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Hello, hello. Hello. You're listening to Eye on the Triangle on WKNC 88.1 FM. I am your host for this episode. My name is Caryl Espinoza Jaen. I'm one of the managers over at Technician NC States that are newspaper and I am a DJ here but I'm not going to dox my DJ name, you can guys can figure it out. Who would like to introduce themselves?

Abigail 1:02
Hi, this is Abigail Ali I am usually here with Avery but she can't make it this week. So I'm here with Caryl and Grant. I am the Assistant news editor at technician which you probably know by now. But yeah.

Grant 1:19
Awesome. And I'm not Avery. My name is Grant Eubanks. I am the promotions director and a DJ for WKNC 88.1 FM in Raleigh. Yeah.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 1:31
So for any the new listeners out here, the way I guess Eye on the Triangle works is that we we essentially roundtable like some news that caught our attention over the week started with me. That will go to Abigail and then we'll go to grant. So yeah, I'll start I'm sure all the NC State students hearing this have probably heard of the bank robbery, the bank chase happening on campus, but essentially what happened was that on Tuesday, February 22, at around 12:30 12:45pm, some suspects robbed two banks in central Raleigh and around the same time a bank in Cary and a bank in Morrisville, were also robbed and according to university police in the Raleigh Police Department all these incidents were like coordinated they were all related to each other later that afternoon we had a like a car chase basically near NC State's campus and what ended up happening was that the suspects crashed their car into Centennial Parkway near Centennial Campus and they they fled on foot and so the whole afternoon we got a bunch of I guess Wolf Alerts.

Grant 2:39

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 2:39
Kind of saying hey guys, there's like two guys who could be potentially you know running around campus who just robbed banks so if you know anything, call us at our specific department numbers. But yeah, did you guys hear about this I'm pretty sure you guys did

Grant 2:53
I live right by one of the banks was actually one of my it's like my bank that I would go to if I needed to do bank stuff. I luckily I didn't but it was the one on Avent Ferry. I take a different route home sometimes but sometimes I take Avent Ferry just depending on the light and just he was like 50/50 I could have turned into it. There were like 12, a good dozen police cars with their lights on just blocking off the road, little surreal, little wild I did not know until very recently though, that it was a coordinated effort with multiple banks. Sounds like one last job. Like a like a group of just general no, near dowells.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 3:39
Yeah, I know.

Grant 3:40
So sad.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 3:41
I know when I heard this story. I thought it was like a weird or at least when I find out through like the wolf flirt there was like all like related to each other. It felt like a weird like, I guess cinematography is like Bonnie and Clyde moment. Like a bunch of like, like an actual heist, but instead of like some crazy bank in New York, it's like four small banks in Central North Carolina.

Grant 4:08
Set realistic goals, set realistic goals.

Abigail 4:11
Very Ocean's 11 moment. But Raleigh.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 4:13
Yeah, Ocean's 11 for Raleigh, but surprisingly enough, bank robberies in general pretty rare in terms of like crime actually happening. So just for some statistics from the FBIs national incident based reporting system and from the FBI uniform crime reporting program. Robbery rates have been declining since 1991 nationwide. And in North Carolina alone, like robbery rates account only for 20% of all violent crime. And bank robberies in particular are only 1% of that 20% So basically less than 1% of violent crime in North Carolina are bank robberies, but it usually like we are talking about bank robberies, because they're pretty, pretty unique, pretty rare to come across.

Grant 5:07
Do you know if they caught the guy?

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 5:09
They have not caught the guy.

Grant 5:10
Or the or the guys?

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 5:12
Yeah. So I believe University Police like sent out like a statement being like, Yeah..

Abigail 5:16
We don't have them.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 5:17
We don't have them.

Grant 5:18
That so wild.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 5:19
Two unidentified white guys just running around. Basically like downtown Raleigh. We don't know their whereabouts.

Grant 5:27
Definitely doesn't narrow it down.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 5:29
Yeah. Super, super vague. But I'm assuming like, they didn't want to, like give up more information or something like that, but I could just be talking out of my butt, this might get cut. But yeah, bank robberies are pretty low in terms of actual crime in Raleigh, but they tend to get reported a lot because of their, I guess their impact, because you know, like people's money has been directly stolen from banks. And I guess the rarity, so it makes like a pretty newsworthy story. But in terms of actuality, no, there's not like a robbery epidemic going on in downtown Raleigh. For all the listeners who might be worried about that.

Grant 6:10
Just a little scandal.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 6:12
Just a little scandal, basically. But yeah, that's around the end of like, my bit about the bank robbery this week. So I'm gonna turn it over to Abigail.

Abigail 6:21
Okay, so my first tidbit for this week is about Pindo. I don't know if you guys have noticed, but there is a building downtown is called the Raleigh Crossing Building, and it has a giant pink sign on it that says "Pindo" with big pink stripes. When I saw this, because I've been making my way around town, I love going downtown. And I was like, what is that I need to know immediately because I'm nosy. And it turns out Pindo is a software company that has moved from a small place in the Wells Fargo building to the Raleigh crossing building to where they have like five floors, occupied now. Let's see what else, so Pindo is expanding right now that's why they did the big move and have all the big fancy signs. But they are currently doing a bunch of hiring and updating right now to the building and just infrastructure in general. In according to Raleigh magazine, one of Pindos goals is to make the workplace exciting to encourage employees to come into work and actually enjoy doing so. Since the pandemic, a lot of people were quitting their jobs, and they were sick of the old cubicles and boring places to work, which understandable, and they have kind of spruced up this new Pindo office to have like, relaxing study areas with like, comfy chairs are like regular desks if you want them or quiet spaces, they're really like going out of their way to make the space comfortable for the workers. And that includes having a private coffee shop and a pizza oven, which is kind of random, I thought by like they got a pizza oven. Yeah, it looks really cool and modern. And I appreciate the effort going into that because I actually saw a workspace the other day that was literally just like rows of tables and like boring chairs, and like everything was great, I was like that looks awful, so it's cool to know that there's offices that actually do care about their employees and are trying to put in the effort. So what do you guys think about workplaces actually trying or seeming like they're actually trying?

I can, I can go first as a person from newsroom and radio experiences, when I think in a way I love like office spaces like I'll often go to like, if I really need to focus, I'll go to my office, at like the technician newsroom and just sit there and like crank out work. If I got to go to like a zoom class that's like my number one spot to go because I'll be like, Okay, here I can actually like pay attention. But also, like one of my favorite things about like the radio station over here at WKNC is that we just have like a lounge room.

Grant 8:58

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 8:59
Even like the like the program director's office feels very cozy, we have like the couch, and the like the bunch of stickers all over the walls. And it's like, really, it gives it a personality, something that the technician newsroom doesn't have. And for other places up and turned out something that it definitely doesn't have. So like,

Grant 9:18
I think it runs sort of a risk of at least this is from my experience trying to go into like engineering and things, and also just seeing like, sometimes the incentives are just sort of an excuse to like, not pay the person what they're like really worth. Yeah, it would be like we're a family or pizza parties. At least that from personal experience, just like especially the service industry jobs, we'll do stuff like that, but it seems like in software especially, it's a really hard job very stressful. They're demanding a lot of you and it does pay a lot but it pays probably under what it's demanded, because they have done they have done some work to like, make it a better place. Like, I don't know something about like, such an outward like, I don't know, it doesn't even seem like it's like, conducive to a good vibe. It seems a little fake to me.

Abigail 10:19
Yeah, I think I agree with both of you because like you said, like, there's certain times, like the newsroom. I like the big area because I can sit and quietly do my work, but I'm also on a couch. If I want to be on a couch, I can talk to whoever's close by if I want to, and it's nice and comfy. But I also like the idea of a quiet space, if I need to focus and really don't want the distractions. I like the diversity, but I also was thinking, like you said, is this just like, a fake thing to get people to work there, and then they're just gonna end up going there and having the same issues that you had before? Or not getting paid enough? Or whatever the case may be, I was also wondering that and I'm interested to see if it ends up actually being a fun place to work or if it just seems like it.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 11:09
Yeah, that's what I'm really interested in personally, because it could be very much a case of like, aesthetic dystopia chic. Like, this is a cute place to work and but you're still not getting, like a livable wage. Instead, you just have an excuse to be sad and make pizza boxes.

Abigail 11:23
Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 11:25
Yeah, but very interesting overall. So we'll see how that turns out in like, the near future. Grant, you want to go next.

Grant 11:34
The reason why I haven't been incredibly, I've been doing my, my usual quips here is because I'm learning something really interesting. A couple days ago, I was coming home from Sheets at like, 1:00 AM. Like we all do, you know? When we're when we're trying to cope. And like, just a guy just passed me barely hit me really close, in like a gold car or like a yellow car or something like that. It was dark, so I couldn't really see. But couple inches from hitting me, like I was kind of hugging the left part of the lane. And he was it's just a two lane part of I-40. And I was like taking the exit. There's like a cop waiting there. Like not me, but the the guy after me I guess I just started kind of coming at him. And so I was like, what's that about? I bet that'll wind up in the newsletter, and I didn't even think about it until just now. But one of the stories that I had, was that Lizard Lick Towing.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 12:42

Grant 12:43
That's a reality show. Right? Yeah. reality show about a towing company in Raleigh.

Abigail 12:50
Outside of Raleigh, but close.

Grant 12:52
Gotcha. So the son of that star got shot at that Sheets, right after I was there. That's right after I got honestly got bad vibes from that place. I don't know. It was just not I was not feeling comfortable with it. I got out early, it was just like, I don't know, weird energy there. Someone got shot and killed. They say that Harley Surely is the name of the 21 year old man, they got shot in Sheets parking lot in Johnson County, and so I'm going to cross reference this from a WRAL article, the article about Lizard Lick is from news observer, this article is about a chase on I-40 in Johnson County that ended in northeast Raleigh.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 13:48
ANd that's where you saw the chase happen?

Grant 13:49
Yes, it was on I-40 in Johnson County, and that's what it says in the beginning of this article so I'm not sure if they're the same chase or not. I do not want to spread misinformation but I do know that I witnessed, I witnessed a police chase on I-40 in Johnson County the other day I don't know if there were two police chases one of them was the Lizard Lick guy but this one also says that they were in a in a yellow car I believe or a gold car. I don't know what used a pit maneuver to end the pursuit Okay. A state trooper we used a PIT maneuver. I want to look up what that is right now. Pursuit tactic used in which, by which a pursuing car can force a flying car to turn sideways abruptly causing the driver to lose control and stop. Okay, so they just like probably just bumped into him in a in a very tactical ramming type way. But that might have ended in a crash, I'm not entirely sure, but um, people just running people are just running from the cops. Okay yes, so, the shooting suspects fled the scene in a yellow vehicle. I would imagine that they were chased, so the sheriff's deputies initially responded to it, like a reported shooting.

Abigail 15:12
So you probably did see that?

Grant 15:13
On Josephine Road. Yes, the 17th, around 8pm. 17th was last Thursday. When was when was this? Okay, yeah, so it was the 17th. Hmm. So let me let me see. It's a little vague about the details here. Okay. Yeah. So it was around 8pm on the 17th that it was a shooting in a home. Maybe this was I'm just wondering if they went to the sheets to shoot the guy because that that would change a lot. He was found shot in a Sheets parking lot last week. Okay. That was this week. So it might have been after I might have not seen this and that might have been a separate I-40 car chase.

Abigail 15:59
With the yellow car.

Grant 16:00
With the yellow car near Sheets. That is really weird. One of them was the son of the Lizard Lick Towing guy. So okay, one of them ended with the car being towed away and there was a trap and there was a crash. The troopers use a taser on the driver damaged the highway patrol car in the other car. And the passenger fled. Yeah, the passenger fled to a road off of traffic road and was not caught. But the driver was caught, and then the other one I believe they're still at large. So these I think these are two separate events. I was trying to cross reference them to see if they were the same or not. Okay, maybe I went to the maybe the reason why the Sheets vibe was off is that something that those are like drone guys son had just been shot there like two days before.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 16:53
And so I was working on a follow up for like a story about Lizard Lick, in particular. Basically, like halfway through like the COVID-19 pandemic, some Latino residents, like near Raleigh, like filed a complaint letter to like Lizard Lick because they were like illegally towing their trucks. They reported on this on La Noticia, which is this news organization for like Spanish speaking communities in the United States. To quote the report, quote, "On Friday, February 26, Latino residents of three Raleigh mobile home parks, delivered a letter of complaint written by their attorney to the owner of yes communities alleging that hundreds of vehicles had been illegally towed out of their own homes since the start of the pandemic by the Lizard Lick towing and recovery company".

Abigail 17:35
Oh interesting.

Grant 17:36
For what reason?

Abigail 17:38
Money probably.

Grant 17:38
Just just to like extort them?

Abigail 17:41

Grant 17:42
Like just a, like, what are they going to do about it is?

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 17:47
Yeah, apparently it was 130 residents who signed the letter. And then some local activist groups for like, Latin X communities also got involved. So very, very interesting company because they also have their own TV show.

Abigail 18:02
Yeah. Is it still going? It was old?

Grant 18:06
I don't know. I can, I can look it up.

Abigail 18:08
Because the only reason I know about it is a girl in middle school used to be obsessed with Lizard Lick. And I was like, what is that?

Grant 18:15
They did get four seasons, which is wild. Oh, let's see. IMDB just has a dash, one dash and then 2011 dash.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 18:28
They're probably still going. Maybe it's like very long season one, very long season two, very long season three.

Grant 18:36
Lizard Lick. I do not want to buy it on Prime Video. I'm trying to okay, there's 104 episodes. Let's get into okay, that's season seven. There's no way there's a season seven that aired in, wait, they made seven seasons in three years? Are you kidding me? They made seven seasons of that show. 12 episodes each? That's a lot. Yeah. Oh, season 2 and 26 episodes. Oh, wow. So yeah, 107 episodes of that in four years or three years. Wow. Wow.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 19:17
I I'll be honest, I do watch a lot of like reality TV like my sister love Dance Moms. I watch a lot of Real Housewives. And like, I watched Jersey Shore a lot when I was like a middle schooler. And like usually it'd be like, you know, like a season a year and those would be like seven eight episodes, but like multiple seasons a year and those seasons are like 26 episodes what was going on? But now I kind of get it considering like, yeah.

Grant 19:45
This this, I mean, very sad. heart goes out to whoever is impacted by the death of that person. No one should have to deal with that. But they they shouldn't they shouldn't do that, that's not cool. Also, they should probably get a little bit of a rebranding on their website. So little. It's a little bad.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 20:11
A little 2000s. Yeah, it's a little like 2001. Windows XP.

Grant 20:15
Yeah. Sports, sports bar, Windows XP computer in the back. The intern knows a little bit of HTML kind of vibe. Trust.

Unknown Speaker 20:28
Trust, honestly #trust. Anyways, I'm gonna say the my next, my next I guess story. So yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna give a shout out to all our K through 12 students, because this, this is particular about you guys. Did you guys go to school in North Carolina?

Abigail 20:47

Grant 20:47

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 20:48
Yeah. So for any of the, for some reason non North Carolina people listening in, there's this system that the North Carolina public schools uses to like, essentially track grades and like student information teacher information, and called Power School. Power School will not show the gender of students anymore, in particular, to protect like trans students or non binary students, students who don't identify with their assigned birth. So that was a story that really, like spoke out to me, because I was like, Okay, that's pretty cool. But yeah, obviously, there's been some backlash from like, conservative groups who are like, Oh, this is spreading transgenderism, which like, okay, but yeah, that's been implemented, obviously, like, the schools still have access to like, a students at sex, but it's not, like more harder for, you know, like teachers to, like, get justification to obtain that data, if it's not like actually important to the class. So it kind of helps, like students, I guess, actually express like, their gender to their teacher without like, them being like, well, Power School says this. Yeah. Because I remember when I was in high school, there'd be like, gender non conforming kids. And then the teacher would be like, well, actually, Power School says this, and it's like, the worst. Like, why? Why are we having a fight about this? We're in class, I want to learn about French. I don't want to see a teacher and a student argue about, about gender identity, because that's not what it came here to do.

Grant 22:10
Also I think they would like know, what their gender is, you know? Like, I don't think that that anyone but a person should be the authority on that. Even if they're minors, like, whatever you say, you are, you are, I guess, but can you do you know, if you can change that on PowerSchool? Is that now something that kids can change?

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 22:34
I think, if I remember correctly, they can change like, their first name on like Power Schools to be like, their preferred name. I'm not so sure about like gender. But I know I won't show like the birth, like the birth sex anymore in PowerSchool. Unless, like you requested from like, the principal. And then you have to show you have to go through this whole process of being like, this is why I need this information.

Abigail 22:57

Grant 22:58
Oh, they said it was based on federal guidance.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 23:00
Yeah, it was based off like, the recent title nine changes, which now include like gender identity, and like sexual orientation. So.

Abigail 23:09
That'll be nice for kids, too, because it's probably not fun, if you don't identify with you're born sex, to go and look at a computer that tells you you're something that you're not, you're not having this, that label stare at you when you go into your school system.

Grant 23:25
Also really nice, probably informs the pronouns, too. You know, like, if a teacher is reading Power School, and they see it. Now, I think they might be forced to treat it with a little bit more nuance.

Abigail 23:39
Make assumptions.

Grant 23:40
Yeah. I don't feel like that would be the most, like immediately relevant. thing that happens is the whole pronoun situation. Yeah, it's treated a little better.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 23:50
Yeah, but that's essentially my, my little bit of the K through 12 story.

Abigail 23:56
So for my next little news tidbit, I kind of wanted to just shout out some cute places I went to last weekend for my birthday. It was my 21st birthday, and I am not a big clubbing person, so I just decided to go day drinking with my family. We just kind of picked a couple places around Raleigh to just go and try some drinks and see what the vibes were like. We went to three places, one of them was The Optimist which is a coffee shop, we went to Sir Walter Coffee, which is another coffee place, but it's a little different.

I like that pun.

And Wye Hill for dinner. So the Optimist is my favorite coffee place, in fact, in Raleigh, and we got mimosas there and the vibes are immaculate if you were wondering, it's like dark interior with like, like the dark greens and black and like gold contrast. Yeah, that's their kind of vibe and it's very pretty and I am obsessed with their latte, and matchas. But I got their mimosas for my birthday, and their mimosas are kind of exciting because they have different flavors they have like guava and then they always have like a monthly fruit flavor. I was too scared to try the fancy one. So I did just get orange juice, but next time I do want to try one of the fun ones, so I'm not boring. But yeah, I love them so much. You should definitely try them.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 25:24
Yeah, I've been to Sir Walter Coffee. Like a few times over like last summer, and yeah, that shop is like a lot, a lot brighter, especially during the day because you have like, basically massive windows.

Abigail 25:37
Yes, Sir Walter Coffee is what I'm going to talk about next. And it is, if you've never been there, you just need to go look at it.

Grant 25:44
Like I'm looking at images of it right now. Oh my god.

Abigail 25:46
It's so cool, because it's literally like a bar inside of a coffee shop, and during the day they have like regular coffee, but they also have spiked coffees. And then at night, they have cocktails, like regular cocktails, and you can just go hang out. Yeah, it's really fun. And they're, I don't know, they're very creative, their coffees, I feel like and yeah, me and my dad went and I got a Humphrey Gilbert, which was just a spiked mocha. And yeah, it was great. And it was huge. Oh my God, it was in the biggest cup ever.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 26:16
Yeah, I went there when I was like 20, so no spike mocha for me, but I also got a mocha and it was pretty like it had some extra flavors. It was pretty good.

Abigail 26:23
Yeah, I like their coffee.

Grant 26:24
Where is this?

Abigail 26:26
It's downtown. Do you know where the railway station is? By Urban Outfitters and Heirloom coffees in that area. Wait, that's further down. I lied it's not in that area. It's where is it by?

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 26:40
I think it might be by Boxcar. You know, like the bar arcade? I think it's like very close to like, I say this, because that was very recently in Boxcar. And I saw the Sir Walter coffee. And I was like, Wait I remember this.

Abigail 26:54
Yeah, it's downtown somewhere.

Grant 26:56
Okay. I'm looking right now. On on map website. Oh, it's right by Red Hat Amphitheater. Right by Red Hat.

Abigail 27:04
Oh, yeah, you're right.

Grant 27:05
Cool. Okay, so it's right by like, a lot of places. Like the convention center and stuff.

Abigail 27:11
It's in walking distance from a lot of great places downtown.

Grant 27:16
That's like my favorite part of downtown.

Abigail 27:17
And then finally for dinner, we went to Wye Hill, which is a brewery. And it has like the cutest view of downtown and I've always driven past it, but I never went. So for my birthday I was like, we're going, I just want to see it. And so we did. And we got to try some cocktails and beer. I am a beer person.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 27:35
You're a beer person?

Grant 27:36

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 27:37
I respect that.

Abigail 27:37
Yeah. So we tried some of that. And yeah, it was so pretty. Like we watched the sunset go down and it was just so nice.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 27:44
Yeah, I'm a mixed drinks person. I really love a mojito. I really love a rum and coke. So yeah.

Abigail 27:52
Yeah. They had, we tried, or I tried one cocktail, and it was like a Blackberry and gin thing. I don't know if you're into that. But it was really good.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 28:01
Yeah, that sounds good. Yeah, right up my alley.

Grant 28:03
Okay, so it an officer with the RPD. That being the Raleigh Police Department was charged with dealing drugs while in uniform. On duty. Allegedly, allegedly, according to a US attorney, and 11 eyewitness ABC News.

Abigail 28:26
I don't know why. But my brain is connecting that to like the story of the police officers that got charged for like not paying attention because they're playing Pokemon Go. Have you seen that? That's what that makes me think of, but it's so different.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 28:39
I saw it like this morning on the news and observer, the one and only News and Observer. Yeah. And I was like, what?

Grant 28:47
Pokemon go to a drug deal? Yeah.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 28:49
Pokemon Go to a drug deal. Yep.

Grant 28:52
So the man, the 33 year old Kevin Rodriguez arested on Wednesday. Oh, wait, what? So he was charged with? Well, yeah, first, like distribution of cocaine. Understandable. Sure. I understand. All right, for that for the thing, but for the for the whole situation. Right, but also possession of a firearm.

Abigail 29:18

Grant 29:18
Which is like, that's the- you gave them that. I'm sure man was just Breaking Bad, I guess. Yeah, it was just breaking. Breaking Bad. Yeah, so apparently, the guy that sold that was an informant that gave him $2,600 for 56 grams of cocaine. Trust, okay. So the yeah, the mandatory minimum is five years in prison, and the maximum is life in prison, so what an interesting gradient. They're interesting minimum and max like either until 2027, or forever, he's been employed since July 30, 2018 and right now is on administrative leave without pay. Interesting now entering the the legal system in a different way. Let's say, wait, okay, he arrived at the meeting location, according to 11, ABC, or ABC 11. He arrived at the meeting location in his parole car in uniform, while carrying a service weapon or a document show. That's a direct quote from ABC 11 Imagine man showed up in costume. No one would no one would question a think except for the confidential informant. So sad.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 30:46
Yeah, we've got some very surreal news going on.

Abigail 30:50
Raleigh's been tripping lately what's going on? Yeah.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 30:52
Bank Robbery.

Grant 30:54
The world's been trippin recently. Honestly.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 30:56
Lizard Lick.

Grant 30:57
Lizard Lick, police chase.

Abigail 30:59
Person got shot.

Grant 31:00
Yeah, person got shot. Oh, yeah. Another person got shot in on Western Boulevard too. Yeah, in a parking deck. And then the Hardees caught on fire the same day.

Abigail 31:11
Not the Hardees.

Grant 31:12
Yeah, yeah.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 31:13
Hardee's caught on fire?

Grant 31:14
Yeah, we were trying to get subway. And so we went to the subway in the Avent Ferry you know, little area with the food line and everything, and that Hardee's was on fire. So we're like, Alright, cool. Let's go somewhere. Let's go to the other Subway on, Western Boulevard, that was right next to the food line on Western Boulevard where the guy was shot, and there's cops everywhere their. Raleigh is wilding while as of recent.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 31:39
Raleigh needs a spa day.

Grant 31:41
Yeah, Raleigh needs a spa day.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 31:43
Yeah, it's been an interesting week. Yeah, I kind of go to guess my next story. Because this is the perfect segue into some world news. So last night, I was hanging out at the radio station with my friend, DJ Heartland. And yeah, in the middle of my friend set, we quickly came to find out that Russia had launched a military attack on Ukraine.

Grant 32:11

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 32:12

Grant 32:13

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 32:14
Really. And that's essentially my lesson. My last news bits for for this episode is the Russian military attack on Ukraine to just kind of give some backstory is the Russia has been like, threatening to, like, invade Ukraine for like, a few weeks now. And they were getting a lot of economic sanctions from not just like Western countries, but like, basically like most of the most of the like, globe. And if not, that they were either getting like the cold shoulder from like their allies being like, essentially being like, don't do this and or just like people saying, like, "Oh, you guys are what you're doing with Ukraine is bad", so a lot of like, a lot of condemnations a lot of sanctions, a lot of cold shoulders. And yeah, for some reason, last night, on February 23, like the Putin administration decided to finally launch a military attack. The US and NATO have responded by starting to get military aid to essentially Ukraine, but they have not declared war. And I, from what I've read, I don't think they have intentions of making this a full out war, but time will tell. But for those of you concerned about like war, and things like that, things are looking rough, but thankfully, no declarations of war have been made, which is pretty good, considering, like how militaries have changed in the past.

Grant 33:48
I mean, I would argue, declaration of war been made on Ukraine.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 33:55
Honestly, yeah.

Grant 33:56
I think I think I think Ukraine gets the picture. I think they're like, Yep, we're a war now. Right? They're at war. Let's say you can say it's a war now. Right? Yeah.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 34:05
You just can't say it's a world war.

Grant 34:07
Oh it's definitely not a World War.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 34:09
Yeah, but there's definitely like a conflict that has turned out to like a full out like military escalation.

Grant 34:14
It's like a Germany like Austria Hungary situation. Yeah, in 1945, when they were not as cool as they are now. They were significantly less cool. And I don't know, it's like that. It seems like it's a very normal historical pattern of like, Ooh, I'm gonna try to reclaim what I once had and I'm going to keep going on that.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 34:41
And the it doesn't go well.

Grant 34:42
Yeah. So worry about that. Yeah. But I just I was staying up extremely late last night, just kind of doom scrolling and reading stuff. Odd times.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 34:59
I honestly I'll be honest here, I haven't really like a little bit into it, but I'm not like super well read on, like the history of NATO the history of like Ukraine's independence against like, the Soviet block, modern day Russia, or just like the like the history of like the US, Ukraine, and Ukraine specifically. So I'm not as well versed, but I did feel it was important to at least mention this episode that this is, this is a thing that's happening, this is going to affect pretty much the globe economically in terms of like, oil prices, and like economic goods and stuff like that.

Abigail 35:37
Yeah, I would encourage reading up on this and finding good sources. And just learning as much as you can. So you can have empathy for people, I feel like there's anything I learned in my history classes, it's that a lot of people kind of separate, they separate themselves from history and big events like this, and I think it's important not to do that. Soak all of it in and feel for people and do what you can to help. Even if it's just moral support, like, yeah, don't be a jerk.

Grant 36:10
Don't be a jerk.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 36:11
Don't be jerk

Grant 36:12

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 36:13
War sucks.

Grant 36:13
War sucks.

Abigail 36:14
War Sucks.

Grant 36:15
I don't want to go to war. I'm too pretty.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 36:20
The roundtable consensus. War sucks, and also grants very pretty. Yeah. Yay.

Grant 36:25
Thank you.

Abigail 36:26
On a much lighter note. I don't know if you guys are aware, but the Daily Tarhell, NC State technicians satire version of the Daily Tar Heel is-

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 36:38
It's on newsstands.

Abigail 36:39
Yeah. It's on newsstands. Now. Go find her. Read her. Let us know what you think.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 36:44
Put her on Franklin Street. Yeah. Replace Daily Tar Heel news, like the news stands with daily Tar Hell,

Abigail 36:51
Yeah. Do what you can.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 36:53
You guys can't see. You guys can't see me right now. But I am literally fangirling. In the studio.

Abigail 36:59
Yeah. So go find it. Yeah, give it a read. Make sure everybody in your family knows its existing. Make sure your friends know. Yeah.

Grant 37:07
Little plug. There's nothing wrong with a little plug. Apparently the FBI just got called into assist on the bank robbery issue.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 37:17
Oh, really? Yeah. Actual live development from this studio at Eye on the Triangle from two days ago, but not live development then? Yeah, I'm honestly not surprised that like, I guess the FBI got involved considering this was like a, I guess like a very coordinated robbery.

Abigail 37:37
Yeah And I was talking to him, and I don't know if this is real, but I'm pretty sure bank robberies nowadays are more virtual. So like, I'm sure the FBI does has have to come in because I feel like that's like a big breach. If somebody is robbing a bank, a bank these days. It's not just like, put your hands up, give me money. It's like I completely just outdid your system.

Grant 37:59
Like ransomware, or other stuff like that. There are definitely a lot of ransomware attacks. I want to say that we have plans at WKNC and make a Conspiracy Theory podcast.

Abigail 38:10
Oh my god.

Grant 38:11
And I could mention that this is the subject of a conspiracy theory, but what happened to the mafia? What happened with them mafia? People think they wouldn't have phone scams, but and that's the industry, but sometimes, like, that kind of gets like, I don't know. I feel a little uncomfy talking about it, but.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 38:31
Not in the news podcast.

Grant 38:32
That's what I'm saying. But I want to create a standalone podcast, and we're, we're we have plans to do that right now. Where we can just if that one gets shut down and get shut down. Cool, but I don't want to hurt Eye on the Triangle.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 38:45
I yeah, this can go on to episode for Eye on the Triangle. But if you want to conspiracy podcasts, literally talk to me. As a person in the news experience, I do have to like rubbish through a lot of like, alternative facts, fake news, and just conspiracies and conspiracies have always like, stuck to my brain because how outlandish they can be.

Grant 39:08
Yes. I mean, I think what we're trying to look for is like legitimate, like, not just like wild, baseless stuff like this definitely happened.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 39:16
Like this could definitely be true.

Grant 39:17
Like there's a there's a lot that leads to this. And it's just like, I don't know, it's also funny. There's a lot of funny aspects to you know, WKNC being the one that produces that stuff. I have one little thing that I found.

Let's hear it.

If we're doing one, and this is like the biggest news story today. How's your three bedroom, three bath home listed for $260,000? in Raleigh? Yes. And people just freaked out.

Abigail 39:47
Tons of cars.

Grant 39:48

Abigail 39:49
Lined up the street.

Grant 39:50
Lined up the street.

Abigail 39:50
In North Raleigh

Grant 39:51
Couldn't even walked the dogs.

Abigail 39:54
The housing market in Raleigh right now is like in the top three most popular or something like that?

Grant 40:01
I mean, it makes sense like Apple's coming here other like, it's a fast growing place. I can see why.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 40:07
Yeah, I think I read somewhere and like that like, yeah, I read somewhere that Raleigh was one of the the fastest growing cities like in the top 10 fastest growing cities in the United States as a whole. So I'm not surprised like housing rates are going up and people are just like, moving in drones.

Abigail 40:23
Yeah, that's why they like fled to that house is because a house hasn't been on the market in North Raleigh for less than 300,000s in like months now. So when they saw that everybody was just like, Oh my God,

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 40:34
And it's North Raleigh. That's like the North Hills area. And that's a pretty I don't want to say like a pretty bourgeois area, but it's pretty like nice.

Grant 40:41
It's pretty bourgeois.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 40:42
Yeah, it's pretty bourgeois.

Grant 40:45
I delivered unnamed Cafe food there from major chain longer does that I got laid off as a delivery driver in North Hills, but ya know, it's very, very the type of people who would order Anera bread not that, Banera.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 41:14

Grant 41:15
Yeah, the people who would like deliver that. You know, definitely have way too much house. The also the income inequality was insane. Like you just turn the corner and it's like, out of like Lemony Snicket novel, like that level of like bad poverty and then North Hills, then like HGTV. Yeah, turn the corner. So sad.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 41:42
But in that note, that about wraps it up for this episode of Eye on the Triangle. You can listen to us online over at

Grant 41:51
Wherever you get your podcasts.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 41:53

Grant 41:53
And also, I mean, we're on transistor, go to wknc.org. We have everything there. Just like look up podcasts. You know how to use tabs on websites, just go to wknc.org. There's also a web stream for 8.1 FM, which is our place even if you're not in Raleigh, you just streaming online.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 42:11

Grant 42:12
See the schedules for things just a fantastic thing. And also you can go to podcasts. See any podcasts you want. But I assume if you're listening to this, and you want to hear more Eye on the Triangle, there's Eye on the Triangle there to Google, Apple podcast, Spotify, it's on all of it. Yeah, Eye on the Triangle.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 42:27
To close off this specific episode of Eye on the Triangle will air live on air-

Abigail 42:32

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 42:33
Sunday? Sundays from 5 to 6pm I believe.

Grant 42:39
That's good for me to know.

Caryl Espinoza Jaen 42:40
But yeah, that about wraps it up. Thank you guys for listening to Eye on the Triangle and I hope you have a great week.

Grant 42:45
I love you.

Jeanine Ikekhua 42:46
Music in this episode has been North Oakland Ecstasy by SquattaB licensed under the YouTube Audio Library. This has been Jeanine Ikekhua for WKNC Radio. Thank you for listening to today's episode. You can listen to more episodes at wknc.org/podcasts and you can also tune in every Sunday at 6pm to hear new episodes from Eye on the Triangle

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