Tut Altz - Daily Boost

Daily Boost - 25 Adar

Topic for Adar: Destroying Amalek

The Daily Boost is a podcast, created by Tut Altz, to help inspire your day with a daily Moshiach-related Torah thought.

What is Tut Altz - Daily Boost?

A 2-minute daily Geulah lesson to inspire your day.
It's short: it's quick, its insightful, and it's bringing Moshiach!


It is not enough to simply feel joyful; we must connect this feeling to action. Simply put, everyone should commit to add a little bit in daily Torah study and in daily charity. Both of these are related to joy. Regarding Torah, Tehillim (19:9) states, “The laws of G-d are upright and gladden the heart.” Likewise, one must give charity with joy, as Devarim (15:10) states, “Do not be grieved when you give.”

The additional joy that this resolution brings will give us the ability to break out of all boundaries, especially the bonds of exile, and we will experience the complete Redemption with Moshiach immediately.

Likkutei Sichos vol. 20 pg. 285