Engineering Enablement by Abi Noda

On this week's episode, Abi interviews Kent Wills, Director of Engineering Effectiveness at Yelp.  He shares insights into the evolution of their developer productivity efforts over the past decade. From tackling challenges with their monolithic architecture to scaling productivity initiatives for over 1,300 developers. Kent also touches on his experience in building a business case for developer productivity.

Discussion points:
  • (1:42) Forming the developer productivity team
  • (3:25) Naming the team engineering effectiveness
  • (4:30) Getting leadership buy-in for focusing on this work
  • (7:54) Managing code ownership in Yelp’s monolith
  • (12:23) Supporting the design system
  • (16:00) The business case for forming a dedicated team 
  • (19:45) How to standardize 
  • (23:50) How their approach to standardization might be different in another company
  • (27:08) Demonstrating the value of their work 
  • (32:21) Building an insights platform
  • (38:47) How Yelp is using LLM’s
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Abi Noda
Abi is the founder and CEO of DX (, which helps engineering leaders measure and improve developer experience. Abi formerly founded Pull Panda, which was acquired by GitHub.

What is Engineering Enablement by Abi Noda?

This is a weekly podcast focused on developer productivity and the teams and leaders dedicated to improving it. Topics include in-depth interviews with Platform and DevEx teams, as well as the latest research and approaches on measuring developer productivity. The EE podcast is hosted by Abi Noda, the founder and CEO of DX ( and published researcher focused on developing measurement methods to help organizations improve developer experience and productivity.