The Business of Giving

Join Guy Dawson on this episode of "The Business of Giving" as he delves into the profound impact of cause marketing with Rachel West, an empowering growth coach. Together, they explore the essential connection between businesses and nonprofits, shedding light on the powerful potential of cause marketing. Rachel passionately shares her journey from graphic design to personal growth coaching, revealing the transformative tools she uses, such as NLP and timeline therapy, to help individuals navigate mental wellness and addiction recovery. Discover the symbiotic relationship between giving back to the community and business success, and learn how Rachel's empathetic approach is making a positive change in the lives of many. Don't miss this insightful conversation that explores the intersection of business, community, and personal growth.

What is The Business of Giving?

Every 1st Sunday Morning, Guy Dawson from the Cause Marketing Chamber of Commerce sits down with non-profit organizations in Las Vegas to discuss their businesses.

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Cheers everyone and welcome to tune in the business of giving podcast. My name is Guy Dawson and I am the Executive Director of the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce. And the business of giving podcast is designed to bring together two of the pillars of the community, nonprofit organizations and businesses. And as the executive director of the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce, I'm all about showing you how you can incorporate cause marketing principles into your life and business. And the mission of the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce is we the CMCC ignites opportunities between businesses and nonprofits for the purpose of benefiting our members and the communities we serve. Our vision is a world where social responsibility is the new bottom line, and the values of the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce, our integrity, unity, community engagement and professionalism. We are thoroughly enjoying our opportunity every month to speak to all of you about the things that are happening at the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce and the synergy between the nonprofit sector and the for profit sector is so significant I think and underrated. And when I started learning about cause marketing, this specific name cause marketing, back in 2015, it really pulled a lot of things together that I hadn't thought about at all. From my day job is I run a public relations and marketing company called classy communications, PR and advertising. By the way to learn more about my company and how we can help get the word out about what you do, please visit our website, classy But being in the world of PR I had helped many companies to develop relationships with nonprofit organizations. When we first got our business started, we were very committed to our relationships with nonprofits. We cut our a lot of our chops as a business working with some incredible nonprofits here in the southern Nevada area. And when we started hosting this event in 2015, called the businesses with heart, it really brought a focus that I had not considered before, to the forefront. And that is that there is an actual genre within the marketing world called cause marketing. And it is specifically about why you would want to as a business owner, partner with a nonprofit organization, to bring value to that nonprofit and also to use it as a tool to make yourself stand out in the business world and as a nonprofit organization. Partnering with a for profit business has enormous benefits, the connections that you make the opportunities to tap into the network's that all businesses have also being able to recruit volunteers, through the cross marketing Chamber of Commerce, I can't tell you how many of these nonprofits we've worked with who've been able to get wonderful volunteers for their organizations, through the partnership with us because these business owners, many of them are already doing things in the community. And they're just looking for a worthy nonprofit to work with. So there are so many different levels that cause marketing is beneficial. And again, that's what the show the business of giving is all about is showing you how we want to benefit our community by strengthening these two entities as I had mentioned earlier. And we have a variety of programs at the cause marketing chamber of commerce that can help you to enhance your business or your nonprofit. For more information about what we do, please visit our website cause marketing There's a lot of information on that website that will show you our process, how we contribute organizations that we've worked with and our plans for the future. We've got some big things that we want to do in 2023 to bring the concept of cause marketing to more people and so please visit our website for more info cause marketing I am sort of flying solo today. But I have a guest in the studio and she is going to be my co host is to an extent actually her name is Rachel West. She has a business owner and she's an empowering growth coach and she is definitely someone who believes in giving back to her community. Welcome to the business of giving show, Rachel, thanks for having me here today. And will you share with the audience about your business?

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My business is called empowering growth. And I am a personal growth coach. I specialize in mindset, mental wellness and addiction recovery. I work with individuals who have completed a mental health or addiction type program, and they are seeking a alternative solution for their recovery journey. I also work with family members, someone who has a family member in their family that is currently struggling with mental health or addiction, and they themselves are needing support through that. And this time, and I also work with I call them supporters of supporters, they are individuals who support others, such as first responders, military, health care workers, holistic practitioners, teachers, I want to help give back to them, help them to create work life harmony, so that they can prevent burning out, overwhelm stress, all that comes along with being in their chosen career. Also give them the tools and resources to shut it off from one to the other from their work to their life, and really be able to continue to support those that they serve.

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What you do in your business, Rachel is very much in alignment with what the chamber is all about. And what made you decide to choose this as your your coaching path.

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I kind of fell into it. I own a graphic design company. That's what I went to college for and got my degree in. And as I had my graphic design business, I learned about personal development, and came across NLP neuro linguistic programming, which is the science and study of human behavior. So I decided to start studying it for marketing purposes, to learn the psychology of language and how people are processing information, how they're communicating, so that I could craft marketing messages to reach markets on a deeper level. And through that training, I discovered that I no longer wanted to use the tools, resources and knowledge I had just learned for marketing. I wanted to use them to help people who were struggling. And you say, Wow, how can you go from this to this? Well, a lot of my family members struggled. So as I was learning these tools, I thought were for marketing, I had an eye opening or Aha, awakening, whatever you want to call it, that I could be helping these people, these individuals who are stuck, who are struggling, who have just overcame their addiction and gone through treatment. And now they are having to re figure out who they are find a new identity, who are they now that they are no longer in this addiction or struggling with this mental health problem? And helping them through their environment? What are they doing now? Do they have the same family members, the same friends, the same job that they were in prior to? Is that part of the problem? And how can we work through that? Also, I'm working with them to get to the root of the problem. What is it that is triggering them? So we work on a week to week basis. So they are living their life in real time. And something happened? Something triggers them, I am helping them figure out what is the trigger of that? What is the cause? What what happened before and lead up to that event? And help them change it. Give it a new meaning a new perspective so that it's no longer a trigger for them. Or if it is, they now know how to respond to it instead of reacting to it.

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I had the privilege recently of writing a press release about your business Rachel and I was very thrilled to be able to produce it because of the impact of what you really want to bring to the person who who you're working with you work with a lot of people who have challenges, they're facing addictions, they're facing mental health challenges for you when you start working with someone who's in a lot of to spare, or maybe they're just getting to the other side of having a lot of challenges. Initially, how do you gain trust with them? How do you get them to, to believe in you to think that you're someone that might be able to help them to work through these challenges.

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It's helping them to believe in themselves. There's a lot of, I call the selfs, lack of self worth, self belief, self love, self trust, all the selves that the people I work with lack. And so I really dig deep in the beginning, meet them where they're at, give them the tools and resources in baby steps to gain it for themselves. And I've always had the ability to see people, the good in people see them outside of their addiction outside of their problem, which I thought was a really good quality to have now that I'm in this career, when I look back at something that I've always had, and I think just my energy, and knowing what it feels like to be on the side of the family member, to witness somebody completely deconstruct and ruin their life to witness. Some of them not making it is gives me empathy. No, I have not had an addiction myself. So I can't relate in that in that aspect. But I have empathy. And I understand. And I know that the addiction and the mental health is not the person, and I can help them regain insight into who they are, and build a new path for themselves with this new discovery.

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And I know a lot of your partnerships are with treatment centers and with physicians and people in the community who are specifically working with, with people who are working through these challenges. And so in terms of giving back, which is what this show is all about, you have a lot of opportunities to give back to your community is Have you always had a strong sense of community and been someone who was that helper type of person that wanted to, like you mentioned, look for the good and other people. Is this just your MO? Or is this something that you've developed over time,

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I think it's just a natural quality that I have had throughout my life is just wanting to help people. Before I had these tools and knowledge and growing up with certain family members, in home, outside of home, friends, really struggling and witnessing them go through that struggle. I just wanted to help. And when you don't know what you don't know, you just want to do whatever it is you can help the person not really understanding that the person has to want to help themselves first. So I've gotten myself into some not good situations, wanting to just be that cheerleader for somebody. And like, oh, man, if you would just see what I see, if you could just get rid of that alcohol or get rid of that drug, you would you could be this and I would hold them on this pedestal. And I don't know if that's fair to them. But just having that natural ability to nurture people and want the best for them is something I've always had.

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And when you work with people, of course, you're trying to help them with a a big mind shift. Because when people get into addictions, or they're having the types of challenges that you are encountering when you're working with people, it's a lot of work, but I know it's very fulfilling for you what types of results are you able to produce within a person once you get in and really start coaching them and helping them.

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Because of the NLP and timeline therapy modalities that I use. Timeline therapy is the use of visualization, and I explain it as your brain is like a filing cabinet. Every memory, every event, every situation that has happened to you is stored in your brain or in your filing cabinet. So the timeline therapy allows you to visualize and rewind the tape, go back to a specific event memory, look through the filing cabinet. Pick one that you need to work through, pull it out and we work through it. So because we're going back to events and change Seeing how it's stored in your neurology, in your emotions in your body, it's making shifts a lot quicker. So it depends on the person, how willing are they willing to go in their emotions to shift and get the results that they want. So it can go on baby steps, it can go really fast. So I was referred to a client who was suicidal. She had two young kids, and she was just out of a relationship. And she was so in love with this guy. And he was not good for her. He was mentally emotionally abusive. And she wanted to do anything and everything to get this guy back, she wanted to drop 40 pounds, which she did not have to lose, she wanted to get implants get some uplifts in her face, and it she's a model, she's dropped dead gorgeous. She doesn't need any of that. But in her mind, she felt that she needed to do all of these things to get this guy back. And if she didn't get this guy back, she didn't want to live. So working with her for three hours, three hours, we shifted from being suicidal, wanting this guy back to not being suicidal to not wanting this guy back and to wanting to go on dates, believing her worth. And she went on a date the very next day, I had a follow up call three days later after a three hour session. And she had gone on a date and felt worthy of being on that date. And that it was the quality that she deserved. In a man I say that because she was dumbing herself down dumbing her career down for this other guy because of his ego.

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Yeah, it's it's incredible the way that you can create change in people. We recently had one of the cars marketing Chamber of Commerce's monthly mixer events and our featured nonprofit was foundation from for recovery, a wonderful organization that's helping a lot of people in the man who spoke at our event, his name is Ron and he was talking about his journey with addiction and all the challenges that he had had that made him get to the point where he ended up at Foundation for Recovery. And as you listen to him speak and just talk about how he transformed, it seems that working with you, is similar in that way and that people are headed down a certain path. And sometimes all they need is some encouragement. Just someone I know in your press release, you had talked about being someone who just believes in people, and that sometimes can be enough to help people of course, they've got to want it themselves. I mean, I definitely a person, it doesn't matter how much you might want it for another person, for them to be healthier for them to let go of addictions, there's no way that they're going to do that unless they want it for themselves. However, if you can find a person who wants it for themselves, and then they just need maybe someone to guide them as they're working towards their growth. That's where someone like you would come in is does it tend to be that way is that they just sometimes people just need someone to hold their hand to start moving them in the direction of becoming healthier.

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Yeah, they do. I heard a statistic. And I'm not quite sure if I'm getting it accurately, but close to there are 18 million people in recovery in the United States alone. 18 million people and only I think it's like 8 million of those people are choosing to do a 1212 step type program. All the rest are looking for alternative solutions. So there's many different paths for recovery journey. There's many different paths to get you the same results. But people don't know what else there is out there. So I educate them and bring in the empathetic and nurturing aspect. It's a lot softer approach. I have found that there's a lot of embarrassment. There is a lot of stigma tied to mental health and addiction. And people are embarrassed to talk about it. it. So having a coach, it's more personal, it's more soft. I'm working with them in whatever area they're having challenges and helping them grow in that area.

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Why know that we appreciate you, Rachel, Rachel is making a huge contribution to the chamber right now, we're in the process of developing a foundation called the business of giving Foundation. And Rachel West is our designer. So we greatly appreciate your your spirit of giving in that way. That's just a testimonial to how you are operating and all of your life from that, that space. And so for you as a, as a business of that gives back to the community. How do you leverage this sense of giving that you have to attract more customers? And how does it benefit your overall business and help you to thrive and be more successful as an entrepreneur?

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Well, I believe that when you're open minded, and you give, it comes back tenfold. So if you are out there, giving to the community, whether it's your time, your energy, your money, whatever resource that looks like for you, it's going to come back and maybe not in the way that you're giving. If I'm giving to the cause marketing chamber, it might not come back from the cause marketing chamber, it'll come back from somewhere else.

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Absolutely. And that's one of the the premises of, of this whole concept developing the Chamber of Commerce is that the law of karma, we are huge believers that the chamber and the law of karma, you can see it over and over again, the way that it works in your life. And so absolutely, especially in business, because as you know, Rachel having been a business owner for quite a while. It's it's not for the faint of heart, there is a lot that goes into being someone that can create a living in their life through entrepreneurship. And so we need all the things in our favor that we can possibly create, especially people such as you who are naturally already attune to giving to others helping others, why wouldn't you leverage some of your natural instincts to show people hey, I'm one of the good guys in the business community. And there's lots of good good guys and good women out there who are entrepreneurs. But making yourself distinct through what you're doing when you are making a massive contribution, drug addiction and mental health challenges and all these other addictions that exist in society are, there's very serious issues that we we face as a society, especially fentanyl lately is it's like unbelievable, some of the the things I've been seeing about the how addictive this particular drug is, there's always something and so people that are giving back to the community, by helping people not to do that anymore, I think are extremely valuable. And your business should benefit from that. Of course, we want people to get in contact with you, you've got a lot of help. There's a lot of people out there that are hurting, how can people get a hold of you if they want to change their lives because you're a person who facilitates that.

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They can visit my website and powering growth You can find my phone number email, if you want to reach out to me directly. You can follow me on social media. I have a Facebook group, the growing you forum where I give tips, support guidance, it's all free, you can join there.

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For those of us who are either in addiction or having mental health challenges, or who have FIM family members that are there. It's pretty much everyone in their family. Would you say Rachel or somewhere in your vicinity? There's someone who's either suffering from an addiction of some type or mental illness? Is that what you find? I find that in life a lot.

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Yeah, there's at least one person in every one circle, if not more,

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yeah. So there's plenty of candidates out there to reach out to to Rachel and see how she might be able to help you to overcome challenges, be you the person who's actually suffering in the addiction and you're already getting back on your feet. And you want someone to keep holding your hand or is it Rachel had mentioned family members, because when people are in their addictions or their suffering, families are suffering along with them, the mother, the wife, the kids, and so those people also, Rachel, as she mentioned before, she can help you as well. All right, well, we've got a bunch of things going on at the cause marketing chamber of commerce that I want to share with you all. We have a great partnership with ADP, ADP as a small business specialist that offers a lot of services that I think anyone in business or professional can benefit from. They are actually a sponsor of the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce and and some of the services that they provide our payroll, they can also help you with tax compliance, hiring an HR and other types of benefits I've been I've been working with ADP for many years, known lots of facilitators, people that are associated with ADP and I definitely give it my endorsement. If you're someone who is in business or you want to start a business, I think that partnering with a company like ADP gets you off on the right track, knowing how to do things correctly, when it comes to tax compliance, getting your payroll set up correctly, your hiring, some of the mistakes that we can make in business can have long term consequences. And working with a company like ADP as a way to circumvent that to get yourself off to the right start when you're getting your business started. And again, they're partnering with the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce for any business or nonprofit organization that we refer to ADP, they are going to sponsor the cause marketing chamber for $1,000. And that $1,000 helps us to be able to provide the resources that we have in order to help businesses and nonprofit organizations to be more successful. So again, we highly recommend ADP. And if you want more information about how you can work with ADP and work with the cause marketing chamber, just reach out to us at cause marketing And we will get back to you and show you how you can run a better business by partnering with ADP. We also have a host of events that are coming up. Every month, we do two events with the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce, we have our cause and business education series. And that is always on the third Tuesday of the month, from 6pm to 7pm. That is a purely online event. And it is absolutely free. We have professionals like Rachel who come on all the time and give great tools for business and nonprofit organizations. Again, it's also a networking opportunity be invite people from all over the community to come and participate. I just think it's a great educational platform. It's actually facilitated by Carl Domeier. Like he's my co host on this radio show a lot. And so for more information about that you go to the cause marketing website, and you can learn about the event that we're going to be hosting on the third Tuesday of January, on the fourth Tuesday of every month, we host our monthly mixer event. And we generally do those at restaurants from 6pm to 8pm. And those are opportunities for you to meet other people in the cause marketing community. for profit businesses, professionals, nonprofits, we also feature a nonprofit organization at all of those events, which is a great way for you to learn about some of these, these wonderful nonprofits that we have in Southern Nevada. And we've had well over 30 nonprofit organizations that we've invited to these events and it's just been a great experience for both them and us. And so again, the fourth Tuesday of every month from 6pm to 8pm. We invite you to come and participate in cross marketing Chamber of Commerce monthly mixer events. If you just love what we do, or if you're seeking opportunities to be a volunteer or if you just want to be a part of something that's positive in your community, you can join the cause marketing Chamber of Commerce, yearly membership is only $50. Also for nonprofit organizations, it's $50. And then for if you're a business it's $100 Thank you so much Rachel for being a part of the business of giving show and we let the audience know how they can get a hold of you for your empowering growth services. Thank

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you so much again for having me here. It was so much fun to be here in the live studio. To reach out to me please visit my website empowering growth You can find my phone number my email to reach out to me directly. Also you can connect with me on Facebook at the growing you forum for free tools, resources and support.

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All right and please follow us on social media follow us at YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And again we will close this show on the first Sunday of every month looking forward to coming to you throughout 2023 And before I leave I want to let you know that it is important to give and do business for yourself whereas

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the weight of the world on my shoulder as I'm getting older your people guess holder most of us only care about money

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