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Season 2, Episode 28: I am Martian-cus!!

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Season 2, Episode 28: I am Martian-cus!!

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What is Time Enough Podcast: A Twilight Zone Podcast?

Matt Comegys and one of a revolving cast of the groovy people dive deep into those trippy philosophical and metaphysical thoughts that accompany anthology shows such as the original Twilight Zone.

0:00:03: It is the middle ground between light and shadow between science and superstition and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge.

0:00:14: This is time enough podcast.

0:00:41: Welcome to time enough podcast. It's where we delve into the episodes of the classic twilight zone and beyond as always. This is matt. Here joining me today is Mark Hi Mark as not always, it's Mark, that's right. Um, and then here by special request. So if you do want to get on Patreon at uh podcast to podcast us and give us weird request, you can say, I want luke to be on the episode, Will the real martian please stand up and then he says, I'm slim shady, the real slim shady or you other slim shady's are just imitating. So won't the real slim shady please stand up. Please stand up.

0:01:23: You only have to remember like six words for that. That's the great part. That's like, I guess that's modern rap, you, you just is that mumble rap, just like that song is 30 years old. I know that's not mumble rap, I'm just saying that maybe that's pioneering in that you mean like Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang, Gucci Gang. Gucci Gang. Gucci Gang. Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci gang. That's pretty easy to remember. I think I could even manage that. You want to get into british drill, where it's all really, really complex lyrics.

0:01:54: Yeah, where it's like yeah, it's Names of Subway stops that you never heard of. Yeah, my favorite thing they do is where they'll have like a clever lyric and then just explain the reference afterwards.

0:02:06: So like, like uh, I'm doing dugan's street fighter.

0:02:14: I'm igniting cigarettes. Got a lighter stuff like that. Yeah, I definitely had a dizzy rascal phase like 20 years ago. And there were a few of my friends are just like, I don't know what he's talking about. Dude. I can't get into it. I'm just like, I love dizzy. But unfortunately the Japanese karaoke only has two disease songs. So my friends are sick of hearing them.

0:02:36: I was going to say is one of them the song that I'm going to get bleeped out if I say the name of it on the podcast. Probably not.

0:02:46: Although matty loves to put on tracks where every other word is the N word, but he can't bring himself to say it.

0:02:53: I told him just to find like another word to substitute like a cracker or something. It's fine. Yeah.

0:03:00: So he is so insecure. He always has to gender swap the songs.

0:03:07: I can't, I can't bring himself to sing about Dude. I love doing material. Girl carrie. Okay.

0:03:17: Um, I guess I should turn the lens on this episode though and do some trivia for where with the fur? Will the real martian, please stand up. Will the real, that's a little hard to say very fast. You have to teach me how to say Jason Statham. So on air that's a lesson. That's an on air lesson. Yeah.

0:03:43: Did I get it wrong again?

0:03:49: Okay.

0:03:50: To be honest, maybe I'm wrong and I can get it wrong with time. It was stated. I don't know, maybe secretly not working class and he lives in a stately state of manner.

0:04:00: Go and give it to luke. Whatever luke says is the pronunciation.

0:04:05: I'm not, I'm not here to correct anyone whose country I've never even been to.

0:04:09: Well, unless you count Japan is your country. I've been there.

0:04:15: Not your country that you haven't taken over yet to get citizenship one day. Does it take 10 years or something? I can't remember permanent residents. It takes 10 years for citizenship. I think you can do it quite quickly. But it requires passing some language tests that I'm nowhere near me neither.

0:04:33: Okay, what was I doing? I was doing, I, I got derailed from my own railings.

0:04:39: Original air date was May 26 1961 scripted by Rod Serling director Montgomery. Pittman set his lens on television and directed episodes of Maverick and 77 Sunset Strip as well as a bit more of the twilight zone.

0:04:57: We've already seen our martian john Hoyt in the lateness of the hour.

0:05:01: You'll also find him in films like win worlds collide in flesh. Gordon? And he is our original doctor in the Star trek pilot the cage.

0:05:13: Crazy. Avery was played by Jack Elam. He also played his own rogues gallery as a western movie villain all over the place. His misaligned eye stemming from a childhood accident gave him that special sauce.

0:05:28: Mnuchin Cook was barney phillips.

0:05:30: We've seen him before in the purple testament and the thing about machines, we catch up with him in season four of the twilight zone phillips also appeared in a variety of tv appearances. His role is Ed Jacobs on dragnet, probably holding the most cultural stock.

0:05:48: That's what I got for trivia. I think I actually just got I actually did recognize that I've seen these guys elsewhere. So yeah and I missed I missed last time john Hoyt showed up, I forgot to put the cage in his trivia. Actually I did this time too, but I was reading I was like oh crap, I gotta just add that now, don't, I can't do that twice.

0:06:11: This is a weird one because everyone in the episode pretty much had equal screen time. So it's like you know who is the star of this? I mean obviously the martian but yeah, so I kind of like I was like I could do trivia for like the next eight years or yeah because like your point of view characters of the two cops right?

0:06:32: So I guess they would be the main characters the most in the most competent cops the world has ever seen.

0:06:40: Yeah, I think my first note or something refers to the keystone cops. So I mean they were incredibly focused but also eventually they were just like, well you guys can go.

0:06:55: It's like, what are the odds that the martian happened to land? The one part of the world where both cops on duty and molder like martian. Yeah, Okay.

0:07:08: Yeah. It was like they're both detectives basically. It's like, well, all right. But they were both just like incredibly willing to believe that this was like a real margin or not a prank.

0:07:20: Yeah, They jumped within just seconds. They jumped from this is serious. We have to do this to um, well bridges fixed. You guys can all go, Yeah. Sugar sugar packs were exploding. They're just like, well, I can't keep you here. The car tells them what to do in the car radio, I guess. Um The prologue, I don't know rock scissor paper for the prologue. Are we gonna just alternate words or sentences? You want alternate sentences?

0:07:52: Alright, okay. I guess I guess Mark first and because he noted the idea, Okay, wintry february night, The present order of events. A phone call from a frightened young woman notated. The arrival of this is a really long sentence, unidentified flying object.

0:08:14: Then the checkout you've just witnessed with two state troopers verifying the event, but with nothing more enlightening to add beyond evidence of some tracks leading across the highway to a diner you've heard of trying to find a needle in a haystack. We'll stay with us now and you'll be part of an investigating team whose mission is not to find that proverbial needle know their task is even harder.

0:08:39: They've got to find a martian in a diner in just a moment. You'll search with them because you've just landed in the twilight zone.

0:08:51: That was kind of like that was the flavor flavor and you were the chuck d say look I got the short end of that stick at least of being lazy. Was the goal at the end of the stick?

0:09:04: Okay. Yeah good point. Um Just while doing some random observations, they don't say Ufo in this they just keep saying unidentified flying object don't they? I guess Ufo was pretty new phrase. I was trying the fifties. Yeah I was trying to think of when that would really take hold because they never abbreviate and they say it like four times. Do you reckon the tv show Ufo helped popularize the phrase Ufo that could be the case. Yeah I was just sitting here wondering about the lineage of when that like entered the um pop culture phenomenon because I guess in the fifties they would have been referring to the flying saucers more or something. It's like you a p I think. Yeah.

0:09:49: Oh because it could just it could be like usually it's not an object right? It's just like plasma orb or something.

0:09:57: I think they're trying to make people not get too excited about results in Japan. You've got the opposite where they all know the word, the phrase Ufo but they don't actually know what a Ufo what it stands for.

0:10:12: That's right. Wasn't there like a band called Ufo or something like that matt uh that there was a prog rock band from England called Ufo.

0:10:21: I was thinking there was something from Japan but there's something Japanese called Ufo or Ufo but that's like there's a noodle called Ufo and also they call the claw machines. Ufo catchers.

0:10:33: Ah we actually have some of those now.

0:10:38: How are they? That that's the question.

0:10:40: Um I have on one thing in them like the round ones here, they have them set up, they're pretty friendly Like they're they're relatively not not as rigged probably because you're probably paying like $5 just to even play them.

0:10:59: It's like we've already given a lot in this episode when I first met him, he would brag how good he is at playing those games.

0:11:07: And then it turns out that his idea of good at it, it's just he pours money into them.

0:11:15: Like he's better at them than me. He has won me a few things but like it's not like he goes in and wins everything on the first coin or something that said, I would be a good school. I'm sure there are some people in Japan, you know like the people that used to like just own the dance, dance revolution machine there's gonna be people that own the Ufo catchers. Well though if they are, there's a setting in any of those machines where like the tension on the claw, you can set the tension on the claw to work every so often. It's like it's like yeah if you play four times in a row then you're guaranteed to at least have tension in the claw. If you mess up when there's tension then you're you messed up. Um Like last time I went to the arcade I had one that was like on the way to the thing that bounced out of the tube so I was just like screw this. I just walked off and didn't play anymore claw machine that night. But you know I want to make like a Vegas scam. You know count the number sort of movie but it's all about claw machines and timing them and stuff. Like they got a little notebook with equations.

0:12:18: The trick in Japan is just, you look really sad about not being able to win something in front of the staff and they'll move it to an easier position for you because they are actually willing to let you win at the japanese ones compared to the fairs in the U.K.

0:12:34: Yeah I think the the the round one machines, it's sort of like there's like little platforms, they put the things on it and you're supposed to knock it off into the hole with the claw which I don't even know if that's standard or if that's like just a japanese thing, but if, if the thing falls off the platform, you could be like, hey, can you put this back up, taking three steps back to a ufo, which ufo because I was thinking, you know, and here they come from mars and venus not too far like doable. Um, but we were reasonably sure that these guys are not going to be coming from either of those planets in reality when when did sci fi ditch that? I guess it was star trek right where we get out of the solar, nothing came from mars and venus anymore, right?

0:13:22: Like a forbidden planet got out of the solar system because there, but that's also a star trek precursor. Right? So here they're specifically from plants that five years later, you know, we had landed something on for 10 years I guess for venus. But uh, it's like, could we really even, can we even do, we have telescopes that were even particularly good at looking at anything beyond the solar system before this point because I know there's just, there's definitely mars had canals in 19 sixties, I think no one really like people who actually know what they're talking about, didn't think that passed, like 1900 would laugh at you in 1961, but the idea had gotten into the popular consciousness, like I think, I think in terms of actual scientists, no one believed that for more than like a week. Like I think it's like a that's just the french word for like lines. I was just going throughout the concept that since that's out you know the U.F.O.S. Would have to come from another solar system across vast reaches of space.

0:14:24: Which seems quite impractical. I mean that's the thing is there's like there is a type of realism that like someone from mars or venus would look at our planet and be interested in it. It doesn't make as much sense if it's someone from like 70 light years away. Well I was thinking maybe part of the mental switch to U.A.P. Being the aerial phenomenon is that that seeds the idea that what you're seeing is from earth. Maybe like you know like multidimensional or something like there's not from space from the space between spaces. Yeah. Yeah that's that's that that that that you know that seems reasonable now these guys clear that doesn't pertain to this episode of course because they're clearly from But well we trust their home where they say they are but it may be the 50 years from now fiction will it'll look really dated and silly to see something like Aliens made a huge trip across space. Like maybe that maybe a multidimensional aliens will make more because in a way they do make more in a way that's the only thing that makes sense because nobody.

0:15:33: Yeah it is fun but it's a different fun right? I like traveling star star trekking.

0:15:39: Yeah, for sure. That's I mean especially for a series but it's like if you think of it the shoe on the other foot it's like you want you want to go Go on this voyage where you're gonna die or live for 700 years or your grandchildren will have to do something. I guess that's also good for TV series.

0:15:59: Um Anyway so who knew who guessed who the martian was because I definitely did.

0:16:07: Well it was it was literally just between him and the goofy of man right?

0:16:12: It's not gonna it's not gonna be that that's too obvious.

0:16:16: I felt I felt like that is the kind of guy who Rod Serling kind of hates. Yeah like yeah of course that guy's a martian.

0:16:24: This corporate douche bag who's in a hurry. So I think I figured out why your guest asked me to do this one this one because this is the ending we had in the fantastic Mr whatever his name was, Mr Dingle but here it's not they're not doing like a stupid as performance.

0:16:49: Is this a comedy episode because the twisted is so goofy fun, Goofy but it kind of makes it feel like a comedy episode. I was like I guess it's kind of not know there is the old guy is having a laugh with it but it's it's like it could have been played for like a really tense the thing among us kind of thing, but it wasn't really, I think it was a lighthearted episode.

0:17:13: Yeah, twist is a bit of fun.

0:17:16: That's it. It's not over doing it on like bad 60s comedy, it's just lightly funny.

0:17:22: This is good.

0:17:24: Yeah, and this also has what I've come to really appreciate from season two. Twilight Zone episodes, it's just that there was another, there was a twist I wasn't looking for, which is the bartender from, you know, patrons are from mars and bartenders are from venus. Yeah, the other thing we talked about a lot of Mr Dingle was how that bar is like kind of a U. K pub vibe just didn't make sense. Whereas this one definitely the rural waffle house three a.m. vibe, I think. Mark, do you wanna disagree with that? Not not at all, this is very waffle house episode.

0:18:03: I read this five episode episode, so I mean there's still diners like this not too far from where I live, you can you can find stuff like maybe not open in the middle of the night anymore, but that's Covid's fault. So I guess my question for you is if this makes sense from the UK perspective is, well that's the thing, we do have this in the U.K. But it's also in the pub, right? So you got to get wankers, but you go to the pub in the day to just have like a roast dinner and you know, I feel like maybe UK police would also not shoot everyone. Like I was because I was just like I put in my notes of like they would just be frustrated and they would just start hitting people because like no you listen who's the martian who's the martian?

0:19:01: It's funny because it's sad. Yeah, tying them the chairs in the back and pummeling them until they tell them they're a martian or something just chained up all the doors.

0:19:14: Yeah, I guess that would be the remake of this one. I was reading some some comments somewhere that people saying a lot of the later remakes in the later series would like kind of darken up everything. Like no one can like get out of the Twilight zone and learn a lesson or something. You know where they can in the sixties and the sixties they can but there's like there's almost like a 50 50 mix of like incredibly dark twist endings and then like kind of uplifting endings so far that I've seen the reputation of twilight zone right? It's just like every single episode ends messing you up. Yeah, my mom won't watch it anymore. She she introduced me to it as a kid and loved it when when she was younger and she's like I won't watch it anymore, it's too dark. I'm like but but she just watches the clock it works better if it's not obvious because if every single episode just ends with a dark twist, then you're like, I don't care.

0:20:15: Right?

0:20:17: I have the same problem with modern horror films In a modern horror film. No one gets away alive.

0:20:23: So I'm not invested in any of the characters, whereas back in the 80s and 90s, you know, one of the girls is going to escape. Right?

0:20:29: So you have like an investment in our hope. This one lives because I watched something these days.

0:20:34: I know every single one of them is going to die and if it looks like one of them survives, they're gonna die at the end. So although this one I guess does have a relative, it's a dark ending for Jon voight's character because he's just been told that his entire race has been a genocide basically. So Fleet or whatever. So I mean, didn't he just kill a bunch of people on the bus? So Oh yeah, that's right. I totally forgot that kind of a dark ending. Okay, They don't show it or anything.

0:21:07: Like yeah, dump them all in the bridge.

0:21:09: That for a second thought that there was no marshal at all and it was going to like twist. It was actually a ghost story.

0:21:18: I sort of assumed the marshal was going to just show up after everyone left. Like where? Yeah, there were seven people, you know, you know what you would do now or at least I would do the bus. Is the martian, it was a transformer, No, there was a moment, right? Like zoomed in on the jukebox after everyone left and I thought that's where they were going.

0:21:45: I mean you were expecting a transformer in 1961 transformer. Just that the jukebox was the alien had possessed gambling machine.

0:21:55: That I mean they just they would they wouldn't necessarily have its parts all interlocked, they would just like have it fade into a person or something like that, you know that that's not that's not out of the question for the show. I don't think I do wanna take these six people and kind of decide like how much they potentially could have been the martian. Let's start with the married couples because they seem like the least chance they did that briefing of like suddenly even the couple suspected each other. Is it you is it you? I know, but so that would work if it wasn't for the fact that we know um the number had increased, right?

0:22:34: So the martian hadn't usurped someone, it had added itself to the group, right? So yeah, I mean they were pretty much they play the drama slash comedy, the drama, the, you know, for about 30 seconds, right? Just because otherwise people might be like, oh wouldn't the married couples may be suspect each other, you know, So but yeah, they're the young ones are going to burn out in the newlywed game and the old ones are going to burn out in the older wed game. So sure, yes. And the stripper was uh was was ogled. So she's off the table dancer.

0:23:09: Dancer.

0:23:13: Well there was the information that that was her her dancing style again in 22. It just blew my mind that once someone is fine, like she's a stripper and the rest of the time that dancer dancer. But I don't I don't think you got your stripper call out this time. This show has been very nice to dancers and I appreciate it. Yeah, it's a job, right? So yeah, I guess you got to say we always say like Rod serling is like this semi accidental proto feminist.

0:23:41: Pretty sex worker positive.

0:23:43: Yeah, for sure. Because because a lot of other things just like, oh human meat, here you go sex worker into the wood chipper with you in the first five minutes.

0:23:54: That's like even Star trek. Right? It had some pretty unfortunate stuff with like Orion Slave Girls and whatever.

0:24:00: Did you guys ever watch that indian film? The robot that I recommended. It has a very problematic thing where he sees a woman changing and then the movie just like basically just throws her in front of her car. It's like she's like no, you shouldn't have looked at that woman while she was changing.

0:24:17: I think it I think the script sharp enough that you know, it's not like condescending which is nice. Um and that I am thinking oh come on the bus driver would have noticed the cleavage and right at that moment is about when he's like yeah of course I noticed her you know Oh yeah he rescued her while while the house was on fire while she was like not dressed. So yeah. Then she died because she has to die because that's the level that movie. Anyway enough about that back on my feminist feminine, anti feminist indian movie criticism. Anyway, 14 Cups of Coffee.

0:25:06: That's more than me. I I'm excited like six or 7. 14 is in I don't keep count because it's just a machine.

0:25:14: I can just put my cup under and press a button and I have coffee.

0:25:18: See I drink less coffee because the school I work at the coffee taste like yeah I only have to go to that school once a week. So I can't imagine japanese coffee tasting bad. Where do you guys even find it every time? I think it's just we have we have a big coffee machine that's just not cleaned. There are just like there are vending machines right outside the door so you can get some decent, you know vending machine coffee which in japan is decent. You know I haven't been to Starbucks and I'm like why would I do that when I just get it from when I go to the Starbucks once a season to get the new Sugary Monstrosity and try that but not for actual coffee. I hope that's the name of the next one. The sugary Monstrosity. I mean sometimes I pay $3 for a can of japanese coffee here. That's like who knows how old it is and it's still better than most of the coffee we got here On my walk to work. I have a 50 in coffee machine.

0:26:12: Nice. Yeah. Is there any way that this episode and satisfyingly and crazy? I is the Martian.

0:26:21: Mm I guess if he if in some way he was benevolent like he was the martian, he was there to stop them crossing that bridge because they would have died or something. He's like a mothman.

0:26:33: Okay. I think that would be cool. Yeah. If he like helped everyone survive. I was thinking that maybe if he just like just turned turned around and then just started screaming and then killed everybody. Oh no, no, no. If if it did go dark and the cops were killing everyone cause they thought they were the martian and that was his plan all along and he was like a master manipulator or if he just stopped them from killing, I don't know, one of the other people exploding them, like the sugar packets, the sugar holders. I don't I don't think that would have happened if he's just going to play it straight then though. It's not very satisfying for him to be the much, it was almost too obvious. But he was really entertaining though.

0:27:21: He also literally says he's the much like three times because he just doesn't care anymore. You know? I like to think about recasting of course, just just for fun 11 of the cops looked an awful lot like uh Jeremy Renner who probably doesn't like snow anymore. Hopefully he recovers soon. But the one guy just had a renter face I thought um and then I really was thinking now or crazy old coot in here is fantastic but for a different energy I just started imagining like kind of a contemporary maybe like 10 years ago. Donald Sutherland and the role that could have been fun to Yeah, he comes through crazy without well he's obviously his eye does not do what this guy's eye does, but he's got the stair right the penetrating stare or like Willem Dafoe, the phone could have played either of the old guys really well.

0:28:20: Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. Both. Yeah. Both.

0:28:27: But then it's less of a like who's the martian? It's just like a which one of these two is the martian? But that's still fun.

0:28:35: Well they all die in the end I guess that's not great but I mean they're not quite having it to deal with like the thing situation, you know, I mean we don't have shape shifters at least.

0:28:47: Or do we we just have hidden things, you know, like three arms. I thought the three arm thing looked better than the third eye.

0:28:59: Yeah, strange.

0:29:08: And it's a nice iconic third. I I'm pretty sure you can get an action figure of that particular character. If I had a third I was hiding, I would use like a more substantial hat than that tiny little chefs that he had just asking for it to slip. We all have the vestigial I stuff there. Right. So it's their kind of fish. No, all I'm saying is you have that little tiny paper hat, so it would be so easy for it to slip.

0:29:36: Yeah, well maybe he's got it stapled onto his head because he's a Venusian and you know, he doesn't feel pain how I guess if he doesn't feel pain then never mind that. I said, oh, I think we've got to, yeah, we've gotten to everybody except for the actual martian I guess. But the actual martian, he's the kind of guy rod sterling hates. So it's just like, well cool. Is it, is it a bummer that they went with the, with the non assuming guy? Like, you know, and one third of the non assuming guys, the martian, which does turn out to be the case. Is there any way you could, I guess you have to have the second twist with this because the first one is never going to be, but it was like any like, or any basic murder mystery is just like one of these guys did it. Oh it was that one. Like you have to have some extra little, little spice right? Yeah, I didn't think knives out was like, I thought knives out was a pretty good movie, but I didn't think that it was like a mind blowing.

0:30:37: Like I really like lives out because it does a great job of making you think, you know the answer from the start and giving you a different answer, but it's still an answer that falls, it still feels like it plays by the rules of murder mysteries. It just has a few extra steps. I mean, yeah, not both of those films I love, but not for their murder mystery is just for the character and the commentary and the comedy of it.

0:31:00: Have I review listened to the game game show that came out yesterday.

0:31:04: I I just, I just finished like christmas time some behind you've got an episode featuring Benoit blanc to look forward to.

0:31:15: Oh yeah, I saw that you got murdered. Okay. But you know, I haven't heard it yet.

0:31:22: Um any random observations you wanna throw out otherwise.

0:31:27: Um I think we've heard everything. It's one of those episodes that's just so they could have gone really tense and it could have been an all time classic or they could have gone very wacky and it could have been an all time low. They found a nice middle ground and it's just like, yeah, I watched an episode of the Twilight zone.

0:31:50: I feel twilight zone right now.

0:31:52: I enjoyed this a lot. This was sort of, it wasn't the smartest episode ever, but it was thoroughly entertaining and the second twist really kind of makes it where it's like, yeah, that's why I watched the stuff.

0:32:05: What are you going to order at the restaurant? I wrote down a gun.

0:32:11: Okay, chilly. Bowling Ahmad is what I wrote down breakfast.

0:32:16: Leave me the, leave me the jug of joe and I'll have some bacon, eggs and grits.

0:32:21: Okay. I was afraid you're going to order an english breakfast. You wouldn't get that ear. But no, I want to try an american breakfast. I don't even know what grits are gonna triumph.

0:32:30: You know, we weren't a grit that America is so regional that I live. I grew up in the south and didn't have grits until I was like 12 because my family wasn't like a grits family. Um, and then by the time I was in my, I didn't like them at first, but eventually I did, it's sort of just like if you made corn into like some kind of hash, it's very corn tasting, but like a little bit blander.

0:32:58: It's one of those things that America invented because they just have so much corn and nothing else. Yeah, basically we make all of our drinks out of corn. Now. Unfortunately, my family's originally mid. Atlantic so I probably didn't have grits till I was 12, but I did grow up eating scrapple.

0:33:15: Okay. I never, I still haven't had that. It's just like a fat, it's fat. Yeah, it's where you just take all the parts of the pig that you're just not going to use for anything else. The lips and mixing those together. Okay. It just sounds like a pork scratching.

0:33:33: Probably something along that line. Sure. But yeah, it's, it's notorious like, like I loved it as a kid and then when I figured out what it was and was old enough to know what it was, I suddenly didn't like it anymore. Yeah, it just, it just tastes like a pork chop, a whole bag of them. I'm sure, I'm sure the pennsylvania variety is a little different than the UK one. But yeah, that's the general idea probably holds, but like luke, if you get a chance to have specifically shrimp and grits, that's the way to go is get it with, I'm very bad with seafood.

0:34:06: Never mind. The last weekend I tried to get me to eat just like a real basic as fried shrimp and I nearly vomit. No, and it's all in my head because it's like, it tastes like a chicken nugget, but I know I'm eating a sea bug, so I want to throw this back up. Yeah, it's a little weird like I just feel like stepping on a roach when you eat them, but trims in particular, right? It's like, we don't eat land bugs. Why is everyone so okay in sea bugs? We'll be eating soon because value is assigned to them. It's like lobster used to be food for poor people, but now it costs too much because like here in japan um there's just like basically caviar, just like on a sandwich at the convenience store. So are you okay with eating caviar? Because it took me a long time to be able to eat that. That, that like I said, I won't even eat just like some cod caviar. Okay, I've got a little wider range.

0:35:08: But yeah, our last company probably, they found the fishy ist place possible and even I was like, I cannot go past, I can eat the sashimi plate and that's about it. My meal that day was just a picture of beer.

0:35:25: A picture of beer. I think it might be two or three, but you gotta get your calories.

0:35:32: I don't know, like ancient Europeans did, right? That's how they got their calories. This thing, I still don't like ketchup or mayonnaise, so I mean, I can't, I'm not going to criticize anybody for what they won't eat because I'm like, I, I'll try ketchup and mayonnaise on anything as a child. My favorite meal was cucumber and catch up.

0:35:52: I do love cucumbers better with, I'll try anything once except probably not like eyeballs. It depends what kind of eyeball. Yeah. Have you done that? Have you?

0:36:07: Uh, I guess I'd prefer that try that than trying eyeballs, but maybe not. I don't know. Well then I don't know. There's something that freaks me out about the amount of time that it took animals to evolve. Eyeballs had this conversation at a party because I'm really fun at parties or I was like terrified of like getting any of my kind of eye wounds because of like the incredible unlikely nous that we even evolved eyes in the first place.

0:36:37: Okay, I get it.

0:36:39: Well, we can all eat in this diner at least this is, this is some pretty plain jane servants that anyone can have.

0:36:47: Well, if you're vegan, you might have some problems here. But yeah, that's my, you should become a doctor and make that your prescription for everybody that comes in.

0:37:02: Yeah, I've prescribed to you three additional cups of coffee.

0:37:08: Well, feeling lethargic.

0:37:10: I mean that is how I treat like sickness.

0:37:14: It's just that I medicate with caffeine.

0:37:16: Yeah, I medicate with caffeine or water basically have to make sense. Who in this episode went into the twilights.

0:37:26: Um, everyone on that bus and everyone on the bridge basically they marshall and then got murdered by him.

0:37:34: Everyone except the martian of the Venusian because marshall went to the twilight zone when he got here and discovered that venus had beaten to it.

0:37:41: That's where I was like, I don't know. I feel like he he should have known the venus guy was doing that was at least a possibility that they're on the same playing field because his laugh at the end, you know, that that made me that was a good like there was no, no, but the the the cook the shorter the Venusian laughs at the end, right? And that's kind of like ha ha you're in the twilight zone now sort of laugh. So yeah, it's like kind of a oral, you know, like finger pointing that you're in the twilight zone. So I yes, something like that, things like pointing, I mean on venus that is that they get their kicks on venus. Yeah. To me, the laugh at the end basically said like, oh, the martian is the is our Twilight zone victim in this episode.

0:38:41: I could go with that even though I still think it's, well, I guess if everyone died except for them, then there's we've already established the death is not the twilight zone, but they they did have a mightily weird experience.

0:38:56: They had a weird experience from you to death through the twilight because well, sometimes, well, yeah, because sometimes people die in these episodes without actually experiencing the weirdness of the episode, whereas everyone here at least experiences the weird, like there's a martian situation, they don't get the final twist because they're dead. But yeah, so maybe they're like there that they had a feature showing of the twilight zone where, but didn't enter it. Maybe, I don't know. Well, I mean, we don't know, maybe the martian absorbed all of them and they're all looking at it through it through his eyes.

0:39:32: Maybe we can but dream luke where you spit some fire on, on the concept here.

0:39:40: No, Okay, so it looks like you're going to say something and I made like a little dumb comment. Maybe didn't come through. Okay, here we go. So yeah, actually, I feel like we're still on settling who went through the twilight and that's fine because I'm not trying to convince you, it's the marsh and I like the idea of other people, you know? So I think it's I think it's more interesting to say the martian did. So I'm gonna go ahead and I did convince you then. Okay, not even trying.

0:40:09: Um so this is an abstract concept. Let's focus on him then. Does he deserve his voyage through the twilight zone?

0:40:17: I mean, he just murdered a bus of people. Well, that's what colonizers do. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean, he is he is like an enemy combatant right in this conflict. Yeah, civilians. Oh no, not the bus people. The they deserve Well, again, it's like the power balance at the end of this episode is Venusian on top, right? So he showed up. He was a jerk to everybody and then murdered them. So yeah, he's cesar's got the twilight zone or to lose the eternal battle of one other planet versus that other other planet.

0:41:01: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I'll go with that. Who knows that the venusians are going to be worse than Martians would be, but it's not their problem.

0:41:12: I mean, does it really matter who your new alien overlord is in this case, you probably get the same thing. You probably have different annoyances like yeah, like one of them won't let you go to the bathroom but three times a day and the other one will just, you have to go to the bathroom 30 times a day. Don't look at me. I voted for code does. Yeah.

0:41:35: So that, that kind of situation. Yeah.

0:41:41: I suppose we'll triple meter it 0-5 as always or interesting noises luke. I want to put you on the spot for this first.

0:41:55: Okay. That's luke's um rating not rating score two score mark. I'm gonna give this four Gucci gangs out of five. Okay. Why?

0:42:07: Oh, I'm gonna give it three arms out of three eyes. Okay.

0:42:16: I'll go with that.

0:42:18: I mean it's trippy. Right?

0:42:20: This is, this is like absolute baseline twilight zone trip penis. Right?

0:42:24: That's kind of where I was This is this is literally like that. I fed 50 twilight zones into an ai and it wrote this Like I was, I wasn't thinking that 2.53 range never quite settling. Which one I want to do it on because for me. Yeah. Again, The Eye, the third Eye you could be like that's trippy or you could be like that's a deer pee effect and I don't consider it as triple. It looks way better than Mr Dingell's aliens which I just laughed hysterically. The second they showed up the entire time they were on the screen. You know, it doesn't trippy could still be it doesn't have to be it can be cheap and still be trippy.

0:43:09: Just the trippy thing is that we uh we realized we're on a larger playing field than we thought we were. We thought this was just an intimate mystery, but this is actually a galactic game of chess.

0:43:25: It's like signs.

0:43:28: I didn't really see that. I heard it was bad on on the Shah malan um spectrum it's it's probably near the higher end, interesting. That's not saying it's got a couple of really good scares and great atmosphere. It makes absolutely no sense if you go back to a second time. I actually yeah, at least twice. I remember liking it fine. It's it's worth a It doesn't make any sense. There's one where I'm like I don't know if it's worth of you in 2023. I mean we're watching this 1961 show. It's fine, but I don't know.

0:44:04: Yes. Yes, I don't know better than unbreakable. Which most people consider a really good film. Yeah, I did. I didn't even like that I saw that opening night and I was not on board. Opening night for that film is good. After the first time you watch it, I would watch split again because that was pretty straightforward. It was just like James McAvoy just acting a whole lot.

0:44:32: He was just being 23 people.

0:44:35: The village wasn't that bad until they decided they had to have a twist.

0:44:40: That's the thing. The twist ruined that movie instead of it was pretty good twist was it's nothing you just wasted two hours.

0:44:52: That's the Ultimate one. Yes. Okay.

0:44:56: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

0:45:00: I still wanted to drag out of of you. What, what the trickiest thing in this was for you. It was that the eye?

0:45:07: What was the, I think this sugar exploding. That was pretty trippy exploding sugar. Yeah. Okay. But I think the problem with the problem with it was that nobody seemed to care and then it didn't seem to escalate anything. It just was, it was like almost like fireworks going off. You were like, oh, oh I have to read this really freak people out like a lot. I just noticed my late night note here. They should just have an origin and see who feels weird solution.

0:45:42: Who's the square? Will the real square please stand up.

0:45:47: I thought you hadn't seen the ending of knives out.

0:45:53: That's why they call it knives out. Okay. Yeah right on. Okay. I'm still waiting to watch that one when we get to it on our sci fi podcast. Weirdly enough, you guys didn't already do that. We thought we had a plan for a Star Wars month where it's going to be willow um Spaceballs knives out.

0:46:19: Yeah, I think sometimes you talk about doing a movie and then in my brain you've done it already and it's so weird. Probably dreamed it.

0:46:30: Like I thought you'd done czar does, but you haven't done that, right. Oh, luke. You just missed out on big green. A big green big screens are does do you know that really? It was shown at the gondo theater, but yesterday was the last day I walked by yesterday, I was like holy crap, There's a poster.

0:46:47: Yeah, but I know it's already like uh it was my lunch break, so it's already like 2 30. So No, no, no possibilities for you there. Love to seize our dogs with japanese subtitles.

0:47:00: Yeah. Yeah, that's when we're that that would be fantastic with japanese subtitles. Um I feel like we've uh split it out what we wanted to say on this one, but any any other points?

0:47:12: Um I continue to be really happy about season two twilight zones. Um This is the second half of this season has been a lot better than the second half of first season.

0:47:23: Yeah, I would go, I feel like first season has some higher highs. Lower. Lows, but the second one definitely has some more consistency. Um If we just don't think about Mr Dingle too hard.

0:47:35: Yeah the Mr Dingle is there but it's just I feel like there were maybe three Mr Dingell's the end of season one and but none of them dangled quite as much you know as much as mr I want to see Mr Dingle dangle. Yeah.

0:47:53: You talking about oh dong gal's that's what you call it on your phone, right on your phone.

0:48:03: Yeah yeah yeah yeah if you plug headphones into your phone you would use a dongle only if you buy a stupid apple phone.

0:48:12: Well guilty everyone, everyone said those were good for producing music and uh I can install whatever one.

0:48:25: Sorry they're not apologizing every time I got a new ipad and on the new IOS and garageband is eating dirt. So I have to give I gave my old ipad and my daughter was like daddy's guy used it sometimes because he can't make music on the new one. I said it something like that. Yeah.

0:48:48: I performed live with an ipad and it crashed.

0:48:54: I want that to be the next song you put out matt that is God used it's like that that tim and eric song where it's like we're turning a room into the computer room sung by frank Stallone.

0:49:11: Don't cry. It's not so bad. Daddy's got to use all right now you have to do it. Yeah if you want to nice so if you want to support the creation of this song and this podcast, you can find the timing of podcast on twitter. It's on facebook, it's under the patreon umbrella of podcast. Your podcast where we also talk about science fiction films like knives out. Uh Mark and I have been doing a run with the prisoner and I get weird with caught Disney movies and we we decided mary Poppins is a deplorable witch.

0:49:56: Oh definitely, she's definitely a witch. I think she's a good witch, but I mean no, she's not.

0:50:07: Um so should she have been like in the lake? I was going to say put in the lake and had a building built on top of her to make sure she can't get out but burn at the stake is much more efficient. Yes and luke you do some video game and you should throw you the ball for that I suppose. Yeah, you can listen to our podcast game of the year where we, We pick a year from history like 1362 and we we imagine what games they have been playing in that year.

0:50:38: Or you can check out my podcast all about zoom beanies where we review every single character from the logical adventures of the zoom beanies games.

0:50:50: Alright, deep diving man and then you can also of course this is my podcast muff diving which is an SmR podcast of just me looking clip.

0:51:05: I'm not sorry how much of that.

0:51:12: Okay, so I will leave it to our listeners to vote on which of the three of us is the real martian.

0:51:26: Oh, you have listened.