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[Roscoe]: But alas, we are back. Oh, even as
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[Roscoe]: us in questions. So that is great.
We're gonna be mostly just talking about the

[Roscoe]: questions today, a little family episode,
as we'll call it. But first, some unfortunate

[Roscoe]: news in Leafs Nation this week. We,
I mean... Rodeon Amirov, everything that we

[Roscoe]: heard was that things were progressing,
which seemed to brighten everybody's spirits

[Roscoe]: a bit. And then I guess, I don't know
when things went south, but we lost Rodeon

[Roscoe]: Amirov on Monday at the age of 21,
just heartbreaking, way too soon, way too young.

[Roscoe]: Somebody that had a bright future
in the sport and was... strong and fighting

[Roscoe]: through brain cancer. I can't imagine
what he was going through and, uh, how positive

[Roscoe]: he stayed. And I mean, we really only
got to see a little bit of him, but, um, man,

[Roscoe]: that just, that hurt.

[Biehner]: Yeah, there's not really...

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I mean, even hearing from, I
saw Nick Robertson and Tavarez on Twitter both

[Roscoe]: had really nice things to say. I'm
not saying other people didn't, but those are

[Roscoe]: just the ones that I happened to catch
in the few minutes I was on that day. Yeah,

[Roscoe]: everybody who met him said he was
a really, really bright kid and, you know,

[Roscoe]: great to be around. So it's just,
it really sucks.

[Biehner]: It does, like the strength and the
courage that he showed going through that battle

[Biehner]: as positively and as confidently
as he did, and as publicly too, right? Being

[Biehner]: like a prospect and property of the

[Biehner]: Yeah, it's like a hockey player aside,
like he was only 21 years old, like that's

[Biehner]: terrible.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, really, really sucks. Condolences
to anybody around, the family and friends and

[Roscoe]: the team and all that, just heartbreaking.
But unfortunately it wasn't the end of Monday's

[Roscoe]: news as we also lost Bobby Bond, who
was a Leaf legend and part of the last Stanley

[Roscoe]: Cup winning team. So I mean, I'm sure
Beaner, you know more about Bobby Bond if you

[Roscoe]: want to touch on some history there.
It's your

[Biehner]: Yeah,

[Roscoe]: area.

[Biehner]: just I've actually got the reverse
retro on as a throwback

[Roscoe]: out of the way.

[Biehner]: to Mr. Bond. Um, he was like your,
your prototypical rugged stay at home defenseman,

[Biehner]: like the type of defenseman that
you would want on your team, right? Tough as

[Biehner]: nails would do anything for you.
Just like he was a leader back there, a vital

[Biehner]: member of the Leafs teams in the
sixties. Um. One of his most famous moments

[Biehner]: is scoring a game six overtime winning
goal to force a game seven on a broken ankle.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I've been hearing that one a
lot from all the other shows and my god, I

[Roscoe]: like you hear this stuff about, you
know, punctured lung and broken rib and broken

[Roscoe]: sternum and all this and that, but
like, your ankles are kind of important for

[Roscoe]: all of hockey, not just like, oh,
if I move a certain way, then I'm fine. No,

[Roscoe]: like, how are you doing that?

[Biehner]: Like in an interview years and years
and years later, like the interview was probably

[Biehner]: only about 10 years or so ago, excuse
me. He mentioned that he blocked the shot and

[Biehner]: the shot was from Gordie Howe. So
anybody who's seen pictures of Gordie Howe

[Biehner]: online, the guy was just a tank.
He blocked a shot from Gordie, it hurt. At

[Biehner]: the next face off, he hears a pop
or a crack

[Roscoe]: Yup.

[Biehner]: and then falls to the ice, was carried

[Roscoe]: Mhm.

[Biehner]: off on a stretcher.

[Roscoe]: Lovely.

[Biehner]: had his leg frozen and then jumped
back on the ice in overtime to score the overtime

[Biehner]: winner. You know, not like it was
against me, it was against Terry Saczak, one

[Biehner]: of the best goaltenders to ever play
the game.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I heard it was like an hour
and a half that he was off the ice before he

[Roscoe]: came back. That's insane Like oh my
god, just to still to still be Exactly, that's

[Roscoe]: what I was gonna say like to still
be warmed up and ready to jump in and be like

[Roscoe]: no I got this after being off the
ice that long like the game's over in your

[Roscoe]: mind. My god

[Biehner]: Yeah,

[Roscoe]: So what?

[Biehner]: he was an incredible player and such
a great ambassador for the team too, like going

[Biehner]: forward throughout the years after
that. So it's truly a tough loss.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, another legend, unfortunately
gone. Oh, and I see Nick Castellanos has just

[Roscoe]: hit a home run.

[Roscoe]: Sorry for anybody who doesn't get
that. I just stumbled upon this one. This is

[Roscoe]: our hard right transition out of that
one. So for the, from what I can find 12 or

[Roscoe]: 13th time, this week, Nick Castellanos,
who plays for the Phillies currently, has this

[Roscoe]: weird streak of hitting home runs
or RBIs in the middle of like really inappropriate,

[Roscoe]: not inappropriate, but like, serious
conversations or dedications or things like

[Roscoe]: he will interrupt things with a home
run. So it started with this one announcer

[Roscoe]: who had to make an apology for something
that got caught on a hot mic and like in the

[Roscoe]: middle of his apology he stopped to
say like oh and that's a home run for Nick

[Roscoe]: Castellanos and that is for nothing.
It's so funny and then they apparently within

[Roscoe]: minutes of Will Smith slapping Chris
Rock this guy hit a home run they were doing

[Biehner]: Ha ha!

[Roscoe]: a dedication for Queen Elizabeth II.
And like as they're wrapping it up, he hits

[Roscoe]: a home run. They were talking about
how the one J's coach got arrested for a DUI

[Roscoe]: hits a home run. They were doing a
dedication for the 20th anniversary of 9-11

[Roscoe]: hits a home run. So apparently the
other day they were talking about this ALS

[Roscoe]: foundation and how it's, you know,
impacted baseball with Lou Gehrig's disease

[Roscoe]: and everything. And like while they're
talking about it, he's on base and everyone's

[Roscoe]: at... on the plate and everyone's
like, sure enough, it's an RBI double.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, it's just the weirdest streak
because though some of them are in arena things,

[Roscoe]: a lot of them are just the announcers
talking about stuff. So it's not even like

[Roscoe]: he knows all of the time that this
is going on. It's just such a random thing

[Roscoe]: to keep happening.

[Roscoe]: That's a fun one. So moving on, we've
got, like I said, a bunch of questions from

[Roscoe]: y'all from X or Twitter. I don't really
care what you want to call it. Follow us at

[Roscoe]: Leaps Late Night and you can catch
whenever I ask for questions. So the first

[Roscoe]: one here from Chris Brashe at DJ or
at Chris Brashe, DJ Rabbit. What do you think

[Roscoe]: the holdup is for the extension for

[Roscoe]: I mean, Nylander, I guess, is the
best answer. or the easiest answer?

[Biehner]: That's probably the easiest answer,

[Biehner]: It's such a weird scenario, like,
coming in at this crucial of a time, he's trying

[Biehner]: to learn what Brad wants to do, how
he wants to run things, trying to decide if

[Biehner]: he wants to commit the rest of his
prime to this team, and where Brad wants to

[Biehner]: go and what he wants to build. Like,
I don't blame the guy for not just signing

[Biehner]: blindly, like you'd wanna have...
good serious discussions with the general manager

[Biehner]: about the type of team that he wants
to put on the ice before you go and commit.

[Roscoe]: No fair enough. Oh, you know what
I forgot to do?

[Biehner]: Hahahaha

[Roscoe]: My bad.

[Roscoe]: Okay, I just had to, you know, I missed
it one of the last couple times and it was

[Roscoe]: bugging me that it wasn't there. So
I have an intro for a reason. Okay. So yeah,

[Roscoe]: feeling out what True Living wants
to do with the team is definitely something

[Roscoe]: that probably him and Neilander are
both trying to suss out before they sign for

[Roscoe]: longer than a couple of years. I don't
know, Suddy, do you have anything you want

[Roscoe]: to add to that theory or your own?

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I think the problem with signing
either of them long term is you're going to

[Roscoe]: have to go so high on the AAV just
because the cap's going up that I don't think

[Roscoe]: they're going to be able to afford
it like next year and the year after before

[Roscoe]: it really starts jumping. So

[Roscoe]: Yeah, so I think the order of operations
is Nylander first, because you're hoping that

[Roscoe]: that's obviously, I mean, not hoping
it should be a lower dollar value, regardless

[Roscoe]: of what his agent says, than what
you're going to give Matthews. So you got to

[Roscoe]: figure Nylander out first, he probably
wants to figure out Goal tending too. I don't

[Roscoe]: know. There's a lot of things that
have to happen in dollars that need to be spent

[Roscoe]: elsewhere before they can throw around
like, you know, $20 million on two guys.

[Biehner]: That being said though, at this point,
like the start of next season when that new

[Biehner]: contract would kick in, that's the
last season Tavares is under contract for right

[Biehner]: now.

[Roscoe]: Oh, that's true. Didn't think of that.

[Biehner]: Like at this point, give him his
13, give him his 14, whatever it is, because

[Biehner]: those type of players don't come
around that often. We don't want to lose him.

[Biehner]: We don't want a Kachaka or Gudaro

[Roscoe]: Yeah, and you don't want to lose them,
especially to keep Taveras for, you know, whatever

[Roscoe]: it is. Are you talking moving them
on in that last year or just the fact that

[Roscoe]: you only have one more year?

[Biehner]: Who, Tavares? No, no,

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: not moving them on, just that it's
not like you have five or six years of eleven

[Biehner]: million dollars John Tavares in his
late thirties, right?

[Roscoe]: fair. Yeah. So yeah, there's a whole
bunch of different answers to that question,

[Roscoe]: but it's a good one. What do you think
the first domino to fall here is? Because obviously

[Roscoe]: there's a lot of things that have
to happen. What do you think the first one

[Roscoe]: that we're going to see is?

[Biehner]: Publicly, I think the first thing
to go down is going to be Nylander. Whether

[Biehner]: he stays or gets traded or what it
is. But the big problem with him is if you

[Biehner]: do trade him, trying to find someone
who brings what he brings for under 7, well,

[Biehner]: okay, he's basically 7 million, for
under 8 million, you're going to be next in

[Biehner]: possible to do that.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, agreed. Okay, so next question,
Phil Wilds at P Wilds 121. Did the team get

[Roscoe]: better or worse over the off season?
So let me just pull up. The additions and subtractions.

[Biehner]: You want to go first on this one,
Sadi? I've kind of been taken over. Yeah.

[Biehner]: Um, my opinion, I think that it's
definitely been better. Like just for, even

[Biehner]: if you just look at the left wing
position alone. Like we go into the season

[Biehner]: starting, our starting left wings
are Tyler Bertuzzi, Max Domey, and Matthew

[Biehner]: Nyes in some order, like not necessarily
that order.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I think the first line definitely
looks better. Not that, I mean, bunting was

[Roscoe]: good, but a little inconsistent and
a little hotheaded. And, you know, yeah. So

[Roscoe]: having Tyler Bertuzzi that's a little
more consistent and offensive producing and,

[Roscoe]: you know, can still bring that same
kind of grit and back up Matthews and Marner,

[Roscoe]: I think that's awesome. Domi on the
second line, I'm just going off of what's,

[Roscoe]: you know, projected here. with Tavares
and Nylander is awesome. If you've got Nyes

[Roscoe]: in there on the third line, I mean,
Gambrel on the fourth, David Camp on your third

[Roscoe]: line, like, I mean, it all looks good.
I'd like it better than, I mean, Engvall was

[Roscoe]: pretty inconsistent last year, could
never really put two and two together. Who

[Roscoe]: else would have lost? Justin Hall's
gone. I mean, I like this team better. I mean,

[Roscoe]: I know John Klingberg's not a great
defenseman, but hey. We've still got Brody

[Roscoe]: and we've still got Riley and a couple
others. So.

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[Roscoe]: I forgot about that. Yeah.

[Roscoe]: Um, yeah, so actually before we get
down to Martin Jones, because that is going

[Roscoe]: to be our next question. What do you
like the best on the addition side here, Bean?

[Biehner]: Um, am I allowed to say a full season
of Matthew Nye's? Uh...

[Roscoe]: I mean, yeah, honestly, like part
of the moves they've made opens up a spot for

[Roscoe]: him.

[Biehner]: Like.

[Biehner]: Max, it's probably just for the nostalgia,
but Max Domi, I really like that. Like, he's

[Biehner]: very familiar with Marner. They played
together in London. Who knows that might be

[Biehner]: a new, not wanting to throw him up
on the first line without seeing them play

[Biehner]: together. But Matthews, Marner and
Domi might be a hell of a line.

[Roscoe]: That would be fun.

[Biehner]: Like you could, you could free up
Nye's, Tavares and Neelander then for your

[Biehner]: second. Like that, that would be
a dangerous line as well. But then you're throwing

[Biehner]: Bertuzzi on your third. Like

[Roscoe]: I was just gonna

[Biehner]: the

[Roscoe]: say,

[Biehner]: fact

[Roscoe]: well then

[Biehner]: that,

[Roscoe]: where do you put Pertuzzi?

[Biehner]: yeah, the fact that

[Roscoe]: Good

[Biehner]: we have

[Roscoe]: problem

[Biehner]: so many

[Roscoe]: to have.

[Biehner]: options now. Exactly. We haven't
really had that depth in any position other

[Biehner]: than center in the longest time.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I mean, last year it seemed
like there was depth, but very specific to

[Roscoe]: center and somewhat right wing. And
it was always this question of like, what are

[Roscoe]: we doing on left? It didn't seem to
get solved last year. So I'm glad that the

[Roscoe]: one thing that had made the top of
his list was fixing all of the left wing. So

[Roscoe]: that's going to be exciting. Again,
I just like the idea that clangberg is a leaf.

[Roscoe]: I don't know. It's just fun. We never
get the We never get the person that's like,

[Roscoe]: oh, where are they gonna go? Uh-oh,
like what team's gonna get them? We always

[Roscoe]: get like the third or fourth person

[Biehner]: And yet we...

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I think we gotta find a better
partner for him than Jake McCabe though, as

[Roscoe]: it has here on Daily Face Off. I know
this is not obviously anything set in stone,

[Roscoe]: but that would be a horrible pair.
But who do you put Klingberg with?

[Biehner]: Why do you say that would be a horrible

[Roscoe]: Because I don't feel like either of
them are overly defensively responsible to

[Roscoe]: have two, like you've got kind of
like a two way and an offensive defenseman,

[Roscoe]: which is, I mean, okay, depending
on how you're playing, but I mean, you're putting

[Roscoe]: a lot on goalie that, I don't know,
this year it's a little more of a question

[Roscoe]: mark and net. You don't know, like
you don't pepper Joseph Wall with a bunch of.

[Roscoe]: high danger shots, so I don't know.

[Biehner]: I think there's good potential there.
Like, Riley Brody has been okay for most of

[Biehner]: the time they've played together.
You could throw Brody with Klingberg, McCabe

[Biehner]: up with Riley, you could even...

[Roscoe]: That's

[Biehner]: me.

[Roscoe]: what I was thinking.

[Biehner]: Like, I really want to see them load
up the minutes on Lillagren this year. Like,

[Biehner]: we need to see what we have with
them. I love the guy, I think he's got a lot

[Biehner]: of potential, but we need to give
him a chance. We can't keep burying him as

[Biehner]: a third pairing defenseman.

[Roscoe]: Agreed. Because as we all know, you
do that and they're always going to be a third

[Roscoe]: pair defenseman.

[Roscoe]: Okay, next question here from Kilgore
Ken. Ken 27 Kilikonda. I like that Twitter

[Roscoe]: slash X lets you have two names. Just
makes it so fun. I wonder who our goalie is

[Roscoe]: and is Matthew signing or not? I need
answers. So that I'll tie into Grizzly Craig

[Roscoe]: one's question to starting goalies
for the first game. So you mentioned we brought

[Roscoe]: in Martin Jones. We've got Joseph
Wall, we've got Ilya Samsonov. Which two do

[Roscoe]: you think are gonna be a net for game

[Biehner]: I-

[Roscoe]: Who would? Good point. Beaner, what
do you think?

[Biehner]: See, I wouldn't be surprised if maybe
Jones just started in the A. Cause see, kind

[Biehner]: of the same thing with Wall, right?
Like you have to see what you have with him.

[Biehner]: He finally got his chance because
he's been running in danger, trouble forever.

[Biehner]: Came up last year and he played well.
Like we didn't lose because of him. Thank you.

[Biehner]: Yeah, he wasn't the problem. So that
could just be me really wanting to see him

[Biehner]: get a chance. Like I get signing
Jones the security blanket, but it's not even,

[Biehner]: it's not like you're signing an over,
like over the hill, former Vezna winner Stanley

[Biehner]: Cup champion, you're signing a over
the hill 860 goalie.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, his stats are confusing. I mean,
we talked about it last episode, but I think

[Roscoe]: it's I think it's safe to put Jones
in as your backup in game one, but I think

[Roscoe]: it's fair to give Wall the opportunity
because he's earned it and to bring in Jones

[Roscoe]: and just bump him down seems kind
of like a kick in the Achilles. So what do

[Roscoe]: I think is going to happen? Honestly,
I think it's going to be Martin Jones. I think

[Roscoe]: to what Saadi said, it's just waiver
wise and just veteran experience there. They're

[Roscoe]: probably going to do it. They're probably
going to have to pull some cap gymnastics to

[Roscoe]: fit somebody else in before game one.
So I don't

[Biehner]: I was going

[Roscoe]: know.

[Biehner]: to say wool is $109,000 cheaper than

[Roscoe]: Ugh.

[Roscoe]: I know. I'm not saying what's the
right decision, I'm saying what I think is

[Roscoe]: going to happen. I think the right
decision as well, but what's going to happen

[Roscoe]: is it's going to be Martin Jones in
game one.

[Roscoe]: Anything

[Biehner]: I

[Roscoe]: to

[Biehner]: disagree.

[Roscoe]: add? Okay. So last one here from Tommy
Ryan 26. Since we know Bradshaw Living wants

[Roscoe]: changes on the blue line, who do you
think are a few players around the league he

[Roscoe]: may be targeting?

[Roscoe]: I have a couple thoughts, but I'm
wondering if you guys have any.

[Biehner]: Well, I was wondering if there was
some sort of deal he was trying to make to

[Biehner]: free up some cap space to maybe go
after Dumba, but that's clearly not happening

[Biehner]: now.

[Roscoe]: So you think it'd be like a defensive

[Biehner]: Well realistically, he already went
out and got Klingberg. That's basically a forward

[Biehner]: who plays back.

[Roscoe]: Yep. That's fair.

[Biehner]: Right? So you have Riley, who is
Klingberg, but more responsible. You have Klingberg.

[Biehner]: And then you have Lily, who is kind
of more of a two-way guy, but has a little

[Biehner]: bit of offensive ability. So I don't
know if you really wanna go like, we're not.

[Biehner]: the Pittsburgh Expendables here with
Letang and Carlson.

[Roscoe]: I mean, it's fair to say that the
two defensive oriented defensemen are Giro

[Roscoe]: and Brody. Other than that, it's either
offensive or two way. So yeah, I mean, that

[Roscoe]: makes the most sense. I still think
that there isn't, though there's like an offensive

[Roscoe]: threat coming from Klingberg, there's
no dangerous shot still. So I mean, even if

[Roscoe]: they do get a defensive person, I
think. a shot from the blue line is something

[Roscoe]: that he might be looking for. I

[Roscoe]: don't know, Nikita Zadorov from his
old team, potentially.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I mean, unless you're moving
one of the defensemen, it doesn't really make

[Roscoe]: sense to be able to bring somebody
else in. I think all the all the slots are

[Roscoe]: kind of filled. I mean, if he wants
changes. Fuck, I mean, who do you move on from

[Roscoe]: there? I guess like we've talked about
Brody kind of makes sense, but then you really

[Roscoe]: got to bring in another defensive
defenseman and who's going to do a one for

[Roscoe]: one there. Ugh.

[Roscoe]: I mean, you don't want to move Lillagren.
The only one you could move, I guess, is Jake

[Roscoe]: McCabe. But again, trading defensemen
for defensemen is always weird and hard, and

[Roscoe]: there's going to have to be a situation
where a team wants to move on from somebody.

[Biehner]: Having McKay about 2 million for
the next few years, that would be stupid to

[Biehner]: move on from.

[Roscoe]: Exactly. Unless he starts becoming
Justin Hall 2.0, in which case I don't care

[Roscoe]: how much we're paying him.

[Biehner]: He won't be just

[Roscoe]: Um

[Biehner]: in Hall 2.0 because he does actually
use his size.

[Roscoe]: Oh, and as Justin just sent me from
six minutes ago, Hall of Fame Buffalo Sabres

[Roscoe]: broadcaster Rick, how do you say this?

[Biehner]: and chaner

[Roscoe]: name, because of the,

[Biehner]: it.

[Roscoe]: Jenaret, passed away at the age of
81 after a two year illness. That is unfortunate.

[Biehner]: Now,

[Roscoe]: And do you?

[Biehner]: as much as I dislike the Sabres,
if you think of the Buffalo Sabres, and like

[Biehner]: just like if I think of a Leafs play,
I think of Bowen. If I think of a Sabres play,

[Biehner]: I think of Rick Generette.

[Roscoe]: Gotcha.

[Biehner]: Like the Mayday call when Brad May
scored to win the series. Mayday, Mayday. Like

[Biehner]: everybody's heard that. Yeah,

[Roscoe]: Gotcha.

[Biehner]: absolute legend of the game. And
that's a condolences to Sabres fans out there.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, for sure. Rest in peace. It's
unfortunately, you know, up and down episode

[Roscoe]: here with that. And it seems, oh,
yep, Nick Castellanos just hit another home

[Roscoe]: run.

[Biehner]: Cheers.

[Roscoe]: Okay, so last thing I want to do here,
do a bit of a shorter episode. What do you

[Roscoe]: think is the difference between being,
I guess, a classy fan and a trashy fan when

[Roscoe]: you go to a game? So I want you to
describe to me your classy viewing experience

[Roscoe]: going to a Leaf game and what that
looks like. So, Beaner, start with you.

[Biehner]: Is this like personal experience
as being both or?

[Roscoe]: Now, just I wanted

[Biehner]: Hahaha

[Roscoe]: to hear what your opinion of this
is. And everybody can chime in on Twitter or

[Roscoe]: what they think is classy or trashy
to do at an arena or at a game. But what do

[Roscoe]: you think is like a classy way to
watch the game?

[Biehner]: So I have kind of been on, in my
opinion, I've kind of been on both sides of

[Biehner]: this. Although the trashy one wasn't
really for the Leafs. So if I'm going to a

[Biehner]: game now, like when I took my dad
to the game that Matthews ended up scoring

[Biehner]: his 60th in, like I'm as big of a
fan as anybody. I'll yell and scream like cheer.

[Biehner]: If a bad play happens, you know,
I might jeer them a little bit. But as I've

[Biehner]: grown up, I've kind of come to the
realization that you don't have to get, you

[Biehner]: know, vulgar or anything like that,
because there could be, and maybe this is because

[Biehner]: I'm a dad now, but like there could
be someone there who has their five or six

[Biehner]: year old at their first game, which
yeah, okay. If I'm, if I'm two seats over from

[Biehner]: them and I'm yelling and screaming,
yeah, go, go score what, whatever. That's great.

[Biehner]: That's part of the atmosphere. That's
part of going to a game. But if I'm dropping

[Biehner]: new words that the kid has never
heard every other

[Roscoe]: Hehehehehehe

[Biehner]: sentence, like that, that's not,
they paid as much as I did to go right. Like

[Biehner]: that's, that's where I'm at right
now. But I had been on the other side of it

[Biehner]: where I took my buddy to a game in
Ottawa to see the Canucks play cause he was

[Biehner]: a big Canucks fan and we almost got
a fight.

[Roscoe]: Hehehehe

[Biehner]: Like And I'm not even a Canucks fan.
Like it's, I've been on both sides, but that

[Biehner]: was, that was a long time ago back
when I was in college. Um, so yeah, like

[Roscoe]: Okay,

[Biehner]: I have no issue.

[Roscoe]: let's do

[Biehner]: I

[Roscoe]: this.

[Biehner]: have, yep. Okay.

[Roscoe]: What do you wear into the game if
you're going classy?

[Roscoe]: Ayy.

[Roscoe]: Love it.

[Roscoe]: Nah, I like that. I like that. I like
that. Justin, what are you wearing to the game

[Roscoe]: if you're classy viewing experience?

[Biehner]: Hi. Classy trash. It doesn't matter.
I'm wearing a jersey. If I have a jersey, I'm

[Biehner]: wearing it.

[Roscoe]: Is it trashy to wear, let's say like,
a replica coach's jacket of the team to the

[Roscoe]: game?

[Biehner]: I don't think so.

[Roscoe]: Okay.

[Biehner]: Like, the way, like everybody has
their own fandom, right? Like look at those

[Biehner]: guys in Vancouver who wore the green
suits. Like I wouldn't go that far, but you

[Biehner]: do you. Like, and it's-

[Biehner]: I was just gonna say, especially
like you look at the cost of an average jersey

[Biehner]: now is over $200. If you're going
to a Leaf game, you're already mortgaging your

[Biehner]: house to go to the game. So like
if all you have is a t-shirt like.

[Roscoe]: Oh.

[Roscoe]: Oh my god I-

[Roscoe]: Okay,

[Biehner]: Okay,

[Roscoe]: go ahead.

[Biehner]: sorry. You live in Ottawa your whole
life. You're a San Jose Sharks fan. You've

[Biehner]: loved Carlson. You haven't had a
chance to go to any Senators Sharks games because

[Biehner]: it only happens once a year. You
go to a Senators Penguins game this year wearing

[Biehner]: a San Jose Carlson jersey.

[Roscoe]: Okay. Okay, fine.

[Biehner]: Well...

[Roscoe]: That Puckdoku answer fits, fine. You
win. Oh God, love ya. Okay, so face painting,

[Roscoe]: classy or trashy?

[Biehner]: Love it. Absolutely love it.

[Roscoe]: Okay.

[Biehner]: I went to game one of the cup final,
2012, with my buddy Moose, and he had the full

[Biehner]: out playoff beard going, and he got
the devil emblem painted on his face, because

[Biehner]: he's a big time devil's fan. Like
just, I wouldn't do it myself, but anybody

[Biehner]: who has the guts to go ahead and
get that done and walk around with it, by all

[Biehner]: means be proud. 100% he did. He just

[Roscoe]: Hehehe...

[Biehner]: kept his shirt on, that's all.

[Roscoe]: Gotta support the

[Biehner]: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

[Roscoe]: team.

[Roscoe]: Uh, okay, what about names on jerseys?
Uh, how removed from the team

[Biehner]: This

[Roscoe]: does

[Biehner]: is

[Roscoe]: the

[Biehner]: the

[Roscoe]: player

[Biehner]: s-

[Roscoe]: have to be before it becomes trashy?

[Biehner]: It's never trashy.

[Roscoe]: Okay.

[Biehner]: To me, it's never trashy. If, exactly.
Sorry, Sadi, I feel like I'm stepping over

[Biehner]: you all episodes so far. If you have
had that enough of a connection with a player

[Biehner]: to purchase a jersey or shirt or
coat or whatever with their name and number

[Biehner]: on the back, wear it until it's so
thin you can't wear it anymore. Like, like

[Biehner]: even like Islanders fans, I wouldn't
give an Islanders fan any flack for wearing

[Biehner]: a Tobaro's jersey. He was their captain.
He was their number one overall pick. Like,

[Biehner]: it, yeah. I don't get why people,
I thought you were going with the, like some

[Biehner]: people say, oh, you know, grown men
shouldn't wear a jersey with someone else's

[Biehner]: name on it. Like, get the fuck out
of here.

[Roscoe]: Okay, so here's here too. What's trashier?
Putting a player's name who didn't play for

[Roscoe]: that team, wishing that they get traded
to yours or putting your own name on the back.

[Biehner]: A player that hasn't played for him
to me.

[Roscoe]: Like when people have the McDavid
Leafs jerseys.

[Biehner]: I've seen, I've seen Gretzky ones
as well.

[Roscoe]: Yeah. Okay. So that wins as trashy
as Jersey. So I was trying to get somewhere

[Roscoe]: where Jersey's become trashy at a
game and I found it. Okay. What about food

[Roscoe]: at the arena? Is there anything that
you would consider as classy or trashy to get?

[Roscoe]: What about, what about like, I mean,
me personally, I have spilled some fucking

[Roscoe]: mustard on a Jersey with one

[Biehner]: Hahaha

[Roscoe]: of those huge, from the Senza Arena,
they've got these hot dogs that are like a

[Roscoe]: foot long. They are way too big, man.
That's too much beef, too much beef. I thought,

[Roscoe]: I really like hot dogs. I thought
I wanted a huge hot dog. I didn't want that

[Roscoe]: much, man. It's too much. But anyway,
some schmutz fell on my Jersey and now it's

[Roscoe]: all fucked up. So. I would say like
anything oversized that is covered in stuff

[Roscoe]: like that, that you have to eat with
your hands is a little like, you know, you

[Roscoe]: might get Costanza

[Biehner]: to me.

[Roscoe]: to where they catch you on camera
struggling with that thing.

[Biehner]: meets the nachos.

[Biehner]: Like it.

[Roscoe]: I know, I should have

[Biehner]: It's.

[Roscoe]: done it bite by bite, it's so much
smarter. I'm just thinking of that now. Shit.

[Biehner]: It's funny that you said that Roscoe,
because I swear to God, when we were at the

[Biehner]: game with me and my dad, we're both
hungry. We each ordered one of them giant hot

[Biehner]: dogs because the ACC has them as
well. Loaded them all up and dad said, hey,

[Biehner]: how much you want to bet he's going
to score a 60th now that our hands are full.

[Roscoe]: Oh god.

[Biehner]: And sure as shit, we both get about
two bites in and he scores it.

[Roscoe]: Of course, of course. But I'm interested
in why you think nachos are trashy to get.

[Biehner]: Like, how are you supposed to eat
them without spilling them on yourself, the

[Biehner]: person in front of you and the person
beside you? Like, eating nachos at a table

[Biehner]: is unflattering

[Roscoe]: That's

[Biehner]: and messy.

[Roscoe]: fair.

[Biehner]: Like, I love nachos,

[Roscoe]: Are you talking

[Biehner]: but...

[Roscoe]: like nacho nachos? Like a- Are you
talking like a plate of nachos or like the

[Roscoe]: movie nachos where you get the thing
of nacho dip with the chips and you just dip

[Roscoe]: it in a

[Biehner]: Either or.

[Roscoe]: So my

[Biehner]: If you're

[Roscoe]: take

[Biehner]: at

[Roscoe]: on...

[Biehner]: a seat in a stadium, sorry,

[Roscoe]: Now go for it.

[Biehner]: it's like a hot dog, a burger, a
sandwich, slice of pizza, like something you

[Biehner]: would pack yourself for a lunch where
you don't have a table to sit at to eat.

[Roscoe]: Yeah. For me, it's that it seems like
something that's not the best bang for your

[Roscoe]: buck at the arena. Like everything
at the arena is at least

[Biehner]: Nothing at

[Roscoe]: 20.

[Biehner]: the arena

[Roscoe]: No,

[Biehner]: is a good bang for your buck.

[Roscoe]: but hear me out. If everything's between
like 20 and 26 dollars, like you might as well

[Roscoe]: get, like if chicken fingers and fries
are like a dollar 50 more than getting nachos.

[Roscoe]: or like a burger and fries as a couple
bucks more than getting nachos. Like that just

[Roscoe]: seems like so much better value than
getting nachos. Like, I don't know. For me,

[Roscoe]: popcorn at the game is weird. I wouldn't
call it trashy, but it's something that I just

[Roscoe]: I don't I don't get. I wouldn't do.

[Biehner]: dude at the Jays game that I was
at. He had the special commemorative Jay's

[Biehner]: popcorn container and he caught a
foul ball in it. It was awesome.

[Roscoe]: Damn, that is pretty cool. But again,
it's like that you constantly have something

[Roscoe]: in your hands, and your hands are
always greasy, and like, I don't wanna touch

[Roscoe]: the jersey, I don't know. I don't

[Biehner]: What are you doing touching your
jersey anyways? You've got it on, why do you

[Biehner]: have to touch it?

[Roscoe]: I don't know, I don't have to do with
my hands, I'm fidgety. I'm literally playing

[Roscoe]: with the whole out of a fidget thing
that I broke right now.

[Biehner]: You hold

[Roscoe]: Like, that's...

[Biehner]: a beer in one hand and you cheer
with the other.

[Roscoe]: Okay, so that leads me to the next
one. How many beers is trashy?

[Biehner]: Why are you driving?

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I guess, okay. I guess that's
how we'll say it. Is getting up mid period

[Roscoe]: to go get another beer trashy?

[Biehner]: Yes, in my opinion. If, like, yeah,
if, okay, I, I'm gonna sound like an alcoholic

[Biehner]: here. I can handle my beer. So if
I'm tying one on, I'm not driving, I don't

[Biehner]: have to worry about how I'm getting
home and I'm having a good time, you need to

[Biehner]: come back with two beers. Like

[Roscoe]: That's

[Biehner]: you don't just grab

[Roscoe]: true,

[Biehner]: one.

[Roscoe]: yeah.

[Biehner]: Like, gotta preface it with we have
to be responsible. Nine times out of 10, I'm

[Biehner]: driving anymore, so I have one, maybe
two at a game, and that's about it. But.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, same here with Ottawa. I'm always
driving because I don't want to spend $90 on

[Roscoe]: an Uber and four and a half hours
getting there and back. But yeah, I mean, getting

[Roscoe]: to, you're still good. I think that's
justified because you don't want to leave during

[Roscoe]: the period. Because I think anybody
who, during the play, because they let you

[Roscoe]: do this at some arenas, like you're
in Ottawa, during the play just goes back to

[Roscoe]: their seat, that's trashy. Anybody
who gets up or goes back to their seat while

[Roscoe]: the play is on, that's trashy.

[Roscoe]: Um, what else is there? Oh, I mean,

[Biehner]: throwing

[Roscoe]: degree.

[Biehner]: stuff on the ice.

[Roscoe]: Oh, throwing stuff on the ice. Definitely
trashy. Um, what about the, um,

[Biehner]: exception for hats and hat tricks.

[Roscoe]: Okay, fair. What about the people
that try to sneak down to seats?

[Biehner]: Honestly? If you want to go ahead
and try that, like take that risk of potentially

[Biehner]: being tossed out, go for it. It makes
the arena look fuller on TV. Personally, if

[Biehner]: I'm there and I see a section with
a whole bunch of empty seats, I'm like, Oh,

[Biehner]: what the hell's going on? Like it,
I don't know, maybe psychologically it just,

[Biehner]: it's better to have. Yeah.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, I think there's context to that.
I think if you just like right off the bat,

[Roscoe]: go up to some seats on the front row
when you bought Nosebleeds, like that's pretty

[Roscoe]: risky. But if after a couple, you
know, if at least like midway through the second,

[Roscoe]: if there's still some empty seats
up there, I'd say that's probably free game.

[Roscoe]: Now that you bring that up, it is
interesting. Like for most things, they will

[Roscoe]: have people fill seats. Like most
events that aren't sporting events, they'll

[Roscoe]: bring people in specifically just
to fill seats. I mean, my girlfriend and I

[Roscoe]: were at a comedy show where we were
moved up into the front row to fill seats because

[Roscoe]: they were filming it. It seems odd
to me that sports arenas don't do this. Like

[Roscoe]: once the game has started, if there's
people whose tickets aren't checked, like I

[Roscoe]: guess if they're season ticket holders,
they can't assume that those people aren't

[Roscoe]: coming, which is probably the problem.
But it just seems strange that they wouldn't

[Roscoe]: at least ask the season ticket holders
to RSVP by a certain time. or else they'll

[Roscoe]: just say like, hey, we will fill your
seats for the sake of the broadcast if you

[Roscoe]: don't, you know, say you're coming.

[Biehner]: Yeah. Realistically, that would,
in my opinion, that would be the better way

[Biehner]: to do it because then it, yet again,
it's just, it's psychologically, it feels better.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, because how many times, like,
especially with the people that are season

[Roscoe]: ticket holders, you know, at least
for Toronto, it's a lot of, like we say, the

[Roscoe]: suits and the corporate seats, all
the biggest fans that are cheering the hardest

[Roscoe]: are up in the 300s usually. So, I
mean, you bring a bunch of those people down,

[Roscoe]: it's going to make the broadcast look
a lot better. Just saying. You know, a bunch

[Roscoe]: of signs all of a sudden come down
on camera. Maybe you have to block some of

[Roscoe]: them out, but at least they're there.

[Biehner]: Plus change the atmosphere of the
game right I'm sure the players would love

[Biehner]: it to see these fans going wild rather
than guys in suits

[Roscoe]: Mm-mm. um what else uh is trying to
catch a t-shirt from the uh mascots t-shirt

[Roscoe]: canon trashy

[Roscoe]: But

[Biehner]: Perfect.

[Roscoe]: Okay, got it. Grabbing anything from
a toss at a game is classy. Pushing a kid over

[Roscoe]: to do so is trashy. There

[Biehner]: I'm out.

[Roscoe]: you go. Oh god, anything else we can
break down at the game? What else is there?

[Roscoe]: Yeah, signs are signs, I guess depending
on what it says, it's pretty gray area.

[Roscoe]: Oh true.

[Biehner]: Am I weird for thinking that if you're
an adult, maybe signs are trashy?

[Roscoe]: I don't think you're weird for that.
I think it's strange

[Biehner]: Like.

[Roscoe]: as an adult to like, make, do some
crafts to show another adult that, you know,

[Roscoe]: you love what they do. I don't know,
I think that's kind of strange.

[Biehner]: Yeah, like kids by all means, like
that's part of the experience, right? They're

[Biehner]: trying to get their idols to notice

[Roscoe]: Yeah.

[Biehner]: But I don't know, like unless it
was like Luke Man coming to Canada for the

[Biehner]: first time, like one of them, I traveled
30,000 or however many thousand kilometers

[Roscoe]: Exactly.

[Biehner]: it is, right? Like

[Roscoe]: There's

[Biehner]: shout

[Roscoe]: context.

[Biehner]: out Luke Man.

[Roscoe]: But if you're just like, yo, Marth
sauce me a stick on a sign, like, no, get out

[Roscoe]: of here. I just had one. Ha ha

[Roscoe]: Oh my God. With his number from Be
A Pro and Chell.

[Biehner]: Oh my god.

[Roscoe]: Definitely. Oh my God. Shit, I just
thought of, oh, any noisemaker at the game,

[Roscoe]: Trashy, don't leave your fucking,

[Biehner]: 100%.

[Roscoe]: your drums and your kazoos and your
spinny noisemaker things at home. I'm so tired

[Roscoe]: of this every time there's somebody
with one. Unless you are a mascot who is paid

[Roscoe]: by the team to make noise, don't,
like, how do they let people in with these

[Roscoe]: things? I don't get it. It's always
like the one drum guy, you know? It's like

[Roscoe]: he's got a handshake deal with the
team to be able to bring this drum in when

[Roscoe]: nobody else. But you have the cowbell
guy. There's always the cowbell person. And

[Roscoe]: they've got like the cape on with
like the, you know, it's the flag of the team.

[Roscoe]: And they're like jumping around. It's
like. They're not looking for a new mascot,

[Roscoe]: like you're not going to get hired.
I don't get what you're doing. Those people

[Roscoe]: bug me. That's trashy.

[Roscoe]: man. Classy move I've seen a couple
times the last few games I've gone to is there's

[Roscoe]: like a group of kids and there's like
a couple parents and they'll like get the seats

[Roscoe]: like behind them and the kids have
like their own little row and there's like

[Roscoe]: three or four of them. Yeah, looks
like they're always having a good time.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, see only child. I went to a
lot of games with a lot of a lot of adults

[Roscoe]: as a kid. So, you know, different
experience. Maybe that's just me being jealous.

[Roscoe]: Anyway,

[Biehner]: Now I've got one for you guys.

[Roscoe]: what's that?

[Biehner]: Someone wearing an object in as a
hat that isn't designed to be a hat.

[Roscoe]: Oh man, like a garbage can lid or...

[Biehner]: or like a bucket from a local wing
joint that was brought to you with beer and

[Biehner]: ice in it.

[Roscoe]: Yeah, and I'm gonna I'm gonna lump
in dollar

[Biehner]: That

[Roscoe]: store

[Biehner]: was me,

[Roscoe]: color.

[Biehner]: by the way.

[Roscoe]: Wait, actually, get the fuck out of
here. Why?

[Biehner]: So my one buddy, the same one I went
to Ottawa with, who I almost got in a fight,

[Biehner]: big time Canucks fan, for his bachelor
party, it actually timed out perfectly that

[Biehner]: his NFL team, the Buccaneers, and
his NHL team, the Canucks, were both playing

[Biehner]: in Buffalo in the same weekend.

[Roscoe]: Oh shit.

[Biehner]: He went to university down in St.
Catharines, so he had friends down there. We

[Biehner]: stayed at one of their house, so
we just made up, the whole bachelor party was

[Biehner]: a whole weekend. We hired a coach
bus to take us from St. Catharines to Buffalo.

[Biehner]: Like, it was a great time. And we
ate at this wing joint that was just down the

[Biehner]: road from the Sabres Arena. And needless
to say, there was a lot of beverages ingested.

[Biehner]: And as we're getting ready to pay
and to leave, I was really thirsty. We were

[Biehner]: already leaving. There's a big bucket
full of icy water in front of me.

[Roscoe]: Oh boy.

[Biehner]: I may or may not have drank it and
put it on my head as a hat and walked out of

[Biehner]: the bar.

[Roscoe]: Oh boy. Well

[Biehner]: They

[Roscoe]: done.

[Biehner]: let me, they let me out of the bar
and in the arena wearing it.

[Roscoe]: That is actually the craziest part
of it, that they let you

[Biehner]: Hahaha

[Roscoe]: leave the bar like that and enter
an arena like that. Damn.

[Biehner]: And I wasn't the one that got kicked
out of the arena. We had friends who did, but.

[Roscoe]: done. I was gonna say I'm lumping
in shitty like streamer dollar store wigs like

[Roscoe]: the blue and white ones people have
like those... I'm over that come on guys like

[Roscoe]: dye your hair or paint your face that's
those are kind of acceptable that's a little

[Roscoe]: silly. What else is there? I can't
think of anything else

[Biehner]: Yeah, I'm kind of at a loss.

[Roscoe]: Go for it.

[Roscoe]: Oh god.

[Roscoe]: I saw that and didn't realize he's
like not even a relevant person.

[Roscoe]: Oh no.

[Roscoe]: Oh my god.

[Roscoe]: in

[Biehner]: and

[Roscoe]: the

[Biehner]: the NHL.

[Roscoe]: NHL.

[Roscoe]: Lindros?

[Biehner]: I would have to say Jagger or Lindrass,

[Roscoe]: Holy shit, what?

[Biehner]: I don't think we can.

[Roscoe]: That was fire. Give me a new fire
for that.

[Roscoe]: I don't even, that's insane. Like
I knew there were teams that were not cap compliant

[Roscoe]: but I didn't realize it was like there
were players making more money than players

[Roscoe]: are now at the max.

[Roscoe]: I don't get it.

[Roscoe]: You know, as much as we can blame
how Betman runs this league, the NHLPA has

[Roscoe]: really done themselves absolutely
no favors at all in getting their own salaries

[Roscoe]: up over the same course of time. Like,
this, if they, if they were an active union,

[Roscoe]: like, they would be livid with 80%
of the things that he does. And instead they're

[Roscoe]: just like, we'll take it to the next
bargaining. Like every time it's like, oh,

[Roscoe]: it might be a lockout. The players
just fold on everything. They always do. So

[Roscoe]: or they'll sell out the next generation
to, you know, make it a little better on them.

[Roscoe]: But it seems that Berman always gets
his way. And, you know, that's kind of his

[Roscoe]: job. They've just been losing time
after time in these negotiations. And here

[Roscoe]: we are. Entry level contracts in the
NHL are what, 900 or nine hundred and fifty

[Roscoe]: grand in 2023, which I mean. Not to
shy at how much money that is, especially US

[Roscoe]: dollars, but I mean, come on. What's
an entry level contract in the MDA? What is

[Roscoe]: an NBA entry-level contract?

[Biehner]: For NBA, I couldn't tell you.

[Roscoe]: It is. What is it? How much is a rookie
contract? Oh, get the fuck out of here. So

[Roscoe]: it's...

[Roscoe]: It's like 10 million a year? Yeah,
okay, so, oh, it depends on when you were picked.

[Roscoe]: Uh, yeah, so if you're the first overall
pick, first year salary is $10 million, second

[Roscoe]: year salary is 10.6, third year option
is 11.1.

[Roscoe]: Honestly, until the 30th pick, you're
still making over 2 million a year for three

[Roscoe]: years. That's insane.

[Roscoe]: Like, what? I did not realize these
entry-level contracts were so high.

[Roscoe]: Anyway, that's how far behind we are.
That sucks. Thanks for tuning in. Fuck, I hate

[Roscoe]: this league sometimes, man. It's so
stupid. Follow us everywhere, watch the videos,

[Roscoe]: send us questions. I got some, I know
I said I had merch coming out. I'm just, I'm

[Roscoe]: still working on it. I'm sorry. I
want it to be perfect. I'm a perfectionist.

[Roscoe]: It's coming. Love you, good night.

[Roscoe]: If you have any other ideas for classier
trashy things, send that in too, that was fun.

[Roscoe]: I've been listening to podcasts, are
you garbage?