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The Boston Bruins keep losing leads. Monty is being critical, showing signs from the Bruce Cassidy days. Turbulence in Providence, Is Fabian Lysell not buying into being a team player? (FULL AUDIO QUOTE FROM RYAN MOUGENEL) Matty and Smitty are Swifties! Plus, much more!

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Tyler Smith
Co-Host of @bruinsbenders & @SportsNShitPod. Part of the @inside_the_rink podcast network. #Bs #Pats #Sox #UConn #Beer Tweets are my own.

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A weekly Boston Bruins Podcast by a couple of Benders. News, highlights, trades, rumors, and more! Can’t skate, weak ankles, but we know all things Black & Gold!

It's the Bruins Benders Podcast, Season 3, Episode 13, Maddie and T. Swift's Birthday Spectacular.

Welcome all.

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You've been into the, into the bowl season.

Have you, I think the, uh, the,

The ball gag bowl was last night.


I saw somebody tweet out today, make your own bowl game.

And it was the last place you shopped, the last thing you ate or drank, and then add bowl.

So I had the Liquor World Latte Bowl.

And I'm going to tell you what, I kind of love it.

It's kind of catchy.

I kind of love it.


So it was the last place you shopped.

Liquor World.



last thing i had to eat was a caramel latte from our friends at dunkin donuts uh shout out and uh bowl yeah the bowl games probably gonna be a couple of four and seven teams and and high on caffeine i guess you didn't do you don't have a bunghole liquors like over in peabody there no no bunghole no no no

Imagine if it was a bunghole Burger King bowl or something like that.

I think I would have been Dollar Tree meatball bowl.

Dollar Tree Meatball Bowl.

I had a meatball tonight.

Just a singular meatball.

Just a singular ball.

A little ball.

Yeah, just a ball of meat tonight.


You know, protein and all.


Yeah, so that's an interesting little game.

It's catchy as hell, though.

I like that one.

Yeah, I did too.

Yeah, was it Georgia Southern against Indiana State Wesleyan or someone?

Yeah, it's not going to be anybody that's playing for anything meaningful.

No, not at all.

The prize at the end is probably a six-pack of natural light and a bag that you have to roast yourself.


Who's in the Fenway Bowl?

Is BC in a bowl?

I have no idea.

I can give a frog's fat ass who are in any of the bowl games.

Do a fucking playoff system, please, and thank you.

The fact that a couple of these teams got left out of the college football playoffs is absolutely ridiculous to me.

How Florida State doesn't make it with an undefeated record, I will never know.

A power conference team with an undefeated record.


It's really shocking, really.

yeah left out it's really so uh yeah i mean uh the bulls the whole bull season thing like

you know, shooting into the sun.

I could get less.


No one else we could shoot into the sun is this past week of Bruins hockey.


Losing three out of four.


Uh, haven't had that in a while.

And on December 13, my birthday and Taylor Swift's birthday at, at New Jersey exit 16 W a loss two to one and overtime Bruins jump out to a lead in the first on a goal by Morgan geeky has been playing well for them, but another lone lead in the third and they lose an overtime.


On a goal by Jack Hughes, too much time and space for a player.

That good.

Yeah, it's true.

I mean, the blown leads thing is taken to a whole new level this week.

They're just coughing them up here left and right.

And, you know, we'll talk about it a little bit later.

But that's a problem that they really need to correct here.

And this will be, this week, four straight games all went to overtime, too.

I mean, they're competing and competitive, but, um, you know, the, the bone leads thing is, is definitely going to come back to bite them in the ass.

If they don't get this thing figured out before the playoffs come.

Yeah, sure.

And then two days later on the 15th at the Islanders, a 5-4 win in a shootout.

Mason Lowry ties it late from behind the net and kind of a weird goal in the corner.

The Bruins win in the shootout on goals by Coyle and Pasternak.

And this was actually one of the games where they actually came back late.

The recipe that's been killing them of late, but they actually do it to the Islanders this time and get the win.

Yeah, it was a nice win.

I mean, it was a hard-fought game, kind of a back-and-forth game.

Bruins were chasing the score kind of all night long, and then Lowry Banks went in late, and Coyle and Pasternak both with beautiful shootout goals.

I think Coyle was like a backhand roof thing, and then Pasternak does that little pullback kind of behind himself there and just lets one fly, and the goalie has no idea where it's going, and it usually goes in.

In the net.

That's quite a snipe.

What a move that is.

It really was.

Can you imagine?

And then the next day, second night of a back-to-back, the Rangers at home, a 2-1 loss in overtime.

Again, the Bruins get the lead, this time in the second.

On a goal by Trent Frederick, but then they blow the lead in the third again.

Vinny Trocek with a goal in the third to tie it, about six minutes left, and wins it in overtime when it looked like the defense of the Bruins, just kind of the controller died, and they let him just go right through to the net.

Like, no one marked him.

And I know Grzyk was on the ice for a minute and a half or so, but still, you can go with him to the net.

No one did.


You could even glide backwards.

I mean, he didn't even move at all.

He just stood there and then the pass went through and right there.


And then Trojic scored and that was it.


Kind of a, you know, a recurring theme, not a great, not a great loss.

But they, you know, this is what they've been doing of late.

And really all year with the collapsing and giving up leads late in game.

So, you know, like we said before, it's kind of beating a dead horse here.

But they really need to get this thing figured out before it's too late.

You know, Vinny Trocek is a guy I kind of in the past I wanted the Bruins to kind of get.

I wanted him when he was with Carolina before he signed with Carolina.

I wanted the Bruins to go hard for him because I think he plays the style that they like.

He's a little bit gritty.

He's a little bit feisty, but he's got a lot of skill and a lot of talent.

And I thought he would have fit in perfectly here.

But, you know.

Never came to be.

But alas, the Bruins did not get him.

No, they didn't.

And may not get anyone.


But on December the 19th, last night, Minnesota at home, 4-3 loss in overtime.

This one stung a bit because the Bruins played, I thought, really well for large chunks of the game.

And Pasternak scores two goals after Minnesota takes the lead early.

But the Bruins were the lead again going into the third, but can't hold on.

Minnesota was like 0-11 or something, not leading after two, just never come back to win.

But they gave up the lead.

But Marchand ties it late with the extra attacker in a six-on-four situation, a scramble in front of the net.

But they lose in overtime.

Jake DeBrus struggles continue.

We'll talk about Jake.

But, man, this is a shot you can't take.

You rip it wide around the boards the other way.

Your teammate's going to the net.

You're to the left of the net with no chance of coming back.

It's a three-on-one the other way.

Doesn't hustle back at all to get back on the back check.

And, of course, Kaprizov is going to score that a million times out of a million.

But not a great look for a guy who's just not producing offensively.

People are talking about his –

his two way game and it's defensively, his stats are fine and so forth, but damn it.

You are top six forward.

You've got to score.

You've got to score goals.

They can't afford to have him struggling like this.

They can't.

I mean, I will talk about this a little bit later too, but they're 18th in goals in the league, 17th in shooting percentage, and 19th in assists.

They're great defensively, but you got to put the puck in the net.

You know, this is, that's part of the reason they lost to Minnesota is they had a two, one lead and they had a million chances.

And now granted Fleury stood on his head and was sensational in this game.

But you know, if they bury even one of those chances and give themselves a two goal lead, I think Minnesota is like, okay, you know, we're not coming back.

And that wraps it up and you win.


You probably win four, two, five, two or something.


But instead, you know, one shot beats you and then it does.

And then you're tied and then you lose.

So, um, you know, they just don't have a lot of margin for error offensively right now.

So you need all your top six guys showing up to play.

And he looked like John Tavares on the back check in that game.

He was just gliding back.

Like there's a three on one and fucking overtime.

Do your ass back.


what are you doing?


I mean, that was just a, one of those, he shot it and just was like, fuck it.

Like, I'm going to shoot it, see if I can hit the corner of the net.

Didn't go in.

Okay, great.

Like, it's just one of those, like, I don't know.

It wasn't a great look at all for a guy who's had some ups and downs and some bad looks in the past.

And then we talked about this, like, are you really going to invest in a guy that's,

That you don't really know what you're going to get is up and down the roller coaster with this guy.

Like, it's just, I mean, and he's really playing himself out of a, of a long contract.

Like he was set up to get a five or six year deal.

And this is his big contract.

Now you might be looking at another bridge, another prove it deal with a guy like DeBrusque because he shot himself on the foot.


If he was coming off a year like he had last year, you know, now this year, he's looking at a four or five year deal for four, five, six million dollars.


Not now.

He isn't.

Now he's looking probably at a one, two, three year deal tops, you know, around where he is probably three, four million.

I mean, maybe there'll be a bad team that'll give him a little bit more and, you know, he could go there and, and produce without any pressure on him.

Maybe, maybe that's what he needs, but yeah, I mean, they need him to be much better than he has been offensively for sure.

I think they might deal them.

I, you know, and I don't in, in Sweeney doesn't do this kind of thing.

Like he doesn't do this kind of thing, but I think they might, I think they might just be like, you know what, Jake, we just can't keep doing it.

We're not going to keep doing it for another couple of years.

We're just not going to keep doing it.


So they might, they might, I'm coming around on that too.

I'm with you.

I don't think Sweeney likes to trade off, off the NHL roster during the season.


But with a guy like this, who's really kind of letting you down here offensively, you really need to upgrade that top six group.

You do.

You really need, you know, him to get going.

And then another guy, another guy, right.

You know, they need more than just that.

So if Jake isn't producing coming into the trade deadline, I wouldn't, I wouldn't see, you know, it wouldn't surprise me.

Wouldn't shock me if they did make a move with him.


And it wouldn't shock me either.

And I think it I think it might be coming.

I wouldn't I wouldn't think so.

And, you know, in the last few weeks here, I didn't think so at all.

But I think it might now.

I don't know.

All right.

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And Sherp number one, Fabian Lysel, and the comments by his coach that were a little interesting.

And let's hear the clip now.

When you look at a guy like Lysel, how have you seen him progress over his time here?

Listen, there's a lot of good things he does.

He can create anxiety with his feet.

But for Fabian, you know, he has to recognize that sometimes there's not always a play to be made.

I think that's still in his growth.

He's learning that.

It's not, not saying that he won't, but you know, the team game is, is real important and he's got, you know, five other guys there.

I, I,

You know, I hate the play in the third period where he's trying to beat a guy one on four.

That's the stuff he's got to get out of his game.

And it's recognizing that.

You know, we're getting into year two here.

He's got to start buying in or he won't play for Jim Montgomery.

That's a big part of, you know, Monty's game is the team game and building the team game.

And a lot of that is possession.

You can't necessarily chip the puck, get it back, expand and hit the week's ID.

You need five other guys to be a part of that.

And you have to be connected and a willingness to play that way.

And until...

Until you do, then you're out of here.

You're not in the American League.

Then you're Jim Montgomery's problem.

But until then, he's got to start building that into his game.

Boy, that's interesting in that he flat out says he's not going to play for Jim Montgomery.

And it's just in tonight against the Marlies, about eight minutes left in the second period is a two to two game.

And what does he do?

One on four inside the blue line and loses the puck again.

I don't know.

I find it interesting.

And, you know, I'll hear your thoughts on it.

And then I and then I have an interesting thought is that sort of a deeper look at it.


I, I find it very interesting.

And the part that stuck out to me was that when he if he gets out of the HL and up to the Bruins, he'll be Jim Montgomery's problem.

Not like Jim Montgomery's player or he'll be playing in the NHL.

He'll be his problem.

So that sounds like he really has problems kind of fitting into the team concept down there.

And maybe it's a thing between him and the coach where the coach really doesn't like him.

He's never liked him.

It could be an issue of that.

But it sounds really more like on ice, he's just kind of selfish.

uh, and tries to do too much.

And maybe he's trying to do too much to prove himself, but that's not going to get you noticed unless it's getting him noticed, uh, in the wrong ways.

So here's my problem.

In the scouting process when you're drafting players, why is it that the Bruins are trying to get a guy like this and then try to make him into their two-way, defensively conscious guy?

You know, they know, why don't they know this going in that a guy like Lysel, Brett Harrison, there've been other guys too in the past that they, they don't play a ton of defense.

They do this one-on-one stuff.

They have very good offensive talent, but you're telling why, why are you, I have a problem with who they're, who they're scouting, who they're drafting.

And if there's an actual plan there, if there's a profile of a player,

that they look at it, or are they just staring at the board and throwing darts at it?

I mean, by some of the picks in the past, it seems like they may be throwing.

Why are you surprised that Lysel does this?

Like, why are you surprised?


So the staring at the board and throwing darts, I mean, if that was the case, like, you know, the board in 2015 probably would have had a lot better guys on it when they were throwing the darts.

Were there a couple of pages stuck together?

And when they turned the page over, the whole section was missing, and then he threw the dart, and they were like, snacks edition!

He's on page four.


That's not a page one guy.

What are we doing here, fellas?

Are you jerking off with the magazine again?

Can we figure some things out?

I mean, I agree what you're saying, though, about Lysel, because I think that he really has an issue with...

how the team game is played.

And then, you know, do you, do you scout a guy like that and just be like, look, he's not going to play defense for us.

You know, this is an offensive guy.

We have to cultivate that side of his game.

Uh, that's, what's going to get him to the league.

It's not whether he's going to be the next Patrice Bergeron, not everybody's Patrice Bergeron.

David Bostock came into the league and he was not great defensively.

But you brought him in here because he could score goals and make plays and he's dynamic offensively.

And his game, his defensive game has grown.

It's still not good.

People say all you want.

If you can back check enough and still put up points and do the things, that should be good enough.

He's terrible in his own.

Pasternak's terrible in his own zone.


Last night against Minnesota, there was a few times where he just went out to the point and waved his stick around, and the defense walked around him and went in for really high-quality chances.

So it's not like he's lighting the world on fire defensively.

So if you have guys that you draft...

that aren't great defensively, like you should, you should be, you shouldn't be trying to change them into a different type of player.

They should be able to be the player they are and then just add some to their defensive game enough that they can play at the NHL level and produce offensively and do the stuff offensively that you need them to do and hope that the other guys in the ice will, will cover up for that.

Well, they seem to draft Patra because he had some defensive attributes, like he could play some defense and he was a well-rounded player.

So what I don't understand is it just seems that they're drafting guys who are a certain type of player and then trying to mold them into something else that they're not.

And that, to me, that's really a risky game because a guy like Fabian Lysel is never going to be –

You know, Hendrick Zetterberg or something like going to be this, you know, Guy Carboneau.

But, you know, you know, they draft him because he's supremely talented offensively.

But this is what you kind of get with him.

So I don't understand.

I guess I don't understand.

Like if there's a certain profile of a type of player that they're looking for.

this guy doesn't seem to fit that profile.

And now we get into danger zone time where the Providence coaches obviously had enough of them.

Like he's obviously very frustrated to say he's going to be Monty's problem.

Like that's a, that's a real choice of words there.

So I, you know, and he said stuff about Merkulov too earlier in the season, like Mujanel seems to not care what he said.

I mean, he'll, he'll be pretty blunt about,


Point with with his players.

And I think that, you know, I just I just don't understand, I guess, what they're doing in drafting and how they identify players and say, OK, this is this is kind of the player that we want.

If you're if you're really defensively conscious as a as an organization and you want two way players in your forward group,

then that's who you should be drafting.

Like that's who you should be drafting.

Own it, own it, own it.


You should be draft.

You should be going after the gritty guys who are going to win puck battles and those kinds of things.

Like don't, don't draft Europeans that float.


You know, that's doesn't fit.


profile of the team that you want to be like that this has got back to the whole thing of what is their identity what do they want their identity to be hard to play against you know and then we talked about that before what does that really mean what does that mean it's hard to play is it a hard four check where you're where you're beating guys up is it you know holding the puck down like what is it

And I don't know if they really know, like they have an idea of like, yeah, hard to play against like puck possession, but like you don't have all these guys, not all the guys that you draft are Charlie coil size that can possess the puck down low.

You're drafting guys like Lysel who are five, 10 or five 11, you know, Patra is five, 10, one 70.

He's not a, you know, down low puck possession guy.

So really what is your identity?

And I don't really think they know what it is.

I don't think so either.

It's defense and goaltending, but their defense still isn't built like you would want to build a defense like that.

You know, it's not nasty and defense-minded.

It's puck movers.

Some of them are small.

Some of them are big.

Not any of them really are physical.

Lindholm isn't.

Lowry isn't.

Gryzlik isn't.

You know, four boards, you know, big, but he's slow.

He's not a puck mover.

So, like, what are you really doing?

do you really do you really have any idea what your what your identity is as a team and even though they're playing well and they gel well together and the culture is great i don't really think they draft and develop to a certain identity i really don't i i think it's and i think it's again i think there's a difference in philosophy between sweeney and neely neely was a power forward banging guys

you know, to the front of the net, you know, the whole thing.

Like he was like fighting and tough and he wants, he wants the hitting and everything.

And Sweeney was a, a diminutive defenseman who, who could skate, you know, he was Matt Grizzly really.

And that's a, so that's who he was.

So he likes puck movers and, and stuff like that and fluid skaters and nearly wants to bang you through the glass.


So there's a there's there's a difference in philosophy there for sure, because every once in a while nearly will say, OK, go get, you know, Nick Ritchie, go get, you know, Zach Rinaldo, like when he gets pissed off, like go ahead and get these guys.

And then the rest of the time, they're just getting guys just to get guys.

I don't even know what exactly they're trying to do now.

They've been really good.

because they had a really good core of players and they really hit a home run with Pasternak.

I mean, he's a prolific goal scorer, but you know, now I I'd like to see them as they move the roster over to, to find an identity and to try to piece in some guys that, that actually fit what they're trying to do.

Like you said, and you know all right, chirp to Matt Potra goes to world juniors.

Do you agree or disagree with this move?

I think I agree with it just because of the way they had been handling him.

You know, he, he, he's benched in third periods.

You know, he sits out the other night against, uh, you know, I guess it was against the Islanders, right?

Sat out that game.



Cause the Islanders are kind of a physical team.

Maybe it was for that reason.

I don't know.


first of a second night of a back-to-back or whatever it is, but I really think he needs to go play a bunch of minutes, gain his confidence back, and play kind of in all situations and so forth to kind of get going here again, and maybe he'll be rejuvenated for the second half of the season, because I really haven't liked the way the Bruins have handled him this year, and if they're going to continue to do the third-period benchings and stuff, I would rather see him go somewhere and play a bunch of minutes.

Yeah, I mean, he's been teetering on, you know, being kind of there.

You know, he's done some decent things.

And then some other times you really kind of see his age.

You kind of see his size being a problem.

You see, you know, the rigorous schedule being a problem.

I mean, there's been some times when I could see why they would load management him.

I just don't love the whole sitting him in the third.

Like if you're going to load management the thing,

then sit him for a game and schedule games off like Leo Carlson.

Like I just, why, why are we sitting?

Why are they sitting him in the third?

That's that looks weird.

First of all, it just looks weird.

And it looks like you have no faith in the kid, which he pretty much said, I'm going to go with the guys who help us win.

That tells that tells posture, a 19 year old that he's not helping you win.

So he's not good enough to play in the third period.

I just think it's really a weird way to handle it.

Like the whole just just sit him, just sit him in certain games.

It is it is a weird way to handle it.

And he shouldn't be handling it that way.

And it does give Patra pause, I think, for, you know, how the coaching staff feels about him.

And and, you know, it just it it's not good for his long term development, I don't think, to handle him in that way.

No, and I don't think so either.

I was against sending him world juniors just because I didn't think they had anybody.

They're really thin at center, and they really could use his playmaking at center.

But now I'm okay with it because of what you said.

It's just I'd rather that than have him go play against good competition in a tournament for his country than to sit in the third period.

Like, it's just, yeah, I'd just rather do that.

All right, chirp number three.

Yay or nay segment.

Yay or nay on Anthony Duclair?


Yay for me.

Yay on the Duclair.


He is fast, number one.

He is aggressive, number two.

So he'll hit and so forth.

And he can score goals and make plays.


So, yeah.

All in.


Sign me up.


He can use more guys that are fast and can score and hit.

So, yes.



Played for seven franchises over 12 seasons, 518 games, 128 goals, 144 assists for 272 points, plus 39 was on the Panthers last year.

Now with the Sharks.


And a guy that you could probably get right now.


I would be with it too.

Like I, I, if you could put him in there at second line winger, I think, I think that's a pretty good thing.

Now, would you include DeBrusque in something like that?

Not for him.

No, you could probably get him for a lower round pick.

I would think.


Maybe not a, you know, maybe, maybe a third of something like that.


I don't know.

Maybe not, maybe not, but, um,

you know, maybe it would be a second, but, uh, yeah, I don't think you would need to trade the brusque.

You could trade the brusque on a bigger trade to pull on somebody else.

I think, but, um, yeah, I would 100% to do the do clear thing.

I think he would fit right into, you know, one of those lines there.

Second, third line, uh, just fine.

And like you said, they could use another guy.

Yeah, they could.



So that's, you know, that's where you need either Jake to get going or bring someone in to replace Jake's lack of production.


So, so yay on the, on the, on Anthony Duclair.

And I am too.

I think, I think that would actually be a decent little move for them.

I think it would, especially if, like you said, if it wasn't for a big return, like that's a decent little move.

Yeah, because he competes too.

He competes and he's, you know, he's a plus player.

So he, you know, clearly values defense and, you know, scores, has more assists than goals.

So, you know, can make some plays.

So yeah, that would be a real nice ad.

I mean, basically he's like a half point per game guy.

that would be fit right in to their team, you know, right in the middle of their, of their forwards.

Yeah, sure.

Um, all right.

Chirp for who is the next prospect you think will get a look on the Bruins?

Who's the next call up of a prospect?

I think it could very well be, uh,


I was going to say Merkulov, but I think it's going to be Farinacci.

I think he showed, has shown well kind of all season long in Providence, you know, was leading them in scoring.

I'm not sure if he still is or not, but he was leading them in scoring, makes a lot of plays, you know, he's tenacious, little bit of grit.

So I think he's a guy that you could see maybe get some time.

Yeah, I think Merkulov is 13 points in his last 10 games.

He's been hot as a pistol.

But Farinacci has been the most consistent player.

And he's also a guy who plays a 200-foot game and was a captain at Harvard and is a mature leader type.

So he would be a safe bet to be pulled up.

And I think that with Patra out,

for a two and a half weeks or whatever it is.

I think that you might see him in this two and a half week window, especially if someone, you know, do you know, or, or our esteemed producer, uh, Connor, do you know if he has been playing forward or center down?

I'm weighing our center down in Providence, Varanasi.

You know, I can look up tonight's lines right now for you.

Thank you.

That's sweet.

That's a nice thing.

And I will tell you if he is actually a, let's see, Mark Diver, who does a great job on the Providence, Vermont stuff.

He's a great follow at Mark Diver, two Vs. Farinacci is third line center tonight with Toppo and McLaughlin.

There you go.

There's a little center depth that you could bring up, and I think he would be kind of a natural guy to fill in there.

I think Merkulov should get a look at some point this year.

He's been too good.

to not get a look.

So I really feel like he is, his time is coming.

Cause I, they did say Mugen has said previously that Merkulov has really addressed some of the defensive deficiencies in his game and really improved on that earlier this year.

That was kind of his focus, why he got off to kind of a slow start.

So it seems like now he's kind of found the defensive side of his game and, and now the offense is coming back.

to where it was last year where he was really, uh, had a tremendous, uh, rookie season there for, uh, the baby bees.


I, I, I like for an Archie too.

Here's a, here's a dark horse.


Here's a dark horse.

If you want to go draft Kings sports book, if you want to go like, you know, get, get some, yeah.

Plus eight plus plus 1500 for, uh, Justin Brazzo.

okay oh he's a big guy he's got a big board nine goals nine assists this year for providence always seems to score goals he's a big dude yeah he's six four two thirty two forty whatever he's a big you know heavy-footed skater uh but he but he finds a way well

yeah slow yeah uh but big and slow has never stopped the bruins before no it has not uh he he could be he could be a call up at some point uh you know along the way here too so that's a that's a dark horse i like farinacci too but you know maybe uh maybe brazzo gets a gets a shot at it i like that

All right, Chirp5.

Monty is being a little more critical lately of people in the media.

He's had it with, you know, DeBrusque.

He had some words about, he's had words about some other guys on the team, Patra, and it's usually the younger guys, not necessarily the older guys.

But it does sound like he sounds more like Bruce Cassidy by the day, no?


Yeah, it's interesting.

Last year, you know, he comes in, you know, I'm going to learn from the veteran leadership.

I mean, Bergeron's gone too.

So there's, you know, that, that veteran, you know, steady veteran presence is gone.

So maybe he feels like he has a, has to have a little bit of a heavier hand.

uh, kind of communicating with the team and, and the leadership and so forth.

Cause the rest of the Bruins leadership outside of my hand is, is all fairly young too.

I mean, McAvoy's pretty young and, you know, I guess has been in the league a while, but seems kind of immature.

Uh, so, um, you know, maybe he feels just like he needs to be a little bit more heavy handed, but, uh,

Yeah, it's interesting to see him kind of taking a more, you know, critical approach rather than the love fest that was last year.


And Cassidy, you know, it was pretty much goddamn mutiny from Cassidy for doing, you know, the whole, you know, we need to save there.

Like the whole Cassidy thing is like that, that he did that over and over again.

And the players didn't love it.

You know, the media loved it and the fans loved it because he told you like it is great.

That's refreshing.


But after a while, the players are like, stop talking about me in the media, dude.


So and now with Monty doing it, it's just I find it funny.

I find it interesting that now he's OK to say, you know what?

No, this, you know, he's been pretty forthright.

on certain guys, you know, in, in the media and saying, this is what it is.

Now, Cassidy went more for him.

He went at coil.

He went at some, some of the core guys, you know, he would say like the goalies, like, but Monty's more about the, you know, the rookies again, lean.

And that's like tail as old as time, like NHL coaches always rip the rookies and always set, you know, use them as examples.

It's kind of a coward move, but they do all the time.

But yeah, Monty's been doing that, and I find it very interesting.

And see where it goes, really.

We'll see.

All right, chirp number six.

Bruins late game collapses are a serious problem.

Ty Anderson had a tweet.

With the glaring differences between last year and this year, the Bruins last year...

47-1-2 last year when leading after two.

Best in the league.

This year, their 684 win percentage is 29th in the league.

Only Columbus, Calgary, and San Jose, three bottom dwellers, have been worse at protecting leads through 40 minutes.


That hurts.





I mean, it would be, they would, if they were protecting leads like they were last year, they would have a similar record to what they had last year.

Cause, cause they've had, they have had what?

Six overtime losses.


Four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four, four,


And then, you know, some other, you know, losses late in the thirds of regulation games where they don't even make it to overtime or whatever.

They could be sitting here with, you know, two, three, four losses instead of, you know, five or six and six overtime.

I mean, they would have a very, very similar record to last year if they were protecting leads at the same clip.

But they're not.

And it's a real problem.

I don't really know how to fix it.

They are out physical at times.

At times their shifts are too long and they're out there for too long.

At times they can't get a clear when they need one.

They can't get a play when they need one.

They can't find a rebound when they need one.

Like last night, you know, McAvoy blocks the shot, falls basically at his feet.

He can't find the puck and somebody grabs it and throws it in.

Uh, Ryan Hartman grabs it and throws it in.

Um, you know, they, they gave up two rebound goals on, on pucks that bounced right back into the slot.

And, and, uh, you know, and then the, the overtime winner was, uh, you know, nothing all market doing that.

It was a three on one with a cross crease for a one timer for Capri soft.

Who's not going to miss that.

But, um, you know, they just, uh,

They just have found ways to lose instead of finding ways to win.

And they do it in new and spectacular ways every game and every week.

You know, how about Danton Heinen?

Before Marchand scored, he had a couple of golden opportunities.

Shot one right in the belly in the slot by himself.

Then there was one in tight where he, I don't know if he missed the net from three inches away.

I don't know what it was.

But Jesus, like, and that's the thing about someone like Heinen.

Like, I know everybody loves him.

Everybody talks about his defense of this.

He's P.J.

Axelson all over again.

He has no finish at all.

He's Danny Pyatt.

Yeah, he's Danny Pyatt.

Someone actually tweeted out last night, if Danton Heinen had hands and a scoring ability, he would be a $5-6 million a year player.

Because he does everything well and he gets really good chances.

He just can't finish.

He gets the best chances.

Every time there's a great chance.

He moves well without the puck.

He has a good stick.

He does all the right things.

He makes little plays, but the finish just isn't there and it drives you crazy.

Kind of like the guy would have two or three breakaways a game and, you know, eyeglass, you know, into the crowd, into the goalies crest.

I mean, it was just, it was comical to watch.

Like the guy came in and his hands were just so tense on the stick.

It was, it was like he was, you know, trying to strangle someone.

And instead, you know, he strangled the life out of his stick and, uh, and, and, and, and the scoring chance.


I mean, you can see why Pye was a sixth overall pick or whatever.

He's all the, as every, all the tools, like all the tools and then just, you know, high glass crew, you know, it just, it just wasn't working.

All right.

Chirp seven.

How much do the Bruins need a top six forward at the deadline?

They're 18th in the league and goals 19th and assists 17th and shooting percentage.

Is it time for an upgrade or bite your tongue?

Is this a transition year?

Because the bees aren't a serious contender.

Ooh, I, I, I mean, they, I would like to, I would like them to make a move for somebody and, and go for it here.

Uh, you don't know how many more years you're going to have with, uh, Marshand.

Um, so, uh, who knows what their goalie situation is going to look like in a few years is swimming going to stay, you know, are they going to sign him long-term?

What's the story with all Mark?

So, um,

You know, I really think, you know, especially now when you have a team that's at the top of their division and and, you know, one of the top teams in the league, you really have to go for it.

So I'm mortgaging what I can mortgage and I'm trying to find guys who can score some goals and and, you know, maybe find a guy to shore up that defense to and make another run at it.

What the fuck?

Maybe you get hot.

You know, you got the goaltending to maybe get hot in the playoffs and and, you know, get on a little hot streak and make a run.

you know i

coming into the year, this has had all the makings of a transition year and it probably would have been okay.

I mean, we get it.

I mean, Jesus, but if you look at the team now and the rest of the league, like they have the goaltending, like you said, they have a top pair defense.

That's a very good, they play good defensive hockey for the most part.

You know, they have a great goal scorer.

They have Brad Marcy and they have like a lot of the pieces there.

They're literally like two moves away.

from still being, you know, with a legitimate chance to win the cup, like legitimate chance.

So you, you should, to me, if you're that close, you do it every time.


You do.

You go for it every time.

If you're that close, they're not four moves away.

No, like two.

And then they're there again.

Like it's, it's, uh, it's right there for them.

So I would say that they have every chance right now to make a couple of moves and really be a serious contender to win the cup.

They do.

Yeah, I agree with you.

I think they do.

I think they are right there.

They have most of the stuff that you need.

They just need a little more help on the goal scoring area.

Jake, are you listening?


Jesus, Jake.

And maybe you need to take the jinx off of Jake.

Take the voodoo.

Yeah, take the voodoo hex off of Jake.

You put it on him when you said your long-term bold prediction was Jake was going to suck this year.

You need to take the hex off of the goddamn guy and help him out, crying out loud.

I did.

you know what my bold prediction that one time was that he'd score 25 or whatever and he did it yes i think do you have a de brusque voodoo doll in your house

No, I just have a Frederick.

Yeah, I know.

I don't have one.

You got a Frederick Fight Club shirt at your house?

Yeah, I got to get a DeBrusque.

Like, what are those little things you beat up?

What are those little soft little, those little Muppet things?

What do they call them?

I don't know.

Like a pillow pad?

What are you talking about?

Those little pillows, those little whatever.

A stretch ball?

A plushie?

Yes, one of those.

I need a Jake DeBrusque.

plushy or plushy.

I need a Jake DeBrusque stress ball so I can squeeze the life out of it when he does some shit.


Let's take the hex off him right now.

Unhex him, please.

I'm taking the hex off of Jake DeBrusque.

Jake DeBrusque this week is my pick to click this week.


This is what we need to have happen though.

You need to change your bold prediction to something else.

yes do it do it do it my bold prediction to something else okay anything else at all yeah doesn't matter and here while you think no no not anything else it needs to you need to not predict that uh a player on the bruins will boldly be bad

You got to – your bold prediction needs to be – like you could say that Jake DeBruys will have seven fights or something instead if you want to have a bold prediction.

You know, Milan Lucic comes back.

They let him back on the team somehow and he scores a game-winning goal.

That could be a bold prediction.

I don't care.

But, yeah, you got to take the hex off of Jake.


I'm going – all right.

Bold prediction.

I'm going – I'm going – I'm going to go Pasternak for 60 goals.

All right.

I love it.

I think he's on pace right now for 52 or three, I believe.

That should not count.

That was not a bold prediction about Jake DeBrusque.

If you need to change the voodoo back to good because you had it from good and changed it to bad,

You need to make a good prediction.

How many goals he's going to score in a certain amount of time.

Oh, you got to go to Jake.

You got to be specific to Jake.

No cheating here.


I'm going Jake scores.

Let me see.

We'll take it to 20.

Jake gets, yes.

I'm going to go Jake gets, what's he have now?


Yeah, it's not good.

So when's the all-star break?

Jake scores 10 more by the all-star break.

All-star break is in February.


Jake has 10 more by the all-star break.

So he'll have 14 goals by the all-star break.

And that is February 3rd.

So basically six weeks.

Yeah, basically six weeks.

Yeah, he has four goals, seven assists, 11 points in 29 games, and he is a plus five.

He's shooting right now at 6.2%, which is below almost all of the forwards.

And I'm also going to say this.

I think Jake gets multiple goals this week.

These three games, Winnipeg.

Who else do they play?

Winnipeg, Minnesota, and Buffalo.

He scores multiple goals in these three games.

So at least two goals in the three games.

So here's an interesting little tidbit, and I'll just throw this out there.

Just throwing it out there.

In his career, when Jake's had good years, 2017 as a rookie, 70 games, 16 goals, he shot 11.2%.

2018, 27 goals.

He shot at 17%.


In 2019, 19 goals in 65 games, 11.8%.

2020, COVID year, 41 games, 5 goals, 5.4%.


2021, 77 games, 25 goals, 13.6%.

In 2022, last year, 64 games, 27 goals, 14.1%.

This year, 29 games, 6.2%.

So in the two years where he's been bad, he's been under 10%.

He's been bad.

And he's been bad.

So this is an under 10% year right now.

So it's not looking good.

So we need context on your prediction to turn it around.

You are predicting 10 goals in 19 games.

10 goals in 19 games.


There it is.

Turned it around.

There it is.

Jake is going to Jake this, this last game where he, we fucked up the overtime.

This is going to, he's going to get a goal.

He's going to get at least two goals in these next three games.

He's going to light the lamp and it's going to, and Jake scores them in bunches when he does.

So we need a season back and we need it back big time.

Sally season and a big old celebration when he, when he scores a goal.

And I'm going to say it's right at, it's at Winnipeg.

He, he lights the lamp.


Love it.

And he scores.

So there you go.

But here's, here's the bigger question.

Are you a Swifty?

Yes, I am.

I really admit it.

I am.

I like her music.

I think she she does everything the right way, treats people the right way for for a celebrity.

Pretty unbelievable that she seems like a regular person for the most part.

So, yeah, I'm all in on Taylor.

I would go see her in concert 100 percent.

I'll tell you what.

I like her non-pop, like her non-hits.

There's some really good songs she has on her non-hits, like more of the indie kind of style.

I like those songs.

But I'll say this.

I became an even bigger fan of her when they showed a clip of her at the Patriots game saying, what the fuck?

like when kelsey got murdered in the end zone nothing more endearing than beautiful girls screaming swear words oh my god that was like i immediately fell in love i'm like yeah throwing some kind of a hat you know swearing like a truck driver i love it yeah just fucking letting it loose and the i'm in there it is i mean she's a good yeah look at her she's a

She's a good kisser.

She's a good kisser.

Matt looks happy in that picture.

Yeah, I'm happy as a pig in the shit right there.

Look at me.


I'll tell you what.

Maybe I should play the lottery or go to DraftKings Sportsbook.

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Terms at slash M.A.

And we've got a beauty for this week.

And the beauty is the one and only David Pasternak.

This will teach those filthy bastards who's lovable.

Pasternak, in his last 10 games, has six goals, six assists for 12 points.

He is a prolific goal scorer.

He is at 19 goals on the season now.

And just 27 years old, he's worth just about every penny.

I mean, I know people were talking about his –

his money and the contract and everything.

But this guy just produces, I mean, and I'll tell you what, he's a better passer than given credit for like, he can really pass the puck.

He can.

He has a pretty good all-around game for a guy of his offensive production, I would say.

There aren't a lot of guys.

Look at Ovechkin's defensive metrics.

They're horrendous.

For a guy who scores at the level that he does, he really does a pretty good job.

I know I just said he was terrible in the defensive zone and that stuff, but

overall his defensive game is not that bad.

So, um, you know, for a guy to put up numbers like that and then still kind of contribute here and there defensively, uh, you know, it's a pretty good and rare trait to have, uh, in a guy of that ilk.

I'll tell you why.

And here's the, here's an interesting tip that I heard from Greg Wyshynski today.

If you took out, if you, if we didn't take out the COVID, uh,

period and also the lockout of 0405 and Ovechkin was on the same pace he'd have 899 goals five goals more than Gretzky right now if he didn't lose the COVID time and the 0405 lockout yeah the COVID time and the yeah I mean those that's gonna hurt him because he seems like he's fallen off here some this this season yeah this is the end of the line yeah it seems like it might be

uh, for him.

So, um, you know, it's, it's too bad.

I think he'll hang on though.

And, and, and get there.



All right.

So now we have a bender and that's our good friend, Pat Maroon.

Because why not?

He just.

He just always does stuff that irritates the hell out of me.

Last night, he hit McAvoy through the numbers, knocked McAvoy's helmet off, and was looking like incredulous, like why people would be coming after him after the hit.

you just put their Norris trophy caliber defenseman, you know, through the, through the boards who just can't return from injury.

Uh, you wonder why guys are coming after you and why the fans are looking for a penalty.

Uh, and Jacob Laco lit him up.

I call behind the net or might've been steamed behind the net.

Just yeah.

And, uh, that was a great hit.

Uh, and that fourth line played excellent, excellent last night.

And it was too bad that they, they couldn't get a little bit more reward with a, with a win, uh, for how well they played.

Yeah, it was it was steamed because because Jack Edwards with the line of the night said, I'm not doing the tail of the tape because of the maroon situation last time.

And, you know, Maroon kind of he turned.

I think they didn't call it because he kind of turned his body as he was hitting him.

It's still a dirty asshole hit.


But he made it look not as bad by kind of turning.

He didn't go face forward into him.

But it was right through the numbers, like you said.

It was through the numbers.

And then I think he slid off to the left after we bounced him off the glass.

So like 240 pounds, full speed into the glass from behind.

And then he slides off to the left.

And it's like, oh, he caught him on the side there.

No, he didn't.

And I'll tell you what, there's very few people more fucking useless than Pat Maroon in a hockey rink.

He adds nothing else right now.

He has three goals and nine assists.

He adds nothing else

to the thing right now.

I mean, he's just sort of a blob out there.

He beat the bag out of Parker Wotherspoon after Wotherspoon.

Oh, my God, did he ever.


So you can do that, apparently.

But, you know, Justin Brazo, I feel like, you know, might have more offensive upside and whatnot than Maroon. 100%.

But he's a similar ilk as far as skating and size-wise, where I don't know if he's going to be able to get up and down the ice.

Brazzo, I'm talking about.

Because he's similar, I think, in maroon in that regard, where he's a real big body and he's not real fast.

So trying to keep with NHL pace of play might be a challenge for him.

Maroon does have three goals and nine assists for 12 points.

I will be the defender with him on my fantasy team.

I went to drop his lazy ass and was ultimately shocked.


I mean, that's, I guess that's kind of shocking, but, uh, he still sucks.

Um, all right.

This, the centennial season and we do the spotlight and it's the great Norman Levy, eh, who we saw her at the garden, uh,

In the Rangers game, he came out with Ray Bork and others.

It was great to see him, to have him just still be able to be around after what happened to him in 1982, 41 years ago.

Yeah, crazy.

It's just crazy.

And it happened in Vancouver back then.

He played 66 games with Boston his rookie year, 14 goals, 19 assists.

And then during that season in 82, 83, he had three goals and six assists in the first nine games.

It was really coming on as one of the really good young players in the league and had this terrible aneurysm that cost him his career and almost his life and and Bork and him.

have a long standing relationship.

They were roommates.

He didn't speak any English, uh, and, uh, Bork helped him.

He, Bork had a funny story where, where Norman will, would eat what Ray ate because he couldn't order at restaurants.

So Ray would, Ray would order the meal and he'd eat the same thing.

Um, but, uh, it's a great relationship they've had.

And I know that Peter McNabb, uh,

for many years was would bring Norman Levy around the garden back in the day, back when I covered the team in the mid nineties, I saw Levy a couple of times there.

Um, and it's great that he has been such a great part of the Bruins organization.

And it was just great to see him out there and that he's still, uh, you know, still doing his thing.

And, um, you know, it was just great to have him as part of the organization.

Yeah, it's too bad, really, because he really had a promising career.

He had a pretty good rookie year, and then he was really starting to come on there in his second year.

And it's too bad that it was tragically cut short like that.

But it is great to see him out and around and with the guys from his team and his era the other night at the Era's Night.

And I'll tell you something, the Bruins are doing a great job

with all the centennial different celebrations and stuff for all the different eras from the different teams.

And it's great to see some of these alumni back at the garden and the tributes and all that stuff.

They've really done a real nice job of kind of honoring these guys.

um, from the different errors and, and so forth, uh, at the, uh, at the garden and, and for the Bruins.

So if you can, you know, try to get over there and see some of this stuff and, and some of the centennial celebrations and, and, uh, different error attributes at the garden.


Uh, all right.

And it's a Providence Bruins spotlight, uh,

And this week, the beauty of the week for the Providence Bruins is Georgian Makulov.

In five games, five goals, four assists.

He does have an assist tonight on a goal by Dan Renouf.

Won a face-off back to Renouf for a goal.

He has six goals and seven assists in his last 10.

And right now at 10 goals, 13 assists on the season in 27 games.

And like you said earlier, his defensive game is coming along and

Here's a guy who next year definitely, I believe, gets a spot.

And if you can have Patra and Merkulov and Beecher as your centermen next season, that's a pretty good job by the drafting and developing and having three homegrown centers.

Yeah, I think he may come in and start on a wing.

That's what they've done with some of the guys.

You know, Beecher's played a little bit of wing previously.

And, you know, he's a bigger guy.

Murculov, a little bit of a smaller guy.

I think they like their centers better.

usually fairly big coils, a big guy beaches, a big guy, you know, they had no sick who was big.

Um, so you may see him come in and start at the wing, but they really do need a guy with his kind of playmaking ability, uh, you know, an offensive touch, you know, cause they're struggling for it right now at the, at the pro level.


Uh, all right.

And Connor has the big reveal.

I have no idea who it is.

The prospect spotlight.

And I'm not a hundred percent sure who the hell it is.

Drum roll.

Can we get a drum roll?

Not a single one.


Not a single one.


You know what?

We already spotlighted Justin Brezzo.

It is terrible.

Yeah, we did.


But the prospect's cool sucks.

The prospect's cool sucks.

We are depressed.

But Justin Brezzo is a guy I'm going for it.

It's a dark horse.

Dark horse call up sometime this year.

Love it.

All right.

Week ahead.

Bruins will be at Winnipeg on 1222 the next night at Minnesota for a rematch with the wild on 1223.

And then after a Christmas break, it's 1227 at the Buffalo Sabres, a team the Bruins have dominated.

And you guessed it right now.

It is trivia time.


All right.

Can you guys hear me pretty good?

Yeah, I think so.

All right, perfect.

For whatever reason, your guys' audio on your end is coming out funky for me.


Anywho, Bruins goaltender question of the week.

Who had the most Bruins shutouts in their entire Bruins career?

Oh, fuck.

The most shutouts.

I'm going to go most shutouts.

I'm going to go.

Is it Tiny Thompson?

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Tiny Thompson with 74 shutouts.

Can you name any of the other of the top four?


That's number two.




I'm going to go.

Who is the other guy there?



Number three.

There you go.

All right.

Tyler is on fire in question number one.

Tim Thomas?

Tim Thomas is number four.

Damn, Tim, you got four for four.

Jesus Christ.

Look at this.

My God.

We're going to have to give you something.

All right.

Question number two out of three.

I got an extra one for you today.


The award in the AHL for the best defenseman is named after which Bruins defenseman?

Is it the Brad Parker Award?



Is it the, uh, Bobby or award?

No, that's what I thought it would be as well.

That's what shocked me.

That's why this is a thumper.

Is it the Ray Bork award?


Is it the Tommy cross award?

It is not the cross award.

The Glenn Wesley award.

Um, yeah.

I lie afraid.

It's it's Bruins hockey, baby.


Mike Milbury?

Old school Bruins hockey.

Oh, Eddie Shore?

Eddie Shore.

Eddie Shore.

It's the Eddie Shore Award.


Eddie Shore Award.


Man, Tyler's really sweeping the board tonight.

Matty's going to have to be paying for the next bar tab or something.

I guess.

We're going to have to keep a running tally from episode.

Yeah, we'll have to do that.

Yeah, until I start to lose, and then we can scrap.

Yeah, then it'll be like Spirulis takes his ball and goes home.

So question number three, and this is going to be for active Bruins players that are on the Bruins roster.

who also played their rookie season for the Bruins, who tallied the most points in their rookie season.

So the thing that you have to keep in mind is they play on the Bruins roster currently.

And they played on their rookie season on the Bruins.


Who had the most points?

That was correct during their rookie season.

I'm going to say Jake DeBrusque.

He is in the top three, but you would be incorrect.

Oh, was it Danton Heinen?

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Number one with 47 points.

Tricky little bastard.


Ian Heinen.

I was chuckling when you guys started talking about him earlier on in the show, and I knew that I was going to ask that one coming up.

And then, of course, number two is yes, Jake DeBrusque.

And for the bonus in the cookie shelf here, can you get number three, Matt?

Redeem yourself.

I'm going to say...

This is a layup.

Oh, Parsonak.

Almost a layup, I guess.



Marchand, there you go.

Okay, Marchand.

Danton Heinen, huh?

Son of a gun.

I know.

Maybe that's why everybody loves him.


47 points his rookie year.

You expect him to jump the sophomore year.

And what happened?

Jumped off the Charles River Bridge.



Jumped right to the end.

33 points with Crosby and the Penguins two years ago.


Nick Ritchie for Danton Heinen.

Go down on the annals.

The annals.


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