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Daily Boost - 15 Cheshvan

15 Cheshvan: Facing the Darkness

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Show Notes

Topic for Cheshvan: Working Toward Moshiach.

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G-d, the L-rd, sent him out of the Garden of Eden to work the earth from where he had been taken. (Bereishis 3:23)

The reason that man was expelled from the Garden of Eden is that G-d wants us to transform the world from within it, specifically, from the lowest, darkest, most unholy place in creation. G-d does not want us to be holy and spiritual because we have no challenges and know no evil. Instead, He wants us to struggle with evil, have independence and free will, and choose G-d anyway. Only when we come to “see” G-d from a worldly point of view do we truly choose Him.

We must not ignore our dark side. Moshiach is waiting in the shadows for us to transform the darkness into light.

Maamarim Meluket, vol. 1, pg 475, Chayei Sarah 5730