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On this episode of Mahakatha, join host Preeti as she delves into a captivating story about a king and his two sons. Inspired by an ancient parable, Preeti recounts how the sons are given a simple task - to buy the best thing they can with a rusty coin. As the story unfolds, one son fills his room with filth, while the other chooses wisdom and places a delicate and radiant candle. Discover the profound realization the king has and how it translates into our own lives.

But the episode doesn't stop there. Preeti also introduces listeners to the transformative power of a mantra called Om Japa Kusuma mantra. This mantra is said to cleanse the body and mind, offering energy and inspiration. As a special treat for our dedicated audience, Preeti extends a generous 30% discount on this powerful mantra.

As the episode comes to a close, Preeti expresses her gratitude for sharing this enlightening journey and promises to return with more thought-provoking content in the future. Join us on Mahakatha for an episode that will leave you inspired to embrace your own inner light."
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What is Mahakatha's Meditation Mantras?

"Meditation Mantras Podcast - Ancient Chants from India by Mahakatha" by Mahakatha is an immersive and enlightening journey through the ancient chants of India. The podcast delves into the rich history and origin story of these powerful mantras, which have been used for centuries to promote sound healing and personal transformation.

Each episode features a different mantra, such as Shiva mantras, Buddha mantras, Krishna mantras, and devi mantras, with an in-depth exploration of the lyrics and meaning behind each one.

The host, Mahakatha, is an expert in the field, and provides valuable insights and guidance on how to incorporate these mantras into your own meditation practice.

Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to the world of meditation and mantras, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to deepen your understanding. Additionally, it will enhance your spiritual journey. Discover the ancient wisdom and transformative power of these sacred chants from India through the "Meditation Mantras Podcast" by Mahakatha.

once upon a time, an aging king of a prosperous

empire set a task for his 2 young

sons. He gave each of them an old

rusty coin which was next to worthless and told

them, go buy the best thing you can in change for this

rusty old coin and place it in your room.

You have until after sunset tomorrow. Because

then, once I see what you found, I will know

which one of you is on the right path to being

king. but nothing prepared the good

old king for what he was about to see the following

evening. namaste, and welcome to Mahakata's

meditation, Mantras. I'm your host Preeti, and

today, I'm here with another very special episode.

I'm thrilled that you're here because today, I'm gonna introduce you to

one of the most energetic of all ancient mantras.

Before that, let me circle back to the story that we

opened with today, the king and his 2 young sons.

So the sons set out to complete this bizarre

test given by their father.

And after a harrowing day, it was finally

time. The sun had set and this great

king of the people walked into his son's

rooms 1 by 1 curious and

eager to see if they had passed the test.

He approached the first son's room and even

before he could open the doors,

every inch of his being was repulsed by a

strange stench. He

somehow mastered the courage to fling the door open.

and another huge waft of stinging

smell attacked him. as he opened

his eyes and looked around the room. He

saw heaps and heaps of garbage.

He turned to look around at his son who seemed to be proud

of himself. After all, He believed

that it was the best thing he could find for that worthless

coin, and he filled his room with it.

Sharly he thought, I've passed the test.

The king was taken aback and speechless at what he

saw. but the real surprise was

waiting for him in the other room.

Humbly, The other son led him to his own room,

that king was already bracing himself for what he was

about to see. And right there in

the center of the room was the smallest

little candle, almost completely

molten down, but shining

radiantly bright. Its flame

managed to create a cloud of light in the

otherwise dark room.

The king stood in silence. At that moment,

he knew which son had made it through.

One had filled his room with garbage and

stench and darkness while the

other had filled his room with


I hope you enjoyed the story. I was in about

6th or 7th grade when I heard it for the first time, and I've never

been able to forget it since.

Just like in the story, we may sometimes feel

that We have so little.

We may feel like we don't have much to offer

to the people we love, to the world we live in,

to our own dreams and aspirations. We might feel like

we've been handed a rusty old coin, and that's all.

But even if we don't have much else, we

always have are light to

give. This light could be a

smile to a stranger. This light could be a few kind

words to someone who you know is having a rough day. This

light could be, just being present or listening.

It doesn't cost much to let your light out into

the world. And so if you can't give anything

else, If you can't give money, if you can't

give time, if you can't give effort,

give your light. And so in today's

episode, I want you to join me in

invoking our inner light. in acknowledging

it and in promising that we will try and

be this light as often as we can.

So join me in affirming this chant to

yourself. Namu Jyotir.

Try to repeat after me or chant along with me,

Namu Jyotir. No



No more jewel did

By repeating this chant to yourself, you are

affirming and accepting your inner light.

Your light of kindness, your light of forgiveness,

your light of love. Wonderful. I hope

you enjoyed chanting with me And speaking

of inner light and energy, let me introduce

you to the mantra for this episode. which is

the omjappa kussumamanthra. This is

a radiant, intense chant dedicated

to the sun god who is worshiped in several

cultures and has the place of a deity,

a god. in the Hindu culture as well.

Through this mantra, by chanting it every morning

or meditating with the mantra every morning, we allow

all our residual exhaustion and stress

to be cleansed out of our body and mind to derive

inspiration and energy and confidence

from the sun. Now, this mantra is

again one of the most loved mantras among all our

listeners at Mahakita. And to give you a glimpse of how

this mantra has helped so many of our listeners, I'm just

gonna read out from the endless thread on our YouTube

channel. One of our listeners commented, I

used to listen to this mantra every day driving to work at 7

AM. In a few months, I got my dream job I was

hoping for. That's wonderful to hear. And

yet, another listener shared this beautiful moment

While listening to this mantra, they said, I was happy to find

this mantra to play for the sun. As I was playing it,

I wondered if the sun could hear it and liked the mantra.

Then two birds landed on my window sill and chilled

out for a few minutes and flew off. I guess the son likes

this mantra. I believe he does. Thank you so much

for this comment. And if you haven't heard this mantra

yet or if you heard it and you'd like to practice

mantra meditation with this chant every morning,

then I have something for you. This is an exclusive offer for

all my listeners here at Mahagata's meditation Mantras.

You can avail this Mantras the Ohm Japakosumamantra

at a 30% discount by using the link mentioned

in the description of this episode. Consider this,

my token of light and love, my appreciation for you

being here today, and wanting to try out this

beautiful ancient chant. I can't wait to hear

from you about your own experiences, and so feel

free to write back to me or leave a comment in the

comments thread on YouTube. That's it for today.

Thank you so much for joining me here. I

hope you enjoyed the Mantras and the story. And I

promise I'll be here next week with a brand new episode.

Until then, stay blessed.