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In this episode, I discuss the power of relationships and introduce a framework called the three D's and three E's. The three D's (disappointed, dismissive, disapproving) destroy relationships, while the three E's (examining, evaluating, empowering) build them. Conflict can be avoided by being aware of our actions and applying the three E's. By examining, evaluating, and empowering, we can improve every relationship. Reach out for more assistance through my podcast or website. Remember, you are designed for greatness.

Show Notes

In this episode, I, Candace Nas, a physical therapist, wellness coach, and lifelong Christian, discuss the power of relationships and the importance of navigating them effectively. I introduce a framework called the three D's and the three E's, which I learned from Dr. Justin Colson, that can be applied to all types of relationships - with God, ourselves, and others. The three D's that destroy relationships are being disappointed, dismissive, and disapproving, while the three E's that build relationships are examining, evaluating, and empowering. I emphasize that while conflict is inevitable in relationships, we have the choice to avoid contention. To improve a relationship, the first step is awareness - being mindful of how we might be dismissive or disapproving. This requires separating the person from their actions and avoiding character judgment. Once we are aware of using the three D's, we can move on to the three E's by examining the situation, asking questions, and showing curiosity and compassion. Next, we evaluate if the outcome aligns with what the person wants, seeking to understand them better. Finally, we empower them, recognizing their potential and reminding them of their strengths. It is important to extend grace and forgiveness not only to others but also to ourselves. I emphasize the significance of building a relationship with ourselves and eliminating dismissiveness, disappointment, and disapproval. Instead, we should focus on examining, evaluating, and empowering. I believe that by applying the three D's and three E's framework, we can improve every relationship. If listeners need additional assistance, they can reach out to me through my podcast, "Designed for Greatness with Candace Nas," or via email and website, which are listed in the show notes. Ultimately, I want to remind my audience that they are designed for greatness.

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