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Daily Boost - 29 Cheshvan

29 Cheshvan: Understanding What We See

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Show Notes

Topic for Cheshvan: Working Toward Moshiach.

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When Moshiach comes, the physical world will express the true reality. The world will be pure G-dliness, no longer veiled by a material shell. Then we will see the physical world for what it truly is, G-d Himself.
The same will be true of time. Every day, the essence of that day will shine. We will see the word of G-d creating the world, our body, and each moment in time. Then, we will experience the verse, “All flesh will see that G-d’s mouth speaks.”
When Moshiach comes, speedily in our days, everyone will have true understanding. They will understand what they are seeing, not just with their minds, but with their souls.
(See Likkutei Dibburim, vol. 1, pp. 184-5)

The main difference between exile and the time of Moshiach is understanding. Now, we do not understand what we are seeing and experiencing in the world. By working to understand
G-dliness and see it in the world, we are walking directly toward Moshiach.

Likkutei Dibburim, vol. 1, pp. 184-5