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Overwhelmed by hosting platforms? Eric helps with your decision in this episode

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What is the best hosting platform for podcasting? Is there even one?

Eric talks about podcast hosting platforms and which one he likes the best and why.

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Eric Beels
Podcast Manager, Technical Director and Online Course Creator for Online Coaches, Speakers & Trainers

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Eric Beels 0:01
There's lots of different podcast hosting platforms available. Which one should you use? Let's find out. You're listening to practical podcast Tips. My name is Eric Beels. And today, I'm going to cover tip number one best podcast hosting platform for 2022. There's quite a lot of them out there. So how do we pick, I wanted to start this podcast off with the best podcast hosting platform that I think is for the year of 2022. There's a lot of different ones to choose from, I'm not gonna lie, it was kind of overwhelming for us as well, when we got started doing podcast management, because there's like a lot of different ones like from pod bean, there's anchor, there's all kinds of different ones. When I was looking out, there's lots of different websites out there, that'll kind of list them out list a bunch out like the top 20, hosts and such, right? And they might have different reasons. And the thing I don't like about those sites is they will talk about like, here's a bunch of different options. Well, that didn't really answer my question is, you know, if I'm looking for like the best one. So I'm not going to give you a list of a bunch of different ones and talk about the pros and cons of each one, I'm just going to tell you two of the top ones that I like the best. One of them we use, and the other one is a fantastic second option. I'll go into the reasons why. The first one is And the reason that we like transistor dot F M, is because they kind of have like a no, a No BS system where you kind of just get everything with it. There's some limitations, but for the most part, you get unlimited everything other than the downloads, but their their download on their base plan is good for up to 15,000 downloads, a lot of other ones will have limitations on like how many you can post like a lot of other ones will set a limitation on like, you know, you can only upload two hours per month or three or four hours per month. That's it. If you have longer episodes, that could be a problem. Or if you are posting multiple episodes on a like twice a week basis, for example. Another reason I like transistor FM is it's a very simple interface, the interface is so easy to look at and easy to use, it all makes perfect sense. For me, that's a big one, I will take a simple interface, I'm happy to pay more for a simple interface over something that's maybe cheaper, but is really complicated and just a pain to look at. And another thing that is great about transistor is they allow you to add multiple podcasts on one account. So there limitation up to like 15,000 downloads, that's for your account as a whole. What's a common thing to do is to have two different podcasts for one podcast. So like one might be your full length episodes, which maybe those are an hour long or two hours long. And then you can also have a secondary podcast, which maybe those are snippets. So maybe those are like condensed like 10 minute versions, right, you can have two separate podcasts for those, or three or four or however many. The second option, this is also the free option. If money is tight, and you don't want to pay for transistor, this second option might be great for you. This one is called red circle. Now red circle is a fairly new, newer company. I haven't used them yet personally, but everything I've seen from them, they look to be a really, really solid options solid competitor, especially with their fantastic free option. They also have some upgraded paid options as well. They have a lot of really good, good features with like monetization and things like that. So red circle is a great free starter option. If you're just getting into podcasting, you know, you don't really want to want to pay for something, go to red circle. So I hope that that's helped simplify some things for you that you gain some value out of that to really make this I've gone through this process of looking into I've looked into pretty much all of them. So yeah, that is my top two podcasts host picks for 2022. And you can also find links for those in the description. See you in the next episode. Hey, thanks for listening. If you liked this episode, feel free to leave us a review. I'd love to hear how it helped. Also, if you know somebody else that could benefit from it. Go ahead and share it with them. Thanks again and see you in the next episode.