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In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting with Abby Mitchell who works as a Quantum Developer Advocate at IBM.

We discuss what is quantum computing, how to get into it, why it's important, what it can be used for, and shockingly what Abby likes on her pizza—you've wont believe it, but you might try it!


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Matt Gardner
I'm your host of The Noob Show!
Abby Mitchell
Quantum Developer Advocate at IBM

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"The way that I like to kind of compare a quantum computer to a classical computer is in terms of when you're flipping a coin, you have, you know, heads or a Tails. So if you you know, think about that in terms of classical Computing, a head or a tail, you can think of as like binary 0 or 1. So every kind of bit on your computer can only be in one of those two states, 0 or 1, okay? But with a quantum computer because we use things called qubits Or Quantum bits. We're not working in that same binary system anymore. So instead you can imagine it instead that now we flip the coin and it's spinning through the air and like what state is there in that? Is it a zero? Is it a one is kind of like neither kind of both at the same time. "