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Ellia Miller has always been a favorite of the show.  We get to sit down and chat with this semifinalist for the 3rd year in a row and talk about the packed off-season she scheduled for herself and how that was designed to help her get better during the CrossFit Games Season.

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I was born to kill it.

I was meant to win.

I am down to will and so I

will find a way.

It took a minute and I

didn't have to ride away.

When it get hot in the kitchen,

you decide to stay.

That's how a winner's made.

Stick a fork in a hater on

my dinner plate.

what is going on everybody

welcome to glasdell media

podcast where we're

focusing on the athletes of

the 2024 crossfit

semifinals I'm so pumped to

have with me elia miller

what's going on man hey

scott I'm doing good how

are you I'm good man

earlier today I did a

master show I went to hit

the video and it just

kerflunk kaflui it was a cool video


I have different ones for

different shows and it just didn't,

it didn't start.

And I was like, well, okay,

I guess we're doing it live,

but it went today.

And I love that.

That is like one of the

coolest type songs in the

royalty free music category

that's out there.

And I just, and I love it.

So I'm hyped to see you.

How you been?

I've been good.

Just, uh, just training a lot.

Getting excited for semifinals.


And so this is the third

year in a row we've talked to Aaliyah.

And she's always one of

those bright faces when I

see at an event that just makes me happy.

I feel like I'm with my

people and I get to hang out.

And so, as always,

it's fun to catch up with you.

I know you made some big

changes this year.

You moved out west.


Walk us through that thought

process and then kind of where you are.


So I was previously in Kansas.

I spent the past two seasons

in Kansas City, Kansas,

training with Jill Glasnap.

She was my coach.

And I obviously made very

good progress with her.

I made semifinals both years

I was with her.

Ended up finishing 20th in

the West at semifinals last year.

Getting close to that game spot.


and we were making a lot of good progress,


but it got to a point where I was on

the verge of not being able

to pay rent anymore.

Um, and I was also,

I was training alone in Kansas.

I didn't have any training

partners out there.

And that was,

I think what I needed when I was there.


but it was getting to a point where

that was just becoming, um,

hard to maintain.

And like, I love going to the gym.

I love training,

but it was getting to a

point where I didn't want

to go to the gym anymore.

Just because training by

yourself day after day for

multiple years is,

it takes a very special

type of person to do that

for an extended period of time.

And I was really missing

having just people to talk to, people to,

you know, talk strategy with,

compare scores with,

all that kind of stuff.

So that combined with the

fact that I was becoming

very broke and couldn't

necessarily afford rent anymore.

The timing worked out

beautifully that Sean

Sweeney had posted on

Instagram that he was

looking for an athlete and

a coach to come move to Nevada,

train with him,

coach at his gym and live

on his property.


so I sent him a message and told him

the background.


Where's he at back there?

You can see his head up there.

Um, so I sent him a message and I was like,

Hey, you know,

I've been chasing the games

for a couple of years now.

I feel like I'm making progress,

but if I don't change something right now,

I'm going to basically have to give up.

this dream because I'm going to have to go,

you know,

get a grownup job and start

making money to pay.


and so this opportunity that he

presented was the perfect opportunity.

Um, he has a tiny house on his property.

It's like a little shed basically.


it's in his front yard and that was

what he was offering as, Hey,

come live in this tiny house.

You won't have to pay rent.

You won't have to pay bills,

just live here, coach at the gym.

And that's

you know, the,

the agreement that you're

here to help run the gym.

And in exchange,

you get to live on my property.

Um, so I sent him a message,

sent him a video, uh,

ended up coming out here to visit, uh,

that must've been like

November of last year,

spent a couple of days here,

Got to meet him, meet everybody at the gym,

coach a few classes, do some training.

And I ended up really loving it.

So a couple of days later,

I decided to pull the

trigger and move out here.

And by the beginning of December,

my life was packed up in a

trailer and I was driving

from Kansas to Fallon, Nevada.

So got here early December

and now I'm living in a

tiny house and coaching at

CrossFit Power Stroke.


That leads to just a ton of

questions for me.

And how do you take your

belongings and whittle them

down to a point?

Or maybe you already were,

but you whittle them down

to something that fits in a tiny house.

It was very hard.

Anyone who knows me knows

that I'm a bit of a hoarder.


And I had a lot of stuff.

So it was actually,

I think it was really good for me.

because it forced me to

actually take a hard look

at all of my belongings,

all of my possessions and

figure out what I actually

needed and what I didn't

need that I was holding

onto for whatever reason,

whether that was, Oh,

I might need this again in three years.

And, you know,

things like that or things that, you know,

I don't want to throw away

this concert ticket stub

because it has sentimental value.


All right,

I think it's time to move past

some of those things.

So it was a little bit of

like an emotional... For

the kids out there,

when you went to a concert,

you used to get a paper ticket.

Yeah, I forgot everything's digital now.

But it was kind of like an

emotional cleanse almost.

So it took a decent amount of time.

I donated a lot of stuff to

Goodwill and just some other...

donation centers out in Kansas,

sold some clothes on Posh

March and just did what I

could to downsize to really

just my essentials.

And then, you know, of course,

having two cats traveling

with me makes it a little

hard to shove everything in my car.

So I ended up having to,

I had to get a trailer

hitch installed on my car

and then rent a trailer and

pull that with me.


and so that also allowed me to bring my

air runner out here, which was nice.

So, yeah.

So I'm assuming the air

runner is not in the tiny house.

It's not,

it would take up the entire tiny house.

So my air runner is in the gym.

Uh, did you have other equipment?

Uh, just a couple of barbells,

barbells and an air runner.

And there,

you brought those two and just

threw them in the gym.




So what is tiny house living like?

It's interesting.

It was definitely an

adjustment and I feel like

I've adjusted fairly well

to it at this point.

So I have to light my stove

with an actual lighter.

So I turn on the gas and

then hold a lighter to it.

Never had to do that before.

I have, this is going to sound weird.

I have a compost toilet.

So my toilet doesn't actually flush.

it's a French drain and a compost toilet.

So, um, that's different for sure.

Um, I don't have a dishwasher.

Uh, I don't have an oven.


so I've had to get creative with my

meal prep.

I used to use my oven a lot for meal prep.

I was lucky enough that a

couple of months ago,

my parents bought me an air

fryer for my birthday.

So that helps a lot with the cooking.

Um, and then just, uh,

living small in general um

you know I i realize that I

i don't really spend too

much time at home I'm

mostly only home on my rest

days really uh every other

day I'm spending most of my

time at the gym or out

running errands or whatever

so it's just uh it's been

good I like it it's very

calm kenneth the lab says

air fryers are key yes

I don't know how I went so

long without one.

So shout out mom and dad.

Thanks for the air fryer.

So with that,

do you have any outdoor

living space around the tiny house?

I have a porch.

I have a really cute front porch.

I've never had a front porch before,

so that's pretty cool.

And then it's in his front yard,


So across from his driveway,

he's got the tiny house set up.


and we spend a decent amount of time


Um, Sean and his wife,

Emily just started a garden

in the front yard.

Um, so, you know,

a couple of days ago I was

out there helping them

plant some watermelons and

stuff like that.

Um, so, and you know, out doing runs,

bike rides, walking around, whatever.

Um, it's been getting nice out here.

So I've been able to spend

some more time outside.

what has the relationship

been like between sean and

his wife and you have you

become like part of the

family or I feel like yeah

they've been really great

um you know my birthday

they invited me over for

dinner and they cooked me

dinner um we hang out at

the house sometimes when

nobody's got anything going

on they've got two young

kids so their life is a

little hectic right now um but you know

I love the kids.

Their daughter, Tyler,

she can't say my name.

So she calls me Ia.

So I'm Ia.

It's really cute.

But yeah, it's been a lot of fun.

They've been so incredible, so welcoming.

They've basically become a

second family to me here.

So back in the CrossFit sense,

you come out there,

you're basically hired to

be a training partner.

Does that come with Sean

coaching you as well?

Yes, he is my coach now.

So I am part of the Cowboy

Way athlete program.

He runs and coaches that program.

So he's my coach and also my

training partner,

which is actually really cool.

It's interesting in some

instances where it's like, all right,

does he need to be my coach

for this workout or does he

need to be my training

partner for this workout?

So it's been...

interesting navigating that

and figuring that out.

Um, but it's been,

it's been so amazing and just having, um,

such a high caliber athlete

to train next to every day.

Um, I mean,

I feel like I've improved so

much since I've been here, uh,

just from this environment.

And I feel like I'm the

fittest I've ever been.

And I'm really excited for

semifinals this year.

So I've,

I've watched you all off season and I'm,

I'm going to make watching you for years.

You have been a very much,

very much a power output athlete, right?

It seems to me that over the last year,

there's been some

deconstruction down to kind

of like the bare bones and rebuilding.

Am I, am I correct in that?


And then where are you?

Trying to turn myself into a runner.

where are you in that journey?

Are you still in the process

of the rebuilding of the

new Aaliyah 2.0 or.

Yeah, I think, I think it's,

it's going to continually

be a process and an evolution.

And, you know,

even when I get through the

phase that I'm in right now,

there's going to be another evolution,

you know,

Aaliyah 3.0 or whatever you want

to call it.

But I have,

especially since coming here,

I've spent a lot of time

working on my aerobic base, my running,

burpees, things like that.

So, you know, high, heavy breathing,

longer workouts have tended

to not be great for me historically.

And I'm still not where I

would like to be with them,

but I'm getting significantly better.


quarterfinals workout this

year with the wall balls

and the burpee box jump

overs that's like two of my

weakness movements and if I

had done that workout a

year ago I don't know that

I would have even made it

into the last round of

burpee box jump overs and

when I did it this year I

did it twice um I still I

didn't finish the workout

that was kind of

disappointing but um by the

second time I did it I was

only six reps from

finishing my last set of

burpee box jump overs so

like seeing improvements and

that kind of stuff has been really cool.

I've been running more than

I've ever run in my life

since I've been here.

We live about two miles from

a place called Soda Lake.

It's just this big,

it's actually an active volcano,

but it's a lake with,

it's like in a crater.

And so we run around the rim

of the lake and we run like

downhill down to the lake,

do some burpees,

run back up the hill and

then keep running around

And we do that once a week.

The first time I did it,

when I first moved out here,

that run took me 59 minutes.

And now my PR is down to about 45 minutes.

So yeah, making big improvements.

There's still a ways to go,

but we're getting there.

And one of the big reasons I ask is if,

if people have watched you

and then they watch you in

some of these off season competitions,

like you would be the pick

to win some of the lifting events.

And that didn't necessarily

happen this off season.

And my assumption was

because you're going through this process,

you're probably not even

touching a barbell very much.


My, my lifting has changed, uh,

pretty significantly.

So, you know, I'm not on, uh,

you know,

eight to 12 week strength cycle

for anything specific right now,

because I don't need to be, um,

winning the lifting events

is awesome and so much fun

and who doesn't like winning an event.


but it's more important for me to be

focusing on bringing up the

things that I struggle with.

And that means that I might

not necessarily be winning

the lifting events anymore,

but I can still hang in the

lifting events.

And that's,

I need to just be more

well-rounded in that aspect of like,

I don't necessarily need to win.

I just need everything to come up more.

so when you're in these off season comps,

it's, it's Aaliyah 2.0.

And are you testing,

you testing that new Aaliyah out?

Like, like the,

the priority isn't the lifting event.

It's how well am I going to

do on this muscle up

workout or how well am I

going to do on this run?

Like, so does that priority shift?

Yeah, I think, um,

Previously, when I would compete,

I would go in thinking

about each event individually and say,

you know, oh, there's a lifting event.

I want to win that one.

And then there's this other

event that I know is going to crush me,

but that's OK because I'm

going to win the lifting

one and it doesn't matter.

And now I feel like I

approach competitions more

with a holistic approach of like, hey,

there's a lifting event and

that's going to be awesome for me.

But I'm also going to spend

just as much time focusing

on these other events

because I want my overall

placement to come up,

not just go crush a lifting

event and get crushed by everything else.


So through all the,

let's call it

experimentation of the off season.

how do you feel you're doing

going into this game season?

Like even before the open,

did you feel like you were

ready to unleash whatever

it was that you created?


I mean, I, like I said,

there's still more work to

be done and still more

improvements to be made, but I,

I was really excited to

start this season because I

do feel like a different

athlete this year.

And I,

I don't know how much it'll show.

I don't know how to explain it.

I don't know how much it'll

show in terms of the leaderboard,

but I do know that I will feel it.

And I hope that it reflects

on the leaderboard.

But I know that I feel like

a very different athlete this season.

How hard is it for you to

wrap your head around that?

It's a, yeah, it's a process.

It's just another one of

those mental processes that

we go through as competitive athletes.

And I feel like everything in this sport,

once you get to this level,

it's all just mental and

it's learning how to

navigate all of the

additional things that come

with it that aren't just

your physical performance.


it's so funny because I've talked to a

lot of these athletes, um,

like yourself and like

podcasting is very similar to that.

You know,

we're in a very competitive space

with a lot of third party outlets and,

and everybody's jockeying

for position and,

and what are you good at

and what do you need to

improve on and what do you like?

It's very similar in a very different way.

yeah yeah that makes sense

um and so like I can

commiserate a lot with a

semi-final athlete and yeah

um and it's so exciting for

me when when people have

these realizations these

epiphanies um and create

the 2.0s the 3.0s and and

move on um we'll come back

to semis in a second

But you have become quite

the media mogul yourself.

I'm having fun with it.

You cut out just a little bit there.

I said I've been having fun with it.

So you've made appearances on Death By,

which you gave this program

a huge shout out, which, you know, heart.

We just got it.

And I totally appreciate that.

You are currently the Jeopardy champion.

How fun is it that you are

the Jeopardy champ?

Pretty cool.

Chase had asked me a couple

weeks ago if I was

interested in going on Jeopardy.

And I was like, you know,

I don't think I'm going to win,

but I'll give it my best shot.

And then he reached out again last week.

He was like, Hey,

do you want to come on this Friday?

I was like, yeah, sure.

And then I found out that I

was going to be going against, uh,


I was like, Oh no,

I'm really not going to win this.

Um, but it ended up,

it ended up being so much fun.

Um, it was funny after the first question,

I think Chase made a comment about, um,

how's your heart rate right now?

Is it more stressful walking

onto a competition floor or

doing CrossFit Jeopardy?

And I think the answer is

pretty solidly doing CrossFit Jeopardy.

My heart rate was through the roof.

I was sweating.

I was nervous, but it was a lot of fun.

I have grown to love that show.

When you see someone like,

I know that you're a fan of

the sport as well as a competitor, right?

So I know you know a lot

about what's going on.

You have Hiller that does

nothing but study

everything so he can make videos.

And then you have Keith Knapp,

a walking encyclopedia of the L1 manual.

That was a pretty accurate description.

And so it's really fun to

watch it kind of play out.

And of course, you know, in my older age,

my wife and I watched the

real Jeopardy every night.


And so I play along and it's so much fun.

So much fun.

Have you been watching Jeopardy Masters?

Not yet.

What I do with those is I

wait till they pile up and

then I binge them.


I was watching that.

I claimed it was preparation

for CrossFit Jeopardy,

but it was really just

because I love Jeopardy.

They make me feel very dumb.

Larry Young says, big win on Jeopardy.

Now you need to go on a long

run of winning.

Yes, sir.

I'm ready.

I'm excited about Jeopardy, Matt,

and please don't spoil this for me.

I grew up just outside of Pittsburgh.

And one of the Jeopardy

masters is from Pittsburgh.

And I'm a huge fan of her

because she is also a

chaser on the game show The Chase.

Oh, okay.

That's cool.

And on The Chase,

she knits while she answers

trivia questions and crushes people.

And I love it.

That's awesome.

Like how nonchalant can you

act while you're imposing

your will on this game show?

That's a pretty baller move.

I like that.

It is.

And she's on Masters.

So you probably have seen her.

Yeah, probably.

Larry Young also says the

Jeopardy Masters questions are tough.

Yes, they are.


It was so funny when they

were doing the tournament,

the invitational tournament champions.


Like the questions had

gotten harder and harder and harder.

And then they go back to regular jeopardy.

I'm like, man, all of a sudden,

like I can play.


That's how I feel too.

And then celebrity jeopardy.

I'm like, oh yeah, I'm good.

I'm good.

Let's go.

That's funny.

I feel really smart when I

watch celebrity jeopardy.


So I,

I had the honor of being on coffee

pods and wads, um,

around the whiteboard and

you've done death by how

nervous do you get during those?

My first one, I was super nervous.

Um, I,

Lauren had sent the questions the

day before and I was like studying,

making notes.

I was like, I have my answers ready to go.

Um, and the more that I've done it,

the less that I've stressed about it,

it gets a little bit easier.

Um, but it is.

It's always challenging

knowing that you're going

on a live video and you're

attempting to sound

intelligent to a large crowd.

I think that's challenging for anybody,

but it's also a lot of fun.

And I've got to meet and

talk with a lot of really

cool people through death by.

So that's been really cool.


On around the whiteboard,

you only have 60 seconds.

That's tough.

I want to explain way more

than I have time to.


I feel like if I ever did that,

I would get muted very quick.


Well, I won my round.

I'm on to semifinals,

which is this Wednesday.

Hell yeah.

I can do it again.

I got to go watch it.

Oh, man.


And I know with Peter to get points,

like you have to swing with haymakers.



And so it's,

it's really prepping that and

getting ready for that, but it's,

and it's, let me say,

it's just awesome seeing

you in the media space.

Is that something you want

to do can even beyond your career?


I mean, I've,

I've been for a while trying

to figure out, you know,

what I want to do after

competitive CrossFit and, you know, every,

I think every competitor

should be thinking about

life beyond the competition

floor because you're only

going to be a competitor for so long.

I would love to be able to

do it my whole life,

but that's just not realistic.

And so trying to figure out

how I can add value to the

space and how I can stay in

the CrossFit world,

because this is what I love

and this is what I want to

do with my life and

figuring out ways to do

that beyond competing.

I think getting involved on

the media side of things has been

a lot of fun for me.

It allows me to stay in this

CrossFit world,

hopefully beyond my competitive years.

You know, things like podcasting.

I would love to at some

point get into broadcast announcing.

I think that would be a lot of fun.

And, you know, maybe,

maybe Lauren Khalil will

take me under her wing and

I can be the next Lauren Khalil.


You always have a friend

here if you ever have any questions.

And, you know,

we put together teams for

different events and, you know,

if you're available.

Oh, hell yeah.

I'd love that.


So, um, back to CrossFit, you, you're,

you get through the season with,

with the new version of

Aaliyah and you get to

quarterfinals and you learn

that they cut down how many

go to semis from 60 to 40.

How scary is that when you've,

when you flip the script on

yourself and now the room

for error has decreased by a third.

Yeah, it was pretty scary.

Um, it's.

especially knowing not only

are they cutting the field down the,

down to 40,

but they're also increasing

the number that they bring

into quarterfinals.

So now the room for error is really,

really small.

It was already getting

smaller and now it's even smaller.

Um, so that was, that was scary.

And when they announced the

workouts and I saw the

burpee box jump wall ball workout,

I was a little nervous that

my season wouldn't go past

quarterfinals this year.


because I know that I made a

lot of improvements, but like I said,

there's still a ways to go.

Um, and so I think, um,

seeing that made me very

nervous and I wasn't sure

how this season was going to go.

Um, but well,

and I will say after quarterfinals ended,

I was still very nervous

because I ended up

before the video review process,

I ended up at 48th in the West.

So I was outside of the cut

line when quarterfinals is over.

And I was pretty convinced

that my season was over at that point.

But then luckily I locked

out my box step ups and got

through the video review

process relatively unscathed.

And I was able to sneak in

there and all you got to do is get there.


a clean slate when I go down

to Carson and I'm ready to go.

So how confident were you

that you were going to get

through the video process

when you just see them

flying penalty after

penalty after penalty?

I've talked to some people

who they were already

validated when that happened.


So I hadn't had any scores

validated when all those

penalties started coming out.


I pride myself on doing good reps.

I did get one penalty this

year on the wall ball workout,

but it was because somebody

touched my equipment,

not because I did not meet

a movement standard.

And I try very hard to make

sure that I'm always

meeting movement standards

because I think that that

is the most important part

of the sport is doing it with integrity,

even still.

seeing all the penalties come out,

I got so stressed.

I was so nervous.

It was a situation where I'm like,

I know I do good reps.

And like,

I watched back my video and it looks good,

but you never know.

And so I got,

I got very nervous and went

about the email that my

workout one score was accepted.

I don't think I'd ever been

more relieved to get an email in my life.

You say you watch back your

videos before you submit.

Do you have anybody else

look at them or just you?

I, if there's anything questionable,

I will have somebody else

look at it or maybe even a

couple of people look at it just to see.

And if they also agree that

it's questionable, then, you know,

redo the workout.

But I think it's, I'm very,

critical of myself I always

have been and so I think

sometimes when I see

something that's like is

that questionable I don't

know if I have you know two

three four other people

saying no that looks fine

then that's kind of like my

um backstop of like hey

this might just be me being

overly critical of myself

if other eyes are seeing

this and think it's fine

then it's probably fine but

again if somebody else

looks at it and they're

like I don't know might be might be iffy

then I'm going to, you know,

redo that workout or do

whatever I need to do to fix that.

Oh, big friend of the show.

Jay Birch says afternoon,

Scott and Aaliyah.

What's that?

It's funny because my cohost

on the Sunday night show is

in the age group.

I mean,

it's this weekend and she sends me

her videos to review and

that is a, that is a,

I was a judge and it is a tough job.


Like to be able to,

to be honest with your friend and say,

look at this, this, and this.

And I don't ever say like, this is wrong.

You need to redo.

I say, take a look at this, this, and this,

and you need to decide if

you are good with it or not.


And it's,

It's, it's so hard.

It's even like, you know,

I have somebody judging me

here in person when I do

the workouts and I have

judged people doing the

workouts and I do not envy

the job of a judge because

it is so challenging and

there's such a fine line between,

you know,

a good rep and a bad rep a lot

of times and having to make

that judgment call in an

instant on the spot, like it's,

That's, I don't envy it at all.

And thank you to all of the

judges out there.

I'm impressed by you guys every day.

So you get through quarters,

you make it in above the cut line,



And you're going to semis.

Then word comes out on

Friday and I'm going to share my screen.

The new allocation for the

semis this year.

And ba-bam.

So now we have the new allocations,

and the West actually loses three spots?

I think it was 10 last year,

so I think we lost two spots.


I couldn't remember if it was 10 or 11.

So you're down to eight.


What does that do to your

psyche going into an event like this?

I mean, it's hard not to think about it,

but I,

I'm trying not to really put too

much weight into it because

all that's like, I can't,

I can't change how many they're taking.

All I can do is control the

effort that I bring to the competition.

And so I know that as long

as I go out and I execute

my workouts to the best of my abilities,

I'll be happy.

no matter how that falls,

whether I'm top eight or not,

as long as I know that I

put all of my effort into it,

whatever happens, happens.

With this rebuild going on

and you knowing that you have more to go,

does that make it easier to like,

if it doesn't happen this year,

it's okay because we are a

work in progress or will it

hurt just as bad?

I mean,

it's going to hurt if that happens.

It never doesn't hurt.

It hurt last year even.

It hurt two years ago when I

knew that I had no shot.

It still hurts.

But it is so much more

comforting to go into a

situation like that saying, hey,

I didn't make it this year,

but that's okay because I

still have so much

to improve on for next year

versus I went in at my absolute peak.

I'll never be better than this.

And I still wasn't good enough.

I feel like that hurts a

hell of a lot more.

So how,

where did you get the competitive drive?

Cause if our audience

doesn't remember you're,

you were a neuroscientist.

yes was it from the academic

world or did you compete in

something else so I

competed in dance and

gymnastics when I was

younger um but I think I

also I think a lot of it

just came from my dad my

dad has always been

somebody who has expected

um expected the best from

his kids and not in a bad

way not in a you know

expectations are too high or

anything like that.

He just knew what we were

capable of and he always

wanted us to perform to the

maximum of our capabilities.

And so even when I was younger,

competing in dance and

gymnastics and even academics,

he always wanted us to do

the best we could in school.

I competed in academic

decathlon when I was in middle school.

So I think

I think a lot of it came

from a desire to be

competitive with myself,

to always be pushing myself

to be the best version of me.

And then that kind of

parlays into competitive

sport and things like that.

Is there always a part of

you trying to impress him?

Yeah, I always want to impress my dad.

He's going to be at

semi-finals again this year.

And I'm really excited.

You say he pushed you and

not in a bad way.

What did that do for your

relationship with your dad?

It was tough when I was younger, um,

because you know, every kid wants to just,

you know,

not be a hundred percent locked

in all the time and just

have fun as a kid.

And, um,

there was some, uh,

I don't know if animosity

is the right word for it, but just,

you know,

me kind of wanting to be a kid

and him still wanting me to

be in perform at my best.

Um, but as I've gotten older,

our relationship has only improved.


and he's one of my best friends at this


I love my dad's old age.


but it's just looking back

and realizing and

understanding that all of

those things that he did

was because he loved me and

he wanted the best for me.

And it's hard to see that as a kid,

but looking back on it,

it's a lot easier to understand.


You know, I,

I lost my dad a couple of years ago and,

and it's been really tough

because it is when I was a kid,

like I looked at things like,

why are you making me do this?

And then as an adult,

you understand it now.

And then your,

your relationship becomes so much closer.

Um, and I got a lot of good, I mean,

I'm 54 and we've,

we had a lot of good years together.


and so I appreciate every moment that I


Um, but even to this day,

I'm still trying to impress

him and my mom, both like, um,

with everything I do.

So, um, I don't think it'll ever go away.



And that's a good thing.

It shows that they cared so

much parenting that you,

even as an adult child,

want to do what they think is best.


So what does your dad feel

about Tiny House on a Ranch?

He is into it because he

thinks that this is what's

going to get me to the games.

And I think it is too.

So he supports it 110%.

He's really excited.

He keeps telling me this is my year.

So yeah, he's a, when I,

when I first kind of

shifted my focus from

science and the army and

all that stuff onto CrossFit, he,

I think was a little

apprehensive just because, you know,

that's not traditional.

That's not what most parents

expect to hear from their kids.

And I think, you know, again,

he just always wants the best for me.

But since he has seen my

growth and my success in the sport so far,

and he's seen how much I love it,

he has been probably my

biggest supporter out of anyone ever,

I would say.

I've heard a lot of things

about Sean's ranch and I don't know,

is it ranch in name alone or are it,

is it a working ranch with,

with cattle or some kind of herd?

It's not a ranch.

He just has, um,

he has a decent amount of property.

I don't know property sizes,

so I can't even try to

estimate how big it is.

Um, but it's just,

we're out in the middle of

nowhere in Nevada where

people have a lot of land and, um,

they don't have any animals

on the land right now.

I think they might be

getting some chickens soon,

which is cool.

Um, but besides that, just some dogs.


Gotta love fresh eggs.


Oh, so good.


I'm excited.

Um, last question about Sean.

And that is,

does he train in the cowboy hat?

Not normally.

Every once in a while we get

him to put it on, but, uh,

I think at some point

CrossFit told him he wasn't

allowed to wear it on the

competition floor anymore.



So, but you can see it hanging up there.

So dumb.

Gotta let people be

themselves and be individuals.

Yeah, right?

I know they told Nick

Matthew he could no longer

crop top his shirts.

I heard about that.

That was disappointing.


So it looks like they're

putting their foot down on everything.


I guess uniforms are, I mean,

it makes sense.

If you look at other sports, you know,

you don't see a football

player out there cropping

their football jersey.

I think they would get in

trouble for that.


They used to back in the day, you know,

show really riff and yeah,

their abs and all that stuff.

And it still happens in

college to some degree.


Where it's a little more loose, but yeah,

So what is your realistic

goal for this year?

I'm going to, this is our wrap up here.

You want to make the game.

I want to make the games.

That's always my goal.


Never lower the bar.

Always strive to be the best.


And big goals are scary,

but big goals should be scary.

And if you're not a little bit scared,

why are you doing it?

My last question.

you always rock the coolest

t-shirts on the comp floor.

Do you have that planned out

for this year or still working on it?

Still working on it a little bit.

I do have a,

today's the last day of my

t-shirt fundraiser.

So if anybody is interested

in supporting my semifinals journey,

you can check it out on my Instagram.

My brother designed a shirt

for me again this year.

He's designed my shirt for

the past three years and,

And then John McCrary,

one of the photographers in

the CrossFit space,

he designed a shirt for me

this year as well.

So I'm selling those and

I'll probably wear those on

the competition floor.

And then I'm also,

I'm working with Assault

Fitness this year.

So they're putting together

some outfits for me as well.

So that's the shirt my brother designed.

Okay, there it is.

Take no prisoners is a quote

that our dad tells us all the time.

He used to tell it to us

anytime we went to do anything,

whether it was a test in school,

a dance competition, whatever.

He would just tell us, hey,

take no prisoners.

Love the graphics.

Did he hand draw that or is

he a graphic artist?

I think he did it on a tablet,

but I think by hand.

So digital by hand, if that makes sense.

Very cool.

And then do you have a

picture of the other shirt?


If you,

I think you can click through those

pictures or just right

there to the right.

Oh, this one.


Next one.

Next one.

And then that's the shirt

that John McCreary designed for me.


One fun, one classic.


Depending on your mood.



I got options.

So which one of these two

shirts do you wear for

something you think is a home run?

Oh, I mean,

I'm going to go with my

brother's shirt because he's my brother.

He's been next to my mom and my dad.

My brother and my sister are

my other two biggest supporters.

So, yeah.


But I do absolutely love the

shirt that John designed.

And I think it's amazing.

And a lot of other people

have been loving it too.

So I'm really excited about it.

Love the colors.


Very cool colors.

Kind of like your hair and kind of.

Yeah, it actually works.

It's like the color of my hair.

And then CrossFit Power

Stroke is Power Stroke Blue.

So it's Power Stroke Blue and my hair.


Well, Leah, as always, you are the best.

I can't wait to see what you

do at semis this year.

You're going to be in Carson,

California and the home,

the original home of the CrossFit games.


It was actually Sean's first

CrossFit games was the 2016

games in Carson.

Very cool.


Is he going to be with you?

He is.

So he'll be his first time

back to Carson since the

2016 games is to come coach

me at the tennis stadium.

So it's pretty cool.

Come in full circle.

Yeah, definitely got to get some pictures.

Someone take some pictures

of you out on that tennis stadium floor.

Yeah, yeah.

With that,

thank you to everybody in the chat.

Aaliyah, as always, you are the best.

I can't wait to see what you do,

and we will stay in touch for sure.

Yes, absolutely.

Thanks for having me on.

I don't think I'm making it to Carson,

but we're doing wrap-up shows,

so I may reach out to you

to get a comment or two.



We'll talk soon, everybody,

and see you next time on

the Clydesdale Media Podcast.

Bye, guys.