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Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre, Commander Canadian Army, talks about the Canadian Army's posture during the COVID-19 emergency and the launch of the Canadian Army Podcast.

Show Notes

Lieutenant-General Wayne Eyre, Commander Canadian Army, is our featured guest.

He begins the episode by talking with host Lieutenant Adam Orton about the Canadian Army's new podcast: why a podcast and why now.  He also explains how he thinks such communication activities complement the chain of command.

Our main focus today is the Canadian Army's posture during the COVID-19 emergency with an update on planning and preparations for the transition from Business Continuity to Business Resumption and what that may look like for our soldiers.

Topics covered include the Army's approach to returning to work, when that may happen and how we will prioritize training activities, as well as information about the active posting season, travel, resiliency and mental health.

You can find out more about the Canadian Army here and about the Army’s response to the coronavirus COVID-19 emergency here.

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What is Canadian Army Podcast?

This podcast is for and about soldiers of the Canadian Army.

Its primary goal is to provide them with useful information through thoughtful and open discussions that reflect their mutual interests and concerns.

Though soldiers are our primary audience, the topics covered on this podcast should be relevant to anyone who supports our soldiers or who has an interest in Canadian military matters.