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Tim reached out after the Aaron Francis episode: "I wanted to pitch you on the idea of coming on the podcast and sharing my journey of building side projects for the last decade while raising a family. I can also share the guardrails I put in place before finally going full-time on T.LY."

  • (00:12) - Welcome
  • (01:18) - Who is Tim Leland?
  • (03:25) - What guardrails did you put in place?
  • (06:29) - What's the sales funnel?
  • (08:18) - Family as a motivator
  • (16:26) - How would you describe your effort during this process?
  • (20:11) - What about family boundaries?
  • (23:30) - How do you manage your thoughts?
  • (31:20) - How have you been able to manage the effort level?
  • (34:49) - The pressure of cutting the cord from your job
  • (38:21) - What's it been like being full time on
  • (40:04) - What's your SEO magic touch?


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Creators & Guests

Justin Jackson
Co-founder of
Chris Enns
Owner of Lemon Productions
Tim Leland
Founder of T.LY URL Shortener. Tiny URLs a Bit shorter than the rest.

What is Build Your SaaS?

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