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We catch up with this young, up and Coming star of the sport, Caroline Stanley and talk about what she learned in her rookie season and how she plans to expand her success during her sophomore season.

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In the kitchen

what is going on everybody

welcome to the Clydesdale

media's podcast featuring

the athletes of the 2024

CrossFit Games semifinals

and we are here with

CrossFit Games athlete

Caroline Stanley how's it

going Caroline good how are

you I'm good what's it

sound how does it sound

when someone calls you

CrossFit Games athlete

It's still kind of like different because,

I mean, I guess I've always,

ever since I started CrossFit,

I've always wanted to go to the Games.

So now actually making it

and then people saying

CrossFit Games athlete,

it just kind of like doesn't seem real.

Well, it's real.

You went last year.

You even made it past the

first round of cuts in your

rookie season.

What was the goal last year?

Was it to get...

further than that or

realistically did you think

that's where you would be

um I guess the I guess

going in I didn't really

have any expectations

considering it was my first

crossfit games um I wanted

to make it past the first

cut of course I mean

everyone does but I guess um

going in I didn't really

have any expectations so I

was just going out there

doing what I knew how to do

and whatever happened

happened what so I just I

listened to your interview

you did with kat two years

ago when you were getting

ready for granite games and

we're going to dive back to

that a little bit because

you had just graduated from

college you would you were

going to your second

semi-final at that point

You said on that interview

that you were not an endurance athlete.

And then I look at your games finishes,

and your three best games

finishes were the bike, the 5K,

and Helena.

I know.

Honestly, I guess, I mean,

I've been really...

honing in and trying to work

on endurance and this I

know there and I guess when

I talked with her that year

I didn't um I think that

was my senior year I think

I guess I just graduated

right before going to

Granite Games and I never

really had a coach never I

just kind of followed

programs did what I wanted

to do or like didn't want

to do I not really didn't

want to do but like

Kind of just in and out,

like not a specific,

like someone structuring me, I guess.

So after the Granite Games is that year,

that second year is

whenever I got in contact with Jarrett,

who's my coach now.

And so we,

we started working together like

a month or two or so after

that season or whatever.

So are you a different athlete?

Were you a different athlete

at the games last year than

you were two years ago

going into Granite Games?

Oh, 100%.


I found it fascinating.

I wasn't doing it to call you out.

I found it fascinating that

you had improved that much

in something you thought

was your whole in a year.


I mean,

it really makes a difference having

someone to really structure

you the way you're supposed

to be and following a plan

and talking with them about strengths,

weaknesses, what we want to do,

what we don't want to do and whatever,

instead of just kind of

going with the flow and everything.

I think one-on-one

individualized programming

is definitely beneficial.

Before we get into Jarrett,

because we're going to do that,

when you were at the games,

what was your favorite

event to compete in?

I would say the Helena was

probably my favorite event.

So I was going through your Instagram,

and your Helena picture is the coolest.


Like everybody wishes they

had a picture that cool.

Yeah, that was,

that was a really fun event.

Do you like,

do you ever frame any of these

pictures or are you in such

a digital age now that you

just leave them on your

phone or your laptop?

Oh, I don't have any.

I mean, I don't have any frame personally,

but like my mom,

she'll print them out and

put them all over and like

the fridge and this, that and the other.

Would you ever like frame

your jersey with like a picture?

Oh yeah, I would definitely do that.


I just thought that was a

really cool picture.

And while we're here on Instagram,

I have a big question to ask you.

And one,

I know the guy who took this picture,

by the way,

and he is one of the coolest

cats in the CrossFit space.

B-A-W Media is just, he's one of the best.

So I like featuring his stuff anyway.

Oh, yeah.

He's a good person too.

He is so much.

I want to know what this is.

You're front squatting

someone doing a handstand.

Was that something, um,

Jarrett programmed?

No, he didn't program that.

The, um,

It was actually the girl

doing the handstands idea.

She was like,

let me see if you can do this to me.

And I was like, okay, I'll give it a shot.

Well, you gave it, you did it for reps.

Did you ever doubt yourself?


I mean, it is like, I guess it's,

it's awkward, but I mean,

my front squat max and

is way more than what she

weighs it's just I guess

I'd more of a balanced

thing yeah and then does

her do her shoes stick to

the wall or not no she just

has regular shoes on no

sticky nothing so I just

thought that was funny when

I was looking um the the

weird stuff that

crossfitters do in a gym

when they're left alone



Jared definitely wouldn't have heard

that for me.

Did he, did he,

what did he say when he saw it?

I'm not sure.

I think he would just say

I'm crazy because I do

crazy stuff all the time

and he just don't, you don't get.


Don't get hurt, but have fun.




So, um, so let's talk about Jarrett.

You, why,

why did you pick him as your coach?


Honestly, he kind of reached out to me.

Well, so at Granite Games, he was there.

But a guy who I was there

because the owner of College Hill,

she knew a guy that was there.

His name was Dan that went to Comp Train.

And he actually is the one

that told Jared about me.

And then Jared reached out to me.

And we got on a call and, you know,

went through that whole little spill.

But... And did you know

right away that he was the worst?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

When we got on the call and

just how invested he was in

this sport and, like, in, like, athletes,

even just, like, outside of the gym,

as far as, like, just...

what they do, their outlook,

like invested in not just

like what I'm doing in the gym,

but also like how I'm feeling about,

it could be anything like

just a random Tuesday or like just,

he's always,

he cares about you as a

person as well as an athlete.

Every time I have him on and I'm sorry,

I have a frog in my throat

these last couple of days

from talking so much.

Um, you're fine.

every time I talk to him,

he is so not consumed with

the leaderboard that if I

ask him questions about it,

he always tells me his

philosophy about why I

shouldn't care about that.


He's, he's a good, he's a good guy.

I got a, I got the best one out there.

Yeah, he, like,

he's the one that taught me the phrase,

comparison is the thief of joy.

And that, like,

you shouldn't compare

yourself on the leaderboard.

You should compare yourself to yourself.

Is that what you're looking

for in a coach?

Oh, yeah.

I mean, he, it doesn't, like...

I obviously care about – I mean,

I care about the leaderboard.

I care about this, that, and the other.

Like, I'm very competitive.

But, like, he keeps me,

like – even if I do not

have a good workout, not have a good day,

not this, that, and the other,

he still keeps me, like,

I guess still in a good

mental spot and everything because –

CrossFit is just as much

mental as it is physical.

I feel like once you get out

on the floor and everything.

So let me ask you this.

When you started with him,

he was a comp train.

So you become a comp train athlete.

He moves to Proven.

You move to Proven.

Other than the name on the building,

has anything changed for

you because you stayed with Jarrett?

Not really.

So it's, it's the same for you, just a,

a different home location for your coach.


I mean, like I get the, I mean,

I have the privilege,

like as far as me and

Jared's like connection and

like the way like we communicate and this,

that, no, they're like, nothing's changed,

but like, I guess I just,

I have the privilege of

also being with a different

community and they're, um,

the other coaches, um,

and the athletes that are already in that,

like going from comp train

to proven or whatever,

the coaches and the

athletes that are already

with proven have been very like,

like a family or whatever.

So it's,

it's nice to have that community

and everything to be able

to go up there and,

train with them.

And even though Jared is my coach,

all the other coaches still

like have eyes on me and

are able to tell me, help me with this,


and the other that I might need help

with like a movement or a

workout or anything.

And then I guess we're all

just one little family, which is nice.

Well, and he, um,

He brought Sydney and Lucy with him too.

So you,

the three of you were all at comp train.

Now you're all at proven.

So you still have those,

but then you add people

like Sydney Wells and Tia and,

and are the,

is that the privilege you have?

Like the six time champion

is someone you get to work

out with occasionally.

Oh yeah.

A hundred percent.

She's helped me with a lot

of things and it's very

useful and helpful.

Was there any intimidation

when you first set foot in her house?

Not intimidation, no.

I mean,

they are all so welcoming and like...

just bring you in like arms

open wide it wasn't no

intimidation or fear or

like stepping on anything

anybody's toes like they're

all so nice and friendly

and just like we're all

part of the same team at

the end of the day so it

wasn't anything to be like

any kind of worry or

nothing in the back of my

head wow because

just a quick story.

I was,

I was doing media at the syndicate crown.

I believe it was.


I'm kind of leaning against the wall

in the media pit.

And this person's asking me questions.

And I,

I looked down and it was Tia and I

got freaked out.

Like, like, Oh my gosh,

I'm sitting here chatting with Tia.

So that's why I asked the question.

Cause even I was like starstruck.

in that moment but she

couldn't have been nicer

like if she wasn't trying

to intimidate me I just was

like starstruck more than

anything yeah she's super

super super nice yeah um

and so I've always had

great experiences with her

but like in this sport and

in this space she she casts a big shadow


my first time meeting her was we met

or whatever and introduced each other.

And then we just started

going about training or I

was talking to Sydney about something.

And then she turned around

and was talking about my accent.

And so it was kind of like ever since that,

just our first time

interacting together was

just like we were joking and having fun.

We had known each other.

for a while and we have

literally just met so it's

funny because I told you

before we were on the air a

lot of my wife's family is

in Charlotte and you talk

just like my wife's cousin

if I close my eyes that is

who I would be I would

picture it's funny because

your accent is thick yeah

they're like you talk so country yeah

That's fine.

That's fine.

And North Carolina has a

different version of it

than the rest of the South.



So you and Jared go to Proven.

What elements of your season

have you done at Proven headquarters?

And what have you done back

in North Carolina?

I guess the first...

When they first opened,

I went up there right after

and just kind of like to

see the facility and this, that,

and the other.

And then I did the first two

open workouts at my hometown.

And then I did the third

open workout at Proven.

They had the live announcements.

And then we kind of did it

all the next day.

And then I did quarterfinals at Proven.

Is it good for you to have

that push or support or

both by doing it there?

Oh, yeah.

I think so.

It was very helpful.

Do they team you up with

someone that is good for

you to give you a push?

Or do you guys pick who you

want to go up against during workouts?

Or how does that all work out?


I guess the coaches kind of just like

put like little heats

together depending on like

the workout and like the space,

what kind of space we

needed and how many could

kind of go at the same time.

But you leave that up to the coaches.


I mean, we could pick,

I guess if we wanted to.

internet um my wife just got

home from work and she

probably logged in to

something uh so it's

starting to come back

hopefully yeah yeah there

we go uh sorry about that

um so last time you talked

to kat you're just

graduating from college are

do you work full-time or

part-time doing anything or

are you a full-time athlete

I work part time and a small

animal hospital.


And you, you like that?

Yeah, I like it a lot.

At first I wanted to, um,

like when I graduated,

I graduated with a biology degree and, um,

I wanted to go to vet school,

but I'm not really sure.

I like doing it,

but I'm not sure because I

like CrossFit too,

and you can't really do both.

I'm not sure if I want to go

to school for four more years.

Jeffrey Birchfield asks,

vet tech or just informally help out?

Um, it's, I'm like a vet assistant.

I don't have the actual, like,

I guess the res,

like the license for vet tech yet, but,

um, kind of the same thing.

Okay, cool.

Um, and you, you love animals.

Yeah, I love animals.

We have, um, like horses,

like horses and cows and

everything like that.

And then I have a German

short haired pointer.



And do you have a lot of

property for the animals to run?

Yeah, so my brother, my middle brother,

he ropes,

like he does the head and

another guy does the heels,

like two men team roping.

And so he has a Palomino

that he ropes with and then

he just recently drove to Ohio and got

or in Oklahoma and got a red

room that he is training to rope as well.

And then I just like have

like trail road and stuff like that.

And then we have like a

hundred acres that we have some cows on.

And then we have like some

land that we lease and this,

that and other to keep other cows on.

Cause we probably have about,

60 to 70 head, but we just kind of like,

we have like black Angus and red Harford.

And we just kind of like grade them.

And so we don't like

slaughter them ourselves.


Do you ever, so my,

my father-in-law used to

raise cows and he would

take them to like a butcher,

have them do all the work

and then he'd get the meat

and bring it home.

So we did that if, like, one is, like,

had a prolapse or, like,

something like that.

But as far as, like, normally, like,

we just, like, sell them at, like,

certain ages, like 600, 800 pounds,

like kind of calves,

just depending on what we have.

But we will, like,

slaughter or take them somewhere if, like,

something happens to them.

okay because it's there's no

better meat than the stuff

you raise yourself right

like you know eaten it's

not all the nasty stuff you

get at the store so I love

when my father-in-law does

that because we get a lot

of the the meat that comes

off of that oh yeah a lot

can come a lot comes off we

just we have one that um

we did this past year and we

just did it all in ground beef.

I think we got a couple of states, this,

that, and the other, but like, it's a lot,

like our freezer is still like stacked.

And like, I have two brothers and then, um,

I still live with my parents right now.

And like between all of us,

like it's still like so

much still in the freezer.


I, those, I love that.


I love when we get a ton of ground beef,

uh, and that's when,

that's all we use when we get that.

So Jeffrey Birchfield, again,

with a question, asks,

did you show FFA or 4-H at any in school?


I played softball whenever I was in


So do you know what the FFA or 4-H is?

I think he's talking about like horses.

Or though he's talking about.

Farmers of America.


Which is like an

agricultural organization too.

Yeah, no,

I didn't really do any of that

because I played softball

and that's probably about it.

I was just playing softball,

doing school and working

out literally my whole four years.

So Carolyn Prevost is one of

my co-hosts on one of my other shows.

And she always talks about

athleticism and that it's

rare to find in CrossFit

because most athletes are,

when they're working on fitness,

it's straight ahead stuff.

And she played hockey in college.

And so a lot of side to side,

a lot of athleticism that

you don't always see on the floor.

You were a shortstop.

probably the most athletic

position on the softball field.

Do you wish the CrossFit

Games or CrossFit season

would test athleticism a little bit more?

Yeah, I feel like they should considering,

I mean, CrossFit is a sport,

and I think people think

when you play a sport, you're athletic,


I guess athlete, athletic, athlete,

athletic kind of comes with

any type of sport.

And so I feel like, yeah.


She is, she's a big proponent of that.

And an example is rogue

always seems to throw in

like an athletic event every year.

Like this year it was the

over under the logs where

that takes athleticism to like jump and,

throw your body over the log,

under the log,

over the log kind of thing.

Um, and she loves that kind of stuff.

Yeah, I did too.

I mean, I think the bike,

the bike was kind of athletic ish.

I mean, um, I thought it was fun.

I mean, I'd never really like, I guess,

I guess people can like,

I guess train that,

but I had never really, like I was on a,


like, rode a bike as a kid, so I kind of,

I mean, I had rode the bike around, like,

just, like, a couple miles, like, for,

like, an hour or so, like,

on the road and this, that, and other,

like, in my hometown, but as far as,


on grass like I didn't have

that I just had like a road

bike so as far as like on

grass gravel getting off

running or whatever I had I

didn't do any of that and

no paticing for that going

on to the games I was just

kind of like in like little

I was just kind of being

athletic and going back to

like just I guess when I

was a kid and like just I

just felt like a kid out

there honestly it was fun

just riding I would just

feel like riding a bike

like it back in the good

old days and just I don't know


I think that's what an athlete would do,


But the athletic part of it

was the getting off, lifting it up,

jumping over the barrier,

getting back on.

I think that's where the

athleticism came in.

Like anybody can ride a bike

straight ahead.

But getting off, getting on, lifting it up,

carrying it,

like that takes a lot of athleticism.

I agree.


so um so is how is life

different now than it was

when you talked to cat two

years ago you were just

getting out of college

didn't probably really know

what your future looked

like now it's kind of

coming into formation a

little bit yeah so I guess

when I talked to her

I mean, I didn't have a coach, obviously.

I was just like,

I would like wake up at like 5 a.m.

or earlier.

I would go to CrossFit.

Then I would go to classes.

Then I would go to squeeze

another CrossFit workout in.

And then I would go to

softball practice until like

six, six 30, then I do homework, go to bed,

basically do it all over again.

And then like, depending on games, this,

that, and other, like the quarterfinals,

those two years, um,

I did some of those workouts.

We had get away games or we

had like that weekend.

And so I did some of like,

I was squeezing in all those workouts,

did some of those workouts at like four,

not four,

like five or six in the morning

before I had to get on a

bus and go do like a softball game.

And so like now I guess I am

working part time,

but I feel like I have a little more like

time and commitment and

energy and everything to

put into just CrossFit

instead of kind of running

around rushing and everything like that.

This also happened.

You found a, in the field and on it,

it said, will you marry me?

So are you now?


So we got together in the junior,

senior year, kind of in there.

And so we've been together for,

it'll be four years in

November of this year.

Does he CrossFit?

He works out with me.

He's a state trooper,

so he works out with me

just to stay in shape for

the job and stay healthy

and fit and everything like that.

Nothing competitive,

but just like your everyday CrossFitter.

They just started the

service competition and the

everyday heroes at Mayhem.

I don't know if you heard about that.

I hadn't really heard about that.

Yeah, Everyday Heroes is really fun.

Mayhem is doing it.

It's a program thing,

and if you're in a military

service or a frontline

nurse medical field, a teacher,

or law enforcement, or fire,

you can enter.

The top male and the top

female from each bracket,

they're bringing to Cookville...

putting them on a team like the fire team,

the law enforcement team,

the teacher team,

and then they're going to

compete against each other.

That's pretty cool.


Great concept by Mayhem,

and they should be applauded for that.

Oh, yeah.

My middle brother is also a state trooper.


You're all around the law enforcement.


You can't get away with anything.

No, which he, my middle brother,

he became one my junior

year of high school.

So he's been on a little bit longer,

but he's older than Trace.

But I was with Trace

whenever he went through

trooper school and everything like that.

So Kenneth,

the lab says cool and unique proposal.

Yeah, we were just like going on.

a walk because we walk with

like our dogs or just to

look for sheds or just you

know outdoor being outdoor

a lot so it wasn't anything

like either normal and um

he had recently um bought

some land that's kind of

backed up to like his

parents house now and

So we were just on a walk,

walking from like his house around.

There's like a trail or

whatever to his land.

And then like once you get on his land,

the hill kind of rolls.

And so we were walking and

there was something like

shiny in the field, which was the antler.

And like I went up and got

it and then turned around

and he was on one knee.

But then like but our

families were like over the

hill so they could kind of see.

But it happened so quick and everything.

So but they were all there as well.

That's really cool.

And congratulations.

So is there a date set or

are you guys just waiting

till after the season to

kind of sit down and talk about it?

It'll be next year in September of 2025.


So I have a lot of time to plan.

So I want to finish up with

just a couple of questions

going into semis.

So you'll be in the East, right?

Um, you got a lot at 11 spots,

I think it was.

Yeah, we did.

Last year you took 10th.

Is there,

is there any trepidation about

like where you were on that

line or are you more

confident this year going

in than last year?


I'm definitely more confident this year

than last year.

I mean, last year I had never made it.

So, I mean, I was confident in myself,

but I hadn't did it yet.

But this year I feel like

I'm more fit than last year.


It's such a stacked field.

And for you to come out of that last year,

so impressive.

Thank you.

The workouts have been announced.

I'm sure you know them by heart now.

Is there anything in there

that you really like?

I mean...

I like them all.

There's nothing really... I don't know.

I mean, I like them all.


What I like about them is they all have,


an element of one facet of CrossFit

with another facet.


you have to be balanced in your

abilities to be good because...

cleaning jerks are matched

with a run and row is

matched with a handstand walk.

And like everything has, it's like,

I keep calling it the yin and the yang.

Yeah, I think it's very good.

Like you can't just be good at one thing.

Like there, like you just said,

it's paired with like a

strength is paired with a

cardio or like a gymnastics

is paired with this.

Like you have to,

it's going to show the all around.

fit for better athlete at the end.

You had your games experience last year.

When you make it this year,

we're going to say when you

make it this year,

it's going to be in Texas in a big,

huge arena and mostly indoors.

Are you excited about that?

Oh, yeah, I'm excited to go to Texas.

But as far as the indoor, outdoor, I mean,

I only had one experience in Wisconsin,

so I'm not really too opposed or have,

I guess, a lot of opinions on it.

Yeah, it's going to be different,

and nobody really knows what that means.

It's a much bigger arena than the Coliseum,

so they'll probably be able

to do more indoor than they could.

And there's still going to

be a little bit out there.

There has to be.

You have to test athleticism outside,




you can't do a bike race

inside the arena you can't

do a 5k inside the arena so

right right yeah one or two

events have to be outside

right I hope yeah I hope so

too well caroline I want to

thank you so much for

jumping on with us this has

been really fun talking to

you thank you for having me

Yeah, and congratulations on the proposal.

And hopefully you can

celebrate that with a bid

to the CrossFit Games in

just a couple weeks.

That's the plan.

Well, thank you, everybody,

to the chat for being here.

You guys are awesome as always.

And we'll see everybody next

time on the Clydesdale

Media Podcast presents the

Athletes of the 2024

CrossFit Games Semifinals.

Bye, guys.