You Can Mentor: A Christian Mentoring Podcast

Stop right now and think about the most influential person in your life.  Who is it?  How did they impact you?  What did they teach you?  How long were you in a relationship with them?  Do you still talk to them?  Do they know how much of an impact they had on your life?  Now think about the people you’re impacting now.  Who are you guiding through life?  How are you impacting them?  Do you even realize the impact you’re having on somebody in your life?  The simple truth is relationships change lives.  For good or for bad, every single relationship has some kind of impact on the people in that relationship.  Recently, we’ve shared a few stories of prominent people in the music scene and the mentors that have impacted them the most.  This week, John flies solo to share his story of one of the people who has changed his life through mentoring, how he was impacted, and how he’s paying it forward.

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What is You Can Mentor: A Christian Mentoring Podcast?

You Can Mentor is a network that equips and encourages mentors and mentoring leaders through resources and relationships to love God, love others, and make disciples in their own community.

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