06] Um, what also happens is for every review, Uh, a person makes on a PO on a podcast, whether it is the whole podcast or an episode, uh, that podcast is entered to win a nice XLR microphone. Oh, lovely. Yeah. Um, so I'm, I'm really hoping for the microphone, cause I could use an upgrade and uh, I would love. For, uh, any and all of our listeners, if you have a moment, check out the link in the show notes, and if you enjoy the show or if you feel like we have things we could improve on, uh, go ahead and leave us a review.

[00:34:39] Any, any reviews, help, even if, even if you don't feel like the full five stars is, is warranted. Absolutely.

[00:34:45] Mark: Paul Get us, get us. And, uh, yes, please see, wind yourself some headphones and when Brendan some, some microphones, um, and we will all be very, very happy.