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Sergeant Brigitte O’Driscoll, The Royal Montreal Regiment, talks about her experiences as 2IC of a team working in a Montreal long-term care facility.

Show Notes

Sergeant Brigitte O’Driscoll is a Reservist with The Royal Montreal Regiment. For the past three weeks, she hasn't been at her civilian job with the Hudson, Quebec Fire Department. Instead, she's been working in one of Montreal's long-term care facilities. Sgt O’Driscoll is one of more than one thousand Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members deployed on Operation LASER in the province of Quebec.

She talks with host Lieutenant Adam Orton about her role as 2IC of a team working in a long-term care facility. Topics covered include the team’s tasks and duties, working with civilian and other CAF staff, protective measures and unit communications and morale.

You can find out more about the Canadian Army’s response to the coronavirus emergency here.

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What is Canadian Army Podcast?

This podcast is for and about soldiers of the Canadian Army.

Its primary goal is to provide them with useful information through thoughtful and open discussions that reflect their mutual interests and concerns.

Though soldiers are our primary audience, the topics covered on this podcast should be relevant to anyone who supports our soldiers or who has an interest in Canadian military matters.