The #InVinoFab Podcast

The #InVinoFab Podcast + The Telesomm App = Sommelier Stories -- Season 5!

Show Notes

Welcome to Season 5 of the pod, #InVinoFab listeners! We're so excited to be collaborating with the Telesomm app to share Sommelier Stories: Uncorking Wine Tales! We will be talking to somms from the Telesomm app and this week the founder, Vanessa Raymond. Stay tuned to your podcast feed each Tuesday and Thursday as we share somm stories and pro-tips/fun facts about wine. 

Want to learn more about Telesomm? Do you have a wine question or topics we should ask a somm? Let us know!
Music credit: The song Travel to the City by Lesfm has been remixed under a CC-BY license. 

What is The #InVinoFab Podcast?

The #InVinoFab Podcast uncorks to share stories about women+, wine, and work through personal stories. In Vino Fabulum, means: In Wine, Story! Co-hosts @ProfPatrice & @LauraPasquini bring different voices and ideas to the pod to challenge, learn, and engage listeners for issues and ideas impacting women in their communities and at work. These narrative episodes are delightfully paired with interesting projects, workplace experiences, helpful learning anecdotes, and creative discoveries for how women live today. Listen to the podcast and join the conversation at @InVinoFab (Instagram & Twitter).

The InVinoFab podcast brings meaningful conversations to our community of listeners. Part of this is sharing stories with and by our friends like Telesomm, who want to bring meaningful experiences to you.

At Telesomm, we're on a mission to create meaningful work for sommeliers, meaningful connections for wine lovers, and to change the face of wine. This season of infy no fap we're honored to raise a glass with sommeliers who want to share their wine secrets and knowledge with you. Telsomm we bring this on to you,

For this season of InVinoFab we're collaborating with Telesomm to fill your cup and your ear with sommelier stories uncorking the wine tales so we hope you're excited to learn with us this season all about wine and the wine questions we want answered. Telsomm brings the somm to you.

Check us out online at Telesomm app or on Instagram at We can't wait to meet you